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  2. SD 0915.2019 Though we managed to return to our own time period, the Excalibur has seen some better days. Several days have passed, and repairs continue, albeit slowly. Our Romulan, Tamaran and Kaedwani visitors, who we had taken aboard just before we were sent back through time, have recently departed to their own homeworlds. Several Tamarian ships are assisting. A Starfleet tug, the USS Abanaki is en route, while the Nebula-class USS Mont Blanc has arrived as well to begin evacuating Excalibur's crew. The crew has been instructed to begin gathering their things as it may be some time before the Excalibur arrives via tug at Starbase 39 Tango.
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  4. MISSION BRIEF: During a trial of science's idea to return us to our correct time, a malfunction forced Excalibur to enter the temporal fissure without proper testing. As the curtain goes up, our heroes have just emerged from the fissure, but when? Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Hakran K'hal: We appear to have emerged from the temporal fissure. Attempting to ascertain... anything. VonDrake: ::picking himself up off the floor, trying to gain some bearings on both himself and the ship:: Indaura Ryssan: :: Not liking these temporal travels :: Cptn Swain: ::His hair was a mess:: Irene Mincine: :: Red Irene has completely disappeared now that they've exited the fissure. Blue Irene stumbled backwards away from where Red used to be, a look of horror on her face. :: Rhan K'hal: Damage reports coming in from pretty well everywhere. Ship communications seem to be in order. Hakran K'hal: :: first checks to see if the planet is still there, and if so, what kind of shape its in :: William Chocox: ::drags himself upright with his console:: What's our status? ::tries his console:: Cptn Swain: Status report. VonDrake: ::taps buttons, looks over to try and find William:: Damage reports coming in. Still trying to figure things out. It doesn't seem catastrophic though. Rhan K'hal: We're in one piece, but barely. I have no subspace communications at all. VonDrake: ::taps buttons:: But it is bad. Maryse Dubois: :;Pulling herself off the floor.:: Everyone alright? Cptn Swain: Lets figure out where ... and when we are. William Chocox: ::waves at Ensign Von Drake:: I'm over here, and we'll see how bad it really is. I've seen this girl in some really rough spots. Hakran K'hal: Sensors are intermittent, it's taking me a bit. Cptn Swain: Can we get a visual on the planet? VonDrake: ::taps more buttons, looks up to see William:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Our warp field has collapsed. No telling if our engines are still functional. ::She shot engineering a message to request a status report on all systems.:: VonDrake: ::taps more buttons:: Engines are non-functional, still trying to get a fix on the issue. No warp.. Irene Mincine: "I'm all right... she's, she's gone..." :: Irene climbs to her feet. She's got a cut on her forehead from banging it on some equipment in her makeshift lab, but everything else about her looks fine. :: Rhan K'hal: Not normally, but... :: hops down from mission ops, sets his PADD-XL down in the center of the room and activates a holographic projection with information piped from the visual EM band :: William Chocox: ::sees Hawthorne's message and types out a reply:: We're trying to get our bearings down here, just heard from Ensign Von Drake that engines are not working. Irene Mincine: :: Carillon's fast asleep strapped to a biobed, as well. She's not waking up any time soon, from Maryse's ministrations earlier. :: Maryse Dubois: ::Checks the cut.:: Thank goodness that isn't deep. :;Runs a dermal regenerator over it.:: Cptn Swain: ACTION> The planet appears to no longer be a temporal cesspool and in fact appears to be a bustling little colony world. Two Tamaran galleons are approaching. Hakran K'hal: Mass is consistent with the planet, as are radio and infrared readings. Our advanced sensors are down, so I can't get any chronimetric readings. VonDrake: ::tappity tap tap:: Structural Integrity, seems fine. But we'll probably want to run some deeper tests, temporal distortions can cause microfractures. Rhan K'hal: :: looks over his hologram :: That's reassuring, though I suppose I'd better find a way to get communications active. William Chocox: Yeah...that'll be the first thing I do once we know that the sensors work. Rhan K'hal: :: returns to his console, logs back in with the yacht computer, again. Irene Mincine: :: The cut closes up just as quickly. :: "She disappeared, right in front of me. How could she just disappear?" :: She was preoccupied with Red's disappearance, certainly. :: VonDrake: ::stops tapping and rotates his shoulder a little bit, having landed on it:: Rhan K'hal: Interfacing with the Llamrei. I have subspace communications back. Cptn Swain: ACTION> They're hailing. Rhan K'hal: What a surprise, they're hailing. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Our engines are down. ::She said quietly to Swain.:: Hakran K'hal: :: uses Rhan's link with the yacht to see if he can get the chronometer sync from the nearest communications buoy, since he's pretty well blind otherwise :: Cptn Swain: Put them through, audio only. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Shields are at twenty percent. No word yet on our weapons. Rhan K'hal: Audio only, aye. : beep :: Channel open. Cptn Swain: Tamaran> This is Captain Ruk of the Tamaran Empire to unidentified Federation vessel. Identify yourself. VonDrake: ::starts back working on the engines:: The fusion reactor is not online, something to do with the magnetic coil it looks like. Maryse Dubois: I don't pretend to know temporal physics. But maybe she was pulled back to her existence. Rhan K'hal: :: makes sure he remembered to change the direct transponder sub-signal to read as coming from the Excal and not the Llamrei, doesn't want us seem like a beat to pulp liar :: William Chocox: ::looks at his console:: Yeah, that'll do it. We may have to replace it. VonDrake: ::looks at William:: Looks like it... Orders sir? Cptn Swain: +Ruk+ This is Captain Asher Swain of the USS Excalibur. Sorry to just drop in on your like this Captain Ruk, and this may sound a bit strange but what is the date? Irene Mincine: :: Irene calms down a bit, but is still agitated. :: "And I'm a biologist, not a temporal physicist. I guess... yeah. She must have gone back to where she came from." William Chocox: We're not going anywhere without a functioning engine. Magnetic Coil it is. ::goes to find his toolkit in the mess that is Engineering:: Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: Come on. Back on your feet. ::Helps her up.:: Rhan K'hal: :: imagines he hears a tension sting in the background audio, shakes head and promises self a nap at first opportunity :: VonDrake: :::nods, tapping in an update to OPS about the magnetic coil:: Hakran K'hal: :: swivels to center for the wait for that stardate :: Rhan K'hal: :: receives the update, forwards to the XO :: Cptn Swain: Ruk> +Excal+ ::after a moment:: July 23, 2388 by the Federation stardates. We detected a temporal anomaly just before you appeared. Indaura Ryssan: :: Checks herself out :: Cptn Swain: The longest July 23rd on record. Rhan K'hal: :: lets out a long sigh :: Hakran K'hal: :: expels air in time with his brother :: Irene Mincine: :: She gets back to her feet with Maryse's help. She leans on her desk, checking all the monitoring stations she has set up. Frustrated and angry, she puts her fist through a paper-thin metal locker door. :: "Equipment's all down. No power. And no comms in this room, either." Indaura Ryssan: :: Goes to where Irene and Maryse are :: Cptn Swain: +Ruk+ That may be the best news I've heard in a while. It's... along story, but if you would be so kind as to connect us to Starfleet Command. You may also need to dispatch a vessel to some coordinates along your border. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda sagged a little in relief and then rose, moving to the engineering console. She frowned at the incoming reports.:: VonDrake: ::sees William, go for a tool kit, grabs a random redshirt to go grab the replacement coil:: Cptn Swain: Ruk> +Excalibur+ Of course, Captain. Do you require assistance? Hakran K'hal: :: gets enough faint connections from the nearest Federation comm array to confirm the date, gives a thumbs up in Swain's direction before returning to his mostly useless console :: Cptn Swain: +Ruk+ That would be of great use. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::While she was tapping, she sent along the good news to the other department heads. They'd returned to their own time.:: Cptn Swain: Ruk> +Excalibur+ We'll begin dispatching aid teams. My comms officer will work with yours to uplink to Starfleet. Maryse Dubois: Hey! I don't have infinite medical supplies, you know. I'm sure a lot of things are down at the moment. William Chocox: ::starts walking towards where the magnetic coil is:: This is going to be...harder than it should be honestly. VonDrake: ::nods:: Yeah, they never put these things in the easiest place to get at. William Chocox: If I'm ever at a desk job designing ships that'll be one of the first things I implement. Rhan K'hal: <q> Oh this will be fun. Routing a signal from Starfleet through a Tamaran vessel, through the Captain's Yacht into the starship systems. It'll be a miracle if some part doesn't just give up the ghost. VonDrake: I'm sure the R&D Maintainability department will love you, sir. Irene Mincine: "Sorry." :: She shakes out her hand, which is thankfully fine. :: "If she disappeared, does that mean we're back where we came from, too? This junk's not going to tell me anything." Rhan K'hal: :: looks to see what he can do to avoid that :: Cptn Swain: ::Glances over to Miranda, with a wry grin:: William Chocox: Doubtful Ensign. I blow things up too much...allegedly. Hakran K'hal: :: quietly steps into the lift, orders it down to sickbay :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Catches Swain's look, and doesn't immediately scowl. Best he could hope for in that situation, of course. They may have been back, but their ship was in shambles.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::And she took that personally.:: Cptn Swain: Start spreading the word we're back in our own time and that the Tamarians will be over to help. Hakran K'hal: :: exits on deck 11 with a group of the scraped and dinged coming in to get looked at :: Cptn Swain: Rhan once you have the uplink, put it through to my ready room. Hakran K'hal: :: enters sickbay and makes his way directly to Irene Central :: Rhan K'hal: Aye, Captain. And sir... :: a beat :: Talk fast. Hakran K'hal: :: sticks his head in, see's only one Blue Irene :: I suppose that was to be expected. Maryse Dubois: ::Turns as Hakran enters.:: Did we make it back? Rhan K'hal: :: gets on the horn with the Tamaran comm officer to make sure they can do this securely, among other considerations :: Cptn Swain: ::Smirks:: Miranda, take charge of the damage assessment. Hakran K'hal: Yes. We're approximately 242 seconds from when we left. Irene Mincine: :: The sole remaining Irene looks down at the floor. :: "She... disappeared once we entered the fissure, sir. I couldn't do anything." Irene Mincine: "We're home?" :: She perked up hearing that from Hak, with much relief on her face. :: Hakran K'hal: Well, we're above the planet that we did manage to de-FUBAR, so we're a long way from Federation space, but we're when we're supposed to be. VonDrake: ::starts mapping out the process of replacing a fusion reactor magnetic coil:: I'll cut power the engines. Rhan K'hal: :: first attempt gets blocked as an attempt at hacking, swears :: William Chocox: Thank you. VonDrake: ::nods, moving over to the proper console and taps more buttons:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Working on it. ::She sighed as she received another handful of reports.:: Outlook not good. This is going to take months to repair. Indaura Ryssan: We are back...but is everything the same or are we in a similar timeline? Rhan K'hal: Okay, let's shed a layer. :: hurries up to grab his padd, then hands it to Swain :: Guess you can get comfy on the couch, sir. We'll try again in a minute. Cptn Swain: ::He nodded soberly:: I'll be in my Ready Room. VonDrake: ::runs a test to ensure all power flow is cut to the impulse engines reactor:: Rhan K'hal: :: returns to his console and kicks the Excalibur system from the equation, using his already strong and secure connection with the Llamrei and his padd :: Irene Mincine: "And the planet's back? I... I didn't commit xenocide on an entire planet?" :: She looked so relieved. :: Indaura Ryssan: +Bridge+ This is Doctor Ryssan. Is everyone up there alright? Hakran K'hal: We have crap left for sensors, no subspace. The planet is there, and we're in communication with the Tamarans that came from the planet. Though whether we're slightly shifted in some universe where someone's pet is named Butch instead of Fido, I can't say. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She quirked a brow at Indaura's comm and glanced up, scanning the bridge crew. No one had been complaining.:: VonDrake: ::looks to William:: We're good to go, sir. All power has been cut off to the impulse reactor Rhan K'hal: +Indaura+ As well as can be expected, Doctor. Rhan K'hal: :: engages the second attempt at a signal to Starfleet, which thankfully goes through and trills on the padd he gave to Swain :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Chocox+ Hathorne to Engineering. Indaura Ryssan: +Bridge+ Perhaps it' Indaura Ryssan: +Bridge+ Perhaps it's just me then. Ryzzan out William Chocox: ::as he walks up to the magnetic coil he looks at his left hand where one of his fingers is not going in the wrong direction per se, but it isn't right at the moment:: Huh, ow... ::quickly wraps it with some engineering tape before getting ready to replace the coil:: +Hawthorne+ Chocox here. Cptn Swain: ::Begins filling in Tango 39 on their status:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Chocox+ Do you have any readings on our hull integrity? I need a damage assessment on all systems. Send me whatever you have. Rhan K'hal: :: thanks his counterpart on the Tamaran vessel and sits back to monitor the signal, but not the conversation :: Rhan K'hal: :: turns ears sideways at Indaura's comm :: How odd. William Chocox: +Hawthorne+ Sure thing, I'll have Ensign Von Drake send it up. I'm about to replace a magnetic coil. ::Von Drake:: Ensign! Commander Hawthorne needs the closest thing to a damage assessment on all systems that we have! Irene Mincine: :: Irene nodded, :: "Guess that would explain why all this monitoring equipment is out." :: She takes a seat on the swivel chair, starting to click it off even if it was already powered down. :: "I'm so ready to get off this ship for a while." William Chocox: ::starts getting to work on the coil:: Hakran K'hal: Stop blaming yourself, Irene. If anything, you're a lucky survivor of my having to make a cold-blooded decision as the department chief. I'm sure Dr. Dubois probably has statistics for how many times you almost died since I first started milking you for your temporal DNA. Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: If it helps any, you can at least get back to your own quarters. No need to be cooped up in sickbay anymore. Hakran K'hal: Which reminds me, there will be Tamarans coming over, so if you need any assistance or supplies. Again. Let Rhan know. VonDrake: ::starts the damage assessment work up...Impulse engines down due to a damaged magnetic coil...Warp core offline...Internal sensors at 60%...Weapons fine...Structural Integrity fine, however the temporal travel could have caused microfractures that the internal sensors won't be able to pick up in their current state:: William Chocox: +Sickbay+ Hey...so...nothing urgent, but my pinky was pointed in a direction that's not typically normal, felt you should know for when you have time for me. Again, nothing urgent. I have it under control for the short term. Irene Mincine: "I understand, sir. It's harder than it sounds to get over... well, everything that's happened to the ship, to me." :: Irene sighed. :: "We'll be at a starbase, I can look at some wide open spaces, finally get this fixed..." :: She put a hand over the kidney that Maryse had to remove weeks ago. :: VonDrake: ::long range comms intermittent...overall power level at 64% with multiple power relay failures:: Hakran K'hal: :: nods :: In the meanwhile, the whole department can finally get some sleep, since we can't do much in the ship's current state. No sensors, not enough power, not enough processing time available. Irene Mincine: :: Nod. :: "As long as there's no more temporal anomalies out here..." Hakran K'hal: We're in no condition to investigate, or even crawl toward one. Irene Mincine: "More of getting sucked back into one, I meant." Hakran K'hal: I'm sure the Tamarans would be a little less helpful if we were towing one with us. Now shoo, the warden has freed you from your bondage. Hakran K'hal: And if you need to talk to me, to anyone, just... well right now walk to their location. Later you can just call. Hopefully. Indaura Ryssan: :: to Dubois :: All is fine on the bridge. Irene Mincine: "Hopefully nobody raided my liquor stash..." :: Irene said as she wandered out of the lab room and toward the sickbay exit. :: Hakran K'hal: :: waits for Irene to disappear :: Maryse Dubois: ::Nods to Indaura.:: Good. If the danger has passed, I want to get some of the staff onto sleep shifts. Cptn Swain: << and >> Irene Mincine: :: Irene wandered out of the room and toward the crew quarters. No disappearing! :: Indaura Ryssan: Right.. it will take days to get everyone on the same page. William Chocox: ::gets the panel off and grabs the magnetic coil and pulls:: Hakran K'hal: :: Maryse :: You'll see that she gets the help she needs, other than the kidney, Doctor? Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: I already have a mental note to schedule counseling. Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  5. Patient Record, Ens. Irene Mincine, USS Excalibur. CC: Dr. Maryse Dubois, CMO, USS Excalibur Patient shows extreme feelings of guilt and self-loathing related to the state of the Excalibur following a science experiment that resulted in catastrophic damage to the ship and nearly resulted in her death. Patient feels directly responsible for the results, given how personal the experiment was for her. (See attached Temporal Lubricant Post-Action Report) Feelings such as inferiority are normal for an officer fresh out of the academy on their first tour of duty and disappear with time. The events of the Excalibur, though, have exacerbated her emotional state to a great extent, especially after her direct encounter with the parallel Ens. Mincine. Combined with her exceptionally strong personality and already volatile emotional state this is a recipe for disaster. Additionally, I believe she is in danger of developing a substance abuse problem given the increase in her self-reported alcohol use during this mission. I recommend abstention from further use for the time being. I do not believe she is a danger to herself or others on account of her strong sense of duty and cultural upbringing. Upon completion of the current mission, I recommend a leave of absence, no less than six weeks, with at least two counseling sessions a week. My recommendation is that Ensign Mincine is not fit for duty at the present time. Dr. Laxinali Tal, counselor, USS Excalibur
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  7. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 9/13/19 - 10:05 PM=/\= 23 May 2388 - Stardate 2388.144 TBS is 21 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 am) Aegis Local. USS Toronto is in orbit. USS Calgary will soon take her place. The gremlins's stench is slowly dissipating. Security is at condition yellow. Captain Chirakis has called senior command to the conference room for an update on the Alien Alliance. Senior Command: Coleridge, Pavilion, Korjata, Cayne, and Tarisa. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= mimipavilion: ::in the conference room:: Chirakis: ::in the conference room, fingers steepled as she decides how to begin and several other things::: Dacia Sandero: ::in Sickbay:: Fletcher Jackson: :::CnC OPS::: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: In the conference room, yawning :: Tarisa: ::Enters the conference room, taking a seat.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: sipping his drink :: Scott Coleridge: ::enters just behind Tarisa:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Sleeping soundly, since she had been given medicine to help her the night before.:: Annisha: :: Getting ready for school... always getting ready for school :: Alexis McFarland: ::sleeping as well, thanks to the same medicine:: Chirakis: ::checks who has entered, then secures the door::: Chirakis: ::she leans back, deep in thought::: Chirakis: Once again, I remind you that this information is confidential... Scott Coleridge: ::leans forward, deep in listening:: Chirakis: We have new information on the Alien Alliance... and it is not good. Chirakis: ::the image of a well-dressed businessman appears on the screen::: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: frowns :: Tarisa: ::Seeing the image, tilting her head:: mimipavilion: ::sees the image then looks at Chirakis:: Chirakis: The person onscreen is Ragor Tal. If you have not heard of him, you will know him now. He is responsible for Argesil, the incident that nearly destroyed the Joint Allied Powers. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks :: mimipavilion: ::remembers the name, now can put a face to it:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Studies the picture :: Scott Coleridge: ::has read too many briefs with that name:: Annisha: :: Gets her tea from the replicator :: Chirakis: Last night, I conducted an experiment to see if Ragor Tal is involved in our situation. Normally, he would not be, but it seems that his operation has changed... Chirakis: I gave the gremlins three similar images to look at, all dangerous, all horrific you might say. Chirakis: The first two were of interest to them, and nothing more. Alexis McFarland: ::curls up in bed, still asleep:: Chirakis: However :::she changes the screen to another image::: mimipavilion: ::looks at the screen again and sees another image:: Chirakis: As soon as this image appeared, they gasped, backed off, and went into a high-pitched screams. Their screams alerted the officers on watch. Within seconds, a Quick Reaction Force raced down the corridor. By then, the gremlins had huddled together in their nests in silence, some whimpering and shaking, definitely traumatized. Tarisa: ::Curious.:: mimipavilion: ::hears the Captain:: Chirakis: As you can see.... he is a person of nightmares: a tall, massive humanoid clad in leather and carrying some of the most deadly weapons in the galaxy, ranging from disruptors and handmade plasma weapons to explosives and assorted caustic acid bombs and several glistening knives. Chirakis: This man ::she swivels to look at him:: is Kran Magkor, Ragor Tal’s primary assassin and a master of torture. Chirakis: According to Starfleet Security, his ship is highly advanced, probably furnished by the Alien Alliance. Chirakis: It is entirely possible that he brought the gremlins here, and that Ragor Tal is a leader of the Alien Alliance. Chirakis: ::she sighs and turns back to face the others::: We believe that Kran Magkor or one of his cronies forced the gremlins to board Aegis and plant a quantity of metal on deck 188. Chirakis: The gremlins have been given sanctuary. Security is at condition yellow. Chirakis: Deck 188 is now completely off limits, ostensibly because we are cleaning up the area to make it habitable. Tarisa: May I ask what type of metal? Chirakis: That has yet to be determined. Chirakis: Our Explosive Ordnance personnel are examining it now. Chirakis: ..and the reason why deck 188 is off limits. Scott Coleridge: ::holds off on the sardonic remarks for the end:: Chirakis: Any more questions? Chirakis: ::looks around the room, leaving the image of Kran Magkor onscreen::: Chirakis: ::looks to Scott:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: raises hand :: Chirakis: ::nod:: Commander Korjata. Nijil tr'Korjata: I have been considering decks 189 and 187 as well. The metal analysis will determine the real risk. Chirakis: Regarding the decks, Commander Korjata, I will take the into consideration. If anyone asks, we are refurbishing those areas. Nijil tr'Korjata: How recent is that picture? Chirakis: The image is quite recent. Scott Coleridge: Do we have any idea why Tal is becoming more aggressive now? mimipavilion: ::listens:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Knows Tal's type :: mimipavilion: ::has a good hunch on why he's becoming aggressive, if memory serves her right:: Annisha: :: Adds sugar to her bitter tea :: Chirakis: Regarding "why now" - He has seen an opportunity and is making the most of it. Chirakis: ::changes the image back to Tal:: Burn this image into your memory. Chirakis: You must not miss him if he passes. mimipavilion: ::stares at the picture:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Does he operate out of a ship, base? Chirakis: He operates out of anywhere he chooses. He could easily be on Aegis now, so be vigilant. Security is aware, and an alarm will come to me if he is here. Chirakis: ::leaning forward:: Dr. Pavilion, what is the condition of the gremlins? mimipavilion: Their physical condition is stable, but given what you mentioned about Magkor, their mental status has me concerned. I'll look into a treatment that will help them with their psychological condition. Chirakis: ::she nods agreement slowly:: Alexis McFarland: ::yawns and stretches:: Chirakis: Alert Dr Sandero regarding the gremlins and what to look for. They will need psychological help for some time. I doubt that they will return to the home world for a while. I have contacted billeting for their comfort. mimipavilion: ::nods:: Chirakis: ::looks around the table:: Comments? Questions? Tarisa: ::Shakes head no for the moment.:: Chirakis: My office is always open for questions. Once again, do not discuss this elsewhere. Chirakis: Very well. Dismissed. Chirakis: ::blanks the screen and stands slowly, waiting for them to leave::: Scott Coleridge: ::heads for the CnC:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Goes to get up :: mimipavilion: :: leaves for medical:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Bumps into Njil :: Sorry SubCommander.. Tarisa: ::Exits the room.:: Chirakis: :::moves to the window where USS Toronto is berthed::: mimipavilion: ::takes the tl to medical:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Nods :: Fletcher Jackson: ::working hard, he's forgotten the donuts... for now:: Alexis McFarland: ::smacks her lips and crawls out of bed.. puts on her slippers:: mimipavilion: ::arrives in medical:: Chirakis: ::exits the conference room and heads toward her office, then stops, thinking::: Chirakis: :::approaches Scott:: Commander, a word in my office. mimipavilion: ::stops for a minute and then goes into her office to get her thoughts together:: Scott Coleridge: ::nods and follows Chirakis:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Heads out of the CnC, waves to his mate :: Chirakis: ::enters the office, waiting for the door to be secure before she begins::: Dacia Sandero: ::helping out some patients in sickbay:: Alexis McFarland: ::goes to the bathroom to freshen up:: Annisha: :: Gets her pack and padd, heads out the door :: Chirakis: Commander, I could be a liability to Aegis if Ragor Tal is truly involved in this. He would like nothing more than to take me hostage and make demands for my freedom. You must NOT listen to him. We have a long history. If I am captured, your only thought should be for the station, and leave me to him. Is that understood? Alexis McFarland: ::replicates some breakfast:: Scott Coleridge: ::blinks:: Scott Coleridge: Wait, let me make sure I understand this mimipavilion: ::goes to the door of her office:: Dacia could you come here for a minute. Chirakis: ::listening::: Dacia Sandero: ::hears:: Oh yeah, sure. ::heads to Mimi's office:: Scott Coleridge: You're telling me that if you're captured, I *shouldn't* plan, organize, and execute some kind of incredibly risky and dangerous rescue operation? Chirakis: Exactly. mimipavilion: ::takes a seat behind her desk:: Dacia Sandero: ::enters the office:: What's up? Chirakis: In fact, you should not listen to him at all. Scott Coleridge: Oh good. Scott Coleridge: Because planning dangerous rescue operations is not exactly in my wheelhouse. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Goes to find Orrak :: Tarisa: :;Heads to her office.:: Chirakis: Then let me rephrase... Chirakis: No one on Aegis, including all of security, should attempt a rescue. mimipavilion: ::Motions to take a seat:: We need to figure out what the extent of the gremlins mental health is and to find a therapy to help them. Chirakis: In other words, you are not to order anyone to attempt a rescue. Annisha: :: Goes to find Lexy :: Fletcher Jackson: ::looks around, noticing the tension in CnC::: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Enters a lift :: Auxiliary engineering deck... Scott Coleridge: Yes, good. Dacia Sandero: ::sits down:: Okay. They're pretty hard to read telepathically, but I think we can assess them. They seem to take a liking to you and a ..tolerance of me. Scott Coleridge: Seriously, not doing things is very easy. Chirakis: I have noticed this ::she gives a slight grin::: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Scott Coleridge: In the event of your capture I will most definitely allow you to be tortured, probably slowly to death, while I vehemently ignore Ragor Tal's communications. Scott Coleridge: You have my word. Chirakis: So noted, Commander. Dacia Sandero: So how should we get started on that front? Alexis McFarland: ::eating a piece of toast with butter:: Scott Coleridge: Wait Annisha: Lexy... there you are Scott Coleridge: I just thought of something Scott Coleridge: What if Ragor Tal tells me *not* to rescue you? Chirakis: :::chuckle::: mimipavilion: We need to talk with them. Chirakis: That you must decide yourself. Scott Coleridge: ::sighs:: I guess this is what they mean when they talk about command decisions. Dacia Sandero: ::nods:: all right... you seem to be going a good job communicating with them Chirakis: Indeed it is. Alexis McFarland: ::eating her toast:: Mm. Hey Annisha. Annisha: Toast... again? Chirakis: ::leaning against her desk, arms crossed with a faint smile, she can't help thinking that she chose an excellent XO::: Chirakis: If that is all, Commander, you are dismissed. Dacia Sandero: Yes, toast and cereal. But maybe not for long.. my parents should be arriving in the next couple of days. You should come up and visit me in the VIP suites... it should be ok as long as you have permission to come up. Scott Coleridge: Aye, Captain. I'm off to plan ways not to rescue you, just to be prepared. mimipavilion: ::Dacia:: That's what I wanted to bring to your attention. Alexis McFarland: Yes, toast and cereal. But maybe not for long.. my parents should be arriving in the next couple of days. You should come up and visit me in the VIP suites... it should be ok as long as you have permission to come up. Chirakis: Of course. Dacia Sandero: Yes? Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 9/13/19 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Well done. Dran and Jylliene should be back next week. TBS will be 5 hours - long enough to settle down and have a good lunch. Chirakis: Comments, Commander? Scott Coleridge: Nope Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none, Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  8. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 13 September 2019 24 May 2388 - Stardate 2388.145 TBS is 21 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 am) Aegis Local. Either engineering has worked diligently to remove the gremlin stench from the air system, or feeding the gremlins chocolate has fixed the problem. Just in case we will keep chocolate available. Jake and Billy of the Ghost Squad hunted down the rest of the gremlins—six in all. The boys are still scrubbing their bodies from gremlin spray. At sim begin, Captain Chirakis will be in the conference room, ready to brief Commander Coleridge, Dr Pavilion, Commander Korjata, Commander Cayne, and Lt Commander Tarisa on the most recent discovery regarding the Alien Alliance.
