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  2. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis |28 February 2020 3 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.155 TBS is 16 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 am) Aegis Local. Aegis and USS Missouri continue to hunt for the cause of and a cure for a strange illness. A comprehensive review in the conference room was called to be sure that we are on the same page. Possibilities discussed included the gremlin DNA, their anatomy, and the chemical spray they release for protection. Could the real issue stem from the genetically modified, more potent gremlins on Missouri since their crew has experienced worse symptoms? Their area has been quarantined and their physicians are proceeding with caution. Aegis and Missouri’s personnel are collaborating on an antidote and/or a counteragent against the illness. Removing the gremlins from Aegis was considered a possibility. However, the resources needed to accomplish the move and where they would be sent present a problem.
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  4. It was a quiet evening in the science lab. Perfect for someone who wanted to work late without distractions. Tarisa was that particular someone this evening. Ever since the staff meeting she had locked herself in the lab, looking for a way to neutralize the effects of the Gremlin’s spray that has been plaguing the station. On the center scanning table sat a sample tray that held a small dose of the annoying toxin. This particular sample was quite stubborn. No matter what substance she used, nothing would counter the effect of the spray. Each result ended with the computer screen giving a big red X. Despite this, Tarisa was determined to find an answer, even if she was locked in here all night. Unfortunately Taris was not going to get her quiet for long, as a young Mithraan girl opened the door to the lab. “Neemah!*” shouted Miana as she came in. She started humming as she entered, her white fluffy tail dancing about. The young one held in both of her hands what appeared to be frozen treats. Tarisa’s blue furred ears twitched at the loud shout. She had been slightly startled by Miana’s exclamation. “Miana? I was not expecting visitors.” A slight smile did begin to form at the sight of her niece. Miana approached her neemah with her treats. “I know. Yala* said you probably missed dinner, so she sent me to give you this,” she held a treat out to Tarisa. “She made cream of ice on a cone.” Tarisa took the treat in hand, which was beginning to soften. She gave it a little sniff before licking it. “Thank you, Teelah. What flavor is this?” “I do not remember the name, but they are berries from Annisha’s elders. From their farm,” Miana replied, but she was already becoming entranced by what was going on with the scanning table. “What are you doing?” Her bright blue eyes were fixed on the sample. “That is the toxin that is plaguing the station, making certain people sick. I am working on a way to neutralize it,” replied Tarisa. “Ooooh…” This peaked Miana’s interest. She climbed a chair before her aunt could stop her, leaning in to get a better look. But as she got closer, her now melting ice cream fell into the sample. “Uh oh.” “No...Teelah…” Tarisa said as she lifted Miana, placing her away from the table. “Sorry,” Miana said with a frown. “It will be fine. I can get another sample.” Tarisa went to get something to clean up, but the strangest thing happened. The scanning table began it’s test, and after a brief moment the result came up green. Tarisa paused, seemingly quite surprised. “How is this possible?” She looked to Miana, who had a little smile on her face. “I think I should go now, Neemah,” replied the young Mithraan, knowing that her aunt was going to be a little busy. She gave Tarisa a little squeeze of the leg before quietly leaving the lab. Tarisa simply nodded as she glanced at the sample. So many questions ran through her mind, but one thing was certain, she may have at least found one answer. Mithraan names: Neemah - Aunt Teelah - Niece Yala - Mother
  5. = /\ = Aegis Mission Brief 2/21/20 = /\ = = /\ = 2 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.154 = /\ = TBS is 6 hours. The time is 1400 hours (2.00 pm) Aegis Local. Aegis and USS Missouri continue to pin down the cause of strange dreams, hallucinations, and allergies. Command has called a meeting with all staff in the conference room at 1400. Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Scott Coleridge: ::in the meeting room, laying out cookies in pleasing shapes:: Dacia Sandero: ::makes her way to the conference room:: mimipavilion: ::on her way to the conference room as well:: Chirakis: ::in her office, wrapping up a conversation with command:: Jylliene: ::having handed off Ops, headed to conference room:: mimipavilion: ::arrives on the CnC withy Dacia and goes to the Conference room:: Cptn d'Ka: :::enters via command lift::: Dacia Sandero: ::follows Mimi into the conference room:: mimipavilion: ::takes a seat:: Scott Coleridge: Commander, doctors. ::gestures at cookies:: Dacia Sandero: ::sits down as well, and settles in:: Jylliene: ::enters:: Chirakis: :::the admiral finally finishes talking, she blanks the screen, grabs her PADD, and exits her office, aiming toward the conference room:::: Cptn d'Ka: :::in step with the captain, enters the conference room::: Chirakis: :::approaching her chair, she waves d'Ka into one next to her, then sits, obviously exhausted:: Cptn d'Ka: ::settles in::: Chirakis: :::Scott, as she checks those attending::: Commander Coleridge, when you are ready, proceed. Jylliene: ::PADD out, taking notes:: Scott Coleridge: ::takes a seat:: I've been reviewing the reports from your respective departments. Dacia Sandero: ::listens:: mimipavilion: ::listening:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Sitting opposite of Kital :: Scott Coleridge: It seems like you have been making good progress answering some of the questions that have been raised in these past weeks. Scott Coleridge: I wanted to take this opportunity for us to review what we've learned so far, and what your current lines of inquiry are, so that we're all aware of what one another is doing. Scott Coleridge: ::turns to Mimi:: Doctor Pavilion, where are you at with your investigations? Alexis McFarland: ::Snuggles Miana! :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Listening :: Tarisa: Miana> ::Purrs as she is snuggled.:: Tarisa: ::Quietly sitting in the CR.:: Dacia Sandero: ::glances over at Mimi:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Sitting off from the table :: mimipavilion: We have found that the gremlins are probable cause of what has been affecting the crew, but to what extent is still unknown. It is believed that their DNA may hold the key as well as their anatomy. Scott Coleridge: If that's the case, should we consider removing the gremlins from the station? Chirakis: :::glance to d'Ka with a curious expression::: mimipavilion: Most likely. Cptn d'Ka: ::paying more attention to the doctors:: Scott Coleridge: All right, we'll come back to that point in a moment. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Scott Coleridge: ::turns to Tarisa:: Commander Tarisa, could you summarize science's findings so far from your efforts? Dacia Sandero: ::nods:: At this point also, we're not sure if it's the DNA from the gremlins themselves, or from their chemical odour spray they released Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks at Tarisa :: Dacia Sandero: ::also looks over at Tarisa:: Chirakis: ::mental notes, relaxing and listening::: Alexis McFarland: ::playing with her friends:: mimipavilion: ::looks over to Tarisa:: Tarisa: ::Perks up and nods.:: Yes, as stated, we believe the cause is likely the gremlins, but at this point the how of it is escaping us. But I believe they are more like a simple diversion planned or simply by accident. It seems the real issue may stem from what the Missouri has been experiencing. Cptn d'Ka: ::raises a brow:: Scott Coleridge: So we have a connection between the gremlins and the Missouri? