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  2. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51710.16 - Season 25 Melos 3 is a small planet located in the Melos star system. Located midway between Darbet and Gaithe, Melos 3 had been left un-colonized for some time as both sides wished to claim, but neither wanted to start a war while applying for Federation membership. Now, with both having become Federation members, a joint colony had been established about 20 years previously, but now reports of strange occurrences, broken machinery and sabotage have surfaced. We are to investigate and put a stop to what we find. (this was from the meeting we were having at the end of the last sim we ran) BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM STSF_BluRox: So, we need to look, see who oversees what, what they export and what they import, and from whom the reports have been sent from. From what I understand, there are several towns spread out along the main continent, so it will be more complicated.:: Looks around at the others to see if she still has their attention of if she had bored them to sleep:: August Jax Robinson: how many people are supposed to he on this planet? STSF Seiben: ::looks around as well:: Heather Jamieson: :: Listening and watching :: STSF_BluRox: Well, the briefing stated that they had started with a small joint colony of about 300 at one point, but in the last 20 years, they've spread out and started several new towns/settlements, and we're guessing with others that have joined from each world, that we're looking at about 500 people STSF Seiben: ::listens:: August Jax Robinson: hmm STSF Seiben: ::nods and makes some mental notes:: Rue Wydown: ::trying to mentally calculate just how many terra forming domes they'd need to maintain that population.:: STSF_BluRox: However, some of the recent 'accidents' have taken a few lives. The security teams have reported they were all 'suspicious and they felt deliberate or some sort of sabotage to prime systems, or at some of the terraforming locations. August Jax Robinson: have we been sent copies of these accident reports? Rue Wydown: This should be interesting. Rumors and finger pointing are involved, I bet? STSF_BluRox: In short, this world has a lot of resources. Both planets were interested and used to fight over who would control this....until they realized it would jeopardize their Federation applications. So, with the help of an arbitor, they peacefully agreed to joint custody of the planet, with rules on how much could be harvested or cleared. Heather Jamieson: What a logistical nightmare. STSF_BluRox: Yes, we'll have to pull them up. Of concern was a failure at a power plant, which caused an explosion and killed several workers. Then food supplies were destroyed...by a roof failure of the location much of the grain waiting to be processed was stored, ruining it all STSF Seiben: I see. I`ll make the necessary arrangements to house them all. STSF_BluRox: The Admiral said that both worlds have filed a grievance against the other, accusing each of trying to kill or frighten the others off, so that they could claim it for their own. So, that's what we're here to determine Heather Jamieson: Is there a third party that would benefit from these two groups fighting? STSF_BluRox: There have been a few others as well, but those were the two that stood out. STSF_BluRox: Again, that is something we are here to investigate August Jax Robinson: ::Sighs:: STSF_BluRox: If Starfleet already knew, we'd not be having to spend the rest of our leave break, being assigned to figure this out STSF Seiben: ::rubs chin:: Coming in completely in the dark, eh? OK Rue Wydown: So, where do we start, folks? Who wants to tackle what? STSF Seiben: (my keyboard was set to French) STSF_BluRox: :: turns looking at Seiben:: Wait...what do you mean you will make arrangements to 'house them all'? STSF Seiben: Sorry, I misheard. I thought we were bringing the colonists up. August Jax Robinson: maybe we can lock them up until someone fesses up STSF_BluRox: We are not bringing 500 colonist up, besides, then if any one was left, they'd claim the place as abandoned for their own world STSF Seiben: ::nods:: STSF_BluRox: I don't believe the brig is big enough to lock up everyone from this world STSF_BluRox: Rue, get me some firm plans from this group please, I need to step out for a moment. Heather Jamieson: Are the people that rough down there? STSF Seiben: I would imagine so, no food or power and everyone's fighting each other... Rue Wydown: Aye, ma'am. ::nods, although the idea of locking up all the colonists in the Republic's brig makes it hard for her to keep from laughing outright:: Heather Jamieson: :: Thinks of her phaser :: Rue Wydown: ::claps her hands together;: Okay folks. Where do you want to start? Who wants to take on what tasks? Heather Jamieson: :: Looks to Jax :: August Jax Robinson: I can get their systems up and running, look over the other stuff and make sure nothing has a trap set up Rue Wydown: Brilliant. ::nods to