  9. Conundrum Security's detention area was fairly quiet at 20:00. Only a few officers were on watch, some standing by retaining cells and a few monitoring the corridor. Normally the captain would be in CnC finishing reports and reading dispatches that were required, boring, and had nothing to do with Aegis. This evening she was in the security complex, watching the gremlins play. Since they were docile and inquisitive, all six that had been found on station were in the same holding cell, and all had been given tablets. Extra berthing had been furnished, but apparently a bunk bed was not their style. After extensive pulling and wrapping, they transformed their bunks into nests. Gremlin chatter was a mix of humming, clacking their teeth, moving their lips in various ways, and hand waving. Occasionally, a few examined the force field by touching it—not exactly the best thing to do—or tossing an energy bar at it. One examined it extensively, possibly wondering why he could see through it but could not walk through it. Following Gramil’s directions, they painted pictures of female gremlins, families, homes, night skies, and one starship, which was interesting enough to give Kirel pause. Lt Jeremy Garand, Security’s Interim Chief, walked up next to the Kirel. PADD in hand, he waited for her attention. “They're small, Lieutenant,” Kirel began without turning, "like very young children. They're docile. They scramble easily through hidden parts of the station, much like the Ghost Squad. And, like children, they love chocolate.” Garand chuckled. “Can’t blame them, Captain. Chocolate's my favorite too.” “I see,” she replied, lifting a brow as she glanced in his direction. He shrugged. “It's the same with most humans, ma’am. That’s why the energy bars are locked up. They’re too tempting.” “Of course.” She nodded. “However, I can understand enjoying it, but making it their staple could not possibly be healthy… or so I have heard. They have been offered vegetables, fruits, edible plants, and a few other things, but they are not interested. However,” she mused, “energy bars do furnish nutrients essential for survival.” “True, Captain. And the air is clearing. I’ll bet that the chocolate—or whatever else is in the bar—might have something to do with it.” “Hm…. Possible,” she mused. “Or engineering has found a fix.” “Or that, ma’am.” "You have something for me, Lieutenant?" she asked, turning away from the force field. “Yes, ma’am. Word from Starfleet Intelligence.” He handed her the PADD. As she paged through it, her expression changed from relaxed to concerned. “Well, it seems that they will be our guests for a while. Thanks to Gremil’s sketching, we pinpointed their home world. However, it is inside the nebula ring, and very close to Drakel’a. It would be dangerous for them and for us to attempt....” After a long, contemplative pause she passed the PADD back to Garand, pulled her tablet from its clip and began to page through it. “Lieutenant, has security discovered how these beings came aboard?” “Not so far, ma’am. The last report said they came aboard somewhere on deck 188.” “On a ship? A shuttle? Another means?” She continued to thumb through the tablet. “None of those, as far as the report indicates, ma’am.” “Isn’t that a little odd, Lieutenant?” Having found what she was looking for, she stopped to wait for his answer. He seemed stymied. “I will take that as a yes, Lieutenant. “To get the beings aboard, they could not have used a transporter beam. Therefore, there must have been something and someone to bring them aboard. The someone is what we are looking for. If the beings respond to any of these images we will have much more information.” Holding up her tablet, Kirel approached the force field. The gremlins were absorbed in their play and didn’t seem to notice her standing there until one looked up. Its eyes widened, it poked the others, and they approached the force field. The image of a Terran woman dressed in leather, a sword at her side, bat’leth in hand, and several other weapons draped across her chest seemed to intrigue them. Her expression was challenging, almost deadly. The gremlins were more interested in her face, hair, and clothes. Their heads tilted, they chattered and pointed for a while then looked up at Kirel. She flipped to the image of a massive, threatening male humanoid of mixed species. He was similarly dressed, held different but antagonizing weapons, and his expression was challenging. Again, the gremlins were interested, tilting their heads, chattering, and pointing to various areas of the image. Nothing more. Excitement grew as they waited for the third image. As soon as it appeared, they gasped, backed off, and went into a high-pitched screams. Their screams alerted the officers on watch. Within seconds, a Quick Reaction Force raced down the corridor. By then, the gremlins had huddled together in their nests in silence, some whimpering and shaking, definitely traumatized. Kirel had closed her tablet within seconds of their screams, but it took them a long time to settle down. Garand had backed off and covered his ears. When the noise subsided Kirel turned to the reaction force and ordered them to stand down. The tablet revealed the horrific image of a tall, massive humanoid clad in leather and carrying some of the most deadly weapons in the galaxy, ranging from disruptors and handmade plasma weapons to explosives and assorted caustic acid bombs. Several knives glistened in the ambient light. Kirel sighed and took a deep breath, wishing she had not shown the image, but glad they had furnished the information. Now she had something to go on, as horrendous as it was. “Gentlemen,” she began, flicking open the tablet, “if you are not familiar with this person, you soon will be. His name is Kran Magkor, Ragor Tal’s primary assassin and a master of torture. According to Starfleet Security, his ship is highly advanced, probably furnished by the Alien Alliance. From the gremlins’ reaction, I would say that they are very familiar with him, which means that these small, innocent beings did not wander here, they were either brought here or sent here. They were used. They were ignorant of their purpose, and they will be given sanctuary. “Lieutenant Garand, security is now at condition yellow. If no one has identified the purpose of the metal stored in the storage room on deck 188, the Ordnance Disposal Unit will examine it immediately. Deck 188 is now off limits. Our cover will be that we are refurbishing the area. Everything will be done quietly so we do not begin a riot on the station. Understood?” “Understood,” he replied. I will inform Starfleet Intelligence and Aegis Command. Questions?” “No, ma’am.” “Very well. Ensign Schmidt, inform Dr Pavilion that the gremlins have been traumatized and need attention. If she questions the purpose, send her to me. If nothing else, carry on. I will be in my office.”
  10. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1044, STARDATE 51909.09 = /\ = Manticore has been sent to the Huron sector near the Romulan neutral zone boarder. Their mission, to entertain a wealthy Ferengi named Mork in order to keep his sector open for Federation use and out of Romulan hands. But first Mork insisted upon a fancy dinner for his new envoy. The evening took a few turns and now the crew must ponder the surprises dealt to them. = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1044, STARDATE 51909.09 = /\ = 190909.log
  11. Multi-Tasking A Rhan K’hal Log Rhan was doing what he was the best at, multi-tasking. With a ship-wide catastrophe on their hands, Engineering was up to its exhaust ports in repairs. Medical was patching up the latest round of “crew thrown hither and yon.” Science was napping and not causing any more problems. Security was largely providing pack-mule services or holding toolboxes for the engineers. Operations, of course, was assisting all of this while trying to re-stack the cargo crates. Again. So, as he conducted the frenetic opera, he turned his mental “we have not experienced a major incident in XX hours” back to zero. This whole ordeal, debacle, crap-fest (see thesaurus for more options), was, in his mind, becoming rather routine. The Excalibur seemed to be a magnet for mania, and while that annoyed him considerably the first two missions, now he simply thrived on it. The command staff seems to have learned that the more they stayed out of his fur, the faster things got done. Captain Swain was off, hopefully sleeping. Augustin was in the center seat. The Security Chief puzzled him, as he almost seemed a non-entity aboard. Even when he made an appearance for briefings or for the rare duty-officer shift he seemed to exist almost in another quantum phase; passing through but causing no ripples in the air. Though, thinking it through, he rather liked that; remembering the usual chest-thumping, I am Thor, God of Thunder, kind of personalities he remembered from security cadets back at the Academy. Commander Hawthorne was, of course, riding herd on Engineering. He wondered what had prompted her elevation to the Executive Officer’s position when she so clearly hadn’t let Engineering go, and by the looks of things wouldn’t before the 25th Century arrived. Any time the ship got dinged up (or more often, beat to within a few centimeters of collapse) she would spring into Chief Engineer mode. Not that she ever approached a dereliction of duty in regards to the XO position (a multi-tasking feat he could appreciate), but he still couldn’t figure out why she’d let go of something she loved doing so passionately. All for what was, in effect, a paperwork job. Whether he ever found out he knew one thing: when she was in this mode, stay out of the way. As he continued to work mostly on his extra-large PADD (he’d nearly had to steal it back from Swain earlier, but was saved by the Captain’s manners breaking through the fatigue), he allowed his mind to continue to roam on the personalities around him, how he’d improve bridge design if he ever got the chance, and Excalibur Bad Luck™. Considering EBL™ and the current condition of the ship, he wondered if repair was even possible, or desired. The Akira Class, even now with the Excalibur variant, was a good one, but Starfleet was pumping out new classes as fast as they could build them. A few invasions back-to-back will do that, he supposed. Most of the new offerings sported new technologies created in response to the Dominion War. Some other technologies were even attained by the Excalibur-B's time in the Gamma Quadrant. He’d gotten a peek at one of the new Luna Class ships, the Ganymede, back at the station before they’d left for this cluster-bang of a mission. From everything he’d seen and heard about the class, Starfleet had learned its lesson in streamlining, and the Ganymede showed it. He wouldn’t mind one of those at all. Oh well, they had to get their current collection of spare parts back to Federation space first, not necessarily an easy feat. He was sure that Commander Hawthorne & Co. would make sure the interior didn’t turn into the exterior, and he’d do his best to make sure everything in the interior kept moving toward order from chaos.
  12. The Agonies of Responsibility A Hakran K’hal Log Hakran felt extremely guilty as he stretched out in bed (he had sent all the scientists who had been an active part of the attempts to get home off to get sleep, including himself). He knew it was “all hands on deck” for Engineering while they worked to keep the ship from falling to pieces. Again. He knew though that such emergencies, while not routine (except maybe on the Excalibur), they were at least part of engineers’ training. His people were used to what were once called “bankers’ hours.” Therefore, the extended on-duty shifts for his physical and theoretical scientists had been very difficult, and those with less physical stamina had pushed themselves to the point of literal collapse during the leadup to the final phase. His biology staff, sans-Irene, were assisting medical as was usual, and anyone in the other sub-departments that could be made useful were, so it wasn’t as if he’d taken his entire department offline, but still… He felt like he should be doing more to make up for the mess he made. Irene could blame herself all she liked, but she hadn’t been the one to suggest and approve the mining of her DNA as if it were a precious metal; the slap-dash genetic engineering of a race to defecate said DNA out on demand; and then trying to tune it all like the universe’s most finicky violin. All of which resulted in the temporal gutting of a planet, the further breaking of the ship, pulling another Irene from a different universe, and bringing the historically vital Enterprise-C into the situation. Things were so much simpler when he could be the one in the lab, hunched over a console looking at a string of complex equations. They were much more enjoyable for that matter as well. Good intentions be damned, he was thus far making a horrible Chief. Becoming the department head had fit about as well as a baby bonnet on a Nausican, and now he had screwed up so badly he wouldn’t be surprised to find the next console he was hunching over to be in the private sector. He not only felt like he deserved it, but slightly looked forward to it. Anything to avoid that kind of responsibility again. In the very back of his mind he knew part of his despair was the exhaustion that would shortly drag him under, but it was true. He had not sought to be on the Excalibur, he had not sought a leadership position, and he had certainly not sought to be the source of life and death decisions. He was the wrong man for the job. With those cheery thoughts weighing on his mind, he finally fell asleep after nearly 48 hours on duty. Having not set an alarm, he wouldn’t be up again any time soon.
  13. Earlier
  14. That's not something I've ever looked for but I will come next month. Thanks! Update: After a quick look I can see a small selection of Trek books on Kindle for .99. Thanks for the info!
  15. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1044, STARDATE 51909.09 = /\ = Manticore has been sent to the Huron sector near the Romulan neutral zone boarder. Their mission, to entertain a wealthy Ferengi named Mork in order to keep his sector open for Federation use and out of Romulan hands. But first Mork insisted upon a fancy dinner for his new envoy. The evening took a few turns and now the crew must ponder the surprises dealt to them. = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1044, STARDATE 51909.09 = /\ =
  16. 09/01/19 - No Sim (Labor Day) SD 0908.2019 During a trial of science's idea to return us to our correct time, a malfunction forced Excalibur to enter the temporal fissure without proper testing. As the curtain goes up, our heroes have just emerged from the fissure, but when?
  17. Medical finds that the Bum has a secondary neural signature that matches a Klingon's, Derek has two and Alice has only her own. When they find out that the Klingon ship crashed on a planet (got out of the anomaly), they surmise that its engines being off allowed it to escape the anomaly. They prepare to turn Arcadia's engines off, then turn them rapidly back on once out to avoid crashing on the planet. chatlog2019-8-25.txt
  18. MISSION BRIEF: Several hours have passed and the crew has been working hard to ready the ship for testing Science's theory that an inverse tachyon beam could generate enough power to effectively punch a hole through space and time to get Excalibur back to it's original era. With the Enterprise's deflector dish modified, we are ready to begin testing (with probes) to discover and fine tune the exact beam modulations and variances needed for such a risky maneuver. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Very good. Also, everyone give VonDrake a another welcome. He's going to be joining Will in Engineering. Maryse Dubois: hiya William Chocox: Whoo! Rhan K'hal: Yay, someone to keep Will company in his constant attempts to fix the ship and/or blow up the ship. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Ensign Ryan Von Drake William Chocox: Few things to keep in mind. That was one time that I nearly blew up the ship, and don't pay attention to whatever device I hide whenever Commander Hawthorne or Captain Swain enter Engineering. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::thwaps Will:: Don't pick up any bad habits, Ryan. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Because I'm always watching. VonDrake: I'll try not to... Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Let's get started. VonDrake: Emphasis on try. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: BEGIN SIM Rhan K'hal: :: having spent the last few hours making sure the science consoles are as good as they can get, has moved himself to his home console at mission ops :: William Chocox: ::is in engineering waiting for the start signal:: Maryse Dubois: ::In sickbay, shuffling between Irene and our poor misguided helmsman.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda was on the bridge in the BIG CHAIR to oversee the testing of the probes while Swain finished his paperwork, though she kept throwing glances at the ship status readings.:: Hakran K'hal: :: on the bridge at Sci 1, grateful for his brother's efforts, dials in the screens he'll need for the test :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::To the Ops Kitty:: Mr. K'hal, please contact the Enterprise and inform that we are ready to launch the probes as soon as their deflectors are online. Irene Mincine: :: Blue Irene is helping out as much as she can with the testing from a makeshift workstation in sick bay. Carillon, meanwhile, is quite unhappy at having been locked in sick bay waiting for the drugs to clear her system. :: Rhan K'hal: Aye, Commander. Indaura Ryssan: I can't stand the waiting... :: cleaning some supplies :: Maryse Dubois: ::Looking to Carillon.:: Relax. It won't be long now and your body will crash on its own. Then it will be off to lala land. Rhan K'hal: +Enterprise+ Excalibur to Enterprise. We are ready on our end, awaiting your go signal. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Enterprise engineers> ::Have all vacated the Excalibur in preparation for the testing in case something goes awry.:: Hakran K'hal: Kenet & Semek> :: sharing Sci 2, the former to help with the whole temporal mechanics stuff and Semek to monitor the planet :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Enterprise OPS> +Excalibur+ Deflectors online and powered up. Ready for probe launch. Irene Mincine: Irene> "Monitoring station beta is up and running, bridge." :: She called out to Rhan. :: Rhan K'hal: We're good to go, Commander. Irene Mincine: Val> "That's what you said four hours ago." :: Valerie was stewing. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Very well. Inform Engineering to activate probes and then launch. Rhan K'hal: +Irene+ Acknowledged, Beta. Rhan K'hal: :: nods :: William Chocox: ::looks around:: Well, we're certainly less crowded. Hey you! ::points at Ensign Von Drake:: What's your name? I'm afraid I've forgotten it if we've been introduced. Rhan K'hal: +Engineering+ Bridge to Engineering. Activate probes and launch at your discretion. VonDrake: ::in Engineering, like he's been here the whole time:: Ensign Ryan Von Drake sir... William Chocox: +Bridge+ Understood Bridge. ::turns to Von Drake:: Thank you Ensign, if you would be so kind as to push the button that launches the probe when I tell you? Indaura Ryssan: So Doctor, do you think it will work this time? Maryse Dubois: ::Scans:: You're doing well. Most of the caffeine has been processed. ::Leaves her alone for a few minutes, then returns with a warm cup of tea.:: Here. Hakran K'hal: :: knowing Issaha is down in the lab doing his own monitoring, with a direct connection to Enterprise to adjust the inverse tachyon beam's settings, is content to monitor and fine tune via the probes :: VonDrake: ::nods:: Will do. Maryse Dubois: ::Looks to Indaura.:: It should. Or at least I would hope so. Rhan K'hal: :: takes the liberty of activating yellow alert, because Excalibur :: William Chocox: Alright, on my go. ::starts activating the probes:: +K'hal+ Launching in three...two...one...go. Irene Mincine: :: Val looks at the thermos of tea sideways. :: Val> "Wait a sec. Isn't tea... full of caffeine?" VonDrake: ::hits the button and receives acknowledgement from the system that the probes have been launched:: Rhan K'hal: Probes are away. :: beep boop boop beep :: Data communications with Excalibur are nominal, control relinquished to science. Irene Mincine: :: Irene is hyper-focused on the console bank. :: Irene> "Secondary connection established. Monitoring for temporal abnormalities." Hakran K'hal: Controls active, confirmed. VonDrake: ::looks to Will:: Probes are away sir, everything nominal, control handed over to science. Maryse Dubois: This is herbal. Chamomile to be specific.. Hakran K'hal: Sending Probe Alpha into position. William Chocox: Thank you Ensign. ::waits for the next probe to be needed:: Hakran K'hal: Kenet> Encountering temporal instability. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> Enterprise activates it's deflector array, which begins to generate the energy needed to gather the necessary particles and spit them out in a somewhat elegant arrangement that may or may not explode the universe. A beam pierces the orbit of the ruined planet and space/time begins to fluctuate. Hakran K'hal: Kenet> Experience a LOT of temporal instability. Irene Mincine: Val> "Oh. Haven't had that since I was a kid. That's the one that's... uh, well, the opposite of caffeine." :: Her expression softens. She grips the cup in her mechanical hand and takes a long sip. :: Hakran K'hal: Adjusting probe position to match simulated run 1. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda leaned forward in her chair, one arm on the rest, staring at the main viewer.:: Make sure to keep us well out of temporal wake. I don't want another repeat of what happened before. Irene Mincine: :: Irene frowns... :: Irene> "Energy readings are off the scale. If we were the probe, we'd be cooked already." William Chocox: What's the first thing you're going to do once we get back to our own time Ensign? Rhan K'hal: :: assumes d'A is still driving, isn't worried :: Cptn Swain: <<Collective ACTION, time: Please think carefully. If the crew is willing to give up their stashes of peril cards, it would assure a favorable outcome. If not, *rattles dice* >> Cptn Swain: << DM me with your choice >> Hakran K'hal: (( favorable outcome for the probe or the ship? :: wants the fine print :: )) Maryse Dubois: ((lol)) William Chocox: ((Wait, I take mine back depending on the answer to that question.)) Cptn Swain: (( The ship, and crew )) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> The first probe enters the anomaly and immediately explodes, but Excalibur does get back tons of readings that should give them enough data to make adjustments. Hakran K'hal: Alpha is destroyed. Reviewing data. VonDrake: ::thinks about it:: Well, the new grips for my wind and fire rings haven't been delievered yet, I'm hoping I can get a status on those when we get back. ::shrugs:: Maryse Dubois: Feeling a little better now? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She grunted.:: Send the adjustments to engineering and modify the beam as you see fit. Launch another probe when ready. William Chocox: Wind and fire rings? Hakran K'hal: :: puts heads together with Kenet, Semek, Issaha by remote, rattle off a bunch of scibabble at each other :: Irene Mincine: Irene> "We got back a lot of info, bridge. It's gonna take a while for the computer to sift through it but I think we might have what we need." :: She sends up some very relevant temporal data to the bridge that helps along the technobabble convention. :: Rhan K'hal: Enterprise is letting their deflector dish cool off a bit anyway. Irene Mincine: :: Val swirls the tea around in the thermos. :: "Yeah. Takes the edge off, at least. It doesn't taste like replicated tea, either." VonDrake: ::nods:: They are my taijijian tools. I haven't had new grips in a while. They were supposed to be delivered before I departed to Excalibur, but they didn't make it. Hakran K'hal: :: lots of pointing, nearly unintelligible words, and brow raising/ear acrobatics :: William Chocox: Ah, I see. Well hopefully they're in by the time we're back. ::starts making adjustments:: VonDrake: How about you sir? What do you plan on doing? Hakran K'hal: :: finally, a group nodding of heads :: Hakran K'hal: +Engineering+ Science to Engineering, sending updated specifications. :: boopity-boop-ding :: Maryse Dubois: Cause it's not. :;Smiles.:: So you have a choice to make now. You can stay in this bed here, or you can go to one of the back rooms, which may have more comfortable beds. Plus you won't have to worry about traffic. William Chocox: +Science+ On it sir. Indaura Ryssan: We better not come up mutated from another time jump Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: (( If you say it out loud, it is bound to happen. )) Hakran K'hal: :: allows Issaha to chatter with Enterprise's engineering about the necessary adjustments to the modulation of the inverse tachyon beam, runs a quick and dirty simulation through the Excal's maimed computer :: Maryse Dubois: ::Grins at Indaura.:: I don't think that can happen. Irene Mincine: :: Valerie considers it for a moment. :: Val> "We're about to try a really, really bad idea, right? You think I wanna be anywhere else than next to the CMO?" Maryse Dubois: ::Smiles.:: Well it's your choice. a bed is a bed I suppose. Hakran K'hal: :: looks over the results :: Good enough for a probe. Rhan, we're good to go when Engineering and Enterprise are. Rhan K'hal: On it. Rhan K'hal: +Engineering+ Bridge to Engineering, Science confirms they are ready when you are. Enterprise is ready to reactivate the beam as well. Launch when ready. VonDrake: ::looks at William for the go ahead:: William Chocox: +K'hal+ Acknowledged...on my go ::to Von Drake:: Three...two...one...launch Irene Mincine: :: Val nods, her eyelids finally drooping. :: Val> "Yeah, sounds good to me..." :: After Val finally falls asleep, Red Irene places a call to sick bay. :: Red> "I have a really weird feeling right now. I want to meet her. I feel like this is my last chance. The computer says she's still there, right?" Hakran K'hal: +Irene+ Sci 1 to Monitor-Beta. On our next run, watch carefully for :: yadda advanced science blah blah blah ::. VonDrake: ::hits the button again:: Away sir.. Irene Mincine: :: Blue Irene beep boops on her console. :: "Gotcha, bridge. I won't miss it. How's things up there?" Rhan K'hal: Probe Beta is away. Data transmission confirmed. Control transfer to science... active. Maryse Dubois: +Red+ The other crew has left, so I don't see why not. Hakran K'hal: +Irene+ All is well in order. On the outside. Hakran K'hal: Moving Beta into position. Rhan K'hal: :: signals Enterprise for beam fire #2 :: VonDrake: ::taps some more buttons:: Control transfer to science. All systems nominal. Irene Mincine: Red> "Thank you." :: A few minutes later, Red Irene entered sick bay and went straight for Maryse. :: Red> "Um... where is she?" Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: She's in there. ::points.:: Cptn Swain: ACTION> Messing with temporal anomalies is risky business, you know. As the Enterprise's second beam fire erupts in a brilliant cascade of CGI glory, the temporal fissure begins expanding much more rapidly than before, extending out and beginning to pull Excalibur, and Enterprise in towards it. Weeeeeee! Indaura Ryssan: :: Sees an indicator :: It's starting. Hakran K'hal: Whoa! Back them off, back them off! Irene Mincine: Blue> "Adjust your field harmonic, bridge. That should provide a better re-- wait, hold on, the anomaly's expanding... it's sucking us in!" :: She's yelling in a side room. Red Irene stands outside. :: Red> "I... I don't think I should be bothering her." Maryse Dubois: So it seems. Make sure patients are secure. Cptn Swain: ACTION> Red Irene begins to not feel so good Mister Stark. Cptn Swain: ::Comes onto the bridge:: Report! Rhan K'hal: +Enterprise+ E-C, back off, back off, back off! Hakran K'hal: The fissure has expanded Captain. We're getting pulled in, but so is the Enterprise. Cptn Swain: ACTION> E-C reports they're having trouble shutting down the beam and are being pulled in as well. Cptn Swain: ::Glances to Miranda:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda stood and gripped the railing.:: Why haven't they deactivated the beam? Rhan K'hal: Dammit, they can't disengage. Irene Mincine: :: Red Irene crashes against the wall with a thud, which gets Blue Irene's attention. She stops dead at her monitoring station, staring at Red through the perspex panel. :: Blue> "Maryse! Do something for her!" William Chocox: ::is getting a bunch of shenanigan alarms:: +K'hal+ I'm getting alarms all up in here. What's going on? VonDrake: ::to Will:: Doesn't look like the Enterprise can disengage. Maryse Dubois: ::Rushes in, scanning.:: What happened? Hakran K'hal: :: ponders :: Point the tractor beam at their dish and activate, wide field dispersion. Cptn Swain: We should still be able to close the fissure with a static warp shell. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She moved to the open engineering console.:: +Engineering+ I need extra power to the engines! Hakran K'hal: We can't generate it fast enough to close it before they join us, Captain. We need them out of range. Now. Cptn Swain: I know we were holding off on that test but I don't think we have any choice. ::Considers:: That might just make it worse K'hal, but give it a shot. Irene Mincine: :: Red is in some kind of temporal flux. Blue is not taking it well, as expected when you think you're watching yourself die in front of you. She's frantic. :: Blue> "I don't know! I don't know! I... she..." :: Red> "I'm... glad I at least got to see you..." VonDrake: ::slides over a console and starts tapping buttons:: William Chocox: +Hawthorne+ We'll give you what we can! ::turns to Von Drake:: You heard her! VonDrake: ::to Will:: We can increase engine power by 20 VonDrake: % VonDrake: ::starts tapping more buttons:: Transferring power from non-essentials to engines Rhan K'hal: Let's see how good my touch is. :: calibrates the tractor, aims it very carefully :: Engaging tractor. :: bleepybleepybleepy :: Maryse Dubois: ::Ponders.:: Help me get her into the other room. The bubble we used on you should help her too, Rhan K'hal: Tractor engaged. Indaura Ryssan: :: Goes to help Dubois :: Hakran K'hal: :: watches, with his mind going warp 9 trying to come up with other alternatives to save the Enterprise if this one doesn't work :: VonDrake: ::looks up at Will:: Done sir. Cptn Swain: ACTION> The tractor does push enterprise away a bit, but it also pushes us in further. Ride is getting rougher. VonDrake: ::bracing himself on the edges of the console he is at to maintain balance:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Mr. K'hal, you've got all the power we can spare on the engines. Is it enough to pull us out? Irene Mincine: :: Blue tries to get it together enough to help, but her hands pass right through Red like she's not even there. Blue takes a step back, horrified. :: Red> "Tell Issaha... tell him I love him... in any dimension..." William Chocox: Thank you Ensign. +Hawthorne+ We're giving you everything we've got! Hakran K'hal: :: furiously taps away at his console :: Captain... :: shakes head :: it's now or never, no time to dip our toes in the water. Suggest activating warp bubble sequence immediately. Indaura Ryssan: :: Watches :: Maryse Dubois: ::Also seems to not be able to physically touch Red. In a snap decision, she grabs a tricorder and scans.:: Cptn Swain: Miranda, create the warp shell. We're going to have to chance it. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She sent a ship-wide warning for everyone to hold on to their collective butts and then engaged the warp engines, gritting her teeth as the ship began to shudder.:: Cptn Swain: ::Takes the command seat:: Signal Enterprise of our intentions. +All+ This is the Captain, due to a testing accident, we're going to have to chance the transition now. All hands brace for impact and god speed. VonDrake: ::glances over at some statuses:: All systems within limits so far. Engines aren't doing the job though. Maryse Dubois: ::Grabs Blue and Indaura, pulling them to the floor.:: Rhan K'hal: +Enterprise+ Excalibur to Enterprise. So long and thanks for all the tachyons! Rhan K'hal: Transferring ship attitude control to science. Cptn Swain: ACTION> In a further display of CGI, the Excalibur opens a warp shell around itself as its engulfed in the temporal fissure. VonDrake: ::eyebrows raise as he looks at Will:: Irene Mincine: :: Red's scans are fading slowly from existence the shakier the ride gets. :: Blue> "I... M-Maryse..." :: Blue has totally broken down, this being a whole lot more personal for her than anything else... she's dragged to the floor, which doesn't help much, either! :: Indaura Ryssan: Great.. Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM AWARDS: Cptn Swain: As i mentioned at the end of last week, we traditionally do awards on my birthday week, which is tonight. William Chocox: Happy birthday! Maryse Dubois: Happy Birthday! Irene Mincine: happy birthday Cptn Swain: Thank you. I want to also thank everyone for your continued support and participation on Excalibur. And if you don't get a "specific" award, know that I still value your contributions to our game. Rhan K'hal: :: calls for the giant cake, and more importantly, the scantily clad yeoman inside it :: Cptn Swain: So, first up... Irene Mincine: the Best Irene award goes to Cptn Swain: The Crispin Xavier Stamina Award will be delayed as we tabulate attendance. Cptn Swain: So everyone gets a piece of cake, for now. Maryse Dubois: woo VonDrake: ::nudges the captain:: My attendance is 100% sir. ::wink:: William Chocox: ::eats:: Cptn Swain: Haha Von Drake Rhan K'hal: This one has a smart mouth. I like. Maryse Dubois: Fits right in Cptn Swain: Captain's Quill and PADD award for outstanding contribution to Excalibur through a log or series of logs goes to ... William Chocox: ::looks at the fine print:: Says here you must meet a minimum of 10 appearances. Cptn Swain: Drum roll please William Chocox: ((Do we have enough logs?)) William Chocox: ::ra pum pum pum:: Irene Mincine: they're floating down a river Cptn Swain: Ensign Irene Mincine Maryse Dubois: Yay Irene Mincine: Yay William Chocox: Whoo! Irene Mincine: aren't I the only one besides you who writes any? :P Cptn Swain: Hush Maryse Dubois: Shh Cptn Swain: Take the award. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Before I take it away. Cptn Swain: Well its not an actual trophy anymore. Irene Mincine: award! Cptn Swain: I had to sell the real thing, but have this coupon for 2.99 off at Souper Salads, Rhan K'hal: We'll all have plenty of time to log when we either a) get back to our own time and have to wait for a functional starship or b) have to make up backstory for new characters. Irene Mincine: I had sushi for dinner so I'll accept that as my award William Chocox: TELLARITE HERE I COME! Cptn Swain: Alright next... Excalibur Starburst of Excellence, awarded to a player for their in-game contributions over the last year. Cptn Swain: ::Looks at envelope:: I am so excited. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Don't mess up on the name this time. Cptn Swain: And the winner is... The Brothers K'hal Maryse Dubois: Woo Rhan K'hal: Woo, Cait Power! William Chocox: Excellent choice! Irene Mincine: Yay Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Every year. It's K'hal, not K'hal. Hakran K'hal: :: does one of those flying chest thump things :: Maryse Dubois: hehe Cptn Swain: You also get a 2.99 coupon to sopuer salads. You can fight over which one gets to us eit, Rhan K'hal: Hak can have it, I don't eat rabbit food, I eat rabbits. William Chocox: You sure it's not a Smeerp? Cptn Swain: In addition, since you all handed over your peril cards. We'll be starting the "year" off with a new count. Everyone will get one "Get out of host Induced Peril" Card William Chocox: Huzzah! Rhan K'hal: :: puts it in the safe :: Maryse Dubois: The real award. Cptn Swain: So thats it for wards, though a big shout out again to our Order of the Round Table members: Miranda, Rhan and Maryse for their continued dedication to Excalibur. Cptn Swain: Maybe next year we'll have some new inductees.
