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Eruc Contagion

A Diversion Called Dabo!

The doors standing between Eruc and his quarters slid open, giving him ample time to enter the room. His bed lay before him, but for some reason he didn’t feel the least bit tired, even after what could be called an extremely exhausting mission. Instead, he sat down at the small interface giving off a resplendent glow that could be seen throughout the somewhat diminutive room.


“Computer,” Eruc began, taking a moment to bite his lip before continuing, “Access files on recreational activities available on Starbase 621.”


It wasn’t as if Eruc couldn’t think of anything to do during his shore leave time; on the contrary, actually. There were so many different things Eruc wanted to do on his small amount of time off that he knew he would never get through them all. Still, it was best to see what he was getting himself into at Starbase 621.


Eruc scanned the results page that appeared in front of him, quickly glancing through its contents but making sure not to miss anything. Some of the activities didn’t seem very pleasing to him, while others were completely unfamiliar to Eruc. Wild recreational activities like oo-mox and spring ball were listed, along with a few things Eruc realized but had never tried. He secretly hoped he’d have enough time to try some of them on his time off, provided they were available at Starbase 621.


Eruc closed his eyes and ruffled his hair for a moment, trying to think to himself. At the moment, he was just waiting to get to the Starbase. He wanted to go socialize with his fellow crewmates, but figured he would be doing that plenty on his Shore Leave time. And was it really worth it to do ‘study’ the aspects of recreational games? He didn’t feel like contacting his family - he knew they’d talk for hours on end if given the chance, and he really was starting to feel tired . . .


Without an idea of what to do next, Eruc began to scan the article once more. There was a large listing of Ferengi activities, all of which sounded fun but dangerously addicting. Eruc chortled for a moment after reading about the ‘Global Tongo Championship’ held on Ferenginar every year - and the fact that one Grand Nagus won the tournament seventeen years in a row.


And then Eruc’s eyes traveled to an article about a game called ‘Dabo’, which he recalled someone mentioning being a popular activity on Starbase 621. Eruc’s mind began to race - perhaps he could study this game and show off his skills to all of his new crewmembers, and maybe gain some respect in the process. Who knows, maybe he may even win a little bit of latinum in the process.



For the next hour, Eruc pored over vast amounts of information pertaining to the game of ‘Dabo’ in the database. Unwritten rules like ‘keep your eye on the wheel, not the girl’ , ways to spot a rigged table - everything about it was in there. A complete statistical breakdown of winning probabilities was also included, but the numbers meant nothing to Eruc.


Those numbers and all the information was processed into Eruc’s head as the hours dwindled by, one by one. The interface in front of him became almost mesmerizing, Eruc continuing to stare at it without a clue as to the time that ran by.


Until a voice rang through his head much later in the night. Eruc heard the computer mention something about what time it was - the alarm he had set, no doubt - except he had fallen asleep on the computer instead of the bed which lay beside him. His head pounded, he shivered momentarily, and realized that he had drooled a bit on the interface in front of him.


At least his initial attempts to make his room more ergonomic had worked, he thought. Maybe a little bit too much. He now had a horrible headache, and felt miserable going into this first Shore Leave with his new crew.


And it was all because of a silly little Ferengi game called Dabo.

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