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Reading something on his PADD :: Tarisa: ::Taps a little console on the table, bringing up a display of the modified Missouri. She nods to Scott.:: These were picked up by the Missouri. The are genetically modified gremlins. Alexis McFarland: ::playing her radio controlled AMC Gremlin in the park:: Scott Coleridge: Interesting, gremlins on gremlins Cptn d'Ka: :::fingers steeple, looking to Scott::: Scott Coleridge: ::Nijil:: Anything to report from engineering's end? Tarisa: This variety seems more potent, so much so that the confined spaces of the ship allowed the "spray or stench" to be more concentrated. Their scrubbers were unable to keep up. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Woken from his trance :: Ie, well, the trouble with the replication systems appears solved and there are measures in place to prevent the same thing from happening Tarisa: ::Taps again, new display.:: The crew were experiencing a harsher array of symptoms as opposed to us. Nijil tr'Korjata: Otherwise, the station is just undergoing the normal set of issues any station would have. Scott Coleridge: ::nods to acknowledge Nijil while listening to Tarisa's addition:: Tarisa: ::Is done for the moment.:: Dacia Sandero: ::watches Tarisa and Nijl,taking it all in:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Chases after the toy gremlin.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: We have ruled out forms of radiation resulting in sleep problems. I am still having my vivid dreams, so they do not seem related. Scott Coleridge: So we have two sets of gremlins, one aboard Missouri and one aboard Aegis, each causing or somehow involved in the problems affecting both crews. Jylliene: ::continues taking notes:: Scott Coleridge: Earlier, I asked if we should consider removing the gremlins. If we decide to do that: what resources will we need to accomplish it, and where would we send them? Scott Coleridge: ::glances at Cayne, who is probably more familiar than most at the table with how extensively the gremlins have inhabited the disused parts of the station:: Cptn d'Ka: :::looks to Scott as though he has information::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Pokes at his PADD :: Here is a hologram of the gremlin locations. :: throws it up on the table between them all :: Scott Coleridge: Captain d'Ka? Cptn d'Ka: Commander, your science officer's idea is sound. however... Cptn d'Ka: The gene sequence of those on Missouri has been altered somehow. Dacia Sandero: ::listening on:: mimipavilion: ::listening:: Cptn d'Ka: Our physicians believe that yes, they are similar to your gremlins. They are also genetically altered to add another piece to the puzzle... Scott Coleridge: ::gestures at Cayne to wait for a moment while they hear d'Ka's input:: Altered? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Fades the holo :: Cptn d'Ka: It is not actually your gremlins, though they may play a part... Cptn d'Ka: Our physicians believe that it is a composition of both, pointing more toward those on Missouri than to your gremlins. mimipavilion: ::does not like what she is hearing:: Cptn d'Ka: We have quarantined the areas and are proceeding with caution to find more information. ::is finished::: Dacia Sandero: ::glances over:: Scott Coleridge: Noted, thank you.. Scott Coleridge: ::Cayne:: Commander, you were about to explain the logistics of removing our gremlins? Cptn d'Ka: ::polite nod::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Brings up the holo again :: mimipavilion: ::looks at Cayne, then the holographic image:: Chirakis: :::looks to Cayne's hologram::: Tarisa: ::Looking at the hologram.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: We need to call a ship that can take them. A Wallenberg class could do it. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: We also would need to tag each of them so we can securely transporter them to the ship, rather than leading them through a dock. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: But, we need to get them to their native environment. Jylliene: ::wonders how they'd ensure the safety of the receiving ship:: Tarisa: I would recommend settling them in a location away from the Alliance. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: In this ship we could set up an environment just for them. Dacia Sandero: ::nods in agreement:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Searching has already begun, but introducing a species not native to the planet is...tricky mimipavilion: ::nods:: Chirakis: :::leans forward, listening:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: It could take a while, as we have to send a team ahead to prepare the location. Scott Coleridge: So removing them is achievable, but we need time to put everything into place. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: A full medical workup would be helpful :: Looking at the medical staff :: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Right. Scott Coleridge: Tarisa, you said that the gremlins' spray is the agent that's causing the adverse reactions among the crew? Have we started exploring an antidote or counteragent we could use? Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Yes we are exploring that option. Cptn d'Ka: :::hand up to Scott::: Scott Coleridge: Yes, Captain? Cptn d'Ka: Commander, our personnel are also working on such an agent. I will forward what they have found to your personnel. ::nods to Tarisa:: Tarisa: That will be very helpful. Scott Coleridge: Very good. Dacia Sandero: ::smiles and nods::: Certainly will. mimipavilion: Agreed Scott Coleridge: Tarisa, make that science's priority. Work with medical, who will also be continuing to look into the nature of the gremlins' physiology. Engineering might also need to assist if we decide to disperse the counteragent as some kind of aerosol. Scott Coleridge: Commanders Cayne and Kital, you're in charge of the logistics of rounding up and moving out the gremlins. Develop a concrete plan with best- and worst-case timelines based on available resources. Scott Coleridge: Consider building in some flexibility regarding your mode of transport… perhaps we will use a small convoy of ships rather than one larger vessel. It'll depend on what Starfleet can spare us. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Looks to Kital :: Scott Coleridge: Any questions? Jylliene: ::makes a note to make said plan:: Cptn d'Ka: ::has an idea regarding transporting ships, but will approach that later::: Scott Coleridge: ::looks to Chirakis and d'Ka:: Anything from either of the Captains? Chirakis: Not at the moment, Commander. Cptn d'Ka: ::Nods agreement:: Scott Coleridge: Very well. Thank you everyone for your contributions so far. Let's get back to work. Dismissed. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: Thank you Chirakis: Excellent work, all. Chirakis: TBS will be the next morning at 0700. Chirakis: Commander, any thoughts for the crew? Scott Coleridge: Nope Chirakis: Questions or thoughts from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
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  7. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis |21 February 2020 2 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.154 TBS is 6 hours. The time is 1400 hours (2:00 pm) Aegis Local. The latest information regarding illness, dreams, hallucinations, and other strange events on Aegis seem to have no connections. Medical and Science have been collaborating to pin down the cause(s) and hopefully find a remedy. Command has called a meeting in the conference room at 1400. The meeting invitees have been expanded to include staff from all departments.
  8. So does anyone frequent Star Trek Online around here? I'm just now getting into some of the gameplay....except for some difficulty with moving around, IT ROCKS!! I'm currently playing Lieutenant Thomas Armstrong, Commanding Officer of the "USS Providence"...Miranda class, I think. We've already run into some heated combat with Klingons....perhaps I will write a personal log about that. And an old....friend, shall we say....has decided to pop in for a visit. Dun dun DUN..... Anywho, I can be found under the name [email protected]#7158. If you're on, drop me a line, either through the game or here!