Jax, then turns to the other two:: And you lot? Heather Jamieson: I can do a sensor log search to see if anyone outside of these two groups are causing these 'accidents' STSF Seiben: I could arrange the delivery of supplies to the colony, food and generators and anything else they need Heather Jamieson: Afraid to say it, but could someone in the Federation itself be manipulating events? Rue Wydown: You know who to talk to get that list? ::making a note on her table on who's going to do what:: Rue Wydown: Ms Jamieson, how would you find that out? August Jax Robinson: ::Makes a few notes on where to start down thereee:: Rue Wydown: And Jax, would you be willing to also take a look at the accident reports from an engineer's point of view? Heather Jamieson: I'd have to do some poking around. The log search is easy, the other is not Heather Jamieson: Not saying it is, but something to consider. STSF Seiben: Hm Rue Wydown: And from a scientific point of view, what sort of poking around are you planning? August Jax Robinson: I can give them a look, but I can only guess with stuff that is Non-Engineering Heather Jamieson: I'll have to ask questions as I do other investigations of scientific interest Heather Jamieson: A bit of social engineering STSF_BluRox: :: in her ready room, rubbing at her forehead, the headaches she is frequented with bothering her again tonight, most likely from not sleeping much during the trial:: STSF Seiben: Social engineering, eh? Heather Jamieson: I'm not dressing in green if that's what you are thinking. STSF Seiben: okay Heather Jamieson: Are we to have armed escorts? Rue Wydown: Armed escorts would be overkill, don't you think? You'd be escalating an already tense situation. Heather Jamieson: Well from the sounds of it we should not be going anywhere alone. STSF Seiben: We'd have security, wouldn't we? Rue Wydown: Seiben, while you're preparing a list of relief needs, why don't you see what you can find out from the adminstrators about the inport/export information. STSF Seiben: Yes, sure. Rue Wydown: We'll have security, but we're not sending in the Marines ::dark look to both Jamieson and Seiben for going way out of bounds:: STSF_BluRox: (clarification to above statement -- it was a food storage location, there are several on the planet, so not totally without food, just tight. Power outages also only affect some of the main areas) STSF_BluRox: :: goes to the replicator and asks for some hot water to perhaps make some tea to help with the headache:: @ Holly> :: materializes a cup of tea and a plate of toast:: Rue Wydown: Jamieson, I want you to also look at the autopsy reports with our CMO and see if these incidents are accidents or deliberate. STSF_BluRox: @ I can get something on my own you know @Holly> Yes, but you are stubborn. And I know you'll feel better once you have some tea to calm that headache down Heather Jamieson: :: nods :: STSF_BluRox: @ Don't be a busybody Holly Rue Wydown: Does everyone have a clear idea of what they're doing? STSF Seiben: Yes sir August Jax Robinson: ::Looks at Seiben:: we might want to see if the same group or race is focused on STSF Seiben: ::nods:: That makes sense Rue Wydown: Oh, good point Jax. ::scribbles in her tablet:: @ Holly> If you'd rather, I can help the crew beam everyone up and let them sleep in your ready room and quarters if you like? STSF_BluRox: @ Someone wants her partition quarantined again? @ Holly> Will's not here, he's the only other one with clearance to do it. So ha. Besides, I just sent a note to get you some help... STSF_BluRox: @ What did you do? Heather Jamieson: This could be family disagreements Rue Wydown: Okay, anything else? Is everyone clear on their tasks/ STSF Seiben: Nothing from me, and yes. ACTION:: Note appears on Rue's padd. Admiral has one of her recurring headaches, and would desperately appreciate if you could help her out with one of your tea blends to help soothe the pain for her. - Sincerely, Holly August Jax Robinson: Candy and coffee then work? Rue Wydown: Whatever it takes to get you psyched up for work. ::grins, slaps the table with enthusiasm:: Alright, let's get to work then. I’ll go and update the Admiral. Heather Jamieson: :: Makes notes in her PADD :: STSF_BluRox: @ Holly, you are not helping my headache. I just want some dark chocolate and darken the room for a few moments to rest. STSF Seiben: ::makes some notes in his PADD as well:: August Jax Robinson: ::sighs:: crap STSF_BluRox: @ :: after a moment of looking at Holly grin, she deducts what she has done:: Oh no you didn't!!? What did I do wrong to you today? I should enhance your taste receptors, so you can appreciate that nasty stuff as well. Heather Jamieson: What? :: to Jax :: Rue Wydown: ::amused by the note on the padd, knowing very well that Blu wouldn't appreciate one of her tea blends, but it might bring her in better humor to be teased by it:: @ Holly> :: tracking Rue:: Well, I have stuff I need to work on, enjoy your toast, I need to get back to work Rue Wydown: :nods to the others and heads out of the