  19. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 9/6/19 - 10:05 PM=/\= 23 May 2388 - Stardate 2388.144 TBS is 1 hour. The time is 0900 hours (9:00 am) Aegis Local. USS Toronto is in orbit. USS Calgary will soon take her place. Gremil is producing some very interesting images on his tablet. His friends are in the brig with him. The Ghost Squad will be home-schooled for a while. At sim begin, Captain Chirakis will be in security, wishing she was not. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Working on Febreezing the air in the CnC :: Fletcher Jackson: :::CnC, OPS::: mimipavilion: ::in medical:: Dacia Sandero: ::working in Sickbay:: Alexis McFarland: ::with Miana and Annisha somewhere:: Chirakis: ::security, dealing with gremlins, who seem to be very interested in the tablet and are enjoying the chocolate energy bars - not that they need more energy::: Chirakis: ::glaring at Ltjg Brody::: Alexis McFarland: Ugh, what called up the Jefferies Tube and died? Scott Coleridge: ::on the CnC, occasionally glancing up at Nijil curiously:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Holding her nose, almost in tears.:: Alexis McFarland: ::holds Miana:: You poor thing. Tarisa: ::Finishing up checking on Life Science projects, she exits the lab.:: Chirakis: ::after watching for a while, she has had enough and decides to lean on Dr Pavilion::: +COM+ Dr Pavilion, are you and Dr. Sandero available? mimipavilion: +Chirakis+ Yes. Chirakis: ::the air seems to clear a little and she removes her mask::: Annisha: Dad said there is an air issue. Chirakis: +COM+ Report to security. Scott Coleridge: ::Nijil:: Wouldn't it be better to recalibrate the environmental controls to do that... automatically? mimipavilion: +Chirakis+ On our way. Dacia Sandero: ::treats some patients with nausea hypos for the bad smells emanating through the station:: Alexis McFarland: Yeah, I'd say... Nijil tr'Korjata: :: to Coleridge :; The system needs to learn about this problem. It tries different solutions until it has an effect. mimipavilion: ::goes and looks for Dacia, eventually finds her:: Dacia we're needed in Security. Fletcher Jackson: ::coughs every now and then::: Nijil tr'Korjata: That said, it is not foolproof Chirakis: Garand> ::enters security and heads for the brig::: Dacia Sandero: ::looks up:: Okay, let's go. :::hands the hypo to another nurse and follows Mimi:: Chirakis: Lieutenant Garand ::nods:: mimipavilion: ::goes to security via the tl:: Chirakis: Garand> Captain, situation resolved, but it seems that we have a more delicate situation here. Alexis McFarland: Hopefully they fix it soon. I feel like I'm gonna be sick. Annisha: Big station, big problems. Chirakis: ::glances toward him and replies sarcastically::: Really? Do we ? Alexis McFarland: Dacia gave me some medication for the nausea, but I wish she'd gave me a gas mask instead. Alexis McFarland: Hmm... Yes, it seems that way. Chirakis: Garand> ::decides to not respond and takes a padd from Brody::: I understand that the Ghost Squad has found an entrance or two. A team is scouting it now. mimipavilion: ::arrives near security and goes directly there:: Tarisa: Miana> :;Frowns. She is afraid to say anything for fear of throwing up.:: Dacia Sandero: ::follows behind:: mimipavilion: ::arrives in security and about gags:: Tarisa: :;Enters the CnC.:: Dacia Sandero: ::coughs and holds it in:: (q) It's even worse in here. mimipavilion: ::mouths "I know":: Chirakis: ::: Mimi and Dacia as they approach:: Doctors. ::she gives a nod and points to the brig where 5 more have entered. They're very excited, watching Gremil with the tablet, and eating the chocolate energy bars:: Chirakis: The smell should subside soon. They seem to enjoy the chocolate and the stench is less than it was a few minutes ago. Dacia Sandero: ::looks at the brig with the weird looking alien creatures::: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Dacia Sandero: That's a relief. Alexis McFarland: Is it just me or does it seem to be getting better? Maybe your dad fixed the air filters? Chirakis: ::sighs as she drops her arms to the side::: Dr Pavilion, I called you down because you have found a means of communication. Since we now have 6 in the one brig cell, Dr Sandero will accompany you. Fletcher Jackson: ::trying not to puke::: Dacia Sandero: ::Nods:: mimipavilion: Of course captain. Chirakis: Mr Brody, drop the shield. Chirakis: Brody> Yes, ma'am. ::security guards stand by::: Scott Coleridge: ::reviewing the latest engineering report, notices a string of glitches in the environmental controls on some of the lower decks, wonders how those decks smell:: mimipavilion: ::goes to the cell carefully:: Dacia Sandero: ::slowly follows Mimi in:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Checking all of the environmentals on his padd :: Dacia Sandero: ::tries to emanate a non-threatening aura about her:: Chirakis: Mr. Brody, keep the energy bars handy. ::Hands some to Mimi and Dacia::: Dacia Sandero: ::takes a bar:: Thanks.. mimipavilion: ::takes the energy bars from Chirakis and signs to the gremlins "Hello":: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: walking from sickbay :: Dacia Sandero: ::follows Mimi's lead:: mimipavilion: ::she introduces Dacia as a friend:: Alexis McFarland: ::looks around:: Chirakis: Gremil> ::squeals and jumps up, bouncing around in glee as Mimi enters::: Dacia Sandero: ::notes its excitement seeing Mimi:: Chirakis: Gremil & Others> ::back off at Dacia, mostly because she is different from Mimi::: Alexis McFarland: ::tries to relax a bit:: Yeah, it doesn't seem to smell as bad as before.. but I hope that's not me getting used to it. Chirakis: +Scott+ Commander, might want to put this on screen in case we need the information later. mimipavilion: ::sees that they have backed off Dacia, signs to Gremil "Why are you backing away from Dacia":: Dacia Sandero: ::careful not to do anything to provoke or frighten them:: Tarisa: Miana> :;Still frowning. her ears down.:: Tarisa: ::Goes to her station, begins checking messages.:: Chirakis: +Scott+ Or in case you are bored and would like a distraction. ::sarcastic again::: Scott Coleridge: +Chirakis+ Affirmative. ::Fletcher:: Pull up the security feed from the brig. Fletcher Jackson: ::tappity tap::: Security feed on main screen, sir. Dacia Sandero: ::probably since they don't know me, she recons:: Fletcher Jackson: Would you like several angles, or is one okay? Scott Coleridge: Just the one should be sufficient. Chirakis: +Scott+ I also value your input regarding this species. Fletcher Jackson: Yes, sir. Chirakis: Gremil> ::approaches Dacia, gives her a sniff, then backs off::: Alexis McFarland: ::pets Miana, feels bad about her:: Dacia Sandero: ::hope that's a good sign:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Is back up on the CnC :: mimipavilion: ::looks at Gremil and signs "What's wrong?":: Chirakis: Gremil> ::makes a picture of on the tablet that indicates her difference::: Tarisa: ::Looking up at the screen.:: Dacia Sandero: ::looks at the screen as well, if she can:: mimipavilion: ::looks at the picture, realizes that the smell is different, signs "She smells different than me":: Fletcher Jackson: ::coughs and goes back to work... kind of::: Chirakis: Gremil> ::nodnodnodnod:: Alexis McFarland: ::Lays down on the ground on her back:: Chirakis: Gremil> ::the others are also skeptical::: Chirakis: ::Mimi and Dacia:: They act like children. Would you agree? mimipavilion: ::smiles and signs "Can I tell you something, the smell coming from all of you is disrupting the function of this station.":: mimipavilion: Yes they do captain. Tarisa: Miana> ::Curls up in a fetal position by Alexis.:: Can...can we go to the smelly store? It would smell better there... Alexis McFarland: Yeah, I'd say so.. kinda like a curious or shy puppy as well I see. Alexis McFarland: The perfume shop? I hope so. Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks :: I think the filters are working, but it's having to do more work than I would like to see. Chirakis: Gremil> ::blinks, tilts his head, then draws "what smell"::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods:: Alexis McFarland: Better than lying here, I think. ::Gets back up again and helps Miana back up:: Tarisa: ::Watching the interactions.:: What interesting beings. Tarisa: Miana> ::Gets up and follows Alexis.:: Scott Coleridge: ::watching the scene play out with interest:: Chirakis: +Scott+ Commander is there a way to vent the odor from this area without it going into the rest of the station? mimipavilion: ::smirks a bit "Like Dacia smells different, your smell is..." pinches her nose "not good to us" points to herself, Dacia and the others in security:: Scott Coleridge: +Chirakis+ We'll work on that, Captain. Fletcher Jackson: ::rerouting vessels and telling them of the contamination:: Dacia Sandero: ::watches as well, but hopes greatly she doesn't set them off:: They also kind of remind me of timid puppies sniffing at a new stranger cautiously. Dacia Sandero: ::albeit very smelly puppies:: Chirakis: ::her arms again:: +Scott+ Much appreciated. Alexis McFarland: ::heads into the perfume shop, which fortunately was still open:: Scott Coleridge: ::turns to Nijil:: Looks like we need to recalibrate the environmental systems in the brig. Chirakis: Gremil & Others> ::finally approach Dacia, looking, sniffing, and touching her gently as they eat their chocolate::: Alexis McFarland: ::the perfume shop at least masks some of the odour:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Goes to a spinning racks and takes in the smell. She seems a bit relieved.:: Much better. Chirakis: Gremil> :::looks to Mimi and writes "smell is spray":::: Dacia Sandero: ::watches them take the chocolate from her:: A good sign, I hope. Alexis McFarland: ::smiles:: That's good Miana.. mimipavilion: ::to Gremil "Spray, you mean defensive for you":: Chirakis: Other gremlins> ::excited about the chocolate and take it from Dacia::: Alexis McFarland: It seems she's not in today (the regular store owner, who's name I forgot). Tarisa: Miana> I typically do not like coming in here because the smell is too strong. But it helps today. Chirakis: Gremil> ::tilts his head, then asks "defense is fight"?:: mimipavilion: ::thinks, then signs "Do you remember where you came from before being on the station, like in the down-below and in this room":: Fletcher Jackson: ::Leans back to watch the screen for a while, since most ships are staying away::: Alexis McFarland: Hmm, I can see. But at lot of the perfume smell nice, I think. Chirakis: Gremil> ::Hands Mimi the tablet so he can understand what she is asking::: Dacia Sandero: ::hopes the Gremlins are taking a liking to her:: Alexis McFarland: ::sniffs one of the perfumes that smells like lavender:: mimipavilion: ::takes the tablet and draws a rendering of the station and x's it and draws a planet and some stars with a question mark with the latter two:: Chirakis: Gremlins 2 & 3> touch Dacia, looks up at her like they have decided she is okay::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Enjoys a couple of the fruit scents, since she hasn't been able to eat much since the smell began.:: Scott Coleridge: It's not often we get to make first contact here on Aegis. Annisha: :: Watching Miana and her trouble :: Alexis McFarland: Mm.. ::sniffs one of the sample cards:: Chirakis: Gremil> :::looking at the tablet, he begins to draw his own picture and puts an X in the nebular system::: Chirakis: ::takes a padd from Garand, reads, then nods and passes it back::: Dacia Sandero: ::looks at the tablet curiously:: mimipavilion: ::sees an x on the nebula:: Ok so not from the nebula. Chirakis: Gremil> ::nom nom nom::: Alexis McFarland: This one smells like a Blubby Burger. mimipavilion: ::signs "Are you from a planet near the nebula?":: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Takes his station :: Chirakis: Gremil> ::does not understand nebula and points to the tablet::: Alexis McFarland: I'll buy this one for Annisha...::keeheehee:: Chirakis: ::texting Scott that security has pinned down their entry point::: mimipavilion: ::draws the same nebula or close to it and signs and points "nebula":: Tarisa: ::Miana> :;Is in better spirits, so she gives a little giggle.:: Scott Coleridge: ::reads the text:: Interesting. Annisha: :: perks up :: Alexis McFarland: ::Does end up buying the lavender scented perfume, the fruit scented one and the Eau de Blubby:: Chirakis: :::to Garand::: And now we have to decide what we should do with them. Alexis McFarland: ::Gives Anisa eau de Blubby and the fruit one to Miana:: There we are. Chirakis: Garand> ::considers that rhetorical::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Smiles, giving Alexis a hug.:: Thank you! Alexis McFarland: ::hugs:: Mm, you're welcome. mimipavilion: ::wonders if he understood:: Dacia Sandero: :::hopes so:: Chirakis: Gremil> :::curious, but still not understanding::: Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 9/6/19 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Commander Korjata, is the air clearing in CnC, meaning can they breathe up there? Nijil tr'Korjata: What scent do we want today? Cherry, vanilla, pine? Chirakis: Normal. Alexis McFarland: Vanilla! Chirakis: Commander Coleridge, TBS to the next day? Scott Coleridge: Sounds good to me Chirakis: Very well. Hopefully everyone will be able to breathe by tomorrow. Chirakis: Comments for the crew, Commander? Scott Coleridge: None Chirakis: Comments or Questions from the crew? Dacia Sandero: Question was already answered thanks. Chirakis: ::nod::: Anyone else? Chirakis: Seeing none... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  20. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 6 September 2019 23 May 2388 - Stardate 2388.144 TBS is 1 hour. The time is 0900 hours (9:00 am) Aegis Local. For the most part, work on the station has run smoothly. USS Toronto is in orbit; her task force is in the area. USS Calgary and task force will arrive soon to take Toronto’s place. Gremil is making progress in communication. His friends have found him and are making the best of it. Unfortunately, their odor leaves quite a bit to be desired. In an effort to help the station, the Ghost Squad is out and about. Jake and Billy were trying to find out how the gremlins sneak into the station, and they had a close encounter of the gremlin kind. The gremlin’s surprise resulted in a skunk-like spray that will stay with them for some time.