  9. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1062, STARDATE 52002.17 = /\ = Manticore has been sent to the Huron sector near the Romulan neutral zone boarder. Their mission, to entertain a wealthy Ferengi named Mork in order to keep his sector open for Federation use and out of Romulan hands. But first Mork insisted upon a fancy dinner for his new envoy. His choice of cuisine was shocking to say the least. Consulting with the top brass proved to be futile as their moral compass seems to have been clouded by politics. An away mission discovered a secret basement filled with a collection of alien prisoners and the crew devised an escape plan to take place during Mork's soiree. The team was able to successfully empty everyone out without a hitch. Once time to leave, though, and things went awry upstairs. McFly and Kenickie have been drugged by a surprisingly aware Mork and have now been auctioned off to the highest bidder and are now being taken home by their new masters. = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1062, STARDATE 52002.17 = /\ = 200217.log
  10. We do have an opening in security. If there is time this Friday night we can talk about coming aboard.
  11. Not sure if you've been here in awhile....just wanted to say hello! Remember, "old school's cool"! :D

  12. It's too much to keep track of for me. Personally, I greatly dislike the "JJ-verse". Abrams pretty much did away with everything that made the previous Trek films so enjoyable....IMHO. And I don't understand why we have to tell the same "Wrath of Khan" story twice....that's basically all that "into Darkness" was.
  13. I've been taking a look at Sky Harbor. Looks like a Deep Space Nine kind of thing....I might join you guys! I see that you have an opening in Security?
  14. Welcome back, CTHuskyMan. Sky Harbor Aegis runs on Friday nights @ 10 pm EST. Aegis's present date is 2 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.154 - after the devastation of ch'Rihan. Located between former Breen space the Joint Allied Powers, the station's mission is to monitor that area of space, to ensure the safety of the station's inhabitants, and to serve as a way station for cargo, guests, and ambassadorial personnel. Aegis offers varied opportunities for its simulation. Visit us on a Friday night, watch for a while, and decide if this sim is for you.
  15. Of course I missed the Excalibur sim for this week. Will try to drop in next time.
  16. There are still a few sims flying. :) Excalibur runs on Sunday nights 7PM PAC / 10PM EST Feel free to drop in.
  17. SD 0216.2020 The Excalibur remains docked at the independent station, where, luckily, a certain Science Officer didn't give away the whole ship. Resupply efforts and general leave continue as Excalibur prepares for a survey of the Sellaris Expanse. Engineering has received their mysterious purchase but the packing material seems to be a bit of a biohazard.
  18. MISSION BRIEF: After a brief jaunt to an independent space station at the edge of the Sellaris Expanse, the crew has been recalled to the ship in preparation to depart on their mapping mission. Engineering is awaiting the delivery of a mystery item that was purchased aboard the station. Meanwhile, Medical awaits a set of files from station medical that might give them more information on the biology and medical hazards of the region. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Indaura Ryssan: :: Reading up on the data they gathered from the station :: William Chocox: ::is down in Engineering, looking over the list of items they officially purchased from the station:: Rhan K'hal: :: back on the bridge, putting together the expense report :: Irene Mincine: :: Irene is back on the bridge at her science post, getting ready for the upcoming mission. :: Irene Mincine: :: Val is back at helm and no longer wearing an eyepatch, as well. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Busy at Tactical, of all things, but he didn't often get a chance to tinker with the ship's security systems.:: Hakran K'hal: :: exits onto the bridge :: William Chocox: Ok, so that needs to go here, and that needs to go there. ::starts ticking things off and directing the cargo crew where to put everything:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> OPS receives a message from the ship's quartermaster that engineering has an important delivery from the station and also wants to know why he wasn't informed that Excalibur would be offloading ten crates of medical supplies. Maryse Dubois: ::Sitting in her office for the moment.:: Irene Mincine: :: Irene spots Hakran coming onto the bridge and smiles proudly. :: "Ah, lieutenant. I've uploaded all the data that we got from the station into the ship's computer, so we should have some idea of what we're looking at out there." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Squinting at the device he'd bought that looked exactly like the EMP device they officially didn't have.:: Rhan K'hal: +Goim+ Hey Missoda, I've been waiting for that first shipment. Have it escorted to Lt Chocox's office. As for the medical supplies... I'm as surprised as you are. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Hearing Irene, he glances over.:: What sort of data? Hakran K'hal: :: walks up behind Irene :: Good work. William Chocox: ::looks over at Ens Reynolds:: Need glasses Ensign? Rhan K'hal: +Goim+ I'll get back to you. Indaura Ryssan: :: Working in her office, no patients today. :: Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ K'hal to Dr. Dubois. Irene Mincine: Irene> "Thank you." :: Grin! :: "Medical and scientific data for the region, Commander." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> Ah, interesting. I'm sure that will be of some help. Maryse Dubois: +Rhan+ Maryse here. Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ Do you know why we're offloading 10 crates of medical supplies? Maryse Dubois: +Rhan+ We're doing what now? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> OPS receives another message from the Quartermaster that says the station is also demanding five cases of some of their fancy foodstuffs. Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ I'll take that as a no. Irene Mincine: Irene> "Much better than going into the area blindly. Medical is already investigating the data that we brought back." Rhan K'hal: :: looks down :: Rhan K'hal: :: blinks :: Rhan K'hal: Okay, what the hell. Irene Mincine: Val> :: Looks over at her Ops partner at the front of the bridge. :: "What's up?" Rhan K'hal: :: contacts the station for the order details, is promptly sent back the invoice :: Maryse Dubois: ::Gets up from her office, heading out.:; +Rhan+ Which cargo bay is it coming from? Rhan K'hal: :: head swivels :: Rhan K'hal: :: gaze lands and locks onto Irene :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> No, just trying to see if this thing matches our thing. So far, it seems to be of the same type and manufacture. No power source, though. William Chocox: ::gets up and walks over:: No power source at all? Irene Mincine: Irene> "Mm?" :: Her ears (and ridges) were burning at Rhan's stare. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Pokes at the device with a spanner.:: Well, it *has* one, but it is dead. No readings on the scanners. Hakran K'hal: :: knows his brother well enough to suddenly find himself busy reading a padd :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> Wonder if it is broken and that's why it was in the junk pile. William Chocox: Ah, interesting. Most likely explanation, but that doesn't mean we still can't use it to learn things. Maryse Dubois: :;Heading for the cargo bays.:: Rhan K'hal: Ten cases of medical supplies. Five crates of luxury foods. AND the VIP silverware set? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Head raises slowly.:: Excuse me? What about our silverware? Irene Mincine: Irene> :: Goes from ears burning to looking really confused. :: "What about them?" Rhan K'hal: It appears that data we received came with a hefty price tag. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> Authorized by whom? ::Slight lift of the brow.:: Irene Mincine: Irene> :: Her eyes narrow. :: "What? Their CMO didn't mention anything about medical supplies, luxury foods, or silverware..." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Engineering receives a very large and heavily secured crate from the station. Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ :: sends a text telling her they'll be coming out of upper bay 2, as well as WHY they're going out :: Rhan K'hal: Unless someone else has your thumb, you paid for the order. Indaura Ryssan: :: Exits her office and heads to sickbay :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Sign flips over, saying "The Doctor is Out." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> In the cargo bay, several of Maryse's recent medical purchases are being loaded for transport to the station. William Chocox: ::looks over:: Ooh, that's our new toy. Maryse Dubois: ::Blinks as she replies.:: And no one thought it would be a good idea to fill me in? ::Enters:: You have got to be kidding me. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Turns to stare at Irene.:: Did you read the fine print before signing? Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ ::text:: "I only just found out myself. I don't know if I can do an equivalent exchange to get them back, but I'll try." Irene Mincine: Irene> :: Irene looked pretty guilty. :: "Fine print? I didn't think they were trying to swindle us! I'm... well, you see..." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.:: Maryse Dubois: +Rhan+ Do what you can, cause some of these supplies I still need to fully get us off the ground since launch. I just got some of this stuff. Rhan K'hal: :: contacts the station to get in touch with the head doc to see if he can at least trade something else for the medical supplies :: William Chocox: ::directs the box to be placed in his office:: Thank you folks, we'll unbox it when we're ready. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Rhan receives a reply that they'll accept a ridiculous sum of latinum instead. Rhan K'hal: Tied To the Top of the Box with a Pretty Pink Ribbon> :: a bag of raktajino beans :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Enters sickbay :: Rhan K'hal: You have GOT to be kidding me. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Watches the delivery and then looks at Will.:: You aren't going to open it now? Do you even know what it is? Irene Mincine: Irene> :: Goes from guilty to contrite. :: "I'm sorry, sir... I'm not used to dealing with commercial entities... I'm a scientist, not a Ferengi marketer..." William Chocox: Well, we were working on this device. We can go open it together if you want to take a break from that. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Glances back to Irene.:: You're also not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the ship. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> For *exactly* that reason. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::He shrugged.:: That's up to you, boss. I'm just kinda curious. Indaura Ryssan: :: Looked at the staff milling about in sickbay :: Hello all. :: She walked around to the work board to see if anything needed her mental attention :: Irene Mincine: :: Guilty, to contrite, to angry. :: "Why didn't the commander officially in charge of the away team stop me from signing, in that case?" Maryse Dubois: ::Watching as her crates are still being loaded.:: Hakran K'hal: (q) Easy, Irene. William Chocox: Let's do it. ::walks into his office and beckons Reynolds over:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> ::Another eyebrow lift, this one a tad dangerous. He shifted, turning to face her fully.:: And just *who* was with you in your group? Rhan K'hal: :: tries some haggling, offering the rest of the VIP dinnerware set that includes some of the one-of-a-kind Excalibur plates :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Looks at a supply list :: Hakran K'hal: Commander Rex was in charge of the science and medical since I chose not to go, sir. Irene Mincine: :: Irene instinctively sat up straighter in her chair at Jalen's eyebrow lift. :: "I was with Dr. Ryssan and Ensign Komaeda. Lt. Commander Rex was in charge, sir." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Rhan is counter-offered a less ridiculous, but still hefty sum of latinum, plus the VIP dinnerware with the special edition collector's plates, along with two bottles of the rarest vintage that the command staff has on board. William Chocox: And it was nice of our trading partner to throw in the coffee beans. Rhan K'hal: (m) You wanna play that game with me, do you? Rhan K'hal: :: starts flipping through the Excalibur's inventory :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Cdr Jalen Stanton> Oh was he, now? I'll have a talk with him directly. ::He looked at Hakran.:: In the meantime, I expect you to deal with your own staff accordingly. Hakran K'hal: :: direly :: Aye, Commander. Hakran K'hal: Ensign, with me. :: heads for the lift :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> I've never tried Klingon coffee. Is it strong? ::Helps Will to unlatch the crate, struggling a bit with the bolts. He finally just cut them off completely.:: Irene Mincine: :: Irene completely deflates. :: "Sir." :: She follows Hakran like she's going to the gallows. :: William Chocox: If it's made properly. I'm not sure what the barista was on when they made mine yesterday. ::lifts the top of the crate off with Reynolds:: Hakran K'hal: :: enters the lift, waits for Irene to enter and the door to close :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Inside Will's crate is a smaller crate. William Chocox: ::sighs before prying open the top of the second crate:: Irene Mincine: :: The door closes behind Irene, who looks like she's not sure whether she wants to throw herself out an airlock or tear the panels off the walls. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Upon which he finds yet another crate. This one much smaller and packed with some type of organic fibrous material. William Chocox: I swear, if we got swindled I'm going to do absolutely nothing because we're not in Federation space. ::looks inside the next crate:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ens Reynolds> ::Frowns.:: What are they playing at? ::Pokes at the strands of packing material.:: They could have just sent a smaller container. Rhan K'hal: :: counters again with one third the amount of latinum, the VIP dinnerware, one bottle of the vintage and a the five kilos of kabeebee nuts he'd managed to score :: Hakran K'hal: :: sighs :: Hakran K'hal: You *REALLY* need to read things before you sign. If you'd been in a different system you could've sold crewmembers. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Inside the third crate is some sort of mystery device and instructions in some language that neither of them can read. Also, the packing material is very itchy on the hands and both engineers start to break out in hives. Irene Mincine: "At least *that* isn't enforceable. I'm sorry, I screwed up. I won't make that mistake again." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Rhan's deal is accepted and payment requested immediately. Or else. Rhan K'hal: :: sets up the transport while ordering the cargo bay crew to STOP with the medical supplies :: William Chocox: Aw damnit. ::sets the device down:: Rhan K'hal: Oh, you owe me big. Maryse Dubois: +Rhan+ Something must have happened, cause they are putting the crates back. Hakran K'hal: I know you won't. Which is why I'm not going to do any worse than force you to work double shifts for a week. Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ Yeah, *I* happened. Maryse Dubois: +Rhan+ You know, I could kiss you. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: END SIM
  19. Well, I'm back....again. I can't get Star Trek out of my system, apparently. Are there any active simulations around right now, or have they all died out?