conference room to check on the Admiral in her Ready Room:: August Jax Robinson: nothing... just mumbles of love Rue Wydown: ::rings the chime to the Ready Room:: @ Holly> Have a nice rest Admiral, I have to go... :: fades out:: Heather Jamieson: :: Scrunches her brow, then nods :: STSF_BluRox: :: sighs:: Enter August Jax Robinson: ::grabs her coffee and PADD:: Rue Wydown: ::the picture of innocence as if it wasn't Holly who requested her presence:: Admiral? STSF Seiben: ::heads back to the bridge and to his console:: STSF_BluRox: Yes Rue? Come in....excuse the lighting, I have it turned down a little bit at the moment Rue Wydown: Aye. You know, if you're feeling poorly, I've got just the pick me up that might work? STSF Seiben: ::does a quick inventory of what they have:: August Jax Robinson: a brick? ::Looks at Rue:: STSF_BluRox: :: mumbles:: Bloody hologram::: Heather Jamieson: :: Entering what she will need database wise :: Rue Wydown: Whot's that? STSF_BluRox: (Rue's in my ready room ) STSF_BluRox: Nothing...nothing....just making a note about Holly. August Jax Robinson: Heather Jamieson: :: Looks around to see if Holly is about :: August Jax Robinson: ::Heads to Engineering:: STSF_BluRox: Well, you've found me out....can't imagine how... :: ears flatten a bit at Holly, knowing she's watching:: As bad at it taste, I'm game to have a go at one of your blends, I feel my head is splitting open at the moment... STSF Seiben: ::checking their stocks:: Okay, that should be plenty. STSF_BluRox: Perhaps it was the thought of us beaming up 500 colonists..... Rue Wydown: ::laughs, moving to the replicator:: STSF_BluRox: Do you mind riding herd on this while I take a brief respite and try to feel a bit better? If you could meet with the colonist leaders to at least let them know our people will be poking around....before they start poking around, that would be greatly appreciated. August Jax Robinson: ::Enters the lift:: Engineering Heather Jamieson: :: Moves to Seiben :: I may need some local database for my PADD, if you can help Rue Wydown: No problem. ::putting a particularly pungent blend of tea on Blu's desk:: STSF_BluRox: :: catches a wiff and swears the woman purposely finds the worst tasting combos to test out on her..... for sadistic fun:: STSF_BluRox: That smells worse than the last....I didn't think that was possible. STSF Seiben: Ok sure. STSF Seiben: ::works with Heather:: Rue Wydown: It'll work. Trust me STSF_BluRox: :: picks it up, knowing it's only going to be worse if she lets it get cold (from her last experience with Rue's teas)......:: starts drinking it::: STSF_BluRox: :: making a look like a cat accidentally sucked on something like a lemon crossed with ghost peppers....and perhaps a dead fish::: STSF_BluRox: Oh blazes....if it doesn't kill me first...... STSF_BluRox: :: takes another swallow, noting already, that it seems to be making her drowsy:: Heather Jamieson: :: to Seiben :: I may need a more capable padd. Rue Wydown: I could go into the Science of it all, but that face you made it just says it all. Rue Wydown: ((and maybe Holly messed with the recipe)) STSF Seiben: You could get one from by spacial net easily STSF Seiben: from the* STSF_BluRox: Well, nothing for it... ::: downs the rest and moves over to the small couch to sit down:: STSF_BluRox: Thank you Rue, hopefully this will help. I appreciate your efforts And thanks for following up on this, I'll join you once I'm feeling a bit better. PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM August Jax Robinson: ::Pauseeeddd::: STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: STSF_BluRox: Sorry, didnt' realize we had ran over so much.... STSF_BluRox: Thank you all for coming, and Jax, take care of that wrist STSF_BluRox: I'll see all of you (except Jax on Thursday STSF_BluRox: Any questions before we go? STSF_BluRox: Rue, do you have anything for them? Rue Wydown: Nothing from me tonight STSF_BluRox: Ok then....Crew Dismissed!
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  4. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #966, STARDATE 51710.16 = /\ = The Manticore left Earth orbit with a Klingon efficiency expert from the Federation Council to observe and offer counsel to Sovak and McFly. This expert took over the ship, flew us to the edge of nowhere, shut down the engines and told us to start the examination. Unfortunately, we got pulled through a black hole and the Klingon ended up dead. Now we are stuck in some sort of null space with no stars for navigation and no sensor beacons to connect to. We dropped a sensor probe and took off at impulse, only to end up right next to the probe, no matter what direction we fly. SCIGUY convinced the Command Team to let him overload the sensors to try to force the sensors to go further than normal and try to reach outside of the null space, what did he learn? = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #966, STARDATE 51710.16 = /\ = 171016.log
