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Eruc Contagion

The Price of Honor

The Price of Honor


Author’s Note: This log takes places moments before the intruders beamed aboard the Agincourt.


Eruc traversed through the cramped quarters of sickbay, making his way to a small biobed in the center of the room. It was here that a Klingon was contained, hopelessly sprawled on top of the bed. Eruc shuddered as he viewed the Klingon’s facial details in closer detail - a lugubrious expression was etched on that seemingly cold face which had been in motion just hours before. The sight was nothing unusual, but struck a strange chord with Eruc, who very seldom gave treatment to Klingons.


After a quick inspection of the body, Eruc took a tricorder laying on the side of the bed and began waving it around the Klingon. Nothing completely abnormal about the physiology, aside from the plasma burns and numerous fractured bones which were contained inside the skin. These sorts of external injuries were normally trivial, but Eruc knew that this Klingon was beyond help for other reasons. It was now his duty to begin identifying the Klingons; or rather, giving them names, due to the absence of any records about the crew whatsoever.


Yet it was during this solemn moment when Eruc realized there was actually something on the Klingon’s uniform. Eruc, who was the farthest thing from an expert on Klingon culture and language, could not even begin to decipher what it meant. Was it his name, or a rank pin? How exactly DID Klingons signify rank if they didn’t use these trinkets? Would such an honor-centric culture place such an emphasis on names at all? Or were they all soldiers of a larger empire, serving not on their own accord but following those actions given to them?


All of these questions stuck in Eruc’s head as he continued scanning the Klingon. There were no other signs anywhere that would bear any indication of who this man was. Did such a thing even matter to Klingons? From the information Eruc had learned throughout his Academy years, Klingons were willing to go to extreme lengths to achieve honor. Eruc hypothesized that this Klingon had indeed achieved honor, but only by paying the ultimate price of his life.

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