  20. = /\ = Aegis Mission Brief 2/14/20 = /\ = = /\ = 2 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.154 = /\ = TBS is 12 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 am) Aegis Local. Aegis and USS Missouri continue to pin down the cause of strange dreams, hallucinations, and allergies. Not everyone has been affected. Some have recovered. The gremlins’ VIP area is a possible origin. Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Jylliene: ::CnC, ops:: Dacia Sandero: ::working in sickbay:: mimipavilion: ::in medical:: Chirakis: :::CnC, in her office with the door open:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::working at CnC science station:: Dacia Sandero: ::analyzing the gremlins' DNA strands:: Chirakis: ::swivels her chair to a tactical screen::: Chirakis: ::sets it to sweep::: Jylliene: ::the requisitions are different recently; orders for things that might help ease sleep, and so on:: Chirakis: ::she's not actually looking at the screen, just using it as a focus point to consider the latest findings, some of which are very strange::: Scott Coleridge: ::reporting to the CnC, looking a little more refreshed than in previous days:: Chirakis: ::there has to be a trigger somewhere::: mimipavilion: ::trying to figure out the situation:: Scott Coleridge: ::circulates the CnC once, observing the officers at their work, pleased that despite all the strange goings-on, everyone is focused on their tasks at hand:: Chirakis: ::wondering if science and medical are working in tandem:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Had the dream again, this time playing some kind of game. He'll have to replicate it here. Bet Annisha would get it :: Dacia Sandero: ::yes, probably is working with Science:: Tarisa: ::Steps into the Med Lab.:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Enters engineering for his morning shift, still catching up with what he missed :: Dacia Sandero: ::smiles as Tarisa:: Good morning.. Alexis McFarland: ::sleeping, dreams she's a farmer:: Tarisa: Morning. ::Smiles.:: Anything new? Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Feels shorter :: Jylliene: ::wonders how things would be different had she chosen a different path in the academy:: Jylliene: ::then returns to her work:: Dacia Sandero: Not much, though I just got in myself. Chirakis: ::checking the latest reports from medical::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Working, though he felt out of sorts still. Probably should not operate heavy machinery :: Chirakis: ::finally exits her office, the door shutting behind her::: Annisha: :: Annisha was eating her breakfast, but started to feel like every time was breakfast :: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Standing there looking at the morning work board. Was torn between making the script smaller or getting a larger board :: Chirakis: ::nods to Scott, noticing that he actually did get rest last night::: Tarisa: ::Sighs:: We need to focus on a cause. Doing so might lead to a permanent remedy. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Someone handed the authorization forms for him to sign off on :: Chirakis: ::steps up to Jylliene and waits for her attention, as she notices the overload in front of the OPS console::: Scott Coleridge: ::nods at Chirakis:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Looking at a map of the sector :: Jylliene: Captain. Dacia Sandero: I agree, I think our suggestions help but don't solve much Jylliene: How may I help? mimipavilion: ::to self:: Solution, why are you being elusive? Dacia Sandero: Think of where to start is the hardest part Chirakis: Good morning, Commander Kital. I see Lt Dran on CnC. Have you an idea where the rest of science and medical are working? Jylliene: Last I knew, in the science lab and in medical - shall I see where the computer has them at the moment? Dacia Sandero: ::looks at the microscope of a chemical sample of the gremlins' spray:: Chirakis: :::considers that:: Please do. mimipavilion: ::goes to the lab:: Jylliene: ::nods:: ::consults computer:: Jylliene: Computer shows them in the medical lab, ma'am mimipavilion: ::enters the lab:: how are things going on in here Dacia Sandero: Drawing a blank right now, but then we did just barely get started. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Chirakis: Thank you, Commander. ::noticing Lt Dran working in CnC, she approaches, but does not want to disturb the lieutenant's thoughts, as she looks like she may be on to something::: Jylliene: ::nods:: Alexis McFarland: ::opens her eyes and lies in bed:: mimipavilion: Then shall we get started. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Signing and signing, he was not sure what to make of these dreams. One the one hand they occupied his thoughts throughout the day, on the other.. what was the other? :: Alexis McFarland: ::picks up her PADD and starts reading her messages:: Dacia Sandero: ::smiles:: Yes,let's. Scott Coleridge: ::working on several requests for resources related to some of the ongoing investigations:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::cross-referencing chemical samples:: Chirakis: ::the lieutenant is completely focused on her work::: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looking for issues from the CnC :: Scott Coleridge: Captain, it might be useful for us to call a meeting with science and medical later today. Dacia Sandero: ::looks at the samples:: Scott Coleridge: I think we could all use some updates and make sure we're aware of what everyone else is doing. Chirakis: ::turns to Scott:: Agreed. Tarisa: ::Looking over samples.:: Chirakis: However... ;::she moves toward him:: sooner rather than later? Dacia Sandero: ::rubs chin::: Chirakis: Or must they gather more information first? Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Walking over to the big power core :: Alexis McFarland: ::relaxes and stretches out, reading her Twooter:: Cptn d'Ka: @ ::sends the latest information to Aegis::: Scott Coleridge: Whenever you think would be convenient. I'm just looking at some of these requisitions. The scope of our investigations keeps getting broader: computer viruses, fatigued crew, the ship component data from Missouri, and now the gremlins... the more departments and personnel involved, the more decentralized everything becomes. mimipavilion: ::goes to the holo-table and pulls up a rendering of the gremlin anatomy:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::glaring at the few results coming from the search. Considering if the computer is mocking her or she has completely botched the data set entered:: Scott Coleridge: I'm concerned we're going to see duplication of effort and perhaps miss something in the process. Chirakis: ::after consideration, she nods::: Agreed. Scott Coleridge: What do you think, 1400? Dacia Sandero: ::she does a detailed molecular scan, trying to find any kind of correlation:: Chirakis: 1400... :::ponders::: Agreed. Scott Coleridge: I'll notify the relevant departments. mimipavilion: ::goes through their anatomy trying to figure out if something may be out of place:: Chirakis: Thank you, Commander. Chirakis: 10:45 PM Scott Coleridge: Do you want to invite Captain d'Ka as well? Perhaps he can provide some insight? Chirakis: Possibly, though their problem doesn't seem to be the same as ours. Chirakis: I will approach him and ask. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Tries the replicator :: Computer, one lemonade. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: It appears, then Nijil reaches to get it. Looks the glass over, puts it to his mouth and swallows :: Cptn d'Ka: @ ::looks up from his work but does not interfere with her thoughts::: Scott Coleridge: ::notifies science and medical departments of a special meeting at 1400: department heads will bring any personnel required to report full findings thus far:: mimipavilion: ::gets a notification about a meeting:: Dacia Sandero: ::gets a buzz on her PADD and reads the message:: Oh, OK. I hope we have something substantial by then. mimipavilion: ::hears Dacia:: agreed Cptn d'Ka: @ ::calls for the reports from Missouri's medical department::: Dacia Sandero: Best keep lookin' I suppose. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Chirakis: 10:55 PM Cptn d'Ka: @ :::reading through their reports, considering every angle:: Scott Coleridge: ((I'm imagining d'Ka turning the reports so that he can read them from different directions.)) Cptn d'Ka: @ ((always the best way to read)) Chirakis: ((two minutes)) Chirakis: :::sits at the command console::: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: Thank you Chirakis: Very well. TBS will take us to the conference room at 1400. Chirakis: Comments for the crew, Commander? Scott Coleridge: Nope Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Chirakis: Note from the captain - we are again at 100% attendance. Thank you. Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  21. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis |7 February 2020 2 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.154 TBS is 12 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 am) Aegis Local. Aegis and USS Missouri continue to pin down the cause of strange dreams, hallucinations, and allergies. Not everyone has been affected. Some personnel seem to have been passed over and/or no longer have a problem. Others continue to fight it off. A study that was passed on to security pointed to the gremlins’ VIP area as a possible origin, though that has yet to be verified. Approximately 15 to 20 personnel are still in the medical complex.