  5. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51710.16 - Season 25 Melos 3 is a small planet located in the Melos star system. Located midway between Darbet and Gaithe, Melos 3 had been left un-colonized for some time as both sides wished to claim, but neither wanted to start a war while applying for Federation membership. Now, with both having become Federation members, a joint colony had been established about 20 years previously, but now reports of strange occurrences, broken machinery and sabotage have surfaced. We are to investigate and put a stop to what we find.
  6. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51710.12 - SEASON 22 Having returned from their outing, the time has come to start with our next mission, t'Vatrix has sent a message to all senior staff, and messaged N'Dak that she'd like to see them all in the conference room in 5 siuren. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: :: Having finished uploading a few maps and instructions to her ISD's, closes out the screen on her Etreeh, and heads towards the door leading to the Oira:: STSF Seiben: ::making his way to the conference room:: m_k_tksa: ::poking her head into the exam room where tr'Aieme is working:: Senior staff meeting. Ie? ::motions for him to wrap up what he's doing:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval found the conference room early so that she could continue reviewing the recent supply orders that had been transferred from the station. From the look of things, Pexil had done well in finagling several of the harder to get items.:: NDak: ::Destorie made his way to the conference room after checking in with the Stinger and instructing them to reprovision. :: Lerak trPexil: :: Walking to the conference room, looking at his ISD, then wondering if he was developing an unhealthy addition to its contents :: m_k_tksa: tr'Aieme>Just because I'm the only Kheinsa onboard....::shakes his head, grabbing an ISD off the table and follows t'Ksa out:: Lerak trPexil: :: Enters the room :: STSF Seiben: ::enters the room after Pex, reading his ISD:: m_k_tksa: Au are the only Khiensa in a few sectors ::smirks, heading down the back corridor of medical, examining the construction still underway as they travel:: They've missed a few spots, I see. NDak: ::Takes a seat:: STSF Seiben: ::sits down:: KhreRiovtRex: :: enters the conference room with a armful of ISD's and makes her way to the head of the table:: m_k_tksa: tr'Aieme> They have other priorities than fixing the rear half of our area. ::enters the lift:: m_k_tksa: Au do know it affects au's office. That the sooner the construction crew finishes, the sooner au can move back into au's office, ie? KhreRiovtRex: ::sees that they are still waiting on a few, so takes a seat for the moment:: m_k_tksa: tr'Aieme> Tired of sharing au's office then? ::enters the conference room, rather startled to see how quiet it is:: Lerak trPexil: :: sits :: m_k_tksa: ::elbows him and motions to a couple of free chairs:: KhreRiovtRex: :: pours a glass of water from one of the pitchers located on the table, then turns her attention back to one of her ISD's and brings up a large star map of Rihan Space onto the viewer Lerak trPexil: :: Looks at the map on the screen :: STSF Seiben: ::looks at the viewer and takes a sip of water:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval glanced up as everyone drifted in and finally took her seat, nodding to the crew.:: KhreRiovtRex: Hann'yyo for au time and coming so quickly. I'm sure au would have liked a bit more time on the station to check back on friends and family back rhae the homeworld. If au have na had an opportunity to do so, we will be stationing out of this location for some time, and working in an outward radius of it's location until we are sure we've cut off the enemy at this point KhreRiovtRex: t'A will be briefed afterwards, I've asked her to keep an eye on the work crews from the shipyards as we don't know them KhreRiovtRex: :: passes out several ISD's to hand around the table:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Takes one down and passes it around.:: NDak: ::He continued to drink from a mug of hot tea that had a slightly citrus fragrance and a, whiff of cinnamon:: KhreRiovtRex: Each ISD I'm handing au, has a copy of this star map, ::points up to the screen, which is marked where we believe the current front lines with the Othan are. m_k_tksa: ::takes io of the ISD, catches the Kheinsa's eye before handing him io as well:: Lerak trPexil: :: Nods :: KhreRiovtRex: While I'm sure many of us including myself, would jol na more than to charge right to face that traitor tr'Tronius and his lot.... however, we have much more important work to do at the moment. That being to make sure that the homeworld is protected and has the resources needed to recover STSF Seiben: ::takes an ISD and passes it to the next person:: KhreRiovtRex: Part of this task to ensure it is protected, is to make sure the area surrounding the Jubel System, where we are here at the Justarus Shipyards, is held and secure. This is where the extra ships where hidden by Galae that helped us turn the