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Eruc Contagion

Common Comforts

Eruc rushed through his quarters, anxious to begin unpacking. For some reason, he found it hard to deal with any sort of mess or disorder, no matter how small. And the fact that he would more than likely be residing here for many months made him that much more anxious to begin settling down. He almost didn't know where to start, which should not have been an issue as he only brought two medium-sized duffel bags to the ship to begin with.


After thinking about it for a moment, Eruc couldn't believe the answer had been so obvious. He quickly unzipped one of the duffel bags and pulled out a number of metallic frames laying on top, encased in a soft paper that prevented the possibility of breaking. These frames were probably the most important posession to Eruc at the moment, for they were pictures from home that would probably be the only way to see his family whenever he wanted.


Eruc took a moment to set each one on a small table next to his bed separately, taking some time to remember something about each one. There was a photograph of his father, Rixile, in full Starfleet attire. Eruc instantly recognized it as an older picture, not just because his father looked much younger, but because it was on the bridge of the U.S.S. Summit, where his father had served during Eruc's childhood. The picture almost brought a tear to Eruc's eye, not so much because of it's contents, but moreso because of the connotations associated with it. His father was there, looking so confident on the bridge, and now, years later, Eruc was in his position yet considerably less sure of himself.


After setting that picture down on the small table, Eruc took another frame out of the duffel bag to his side. The picture was of his sister, Relaeh. It was not because he loved her less at all, but for some reason it didn't seem as special to him. More than likely this was because Eruc had just finished talking to his sister, who had so abruptly ended contact. Yet the picture was meaningful to Eruc all the same.


Once the second frame was placed, he took the last frame and gave it an intense glare. His mother, Anan, graced the photograph, and she looked stunning. At first glance, Eruc could not recall where the picture was from, but after thinking about it for a few moments he remembered it was from the trip the family took to California, when Eruc first saw what Starfleet Command looked like. Eruc couldn't remember exactly how young he was in that picture, but that was not a matter of importance at the moment. He placed it next to the other to photographs and stared for a few moments, glad he brought a way to remember those he cared for dearly with him. Eruc could not imagine going weeks without seeing his parents, but knew that that was exactly what was awaiting him in the future. It was not going to be easy, but he had a feeling that nothing on the Agincourt would be.


Just as Eruc went to grab a number of miscellaneous items from the duffel bag, he noticed a smaller frame that had slid down the side. This positively puzzled Eruc, as he knew he had only put three inside there. As he took it out of the bag, he noticed it had been chipped in the top left corner, and a few pieces of glass were still in his duffel bag.


But Eruc paid no attention as he looked at the picture. It was a photograph of his family when they visited the Space Needle, which was one of Eruc's favorite destinations as it was only twenty minutes from his home in Seattle. For some reason, the apperance of it gave chills to Eruc. The fact that it was so tall, and what it symbolized was all very moving for him.


Moments later, Eruc realized there was a piece of paper tucked in the back of the frame, which he hastily took out and unfolded. Eruc's grin grew considerably as he began reading the note, which he realized had writing from his three family members on it. Eruc took a seat on the bed next to him and read intently.


To Eruc, my son. Eruc began reading. This was definitely his mother's writing. He continued to read the same paragraph in the same manuscript.


I know this is what you have always wanted, but that does not make it any easier for me to write this. For so many years you have always been at my side, and I have been able to protect you from any danger that may come to you. And now, you are away from me and I cannot do the same thing for you. I know you will be okay, and I know I will see you soon. I will be thinking of you every night as I go to sleep. ~ Love, Mom


Eruc fought to stifle a tear that was forming in his ye. He was doing so good before, but this letter put him in a somber state of mind. Eruc knew he more to read from both his sister and his father, so he continued without thinking onto the following paragraphs.


Eruc, I knew you could do it. You've got the same spirit that's inside me, and I couldn't be more proud of you. May you have the courage to overcome any obstacle you may face, both professionally and personally. -- Dad


Eruc knew before reading the last line who the writing belonged to. He could really visualize his dad saying those words to his face as he read. Eruc then flipped the page, knowing that the only person's message left to read was Relaeh, his sister's. Yet Eruc immediately noticed how concise the message was, not even filling half a line.


Brother . . . . I love you.

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