  21. Gremil & Company Chirakis Kirel For the last few days, work on the station had run smoothly. Then came the stench: a rancid smell that seemed to grow exponentially, filling the station with the odor of our little gremlin friend, now known as Gremil. The more frightened he became, the more odor he produced. The more relaxed he became, the less odor he produced. A few days ago Dr. Pavilion’s gentle hand—augmented by chocolate—had relaxed him enough to attempt communication. She sat with him for several hours and made exceptional progress not only in communication but in his desire to learn. He was inquisitive by nature. For the most part, his stench had subsided. But now? The stench had become unbearable and the atmospheric scrubber had reached its limit. The captain would have opened the windows if possible, but that’s not exactly a good thing to do in space. Instead she stood by the window, arms crossed, and allowed her mind to wander. Aegis’s fighters shot from the bay in combat formation—some to relieve the watch, and some for maneuvers. In the distance, USS Toronto orbited, ready to defend if necessary. Soon USS Calgary would take her place, giving Kirel the opportunity to visit Captain DeVoll and Commander Wexler for a while. However, she doubted that they would enjoy visiting the station without gas masks. After all, station personnel had resorted to gas masks, and anyone who was due for liberty decided to take it—off station. And that thought broke her mood. She sighed as she returned to her desk, settling in to pull up and page through the latest reports—at least those that mattered. “Captain Chirakis, ma’am?” The voice of Ltjg Brody calling from the brig broke her train of thought—not that it mattered since she hated dealing with reports. Putting aside her tablet to engage the viewscreen, she noticed that he seemed flustered. No, he was flustered. “Yes, Mr Brody?” “We’ve… uh… figured out where the smell is coming from.” There was a long pause. “And?” “It’s coming from down here, ma’am.” Which is what she expected, since no other creature or concoction would produce such a smell. At least, she hoped it wouldn’t. “Is Gremil excited or anxious?” “I’d say so ma’am. Not as much anxious as excited.” Not as much anxious as excited. “Is Doctor Pavilion visiting, or Doctor Davis?” “No ma’am. They haven’t been here for a while.” After a moment of thought accompanied by finger-drumming on her desk, she replied, “Very well,” with a casual gesture. “Lieutenant Garand has a stash of chocolate energy bars in pantry five. That should settle him down.” “Oh, I would, ma’am, except that the lieutenant is dealing with a situation, and we don’t have the code.” The code. Of course. And we coded the stash because it seems to disappear very quickly. Noting the pile of reports that had come across her desk in the last 24 hours, she wondered if leaving them undone would be appropriate, or passing them on to her executive officer. Then she remembered the more pressing issues that Commander Coleridge was dealing with at the moment and decided otherwise. “Give me a few minutes to sort a few things out up here and I’ll be down” “Yes, ma’am. We’ll try to keep them occupied.” And that caught her attention. “Them, Mr Brody?” After a slight pause, he took a deep breath and replied, “Yes, ma’am.” “Just how many are we talking about, Mr Brody? And how in Sto'Vo'Kor did they get in?” She growled, pressing the security alert button on her desk. Brody winced when the alarm sounded and the security complex became a combat zone. “So far we have three, ma’am. And we’re tracking down their entrance, but we...” “I’ll be right down.” * * * * * * * The Ghost Squad was back in business. Jake and Billy—who skipped school today because ‘they didn’t feel good’—were on the hunt, their faces and arms streaked awkwardly with camouflage colors, determined to “save Aegis from the gremlins”. And it was exciting. “Gees, Jake. We shoulda gotten some of those masks, like… you know… gas masks.” Jake tossed Billy a determined look. His eyes narrowed while he listened for any sound in the crawl way below decks. “We’re on a mission, Billy,” he whispered. “We need to find out how they get into the station. I mean... if they can get in to the station, anyone and anything can get in, right?” Billy’s face scrunched and he nodded. “Yeah, I know that. But just the… what is it…?” “Kefiya,” Jake replied with an eyeroll. “I got a larger one called a shemagh, but couldn’t find it in the closet. I think my mom might have thrown it out. She said it smelled.” “Yeah. Okay. Kefiya. Like they use in the desert on underdeveloped planets, right?” Billy’s eyes brightened. “Or when Special Operations needs to look like the natives?” “Yeah,” grinned Jake. “SpecOps, like what we’re doing. Anyway, we’re using 'em ‘cause if we get gas masks, they’ll know we’re not really sick.” “But we aren’t sick, Jake. We coulda grabbed a mask on the way out.” Another eye-roll and Jake continued his crawl. “And deal with El Tee Garand. Right.” Billy sighed and followed along, turning corners and climbing into hatchways toward the storeroom that was once their clubhouse. The closer they got to the storeroom, the more potent the smell, making it almost unbearable. But they pushed on until Jake froze and flung his arm back, pinning Billy to the wall. He put a finger to his lips. They listened. Not far away and around a corner they heard scratches, then mumbling. Inching forward as quietly as they could—which wasn’t very quiet at all—they came to a corner and stopped… just in time for a gremlin to turn it, meet them eye to eye, and give a high-pitched screech and a powerful skunk-like spray that coated the two boys head to toe. The gremlin scampered one way. Jake and Billy scrambled the other way, to the closest hatch, flew it open, and dived through it to the next level, and then the next level, finally coming to a stop they thought would be safe. Jake wiped the sweat from his forehead, smearing his camouflage face paint. Billy wiped it off with the sleeves of his camo uniform. They both leaned against the wall to catch their breath. And of course, since the gremlin sprayed them, they couldn’t smell it… but everyone else definitely would. “Gees, Jake. We gotta tell the El Tee,” said Billy as soon as he could breathe. “Forget the El Tee, Billy. We gotta tell the captain.”
  22. I want to be clear this is NOT an advertisement for Amazon. A few years back I inherited a tablet, and I found it made it reading ebooks easier, and as an avid reader this was like giving me a new fix! Hey, there are worse drugs than books.;) I digress. I've noticed that at the start of every month Amazon (Canada) takes several regularly priced Star Trek novels, and knocks them down to $.99 for a month. Anyone else ever notice this, or just me?
  23. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 8/30/19 - 10:05 PM=/\= 23 May 2388 - Stardate 2388.144 TBS is 17 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 am) Aegis Local. Command crew now knows what is going on behind the scenes. USS Toronto is in Aegis orbit, the rest of the Strike Force is in the area. Our gremlin is producing some very interesting images on his tablet. So far everything is moving smoothly. Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Fletcher Jackson: ::CnC at his station:::: mimipavilion: ::in medical:: Jylliene: ::CnC, ops:: Dacia Sandero: ::in medical as well:: Chirakis: :::In her office, finalizing sensitive reports::: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::CnC science station:: Scott Coleridge: ::in his office, drinking tea and catching up on reports:: Alexis McFarland: ::Sleeping:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Sleeping (yeah right) Chirakis: :::leaning back in her chair, she considers a report that she did not expect:::: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: At rock bottom....of the station :: Chirakis: ::reads through it several times, giving it due consideration::: Scott Coleridge: ::reviews the information shared at the recent briefing, considers what this means in the bigger picture:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: yawns :: mimipavilion: ::is not surprised with the minimal traffic that came through last night:: Tae'Lynn Dran: ::Catching up on other life science tasks underway in and around the station:: Chirakis: +Coleridge+ Commander, my office if you have a moment. Scott Coleridge: +Chirakis+ Acknowledged. Chirakis: :::stands and moves to a classified area, retrieves something, checks it, then secures the area and remains standing::: Scott Coleridge: ::leaves his office and scoots over to Chirakis':: Tarisa: ::Enters CnC.:: Dacia Sandero: ::checking on some patients:: Scott Coleridge: ::enters Chirakis' office:: Is it time? Chirakis: ::As he enters, Kirel hands Scott a message from Starfleet::: Chirakis: Perhaps. Chirakis: I will let you be the judge. Scott Coleridge: ::reads the message, frowns:: I see. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Logs off his station and goes over to Jylliene :: Commander, I am heading to an appointment in medical. Chirakis: Indeed. ::leaning against her desk::: Chirakis: What say you? Jylliene: ::nods to Cayne:: Very well. Tarisa: ::Grabbing a PADD she had on her station.:: Scott Coleridge: I think it's long overdue, personally. Especially given what we're facing now. Fletcher Jackson: ::doing his thing, making sure that there are no collisions::: Chirakis: Agreed. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Enters the lift :: Medical. Chirakis: ::she reaches to her desk:: +Kital+ Commander, call Dr Pavilion to my office. Jylliene: +Chirakis+ acknowledged. Chirakis: These are trying times, Commander. Jylliene: +Mimi+ Ops to Dr Pavilion Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Enters medical :: Doctor? mimipavilion: +Jyl+ This is Dr. Pavilion Jylliene: +Mimi+ The captain would like to see you in her office. mimipavilion: +Jyl+ On my way. Dacia Sandero: Hello? ::hears someone come in:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Doctor... Sandero right? Dacia Sandero: Yes, hello Commander. Jylliene: +Chirakis+ Ops to Captain Chirakis. Doctor Pavilion is on her way. mimipavilion: ::exits her office, waves at Dacia:: I'm meeting with the captain. Chirakis: ::turns toward her office window::: +Jyl+ Understood. Dacia Sandero: All right. Well, I hope you didn't want to meet with Dr Pavillion. mimipavilion: ::goes to the tl, enters and orders it to the CnC:: Chirakis: Trying times, Commander. ::turns back to face him::: mimipavilion: ::arrives on the CnC a short time later and goes to the Chirakis' office and rings the chime:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: How good Chirakis: Enter. mimipavilion: ::enters:: You wanted to see me ma'am. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: clears throat :: How good are you folks at alterations? Scott Coleridge: ::standing next to Chirakis' desk:: Chirakis: Indeed. Commander Coleridge, proceed. Scott Coleridge: Dr. Pavilion, following the briefing yesterday, you now understand the precarious balance of power in this region? Chirakis: ::her expression is dour::: mimipavilion: ::nods:: Dacia Sandero: Alterations? Like changing one's appearance? Tarisa: ::Takes the PADD she had grabbed, and headed for the lift once a replacement crewman arrived.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::Jylliene:: Coffee, ma'am? :::stands to refresh his cup::: Scott Coleridge: Starfleet Intelligence will be tasking additional resources to this region soon. Captain Chirakis and I have decided that we will need someone with the appropriate clearance and track record to review the daily reports that will be arriving from now on. Jylliene: That would be welcome. Fletcher Jackson: You got it, ma'am. Donut? mimipavilion: ::gets a little suspicious:: Alright? Jylliene: Gladly, if there is one. Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. Chocolate? Sprinkles? Jelly? Tarisa: ::Takes the lift to Life Sciences level.:: Jylliene: Surprise me. Jylliene: ::grins:: Scott Coleridge: ::Chirakis:: Would you say Dr. Pavilion has sufficient experience, Captain? Has she served on Aegis long enough? Fletcher Jackson: ::smirk:: You sure about that, ma'am? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: to Sandero :: I'm thinking something so I can pass a scanner. Jylliene: I am. Jylliene: ::chuckles:: Chirakis: ::considers that a moment::: I would say she has more than sufficient experience, Commander. And it's not a matter of time served on Aegis, it is a matter of control, discipline, and focus. Tarisa: ::Enters the Lab.:: Dacia Sandero: Okay. A very good scanner, I imagine? Well, I think it's possible Scott Coleridge: Good point. Chirakis: Although, she does have considerable time served. Jylliene: ::returns attention to the console:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: to himself :: I feel like Atlas from my daughter's Cultures of the Federation class. Fletcher Jackson: :::chooses her favorite donut, wraps it in a napkin, and fills her cup::: mimipavilion: ::looks between the two:: Chirakis: Proceed, Commander. Scott Coleridge: That being said... the position would take up a lot of time. And we know you're already quite busy as the chief medical officer. Scott Coleridge: So we will be finding another. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: I may need some alterations on a genetic level that may be... challenging to undo. Fletcher Jackson: :::steps down ,trying not to spill anything::: Here you go, ma'am. :::sets it down next to her::: Jylliene: Thank you, Mr. Jackson. Jylliene: I appreciate it. Fletcher Jackson: Any time, ma'am. Scott Coleridge: Instead, we've called you here to recognize your long and dedicated service to Aegis by promoting you to the rank of full Commander, with all rights, responsibilities, and perquisites thereof. Dacia Sandero: ::glances at Cayne:: Hmm.. I see. What'd you have in mind? Chirakis: ::Hands him the box::: mimipavilion: ::surprised:: Scott Coleridge: ::takes the box, opening it to reveal the solid gold pin:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: I don't want something on the friendly side, something on the adversarial side.. :: shakes head :: Something I'll have to practice. Common. Tarisa: :;Walking around the lab, stopping at a few projects that were in progress.:: Fletcher Jackson: ::goes to fill his own mug::: Scott Coleridge: If I may, Doctor? mimipavilion: ::nods:: Scott Coleridge: ::removes the black and gold pip and pins on the new gold one:: Congratulations. mimipavilion: Thanks. Dacia Sandero: ::Raises brow:: You mean like a Cardassian, or a Breen? Chirakis: Congratulations, Doctor. And thank you. Starfleet is proud of your service, as are we. mimipavilion: ::smiles:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: sings softly, in Rihan :: I got the world on a string... Chirakis: ::leads her to the door, it opens, and Kirel steps out next to Mimi::: Attention to Orders. mimipavilion: ::follows and stands :: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Maybe a newer foe... Just to let you know, I've been a Cardassian. Chirakis: By the authority vested in my by Starfleet Command, I give you Commander Pavilion. Tarisa: ::Taking interest a project at the end of the table. It was in an incubator.:: Jylliene: ::grins at attention:: Dacia Sandero: Hm. What was that like? Sorry, never mind. Anything particular in mind? I dunno.. Species 8472? Cdr Wyatt Cayne: I was very convincing. Chirakis: Thank you, Doctor. :::to the rest:: As you were. Dacia Sandero: That's nice. I'm sure you were. mimipavilion: ::relaxes:: Jylliene: Congratulations, Commander. ::to Mimi:: mimipavilion: Thanks. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: 8472? :: thinks :: Oh, if you could do that you'd win whatever the Interstellar Nobel prize is Alexis McFarland: :: Eating her breakfast like a good girl...reads the box :: Blubby Blast Cereal... the Blubbiest Dacia Sandero: Hah, I wish. I've never changed anyone's physical appearance before. Alexis McFarland: ::awake and eating a bowl of Kling-O's:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: It's only part of it.. making me look the part.. .I would have had quite the career if I could shapeshift... oh, can you do that? Tarisa: Miana> ::Eating her breakfast as well.:: Chirakis: :::Scott, just as she turns to enter her office::: Commander... that is a very strange and potent smell. Chirakis: ::slight cough::: Very potent. Dacia Sandero: Err, probably not unless you took lessons from Odo. mimipavilion: ::leaving and hears Chirakis:: Chirakis: Inform engineering that there is a problem with the internal ventilation system. Scott Coleridge: What? ::shifts over and sniffs:: Oh. Oh yes. mimipavilion: ::enters the tl and orders it to medical:: Fletcher Jackson: ::his headset was on, so he didn't notice anything until he sipped his coffee:: Dacia Sandero: But, I think we have the tech on hand to perform a pretty good guise. I hope Dr. Pavilion is more familiar with this aspect though. I've never done anything like this before myself. mimipavilion: ::arrives back in medical and goes to find Dacia:: Scott Coleridge: If there's nothing else, I'll get back to reports and updating duty rosters. Chirakis: Very well. Carry on. Fletcher Jackson: ::sniffs the cup, puts it aside, then smells the air::: Alexis McFarland: ::reading a note from her parents, that they should be arriving sometime next week. They also have their VIP suite assigned on the station as well:: Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Working at the bottom of the station :: Jylliene: ::ponders:: Dacia Sandero: Ahh, welcome back. ::sees the new pip on her collar:: Oooh. Congrats! mimipavilion: Thanks. Chirakis: :::remembering the workload Scott has::: Commander Kital, inform engineering that there is a problem with the ventilation system. Jylliene: Yes ma'am. Chirakis: 10:50 PM Jylliene: +Eng+ Ops to Engineering. mimipavilion: ::looks at Wyatt:: What seems to be the problem? Fletcher Jackson: ::smells like puke, kind of, but maybe worse than puke?::: Scott Coleridge: ::vanishes back to his office:: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Ops+ Engineering, err, here Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Looking for a new look doctor... more foe than friend. Jylliene: +Eng+ There seems to be some kind of problem with the ventilation system up here. mimipavilion: Care to explain why you need the new look Dacia Sandero: ::nods:: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Ops+ Let me see... :looks at this padd :: Alexis McFarland: Ooh, our furniture and stuff will arrive and be setup ahead of us.. ::Munches on her cereal:: Chirakis: :::in her office, she ups the scrubber system so she can actually breathe::: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Ops+ There's a routing issue.. Chirakis: ::sits to contact Starfleet Intelligence::: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Ops+ I'm going to override the automatic system and push it to full. You'll all hear a hum from the filtration system. Chirakis: ::relaxes in her chair, wishing she could open the window::: Jylliene: +Eng+ Is it quickly fixable? It's getting rather stagnant - thank you. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: Something for the future Doctor. Fletcher Jackson: ::doesn't want any more coffee::: Nijil tr'Korjata: +Ops+ I'll have to get the environ teams on the case. Fletcher Jackson: ::or donut, or whatever:: Jylliene: +Eng+ The more quickly, the better, before everyone up here gets sick. mimipavilion: Ok, we'll just need to discuss in detail to decide whether or not it's a no go. Nijil tr'Korjata: +Ops+ I'll prep the auxiliary command center just in case. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 8/30/19 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: For those of you who are not familiar with Dr Pavilion, she has been on Aegis for 596 simulations, missing only one when the power went out. Chirakis: You do the math as to the number of years. Chirakis: That said, TBS will be 1 hour. Tarisa: How many gold leaves are cluttering the closet? Chirakis: Too many. Her closet is overflowing. We'll have to get her a new one. Chirakis: Commander Coleridge, words for the crew? Scott Coleridge: Nope Chirakis: Comments or questions from the crew? Chirakis: Seeing none... Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  24. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 30 August 2019 23 May 2388 - Stardate 2388.144 TBS is 17 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 am) Aegis Local. At the urging of Starfleet Intelligence, Captain Chirakis has revealed classified information to the command crew. According to intelligence reports, The Alien Alliance is taking over planetoids and large asteroids in strategic positions and forming a cordon around the Joint Allied Powers. They will then assume control of Aegis, use it as a base of operations, and conquer most of the Alpha Quadrant. Border Patrol Strike Forces led by USS Missouri, USS Iowa, USS Toronto, and USS Calgary take turns supplying Aegis with a physical presence and a formidable defense. Aegis’s defense grid has undergone extensive upgrading. Aegis Security is planted throughout the station, watching for signs of infiltration. Our gremlin’s ability to communicate is improving. He has shown no hostility and seems to be very interested in the varied species on Aegis. At sim begin, everything is moving smoothly—a welcome change from the last few weeks.