tide. However, their numbers have been drastically lowered, and it will take time to rebuild KhreRiovtRex: we must make sure that this sector is secure. However, when they were attacked, and proud to say able to hold the Othan off until they withdrew, they also had not known of the incoming attack until it was almost too late KhreRiovtRex: A few scouts and probes have shown us that the Othan knocked out several key communications relays, as well as enacted a scorched-earth policy, much as they had on the last planet we had just assisted. Laehval tTemarr: ::She nodded in agreement with t'Rexan's plan, pleased that her previous suicidal rush had been tempered with reason and logic. The Othan could be anywhere now and they weren't going to catch up with them by hopping from colony to colony.:: KhreRiovtRex: We need to reach out, and secure the surrounding planetary systems, get the relays up and running, and assist any injured parties KhreRiovtRex: The Othan seem to have a strategy that targets anything that might be useful to us, while it is advancing through and withdrawing from a location NDak: ::He frowned. The dishonor with which the Othan veruul draped themselves with was intolerable.:: KhreRiovtRex: I am concerned about the Ustallan and Quatel systems, as well as Pallor, but out Dumo'kozen can investigate Pallor for now. KhreRiovtRex: What I want is your suggestions on how we go about this. KhreRiovtRex: Do we take Talon out with Stinger cloaked as advance scout? Do we keep the Talon near to the shipyards to show we are protecting it, and use the Stinger for shorter, smaller misisons? KhreRiovtRex: Fhaen, I would like to know au thoughts and recommendations KhreRiovtRex: https://www.stsf.net/forums/topic/21962-map-of-the-rihannsu-star-empire/ KhreRiovtRex: (Talon forums link to starmap) NDak: ::Frowns more deeply, considering over his tea:: STSF Seiben: :pondering, as he studies the starmap:: KhreRiovtRex: :: sets down her ISD, and picks up her water again:: NDak: There is an argument for either. m_k_tksa: I'm na the tactical expert, so I'm afraid I can't give an opinion on how the Talon or Stinger should be used. ::setting her ISD down:: STSF Seiben: Indeed there is. There's merit in both options. NDak: Leaving the Talon, rhae the systems would certainly lower the chances of the Othan attacking the system. NDak: However, flying the flag with a powerful vessel under the command of the Khre'Riov would also send a powerful message, rhae the peoples of these systems who we will have to do some convincing that we are here to help them. Laehval tTemarr: While helpful, the Stinger's cloak will be useless if we come across the Othans. It is their ship and technology. Without significant modifications, they could surely track the ship the same way we tracked theirs. NDak: Perhaps au could assist my daise engineer in that. KhreRiovtRex: :: turns to look at tKsa:: Au may na be a tactical expert, but au are our medical expert, and I am relying on au thoughts on how best to help the inhabitants, if they were left in as bad of shape as that last planet. What impact that would have, both on a supply basis, as well as how much aid we would currently be able to lend them. Your opinion is much valued KhreRiovtRex: Both excellent thoughts Destorie and Laehval...... KhreRiovtRex: Pexil, perhaps au can offer NDak's engineers some assistance with a way to hide Stinger from the rest of their fleet Lerak trPexil: I can work on quieting the emissions. KhreRiovtRex: ::turns to tr'Aieme:: Depending on the conditions we find, we will rely upon au thoughts of how to reassure them that ch’Rihan Galae are na the enemy STSF Seiben: Masking our signature. m_k_tksa: tr'Aieme> ::nods:: KhreRiovtRex: ::nods to Koga:: Ie, that would be helpful as well, work with Pexil on that fhaen Laehval tTemarr: The unique metals in the hull are the biggest flaw. ::She said quietly to Lerak.:: We need to find a way to negate those readings, as well. STSF Seiben: Ie rekkhai Lerak trPexil: :: nods :: KhreRiovtRex: :: turns back to Laeh and NDak:: I would hear from both of au, how au each would proceed at this point NDak: ::he glanced to Laeh, deferring to her:: Laehval tTemarr: I would na leave the Talon behind, Rekkhai. Our repairs are minor now and can be done while we are underway. Lerak trPexil: :: pulling up the Stinger specs :: KhreRiovtRex: ::sets glass down and nods to Laehval:: NDak? Au thoughts? Laehval tTemarr: Lack of supplies hinder us. If we scout the area, we may find others that are desperately needed, both here and on the station. NDak: ::Nods:: I agree. We should send a clear message to any Othan veruul left behind, as well as to the people of this quadrant. The Galae remains strong. KhreRiovtRex: The rest of au? Au thoughts? Do au agree? Lerak trPexil: Sounds valid. We need to make sure the Stinger is also armed as well as she can be. STSF Seiben: I agree. KhreRiovtRex: It is also possible that we may run into the rest of the Othan fleet that had been in retreat, as we knew they swung a wide berth around this station