  22. The Little Things Security Locker Room A high pitched screeee echoed through security's locker room, the sound of Ens Stacy Slater twisting and poking at the door to her locker. “What the hell, Stace!” came from the other side. “Haven’t oiled that thing yet?” “Well, I would oil that if it took oil, Gaz! Find something that’ll stop the squeak and I’ll owe you one,” she retorted, finally twisting it enough to get her locker to closed as Ens Guido Gazelli rounded the corner and made himself comfortable against the locker next to her. “Seriously, Gaz,” she said on a sigh. “You’d think that a new starbase would at least have lockers that don’t attack you when you need ‘em.” He shrugged. “Could be worse. And it’s only the locker, right?” Another exasperated sigh, and she nodded, then straightened her equipment. “Graveyard’s got me off guard. And our little friends on deck 42, but I got....” She stopped cold. “Damn, Gaz. I left the bars in my locker.” “No problem. I got it,” he said, pushing away from the adjacent locker. One hefty jerk managed to pull the locker open. He grabbed the energy bars, then closed and secured the door without too much noise. “So, you’re on 42?” he asked, handing her the package, then continuing “Me, too,” as she slipped the bars into her satchel. “Awesome,” she managed as they moved out. “And we’re on two hour rotations, but I’m not sure it’s going to make much difference since it upsets our circadian rhythms, like the chief says.” She adjusted her uniform and ran a hand through her close cropped red hair. It glistened in the dimmed passageway illumination. The soft tread of her regulation boots might have been silent for humans, but not for gremlins. They apparently had "good sniffers", as her mom would say, and she was right. “So… what’s in the satchel,” Gaz asked as they stepped into the lift. “Smells great.” “They’re pretty good. From my mom.” Handing one to him, she continued, “I wouldn’t call them great. But our little friends love ‘em. Especially when they play up and down the passageway. They don’t make a mess so it’s no big deal.” The lift opened and she stepped out, but Gaz stared at her until the lift began to close behind him. “They play up and down the passageway?” “Yeah,” she said with a nod. “Sometimes climb the bulkhead. They play most of the night.” Slowing his pace, his skepticism echoed in his words. “They play most of the night.” “Yeah.” She stopped to stare at him. “You don’t see them, Gaz? I mean, they’re right there, coming our way.” He looked around. “No. No I don’t, Stace. We’re the only ones here.”
  23. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1061, STARDATE 52002.10 = /\ = Manticore has been sent to the Huron sector near the Romulan neutral zone boarder. Their mission, to entertain a wealthy Ferengi named Mork in order to keep his sector open for Federation use and out of Romulan hands. But first Mork insisted upon a fancy dinner for his new envoy. His choice of cuisine was shocking to say the least. Consulting with the top brass proved to be futile as their moral compass seems to have been clouded by politics. An away mission discovered a secret basement filled with a collection of alien prisoners and the crew devised an escape plan to take place during Mork's soiree. The team was able to successfully empty everyone out without a hitch. Once time to leave, though, and things went awry upstairs. McFly and Kenickie have been drugged by a surprisingly aware Mork and have now been auctioned off to the highest bidder. = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1061, STARDATE 52002.10 = /\ = 200210.log
  24. SD 0209.2020 After a brief jaunt to an independent space station at the edge of the Sellaris Expanse, the crew has been recalled to the ship in preparation to depart on their mapping mission. Engineering is awaiting the delivery of a mystery item that was purchased aboard the station. Meanwhile, Medical awaits a set of files from station medical that might give them more information on the biology and medical hazards of the region.
  25. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1061, STARDATE 52002.10 = /\ = Manticore has been sent to the Huron sector near the Romulan neutral zone boarder. Their mission, to entertain a wealthy Ferengi named Mork in order to keep his sector open for Federation use and out of Romulan hands. But first Mork insisted upon a fancy dinner for his new envoy. His choice of cuisine was shocking to say the least. Consulting with the top brass proved to be futile as their moral compass seems to have been clouded by politics. An away mission discovered a secret basement filled with a collection of alien prisoners and the crew devised an escape plan to take place during Mork's soiree. The team was able to successfully empty everyone out without a hitch. Once time to leave, though, and things went awry upstairs. McFly and Kenickie have been drugged by a surprisingly aware Mork and have now been auctioned off to the highest bidder. = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1061, STARDATE 52002.10 = /\ =
  26. SD 0202.2020 Excalibur is docked at independent station inside the Edrin Asteroid field on the edge of the Sellaris Expanse. Away teams have headed to the station to begin gathering information about the region and supplies for the coming survey mission of the aforementioned expanse.
  27. SD 0126.2020 Excalibur has arrived at an independent station inside the Edrin Asteroid field on the edge of the Sellaris Expanse where they have docked. Away teams have been assembled to begin gathering information about the region and supplies for the coming survey mission of the aforementioned expanse.
