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Eruc Contagion

Eruc Contagion

----> Personal Details

Name: Eruc Dia Contagion

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Home World: Earth

Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington (United States)

Date of Birth: January 26th

Age: 26


----> Physical Appearance

Physique/Build/Frame: Medium Physique

Weight: 180 lbs.

Height: 6'2"

Eye Colour: Deep blue

Hair Colour: Dirty blonde

Skin Tone: Tan white

Distinguishing Marks: A small gash on his left shoulder is from his days training as a field medic onboard his father's ship. It is small and barely recognizable, but every time he sees it, Eruc remembers the day he received it from the band of rowdy Nausicaans.


----> Family

Marital Status: Single

Mother: Anan Esrun

Father: Rixile Contagion

Sister: Relaeh Contagion


----> Strengths/Talents:

Eruc is very knowledgeable in the different fields of medicine, many times doing minor experimenting with different medicines in an attempt to create slightly more effective cures. Since Starfleet Medical prohibits any unauthorized large-scale experimenting, Eruc usually just adds small concentrations of one treatment to another, hoping to find a more agile cure or more effective treatment for many illnesses.


The medicines he experiments with are readily available drugs, nothing illegal by Starfleet in any way, shape, or form. Also, he refuses to mix medicines which may have even the slightest chance to cause a negative effect, so he researches every treatment thoroughly.


Also, although it was hard to adapt at first, Eruc has become very good at working under pressure. Many times, Eruc is willing to step in as a relief officer when time is of the essence, usually when a patient is in a life or death situation.


Another strong point with Eruc is his vast array of knowledges. While he does not know any languages in-depth besides Federation Standard, he has picked up a number of key phrases while serving patients of varying species.



----> Limitations/Weaknesses:

However, Eruc also has a problem with attachment. Sometimes he will connect with a certain person, or in rare cases an object, and become afraid to let it go. That was his major problem serving onboard his father's starship - the crew would often fluctuate around at every stop they would make. This was a great source of anxiety for Eruc.


His flaw of attachment sometimes aids him in his practice of medicine, though. Many times he will be so attached to the patients he is treating he will become determined to work that much harder to aid them.


----> Likes:

Eruc enjoys partaking in a number of Human recreations, including hydrosailing and water polo. Also, a number of Bajoran desserts are Eruc's favorite food, including the exquisite koganka pudding and larish pie.


----> Dislikes:

Has an extreme distaste for alcoholic beverages of any kind. Not only the flavor, but as a Medical Officer, Eruc has seen the effects that some of the stronger alcohols can have on people and finds it quite disgusting to say the least. He also is not fond of Altonian brain teasers, having been subjected to one a day while serving onboard his father's ship. He finds them too repetitive and not a true test of one's mental strength and willpower.


----> Quirks:

Refuses to begin his day without eating a proper breakfast. He briefly studied nutrition while attending a medical conference and learned of the benefits of eating a healthy meal each and every day. Since the conference, he has refused to begin any major task before ensuring a proper meal has been eaten.


----> Hobbies/Interests:

Eruc enjoys a number of hobbies for recreation. He loves entering the holosuite, many times for excercising (swimming in the hydrobasin, or swimming pool, is preferred) or leisure. Also, although he does not drink alcohol, Eruc enjoys visiting with his comrades and friends during his downtime.


----> Ambitions:

Above all else, Eruc aspires to become a leading medical professional in Starfleet. He has been training and learning from an early age, and is determined to become a member of Starfleet Medical. He knows that it is a tough field, but is willing to devote his life so he can help others.


----> Personal History and Origin:

Eruc Dia Contagion was born on his father's starship, the U.S.S. Summit. He was also born a twin - his sister, Relaeh, was born only minutes after him. His parents cared for both of them very much, and ensured their children were very knowledgeable and well-behaved, even if they were on a starship full surprises.


Throughout his early years, Eruc and his twin sister took an interest in medicine and healing. They both found the field very appealing, not only because of the technology used, but because it was a chance to really help someone who needed treatment and care.


After his father retired, his entire family went back to Earth to their home in Seattle. Eruc did not enjoy staying there very much, especially after living life on a starship. He worked hard in Seattle, as he earned his undergraduate degree there. Shortly after receiving his degree, he decided he would train to become a Starfleet medical officer. His sister was content living with their parents, but promised to join him in Starfleet some day.


Eruc trained hard in Starfleet Academy, and excelled in some aspects of his class. It was common knowledge that he was the worst in his class at things like security, due mainly in part to Eruc's dislike of any weapons when not completely necessary. His superiors noticed his interested in medicine and after graduating, allowed him to take a post on the U.S.S. Atlantis as an ensign in the Medical department.


Although he enjoyed living on the U.S.S. Atlantis, Eruc found the constant changing of people in his department very hard to deal with. After a dangerous encounter with a hostile band of Nausicaans, almost half of his good friends died. This was the final straw for Eruc, and he requested to be transferred.


----> Psychology Report:

Eruc Dia Contagion is a very strong-willed individual who is willing to go to any means necessary to aid his friends and comrades. Although sometimes he can become a little too ambitious or attached, Eruc is a relatively calm and mild-mannered person even in the most intense situations.


When the situation is right, Eruc is also known to be somewhat of a comedian. He likes entertaining the crowd and keeping things light if the situation permits.

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