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Eruc Contagion

Reaction Test

“Quick!” Eruc shouted, hoping to provoke a response from anyone around him. He was currently facing the heat of the moment in sickbay, with a number of injured Romulans currently laying about and a Klingon just beaming in. The entire atmosphere was pandemonium - a level far beyond normal chaos. No, this sort of moment was reserved for only the most confusing of situations


Eruc made his way through a number of medical officers to the other side of sickbay, to a wall that was stockpiled full of equipment. He had not quite acquainted himself with the positioning of everything yet, which was clearly evident by the time it took him to locate a small tube that contained a synthetic treatment.


“I’m coming!” Eruc shouted into the air, not directing his voice to anyone in particular. While he knew both Desdemona and Gemini were currently working on the patients, there were many more in the room with them preparing to do so. In what he viewed as the second true task in his time on the Agincourt, Eruc also viewed it as the second most confusing thing he’d ever done in his life. He kept telling himself it would get better with time, which he was absolutely sure of.


Making his way through a tight area, Eruc eventually reached the Klingons again. He took a hypospray out of his bag and administered it to the Klingon, who seemed to be losing consciousness with every passing moment. It was as if he was suffering from this indescribable pain that Eruc only wished would leave. That was his duty, after all.


“This is impossible.” Eruc muttered to himself while looking at the tricorder he had just procured. The readings were erratic, but Eruc knew it was likely due to the injuries that the patients had sustained. Still, a tricorder was very seldom incorrect.


For the next five minutes, Eruc was busy synthesizing more immunosuppresants to administer to the Klingons. He had a feeling that he may be objurgated by Dr. Levy for being so slow, but there was no other defense for his case besides the fact that he was new.


As the chaotic situation evolved around him, he could not help but feel increasingly useless. There was a constant stream of personnel filtering throughout the room, doing the tasks that were assigned to them. But Eruc didn’t think he was performing as well as he could be, which was a major detriment to his mind.

Taking a breath, Eruc realized that he needed to calm down if he was going to help these patients. This was just the first in a series of tests, Eruc told himself, and that he would be monitored as to how he would react.

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