  28. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur is docked at independent station inside the Edrin Asteroid field on the edge of the Sellaris Expanse. Away teams have headed to the station to begin gathering information about the region and supplies for the coming survey mission of the aforementioned expanse. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Hunter Matheson: $ ::watching the newbies so they don't do anything stupid:: Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Keeping an eye on the two blue shirts as they looked around for the stations medical complex:: William Chocox: $::comes back to the table with his Raktajino:: Thank you Mr. K'hal. Rhan K'hal: $ :: in the coffeehouse, ready to meet with the station's supplier of parts & "parts" Cptn Swain: ACTION> The Raktajino, is well, it's trying bless its heart. They apparently aren't big fans of Klingon coffee and Will notices it is extremely ... stale. Irene Mincine: @ :: The group was outside the station's medical area. Irene was... unhappy with Rex. :: "Why did they put me in charge if I'm always getting in trouble?" Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> :::following along with Rex:: William Chocox: $ ::grimaces at his coffee:: (m)No coffee is better than bad coffee. Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: is a surprisingly well-dressed Gorn, because of course she is :: Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Looking around with both wonder and caution :: Hunter Matheson: $ ::still trying to get over the espresso:: Rhan K'hal: $ Master Adjun, thank you for agreeing to meet with us. I'm K'hal, this is Chocox, and that's Matheson. Hunter Matheson: $ ::calls for water::: Hunter Matheson: $ ::respectful nod to Adjun:: Cptn Swain: @Rex> Technically, I am in charge. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Motions to his surfeit of pips:: Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> You sent underground signal, I am intrigued. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Going back and forth with the coffee shop waiter.:: But... ah... this stuff is green. Is it *supposed* to be green? I.. ah... think I want to get something else. Cptn Swain: @Rex> But since this is, ostensibly, a survey of the station, I felt you should have the opportunity to you know, do whatever it is you blue shirts do. William Chocox: $ Yes, we're in need of some certain items. Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::relaxed, watching the area, knowing that this team can handle themselves:: Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene nodded. :: "We're investigating the station's medical complex." :: She took a deep breath and calmed down. :: "We should see if there are any medical-related issues we need to know about in this region." Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> Received official signals earlier, can supply if paid. For "certain item" cost may be steep. Indaura Ryssan: @ I am not sure what to make of this station, but that could be a good idea. Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::Rex:: Aye, sir. Irene Mincine: :: On the ship, meanwhile, Val was getting her fake eye put back in. She's probably not having a good time. :: Rhan K'hal: $ My assistant is at the trade office dealing with the official list and the official payment, as I'm sure you've been apprised. Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> Yesss. Rhan K'hal: $ :: motions to Will :: Indaura Ryssan: @ Is our PADD able to interface with the computers here? William Chocox: $ So you are able to procure this "certain item" for me? Hunter Matheson: $ ::takes a look around the store, a little investigation of stuff::: Hakran K'hal: :: back on the Excal, is allowing his underlings to do the shopping and exploring, and is thus kicked back reading from a padd in his office :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> No... no, I don't want that one. That one is... ah... blue. Can I just get something that's normal-colored? Look, how about the brown stuff. Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene takes her padd from her belt and pokes through it a bit. :: "Looks like it can connect to the network, at least..." Cptn Swain: << Team Blue give me a number 1-20, Team Red give me a number 1-20 >> William Chocox: ((8)) Irene Mincine: @ :: 18 :: Rhan K'hal: (( 4 )) Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> Certain item is attainable, although why Starfleet need certain item make me think price should be higher. Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> (gees...sorry. going in and out) ((7)) Hunter Matheson: $ ((7.3)) Cptn Swain: ACTION> Out of the corner of Reynolds eye, he catches what looks like one of the devices we found on the Elasian ships. Just hanging out in a stall of "Odds and Ends" ... at least that's the translation on the sign. It could say Chicken Salad. William Chocox: $ Why we need that item is our own business. It's not that important. Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: laughs, which isn't so great coming out of a Gorn, fashionably dressed or no :: Maryse Dubois: ::On the bridge for the moment, but she's checking her PADD for a report on Val's eye replacement.:: William Chocox: $::laughs with him:: Hunter Matheson: $ :::holding back a smirk:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Sipping on his normal colored coffee, finally, he started browsing through the shop while Chocox dealt with his parts contact. Pausing, at one of the bins, his eyebrows lifted and he stared.:: Uh... ::Forgetting all about his coffee, he picked out the device and waved at the shop owner.:: Uh, how much for this one? Rhan K'hal: $ We may as well dispense with the verbal games. How much more will it take to deflect your curiosity? Cptn Swain: $Huni> ::The strange, creature tipped its head:: 5 Drakgma Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> Four. Rhan K'hal: $ Out of the question. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Glances to Irene:: Make sure they don't charge you for using their network. Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> It look good sitting on shelf, I can leave there long time. Irene Mincine: :: The medical report says that her ocular implant is working again, but it took some doing and recalibrating of both implant and host's implant. Turns out it's pretty difficult to work on someone who was as fried as Val was. :: Irene Mincine: @ Irene> :: She looks over her padd. :: "Voice calls are extortionately expensive. Just data, though, seems fine..." Rhan K'hal: $ Two, and we get the full specs on it. Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Looks on her padd :: We should extract as much data as we can Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: blinks at Rhan, then leans in close to will - her dental hygiene isn't as great as her fashion sense :: How bad you want, engine man? Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "If we talk to their CMO or whoever's on duty, I think we could get good info as well." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> Ah... Five? ::Looks down at the handful of whatevers he had changed to whatevers. Holds out a handful of them.:: Is this enough? Hunter Matheson: $ :::leaning against the bar, watching, while the cupcakes make like super security:: Maryse Dubois: ::Schedules Val for some light physical therapy, aka holodeck time, to help. Recommends a nice spa program.:: William Chocox: $::leans in towards her:: Personally? I would love to have it, but I'm not about to allow myself to get fleeced either, I'd be willing to walk away. How much are you willing to let it take up space on your shelf? Hunter Matheson: $ ::signals to tone it down:: Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: grins, then leans back :: 2.5 and specs. Final. Cptn Swain: $Huni> ::Frowns in one of the scariest showings Reynolds has ever seen:: Suppose I do enough it is. Irene Mincine: :: Val appears on the bridge, eyepatch still in place. She looks rather unhappy, going straight to the (occupied) helm station and digging through some personal items, to the anonymous ensign's dismay. :: Rhan K'hal: $ :: reaches into bag, and a moment later there's a click - he pulls out 2 bars and 10 strips of latinum and slides it onto the table, along with an empty Ferengi-issue padd :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Probably just got fleeced, but didn't much care. He passed over the money and went to take his prize back to Chocox. Though he didn't want to interrupt the deal in progress, he did do a little dance of impatience within Will's line of sight.:: Maryse Dubois: :;Sees Val enter.:: You alright? Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: takes the latinum, then waves a very small data device over the padd, which lights up momentarily before going back to sleep mode :: Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> We have transaction. Assume you will not want part delivered out in open. Rhan K'hal: $ Your call, Will. William Chocox: $ Pleasure doing business with you. And no, that would not be in anyone's interest. ::glances over at Reynolds:: If you can get it to us discreetly it would be much appreciated. Irene Mincine: Val> :: Pauses from digging through the console to scowl at Maryse. :: "Ever had an electric probe jammed in your eye socket?" :: She picks up a small pill bottle from the bundle of crap she always leaves behind. :: "Left these here. Meant to take 'em with me." Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "Shall we see who's in charge of station medical?" Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> All part of service. :: looks at Reynolds :: Your underman needs restroom I think. Down hall, second door on left. Maryse Dubois: ::Frowns:: I saw the report. Did they manage to get it recalibrated? Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: grins again, and leaves with her latinum :: Indaura Ryssan: @ Let's Hunter Matheson: $ ::underman?:::shrug::: William Chocox: $ Thank you, I'll pass that along. ::waves Reynolds over:: Could you be a bit more obvious? ::once Reynolds comes over:: Indaura Ryssan: @ This is an...interesting station. Irene Mincine: Val> "Yeah. I have to wear this for another hour or so until it's warmed up again." :: Pointing to the eyepatch. :: "Left it behind in a Dominion debris field somewhere." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Grins.:: Sorry, boss! It's just... IfoundthisoverinthatbinanditlookslikethatotherthingwehaveandIthoughtyou'dwanttohavealookyourself! ::Takes a huge breath.:: Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> Understatement, ma'am. Irene Mincine: :: Irene> "It is, isn't it? It's a high-end commercial station for the ass end of space." :: She led the team into station medical. :: Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> Interesting isn't the word I'd use, but yeah... it's ::shrug;;; different. Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene :: William Chocox: $::blinks:: Take a deep breath Ensign and have a seat, you found a what that looks like a which? Rhan K'hal: $ :: does the felinoid split-ear version of the Vulcan brow raise :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Whispers:: Like that thing that we pulled out of the you know what from that other ship. Rhan K'hal: $ I think this conversation needs to move somewhere else now. Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: Well at least you have some time to relax and get used to it. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Pulls the device out from under his shirt so that Will can have a peek and then stuffs it back out of sight.;: Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Continues to follow along, glad that they hadn't gotten themselves into any real trouble so far:: Rhan K'hal: $ :: hasn't detected any listening devices with the low-level scan he did, but if that little data device Adjun had is any indication, they have some high-end electronics around here :: William Chocox: $ Yes, yes it does. And keep that hidden damnit! I wouldn't be surprised if the walls have eyes here. Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::follows at their six:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Stuffs it down his pants for safe keeping.:: Rhan K'hal: $ :: ears reverse direction :: Rhan K'hal: $ Just don't fart and set the damned thing off. :: gets up :: Irene Mincine: :: Val shakes the pill bottle. :: "These help with the splitting headache, too. To be honest, I've..." :: She trails off. :: "I have felt pretty off lately. I guess now that I'm not held to flight standards, I don't have to hide *everything*..." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> Ah... uh... ::Starts to walk gingerly toward the door, trying to keep the thing hidden.:: William Chocox: $::gets up with him:: I think we should get back to the ship. Anyone else think so? Irene Mincine: @ Irene> :: She enters the station's spacious medical bay. It was pretty advanced for this empty area of space, like everything else about the station. :: "Let's see if we can find who's in charge?" Maryse Dubois: Sometimes it doesn't hurt to peel back the layers and look at yourself. Hunter Matheson: $ Cho> Aye, sir. Sounds like a plan. Rhan K'hal: $ Yes, I'll need to arrange to have the purchase diverted properly once it shows up on the incoming cargo list. Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::checking out the med bay::: William Chocox: $ Thank you for facilitating that. Rhan K'hal: $ You're welcome. But that thing better save my life somewhere down the line, that was a lot of latinum to move. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds>Oh, did you get that thing you wanted? ::clutching the very obvious bulge in his pants.:: Indaura Ryssan: @ Helloooo. May we speak to whom is in charge? Irene Mincine: Val> "I suppose. I don't know if that will help with the splitting headaches... and my fake arm acting up..." :: She shook her head. :: "I trust you more than I trusted the starbase guy." :: Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "I... don't see anyone." Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::finds a chime hanging on the wall and presses it::: William Chocox: $ Yes, yes we did Reynolds, and do you have a bag you can put that in rather than making it look like you're happy to see everyone on the station? Indaura Ryssan: @ Neither do I. :: thinks :: I have a medical issue, is anyone here? Maryse Dubois: I'm just doing what I can to help. Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> Hm... you'd think that someone would hear that and come out. It's loud enough. Rhan K'hal: $ :: shakes head :: Indaura Ryssan: @ Perhaps it only responds to actual emergencies Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Station Doctor> ::A pointy-eared female approached the Excalibur crew from one of the offices, looking them over with a raised eyebrow.:: What was it you needed? You don't look injured. Irene Mincine: Val> "Yeah. Your cybernetics guys are... helpful. When they're not messing with my eye socket..." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds>Ah... no... he didn't give me a bag. ::Juggles the device into his tunic, giving himself a sagging stomach.:: Rhan K'hal: $ :: takes the direct route to the airlock, tapping out a message to Ken :: Cptn Swain: << two minute warning >> Cptn Swain: << don't blow the late lead will >> Rhan K'hal: $ :: badges the security at the airlock on their arrival :: Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "Oh, there they are." :: She took a step back at the doctor's appearances. :: "Um, hi. We're from the Excalibur." :: Their Starfleet uniforms probably made them conspicuous... :: "We're looking for any medical info you can share on this region. Any diseases or radiation or anything like that we should know about. We're on an exploration mission." William Chocox: $::walks through as soon as it opens:: Take that down to Engineering. And since that isn't the one that we're not supposed to have we don't have to worry about whether or not Commander Stanton sees it. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Station Doctor> ::Peers down her nose at Irene.:: You could have just requested that information via comm link. It would have saved you the trouble. Information isn't free here. I have files you might want, if you have the funds. Indaura Ryssan: @ Ohh Rhan K'hal: $ :: waggles the Ferengi padd :: I'll get this to you once I'm sure there was nothing malicious added. I don't think Adjun would but she might be an unsuspecting carrier. Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Looks at Irene:: Hunter Matheson: $ :::aboard Excal, debriefing his newbies:: Maryse Dubois: I'm sure they tried to work as comfortable as possible. Though I will talk with them just so we are on the same page. Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::checking out the med bay::: Rhan K'hal: :: strips off the $ and puts it in the bin by the door :: Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene looks to Rex, whispering :: "I wasn't given a budget..." :: She smiles at the station doctor. :: "I understand, and whatever files you have would be great." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> Aye, sir. ::Awkwardly heads for the lift, moving as fast as he could to get to engineering.:: Irene Mincine: Val> "I've had worse. God, I remember when I had it installed in the first place..." Rhan K'hal: $ :: sighs as Reynolds waddles off :: You really need to season him. Rhan K'hal: :: puts the $ back in the bin again, the clingy bastard :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Station Doctor> ::Brings forth a padd.:: Place your print there to authorize the funds transfer and I'll have them sent to your ship. William Chocox: He's an Ensign and this was his first time at a non-Federation station. Let's just be glad he found the darn thing. William Chocox: And thank you for checking that data. Indaura Ryssan: @ My hand? Rhan K'hal: True. :: nods :: And once we get that certain part, I'll put it where you'll be sure to find it. Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene puts her thumbprint on the padd. :: "Got it." Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::steps a little closer to Ryssan, but not too close::: William Chocox: ::nods back:: Thank you for your discretion. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Station Doctor> ::Gives the padd a look and grins.:: Very good. You'll have the files you need within the hour. Thank you for visiting the station. Rhan K'hal: :: gives a little finger salute :: And I'm off. I need to check in and make sure the science and medical team hasn't accidentally sold the ship. Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
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