  25. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1043, STARDATE 51908.26 = /\ = Manticore has been sent to the Huron sector near the Romulan neutral zone boarder. Their mission, to entertain a wealthy Ferengi named Mork in order to keep his sector open for Federation use and out of Romulan hands. However, before the festivities begin, Matt, Keb, Gila, Callista and Annika must endure a "get to know you dinner" with Mork at his estate. The team is treated to an authentic Nuvian feast prepared by an actual Nuvian chef made with 100% grade A Nuvian. = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1043, STARDATE 51908.26 = /\ = 190826.log
  26. (Takes place before the last sim.) Personal log, Ensign Mincine. Stardate… well, the chronometer says 2019.0823 so let’s pretend we’re still in 2388. The science division has come up with a plan to get us home, with the help of our new friends on the Enterprise-C. Since they can’t know about their future or the future of Klingon-Federation relations, they absolutely can’t see me… so I’ve been locked away in an isolation room in sickbay for days now while their medical teams help out with our casualties. Dr. Dubois and the rest of the staff have been chasing them away from anything too fancy. And someone did a good job reprogramming the LCARS screens to emulate early 23rd century computers. It’s kinda weird, you know? The Ent-C is key to getting the Klingons and Federation together. To be so close to a piece of my personal history like that, it’s… I mean, who knows what would have happened if that never took place? Would we have been at war for the next 40 years? I’d never even be born, you know? There’s not gonna be a Klingon embassy in Proxima Centauri if the timeline gets screwed up, so we better get this thing right. I wonder what they’d think of me, the people from back then. Even back when my mom was young, she said there was a lot of antipathy toward Klingons by people in the Federation. It had to be way worse in the generation before that, right? Even if it wasn’t the Ent-C, it’s probably for the best that I’m locked away. Not that I’d put up with that crap, you know. (Laugh) Still, I wish I could meet the captain I idolized when I was a kid, who sacrificed herself and her ship and brought us all together. I wonder what she’s like. Is she really like the books say? I know nobody’s really like what people write about them, but… she’s why I joined Starfleet. She’d why I could join Starfleet. Anyway, we’re beginning the experiment soon and I gotta man one of the monitoring stations. I really hope we get home.
  27. Last Name: Von Drake First Name: Ryan Age: 23 Race: Human Place of Birth: Falkland Islands, Earth Height: 5'10 Weight: 165 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY Ryan Von Drake was born on the Falkland Islands to Sheree and Michael Von Drake, owners of a tourism and site-seeing company on the islands. The third of four children, Ryan was a much more intense and aloof child compared to his two sisters Mika and Vee and his brother Peter. He tended to shun more of the typical beach activities and instead took up various forms of martial arts, predominantly the human practice of Taijijuan and the Klingon practice of Mok’bara. His practice in the former earning him the level of 5th duan in feng huo lun (wind and fire wheels) by the time he graduated the Academy. Although living on an island, Ryan did not much like spending time on boats either. When it came time to help out his family as he got older, he tended to volunteer for more shore duties, like unloading, or helping with docking. Although he did occasionally act as a captain of their whale watching boat. He didn’t mind the actual act of boating, he just preferred to stay on land to practice is martial arts. Ryan is not a confrontational person by any stretch of the imagination. His intense outward appearance belies a calmness and level-headedness which came as a part of his martial arts training. However, it did not prevent him from becoming involved in one of the most notable confrontations in the recent history of the Falklands. He was just 14, practicing with his feng huo lun rings on the dock, awaiting the return of his father’s boat, when a pair of drunk Klingon brothers, Mobacz and M’Qot of the House of K’Hex, came wandering on to the docks. They spotted the young man with his rings. They approached him, shouting disparaging remarks about his practices. The young Ryan, much to his credit initially ignored the two. As they got closer to the boy, they were confronted by Ryan’s uncle, who had also called the local security force prior to stepping to his nephew’s defense. The Klingons easily tossed aside the older man, who landed in the water. Still, Ryan ignored the two belligerent and obviously inebriated pair and continued on with his ritual. M’Qot, not too thrilled with the fact that the boy was ignoring them, pushed Ryan to the ground quite viciously. Again, Ryan got up and continued, only this time, as the Klingon’s approached again, Ryan swung one of this rings towards M’Qot, slicing open his flask of bloodwine with one of the tiny protruding blades. The angered M’Qot then pulled out his d’k tahq and aggressively lunged at Ryan. He was able to parry the blade aside with this rings, falling to the side under the brute force of the blow. M’Qot, due in part to his drunkenness, had also fallen. The quicker and sober Human was to his feet first. The Klingon, now in a full rage, flailed wildly in the direction of Ryan, who was able to catch the blade within his rings and disarm the Klingon, and for good measure, sliced at the Achilles heel of M’Qot, cutting in and rendering him effectively immobile. Mobacz, who was initially amused by the confrontation between M’Qot and Ryan, now flew in with his d’k tahq, only this time, he stumbled on the dock prior to reaching Ryan. Ryan quickly wrapped his rings around the dagger wielding arm of the Mobacz, and pulled them tight against the Klingon’s wrist, trapping it. Ryan then threatened to slice off his hand if he didn’t drop his dagger. After a few tense seconds, and the arrival of the local security force. Mobacz finally relented, releasing his dagger. Ryan grabbed both daggers from the dock and walked away. The two drunk Klingons were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and assault with a deadly weapon, and as a result were banned from the Falklands for life. Ryan was not charged with anything, as his actions were in self-defense. He was allowed to keep the daggers, despite the protestations of the Klingons prior to their banishment. Thus the legend of “Ryan of the House of Von Drake” was born. Ryan did not much care for the nickname, as his actions were purely in self-defense, and he knew that he would have not stood a chance against two sober Klingons. He also later admitted that if he knew how much of an insult it was to take a d’k tahq, he wouldn’t have done so. Ryan was always an above average student, and had a fascination with Starfeet after meeting a few Starfleet officers in his hometown. With his solid grades and test scores, he jumped at the chance of joining the Academy. During his time there, he joined the Taijijian club, where he quickly became an instructor, and earning 5th duan in the rings. In many of the hardcore academic classes, he was in the top half of his cohort, but otherwise unremarkable. In his field classes and training, he was almost always in the top 5% of his cohort. It was at the academy where Ryan began to let go of some of the aloofness and intensity, opening up more socially. He still maintained a very introverted style, and did lack for confidence when the situation required something other than his abilities in martial arts. He would often outwardly question his statements in both his own mind as well as to those around him and often could become prone to nervous rambling. He tried other hobbies outside of his martial arts, but nothing really sticking. His first ever romantic relationship also came at the Academy, with a human female by the name of Crystal Oxley. The two remained together for the better portion their third and fourth years at the Academy, breaking up amicably, yet still extremely painfully for Ryan. He has attempted to bury that hurt down, but those who know him can see how much it hurt him. All in all, Ryan has performed strongly at the Academy and projects to be a quality officer for the Fleet. He is fit for duty.
  28. SD 0825.2019 Several hours have passed and the crew has been working hard to ready the ship for testing Science's theory that an inverse tachyon beam could generate enough power to effectively punch a hole through space and time to get Excalibur back to it's original era. With the Enterprise's deflector dish modified, we are ready to begin testing (with probes) to discover and fine tune the exact beam modulations and variances needed for such a risky maneuver. Awards: Ensign Irene Mincini -- Captain's Quill and PADD award for outstanding contribution to Excalibur through a log or series of logs. Rhan & Hakran K'hal -- Excalibur Starburst of Excellence, awarded to a player for their in-game contributions over the last year. Peril Cards -- We'll be starting the "year" off with a new count. Everyone will get one "Get out of host Induced Peril" Card
  29. MISSION BRIEF: Whose the crew with a plan? That's right nothing can break us down, except for maybe this idea dropping us off in like, who knows, the 1990s. Anyway... the crew, with the help of the USS Enterprise-C have devised a possible plan to send us home using an inverse tachyon beam (when has that failed) and the planet Irene ruined. Science is working to determine the exact variance needed to modulate the beam to, while Engineering works to ready the ship, Enterprise is meanwhile working to modify their deflector dish. Swain and Hawthorne are conferring about the risks to both ships. Questions? Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Maryse Dubois: ::In sickbay, where she's been almost as long as Irene has. Looking to discharge some patients.:: Hakran K'hal: :: in the science lab, putting his head together with LCdr Thalov (though not close enough for ears to bump antennae) of the Enterprise-C, and presumably Lt Imavulcanforealz on the inverse tachyon beam particulars :: Cptn Swain: ::Swain looked over as Miranda strolled in. She hadn't shot him immediately, which was an improvement:: Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::Totally a very logical Vulcan and not everyone's favorite, fun-loving Romulan." Irene Mincine: :: Blue Irene is laying on her biobed, staring at the ceiling. :: Blue> "I tried napping. I can't." :: Red Irene is doing pushups locked in her quarters due to the presence of the Ent-C crew. ...and Carillon is passed out in her quarters after the whole tube of pep pills wore off. :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Her throat is sore, talking to the technicians felt like teaching one long class. Rhan K'hal: :: bridge, command chair, working on where to stash non-essentials inside the ship for safety when they go through with this stunt :: William Chocox: ::is holding a comical amount of tricorders that he starts putting back to where they're supposed to be:: (m)You'd think these people would have more common sense about stealing things. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Seriously thinking about shooting Swain, but she'd save that for later when they weren't lost in time. For now, she just wanted to rest. Pulling a ration bar from her tunic, she collapsed on his sofa with a soft groan.:: Maryse Dubois: ::Finds Indaura, pulling her aside.:: We need to start discharging some patients, so we can relieve our guests of duties. The longer they are here, the greater chance of incident. Cptn Swain: You look like you just spent the last three weeks gluing the ship back together with macrobacterial excrement. Cptn Swain: Oh... right. Indaura Ryssan: :: leans in :: Yes.. and I need to refrain from giving things away myself. I'll start right away Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: Hakran K'hal: We're within point zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-two Hz on the modulation. Unfortunately, that very low number still manages to span a period of thirty seven years. I'd really prefer to avoid meeting my teenage self. Worse, my teenage brother. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She snorted and took a bite out of her bar.:: That basically disintegrated in our last time jump. Progress is slow, but the materials from the Enterprise will help shore things up. Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::Glances back over to Thalov and Hakran:: A logical preference. Cptn Swain: Good. Hakran K'hal: :: flicks an ear in amusement :: So, how do we narrow it down. We're dealing with quantum probability at this level so we may need some adjustment on the side of the warp bubble to fine tune. Cptn Swain: So... ::He bit his lip briefly before pushing off from his desk and making his way over to the sofa, settling into the half-wrecked chair nearby:: I assume Hakren filled you in on the plan. Maryse Dubois: ::Releasing some patients with very minor injuries to their quarters for rest.:: Irene Mincine: :: Red Irene stands up, having worked up a pretty good sweat. :: Red> "Computer, who is my contact point on this ship?" :: Meanwhile, Carillon sat up in bed, dead-eyed. She started pacing around the room, clearly still asleep... Maryse Dubois: ::After treatment:: Cptn Swain: Thalov> ::Tips his head thoughtfully:: It might be possible to use a pilot ship, if you will. Indaura Ryssan: :: Goes to see who can be released :: Cptn Swain: << Harkren, Hakren, Hark the Herald Angel ... one day. *O*N*E* day I will get it right. >> Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Yes. Not terribly crazy about it as it poses risks to both ships, but I don't really see another option except to abandon the ship in *this* time and find a place to settle. My chief concern is the stability of Excalibur. We're barely held together right now. With the hull stresses we will undoubtedly experience in the next jump, we're going to lose part of her. I don't know if we'll be able to repair her again. Hakran K'hal: That's a possibility, but that's a hell of a thing to try to program. And I would say it's rather unlikely a live pilot could be extricated if things go south. Indaura Ryssan: :: Goes to release three patients :: Cptn Swain: Thalov> Sometimes, risks are required, Lieutenant. William Chocox: ::gets back to work on life support:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Enterprise engineer> ::About to prematurely pull one of the life support power nodes that would cripple half the ship. Alerts in engineering go off at Will's station as the panel was removed.:: Hakran K'hal: Oh, I know. I'm living with the result of two bad ideas putting us when we are now. Cptn Swain: Issaha> True, it's unlikely Excalibur could survive a failed time-transit anyway and the loss of a single individual versus the survival of the ship and crew.... ::he trailed off, sounding far colder than Hark had likely ever heard.:: William Chocox: I SWEAR ON ANYTHING THAT IS HOLY MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WITH SOMEONE FROM THIS TIMELINE BEFORE DOING ANYTHING! Cptn Swain: ::He nodded:: I agree it's risky. It's possible we could get another ship and try like a slingshot or something, but we'd have to further contaminate the timeline. Hakran K'hal: :: looks over at Issaha :: The needs of the many, Lieutenant? I'm aware of the axiom. William Chocox: ::turns off the alarm and goes to the relevant panel:: Hello. Cptn Swain: ::Sighing, he leaned forward:: Indaura Ryssan: :: Watching as three patients leave sickbay :: Cptn Swain: Issaha> It is, logical. Cptn Swain: Thalov> It would be worth modeling the possibility and presenting it to your Captain. Irene Mincine: :: Carillon somehow manages to leave her room while sleepwalking... she's wandering through deck 6. :: Blue Irene knocks on the door to her isolation room. :: Blue> "Hey! Can I leave yet? I gotta pee, and I gotta shower, and I'm way too sober for my own good! Hello?" Hakran K'hal: :: nods :: Let's get to work on the former then. William Chocox: Please place that panel back before we cripple half the ship. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Enterprise engineer>::He jerked at the alarm and then stared at Will.:: Isn't this the power distribution for section seven? I was told to tweak the converter frequency. Cptn Swain: ::He glanced over:: There's one more thing. William Chocox: No, this is for life support. You'd cripple half the ship. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Which we'd rather not do. ::She agreed. Chewing thoughtfully, she threw him a glance.:: Something else? ::His last minute additions were not usually pleasant.:: Rhan K'hal: :: glances down at d'A :: How's the parking brake holding up, Commander? Maryse Dubois: ::Cleared out enough patients.:: +Rhan+ Good news. We can inform the Enterprise that they can recall their medical team. Cptn Swain: d'A> Not bad. This chair is pretty comfortable. I could almost get used to it. Rhan K'hal: +Maryse+ I'll get them the message, Doctor. Rhan K'hal: :: flicks an ear at Obee, who contacts the Enterprise :: Cptn Swain: I had already considered Issaha's plan before he brought it up. ::He took another deep breath:: They won't be able to make the calculations to the variance ahead of time. At least not with our computer core in the shape it's in, and I doubt Enterprise's computers are any better. There is, a solution, however. I am guessing they may have already thought of it. Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::Nods and returns to work:: Rhan K'hal: I think it's too comfortable, our last pilot would occasionally start staring off into space. Rhan K'hal: And Lt Carillon was snacking on energy pills to stay in it. Cptn Swain: Issaha> The problem is that there are simply too many variables. We can simulate what the temporal fissure is going to look like, but it's almost impossible to predict. Cptn Swain: d'A> ::frowns:: She was doing what? Irene Mincine: :: Carillon walked into a turbolift and mumbled a destination that didn't make any sense. The computer didn't recognize it. She yawned and took a seat on the floor. :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Enterprise engineer> Oh. Ah... sorry about that. Where's the panel for section seven, then? ::He looked at the schematic he'd been given, which he was holding upside down.:: Rhan K'hal: Crap, I forgot you're her boss. :: sigh :: She pulled a double, after probably not having much sleep before. I think she was hitting a pill every hour on the dot. I managed to get through to what sense was left that she needed to go to bed. Which she ended up taking in sickbay because of the headache. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: And what might that be? ::She waited for him to drop the bombshell.:: Cptn Swain: d'A> ::continues to frown:: No, I appreciate you telling me. I have a pretty strict rule about using those things. William Chocox: ::takes the schematic and turns it right side up for him:: Right there. ::points:: Cptn Swain: The easiest solution is to have someone fly just ahead of us into the temporal fissure in a shuttle or... my yacht ... and transmit back the variance changes to Enterprise and Excalibur. Maryse Dubois: ::Starts rounding up the Enterprise med team to have them escorted to the transporter room.:: Cptn Swain: d'A> But since she wasn't on.. my flight deck I can't do anything about it. But I will be sure to, remind her, of that when she does come back. ::Forces a smile:: Gently of course. Irene Mincine: :: Carillon mumbled something that the computer interpreted as Deck 1. Since she had access now that she was a relief helm officer, the turbolift beep booped and deposited the... uh... sleepwalking Val on the bridge just in time for this discussion! :: Rhan K'hal: I imagine the punishment her head was giving her was at least up to your strict rule reminders. :: flicks an ear at the door, looks over :: Speak of the devil, what are you doing back up here already? Cptn Swain: d'A> ::Lifts her brows:: Indaura Ryssan: :: to Dubois :: I have discharged as many as I can. Cptn Swain: ::He glanced over to Miranda:: I am not going to ask anyone else to do it. Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: Good. I've already sent word to the bridge. The Enterprise will be expecting their crew back soon. Irene Mincine: Carillon> "I'm-uh, um, you're gonna need..." :: She wasn't making any sense, that's for sure. Her gaze was unfocused, she was clearly... not all there, at the moment. :: "Gonna need clearance..." Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Enterprise engineer> Oh. Ah, thanks. ::Feeling stupid, he shuffled over to the correct panel where his Excalibur engineering partner had been waiting impatiently.:: Hakran K'hal: Looks like there's going to be a pretty short drop-off between leading and losing us. :: pokes at the console forlornly :: We're going to have to maintain a spatial distance of 200 meters, otherwise any further and the communications will be out of sync temporally. Cptn Swain: d'A> ::glances to Rhan:: William Chocox: Happens to the best of us! Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda snorted again.:: You might not ask, but you're going to have volunteers. You're sure as hell not going to be doing it. Cptn Swain: And if I said Captain's prerogative? Maryse Dubois: :;Watches as the E-Med Team is escorted out of sickbay. She gives them a final farewell.:: Rhan K'hal: :: looks back to the goldshirt he'd pegged earlier :: This time you ARE going to lead Lt Carillon to sickbay, even if you have to throw her over your shoulder :: frowned at Carillon :: Take the express route, and explain to whatever medical personnel you get hold of what happened. Cptn Swain: d'A> ::Frowns:: This mission better be over soon. Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> :: managed to say "aye sir" without his voice breaking, and manages to herd Carillon toward the lift :: Cptn Swain: Issaha> We should plan to use the [name of my yacht]. It still has the computer modifications from our previous, mission. Rhan K'hal: Obee> Enterprise signals their transporter room 2 is ready for transfers, sir. I've sent the word down below. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: I'd mutiny and throw you in the brig. ::Flatly. She took another bite of her bar.:: You haven't seemed to grasp that you're the least expendable person on the ship. Hakran K'hal: Not to mention still has the best computer on board. We'll have to warn Rhan we're going to have to unplug it though, he'll have to find a way to shore up the processing. Maryse Dubois: ((Hey don't look at us, you named it.)) Indaura Ryssan: Glad that is over. Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> :: tugging Carillon by the sleeve of whatever jumpsuit sickbay put her in, gets her into the lift and orders an express ride to sickbay :: Maryse Dubois: :;Sighs in relief.:: Well we can at least let our priso...I mean patient out of her isolation room. ::grins.:: Cptn Swain: (( It's like the name of Arthur's horse or something )) Irene Mincine: :: Carillon tries to shove aside the goldshirt, whiffs it, and falls flat on her face, which finally wakes her up! :: "What the... my head..." Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> Take it easy, s<queak>ir! We're on the way to sickbay. Cptn Swain: I can't ask anyone else to risk their life on another possibly bad idea to get us home Miranda. You have to know that. ::He frowned.:: Besides, they'd still have you. Maryse Dubois: ::Opens the isolation room, looking at Blue Irene.:: Somewhat good news. You can at least get out of this room. Irene Mincine: :: Blue Irene looks SO RELIEVED. :: "Finally! I'm free! I can go get a drink!" Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> :: the lift doors open on deck 11, opposite the sickbay doors :: Just a little further, sir. :: tries to gently get Carillon back to her feet :: Maryse Dubois: Ah ah...I said this room. Not sickbay. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: They like you better. I'm the mean one. ::Her fingers drummed on the arm of the sofa.:: You might not ask, but I certainly will. You're a passable pilot at best, Captain. Let a professional handle it. That's why we have them, you know. Maryse Dubois: We still have guests on board. Cptn Swain: Issaha> ::nods:: Irene Mincine: Carillon> "I just want to go back to my room and sleep... the damn duranium plate in my head feels like it's on fire..." :: She reluctantly follows the goldshirt. :: Cptn Swain: How many of those pilots can do the science though. ::He was beginning to suspect he was going to lose this fight.:: Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> :: leads Carillon into sickbay, looking around desperately for someone to throw Carillon at :: Irene Mincine: :: Blue Irene's relief turned to dejection. :: "My prison cell got a little bigger." Maryse Dubois: :;Smiles.:: Indeed Hakran K'hal: All right, I think we have enough for me to take this to the Captain. :: Thalov :: If you'd continue working with the Lt I'd appreciate it, sir. Cptn Swain: Thalov> ::nods:: Indaura Ryssan: :: To Irene :: Some prisons have no walls. Cptn Swain: << Getting deep, itc >> Maryse Dubois: I can clear you for light duty, but as I said, you can't leave sickbay yet. Not unless I can get a guarantee that you would be able to get to your quarters undetected. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: The ship will be doing the science. All they have to do is be in position to relay the variables. Honestly, a probe could do the job just as well if it wouldn't be crushed. Maryse Dubois: But not with a bunch of grease monkeys on board. Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> Hello? I have a... er... problem. Irene Mincine: :: Blue Irene went back to laying on the biobed. :: "At least in here it's quiet..." Hakran K'hal: :: nods and exits the lab, catching a lift :: Cptn Swain: You're not going to let me go, are you? Hakran K'hal: :: pops out onto the bridge :: Irene Mincine: Carillon> "They already looked at me in here! It's the damn pills. I want to go back to my quarters." Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> :: since they apparently don't have a hostess in sickbay today, leads Carillon to the nearest biobed himself :: Cptn Swain: << Llamrei is the name of the yacht, if anyone's wondering. >> Hakran K'hal: (( yeah, "The Yacht" )) Maryse Dubois: ::Hands her a padd.:: You should at least get up to speed on what is going on. Hakran K'hal: :: looks over at Rhan :: Captain busy, bro? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: No, I'm not. ::Sharply.:: Though you could always be stupid and sneak aboard to take it off on yet another idiotic mission without telling me. I wouldn't recommend it, though. Cptn Swain: I would never. Rhan K'hal: Commander's in with him. She didn't look homicidal. This time. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: That's what I thought the first time. ::Zing!:: Maryse Dubois: :;Sees someone else come into sickbay.:: What now? ::Approaches Carillon and the goldshirt.:: What happened? Hakran K'hal: :: takes his chances with interrupting, goes and chimes the RR :: Cptn Swain: ::He looked over sheepishly before being saved by the chimes:: I see they've figured out what I already did. Cptn Swain: Come. Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> She er... apparently sleepwalked onto the bridge, Doctor. She ah... woke up when she fell in the lift. Hakran K'hal: :: enters the ready room :: I apologize for disturbing you, sirs, but we think we have the only way to make this work. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She couldn't help the little smug smile as she finished off the last of her ration, glancing toward the door.:: Cptn Swain: d'A> ::to Rhan:: Yeah, this mission needs to be over soon Irene Mincine: :: Blue Irene takes the PADD. :: "Well, maybe I can help out with the mission from here." :: Carillon looks pretty unhappy to be in sickbay. :: Carillon> "It's the stupid pills, that's all. I'm fine and I don't want to be here." :: She was bleeding from a small cut on her forehead. :: Maryse Dubois: Is that so. ::Points to an empty bed.:: That one there if you please. Rhan K'hal: I feel ya, commander, I feel ya. Irene Mincine: :: She lays on the biobed. :: "When I was here like an hour ago, they said my medical records were missing from the computer, gave me a sedative, and told me to go to bed. I'd like to go back there now." Irene Mincine: :: Meanwhile, Blue Irene's already trying to reprogram the replicator in her isolation room to spit out alcohol. :: Indaura Ryssan: The Irene's are a handful. Cptn Swain: ACTION> The replicator just completely blinks out. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She gestured for Hakran to continue.:: Hakran K'hal: :: nods, explains the whole pilot ship thing :: Cptn Swain: ::Leans back, deciding not to steal Hakran's thunder:: Irene Mincine: Blue> "...oops..." :: She puts the replicator back together and pretends nothing happened. :: Maryse Dubois: ::Taps on the monitor by the bed.:: You mean these files? ::Scans Carillon:: You are not going anywhere till I purge this excess caffeine from your system... Good lord... How much did you take? Cptn Swain: ::Listens:: I see. Commander Hawthorne and I will consider that as we decide the final course of action. I'll want to talk to Captain Garrett too, about the risks to Enterprise. Cptn Swain: Good work, Mister K'hal. I assume you'll want to use the Llamrei? Hakran K'hal: A fighter would be too under-powered, a shuttle doesn't have the sensors. So yes, the yacht would be the best option, especially considering its increased computational abilities after the ah... last time we had to use her. Irene Mincine: :: Her medical files were there, but there were some strange gaps in them... :: Carillon> "One an hour... 12 pills in a tube... I took at least a tube..." Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> :: slips out of sickbay now that the Doctor has things under control :: Cptn Swain: When you all saved my butt. ::He said with another sigh:: Very good, start making the modifications. The Commander and I will talk with Captain Garrett, then make our decision. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Heh. ::Another little smug smirk, but she pointedly didn't look Swain's way.:: Cptn Swain: If there was nothing else, then Mister K'hal? Maryse Dubois: ::Trying not to facepalm.:: You are only supposed to have no more than one in a four hour span... ::Mixing a couple of vials before setting it in a hypo.:: Hakran K'hal: Aye, sir. There is the matter of who should be on board the Llamrei. Whoever it is, they'll need more than just a passing science background. Or more even than a solid background in another discipline. It's not just about pointing the nose in the right direction, as I'm sure you understand, Captain. Irene Mincine: :: Carillon tried not to laugh, then realized that made her headache even worse. She looked at Maryse with one bloodshot and one artificial eye. :: "You think any of us pilots follow those instructions?" Cptn Swain: ::He glanced over to Miranda for a moment, but nodded:: We'll take that under advisement. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She grunted, not wanting to give Swain more ammunition.:: Hakran K'hal: Then I should get back down to the details. Captain, Commander. :: respectful nods in both directions :: Maryse Dubois: Well you are going to if I have anything to do about it. ::Gives her the shot.:: This is a booster to help your liver deal with all the caffeine. I'm not going to give you anything to sleep. You have enough drugs in your system as it is. Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> :: slips back onto the bridge :: Rhan K'hal: :: looks over :: Doctor Dubois? Maryse Dubois: After this is all over, we're going to have a talk about why there are gaps in your medical file. Rhan K'hal: Goldshirt> Aye, sir. Rhan K'hal: :: looks down to d'A :: You're gonna have to wait in line for that reminder, commander. Irene Mincine: :: Carillon scoffed. :: "It's not like I put 'em there. Thanks for the, uh, booster, Dr. Dubois. Maybe I'll sleep again before the year's out." Cptn Swain: ....and.... Hakran K'hal: :: scrambles back into the lab before the end of the episode :: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
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