trying to get away from us. I fear I may also be leading au into more yy'a and destruction. As I said back on ch'Rihan, I will na hold it against any of the crew...or it's senioir officers, if au feel au do na agree, and would rather stay fahd at the sta KhreRiovtRex: station, I will na stop any one. m_k_tksa: Do we know the size of the remaining Othan fleet/ KhreRiovtRex: We do na, though we did destroy a rather large number in the battle in our homeworld space KhreRiovtRex: We are hoping that we may find a few of the relays up, but unable to send a signal, that may help us get a read on fleet size KhreRiovtRex: NDak, do au need any replacement crew for Stinger, or wish any of our senior staff join au? Lerak trPexil: I will make sure we have enough replacement relays ready to go on the Talon if need be. KhreRiovtRex: Very well, we will take both Talon and Stinger. Laeh and NDak, I'll leave it to the two of au to decide if we go to Ustallan or Quatel first KhreRiovtRex: I do na think it wise that we split up STSF Seiben: ::nods:: m_k_tksa: ::collects her ISD's:: KhreRiovtRex: Koga, start making preparations to depart and get the clearances from the station. Once tTemarr notifies au of our coordinates, relay to Stinger, set course, and get underway. STSF Seiben: Ie, will do KhreRiovtRex: If nobody else has anything, I'll leave NDak and Laeh to work on our plans. The rest of au are dismissed. Laehval tTemarr: ::She nodded.:: KhreRiovtRex: t'Ksa.....if au would fhaen, I would like a few siuren of au time, let us withdraw to my chambers so we do na disturb Laeh and Destorie m_k_tksa: ::nods, tucking the ISD's under her arm:: KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: PAUSE SIM KhreRiovtRex: Nice sim folks, I think I'll serve ale next time, to loosen au tongues and get some of you talking! lol KhreRiovtRex: Laeh, do you have anything before we dismiss? Laehval tTemarr: Isn't Romulan Ale just blue vodka? STSF Seiben: lol KhreRiovtRex: Shhhh KhreRiovtRex: lol KhreRiovtRex: ok then... Crew Dismissed. Have a nice weekend m_k_tksa: Gnight guys Laehval tTemarr: Night, all. STSF Seiben: Night KhreRiovtRex: Night Lerak trPexil: See some of you Monday KhreRiovtRex: Yep!
  7. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #966, STARDATE 51710.16 = /\ = The Manticore left Earth orbit with a Klingon efficiency expert from the Federation Council to observe and offer counsel to Sovak and McFly. This expert took over the ship, flew us to the edge of nowhere, shut down the engines and told us to start the examination. Unfortunately, we got pulled through a black hole and the Klingon ended up dead. Now we are stuck in some sort of null space with no stars for navigation and no sensor beacons to connect to. We dropped a sensor probe and took off at impulse, only to end up right next to the probe, no matter what direction we fly. SCIGUY convinced the Command Team to let him overload the sensors to try to force the sensors to go further than normal and try to reach outside of the null space, what did he learn? = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #966, STARDATE 51710.16 = /\ =
  8. Dana tries to communicate by going into the holodeck while it is connected to New City, but ends up being transported to New City instead. They use that fact to send objects from Arcadia to New City without lossiness, including a fully functional drone. chatlog2017-10-8.txt
  9. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 10/13/17 - 10:03 PM=/\= 11 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.101 TBS is 15 minutes. The time is 1200 hours - 12:00 PM Aegis local. As a test of the ship's reality, the away team decides to move Ma'ev toward the defense grid, which registers it as a non-hostile "something". Is the away team's perspective is being distorted? Are they being mentally manipulated, stuck between realities, or both? Is the Ma'ev's crew out of phase? More questions than answers. =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Fletcher Jackson: ::OPS:: mimipavilion: $::on the Ma'ev's bridge:: Dacia Sandero: ::on the CT, observing the happening on the Ma'ev:: Scott Coleridge: $ Have we reached the grid yet? Tarisa: ::At the science station on CnC.:: Alexis McFarland: ::in her room with Miana and Annisha, playing with her stuffed chimp:: Jylliene: % ::on the Nei'rrh, intergalactic Risk or food or something.:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::on Ma'ev bridge:: We should be within it's range, yes. Chirakis: ::sighs, leaning on the tactical console, puzzled::: Tarisa: Miana> ::In Alexis' quarters after a shopping spree.:: What shall we do for lunch? Alexis McFarland: Blubby’s? Scott Coleridge: $+Aegis+ How is the grid reacting to the Ma'ev? Chirakis: +Ma'ev+ SubCommander, you register as being within the grid. Alexis McFarland: Any preferences? Chirakis: +Scott+ The ship registers as "something" not hostile. Scott Coleridge: $ Any other ideas? ::looks around:: Other than blowing up the ship, of course. Tarisa: Miana> ::Cuddling her stuffed Caitian.:: What if we have someone deliver? Alexis McFarland: Yeah, I think Blubby's delivers. Chirakis: +Scott+ So, you are definitely there. What you are is apparently beyond detection. Alexis McFarland: Plus my feet are still kinda tired after all that walking. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::scott:: I wouldn't take that personal. Tarisa: Miana> ::nods:: Chirakis: ::Dacia:: Thoughts, Doctor? Lawliet: $ ::on the Ma'ev bridge:: mimipavilion: $::looks around, thinking of any ideas:: Dacia Sandero: I can't sense anything hostile either, but it certainly is out of the ordinary. It's difficult to explain. KelsaViegnor: ::gets a return message from the possible hiree and smiles slightly in satisfaction:: Chirakis: How difficult? Alexis McFarland: ::activates the terminal by the couch and brings up Blubby's menu:: What do you want? Lawliet: $ Perhaps a test? Tarisa: ::Ears perk up to the conversation.:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> If something is actively blocking our perception I would suggest trying to overload their ability. Chirakis: ::looks to Tarisa:: Any thoughts you have, please voice. We are running out of options. Gila Orrak: $ :: With the others on the Ma'ev :: mimipavilion: $::hears Lawliet and Jorahl:: KelsaViegnor: ::then turns her attention to the other message and seems content with it as well:: Nijil tr'Korjata: % :: With Jylliene :: Tarisa: We should somehow determine if there is a delay of some sort. That could give us an indication. Chirakis: And how would we do that? One ping? Dacia Sandero: Well, I can sense something but it's not like anything I've encountered before. I would agree with Tarisa there, that could certainly help. Tarisa: Perhaps something as simple as a sensor ping. Annisha: :: Eating :: Au know. I think lunch is the best meal...although... Tarisa: ::nods:: Chirakis: Of course.... Alexis McFarland: Although? Chirakis: Do it. Lawliet: $ ::looks up:: Commander, I just noticed something. mimipavilion: $::focuses on Jorahl's comment and thinks back to what happened with the tl:: Tarisa: ::Makes a ping.:: Alexis McFarland: ::Orders a cheeseburger combo and a Jumja Juice to deliver:: Nijil tr'Korjata: % :: Speaking to Jylliene :: So, looking forward to some actual air, if that even is a thing? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::turns towards Lawliet:: Tarisa: Miana> ::orders the same.:: Dacia Sandero: ::watches and senses for anything:: Alexis McFarland: ::their orders appear in the replicator a few moments later:: mimipavilion: $::turns to Lawliet while somewhat thinking about what happened:: Chirakis: ::straightens up to hear the return::: Alexis McFarland: ::Sing-songy voice from the replicator:: Thank you for ordering from Blubby's! Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Sensor ping registers the Ma'ev, lighting it up on sensors Jylliene: % ::chuckles:: Very much so. Chirakis: ::her arms cross as she waits::: How long should it take, Commander? Tarisa: Not long... Chirakis: There. Dacia Sandero: Ahh Lawliet: $ ::looks around:: While our vision may be impaired...our auditory senses are not. When we talk to one another, even with Aegis, it's all consistent. Chirakis: So, it is real and not a figment of our imaginations. Tarisa: ::Nods.:: Indeed. Dacia Sandero: Which would rule out any sentient being messing with them, I would think. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::or so we think, he ponders:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Grabs her tray of food.:: Alexis McFarland: ::does the same:: Chirakis: +Scott+ Commander, we sent a sensor ping, and the ship registers as there. Rather, something is there that appears to be a ship. Tarisa: :;Shakes her head.:: We have simply confirmed they are there. Lawliet: $ What if we try and approach this by listening...instead of seeing? Gila Orrak: $ :: Looks around :: So what exactly is happening to this vessel? Chirakis: ::nod to Dacia and Tarisa:: Alexis McFarland: ::bites into her burger:: Scott Coleridge: $ You want to blind-fold us? Chirakis: ::on hearing Lawliet, she raises a brow::: Dacia Sandero: Ah, not a bad idea. Chirakis: Indeed. As humanoids we have several senses that define in our minds what we are experiencing. Lawliet: $ No. What I mean is, we use methods that don't require our sight. Like the PING Aegis just sent for example. Dacia Sandero: Yes, by blocking one sense it could increase the efficiency of the others mimipavilion: $::Scott:: Well, Lawliet is right. Jorahl went into the computer core 'blind' using only his tactile sense. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> If Aegis was to adjust their sensor probe to the right frequency it could cause a resonance of an audible range against the vessel's hull. Tarisa: Interesting... Chirakis: Also, our brains tend to take things we do not understand and make sense of them according to our knowledge. At least Dr. Davis so believes. Jylliene: % Time in natural air with trees growing around... it will be very nice. Dacia Sandero: Yes, quite. Tarisa: ::Looks at potential frequency modulations.:: Alexis McFarland: Nummy nummy! ::eating her fries:: Chirakis: ::Tarisa, at Jorahl's suggestion:: Whenever you are ready. Tarisa: Miana> ::nomming on fries.:: Chirakis: +Scott+ Incoming test for resonant frequencies. Tarisa: One moment...::Adjusting.:: Ready. Chirakis: +Scott+ At your command, Commander Coleridge. Scott Coleridge: $+Aegis+ Initiate. Tarisa: ::Activates sensor modulations.:: Chirakis: ::nods to Tarisa::: Lawliet: $ ::monitors the sensor readings:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> A low hum is heard by the away team. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::pulls out sensor device and scans:: Lawliet: $ ::looks up and listens to the resonance:: Gila Orrak: $ What's that? Chirakis: ::waiting::: mimipavilion: $::Gila:: Must be the resonant scan Chirakis: ::Tarisa:: Should we be able to hear the resonance? mimipavilion: $::listens to the scan and looks around a bit:: Fletcher Jackson: ::looking up from his work::: Tarisa: We may get some of the feedback through the open comm. Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Visually the away team suddenly see a flash. For a split second the bridge is full of Romulans at their stations. then their gone. Chirakis: Um... Dacia Sandero: ::stands by Tarisa's console:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ :: Watching Gila...with a longing for the past..stops in his tracks :: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::eyebrow, looking over sensor readings:: mimipavilion: $::catches a brief glimpse of the crew on the bridge:: Wow!!! Scott Coleridge: $ What was that? Gila Orrak: $ Did anyone else see that? :: She said, gripping her rifle :: Chirakis: Mr. Jackson, keep the corridors clear until this is resolved. Lawliet: $ ::looks around:: Commander...I have a suggestion. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Perhaps a shared experience is merging our perceptions. Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. Clearing the corridors. Annisha: :: Flops back on the bed :: mimipavilion: $ I believe that was the crew. Something similar happened to me and Jorahl on our way back here. Tarisa: ::Listening to the comm chatter.:: What did they see? Fletcher Jackson: ::sends an APB to clear all entry and exit corridors because of an emergency::: Alexis McFarland: ::Finishes her meal:: That was yummy! ::flops on the bed as well:: Chirakis: A good question. Annisha: Hey guys, what if I colored my hair pure white? Think my parents would get upset? Tarisa: Miana> Mmm Scott Coleridge: $ Was that real, though? Alexis McFarland: Ooh, like Miana's? Tarisa: Miana> You mean like my hair? Scott Coleridge: $::Lawliet, dry:: You can just suggest things, you know. You don't have to announce it beforehand. Annisha: Yeah... au like your hair, right? Alexis McFarland: How long are your parents gone for again? I've never seen a white haired Romulan before Tarisa: Miana> ::giggles.:: mimipavilion: $ Good question? Nijil tr'Korjata: % :: Goes to program something for the replicator :: Annisha: Weeks I think... or never...au know how parents are. Fletcher Jackson: All corridors are clear, Captain. Alexis McFarland: Yes.. yes I do Chirakis: ::nods to Fletcher::: Lawliet: $ Sir... the appearance of the crew coincided with the resonance scan. If we alternate it's intensity and speed...we might be able to get a better idea of what's going on here. Jylliene: % ::grins:: Think we'll get sick of cooking our own food there instead of using the replicator? Tarisa: ::Hearing Lawliet, already making her adjustments.:: Chirakis: ::looks to Tarisa::: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Agreed. variable frequencies might prove useful. Nijil tr'Korjata: % There's always the Nei'rrh replicator. But I don't think so... My parents made sure I could cook a thing or two. Chirakis: Wait for Commander Coleridge's command. Tarisa: ::Nods to Chirakis.:: I am ready. Scott Coleridge: $ OK, let's try that. +Aegis+ Did you copy that, Aegis? Chirakis: +Scott+ Ready. Gila Orrak: $ Were those the crew? Can we communicate with them? Jylliene: % I married you for a reason. Jylliene: % ::grins:: mimipavilion: $::Gila:: I'm not sure, we're about to find out. Nijil tr'Korjata: % Au told me it was to fix things around the home... Jylliene: % Several reasons, then. Chirakis: +Scott+ At your command. mimipavilion: $;:Hopes Aegis is visually recording this, looks at the Captain's Chair:: Scott Coleridge: $+Aegis+ Initiate. ::everyone else:: Tricorders on, let's try to take this in and figure it out. Nijil tr'Korjata: % I bonded with au because au make me a better person...and I hope I can do the same for au. Chirakis: ::nods to Tarisa:: Jylliene: % ::awwwwww:: mimipavilion: $::gets her tricorder out and begins scanning:: Tarisa: ::Activates the 2nd wave of pulses.:: Lawliet: $ ::takes out tricorder:: Kallah Ramson: ACTION> Random flashes of the crew appear and disappear. Alexis McFarland: ::sipping her Jumja Juice, imagining Annisha in white hair:: Chirakis: 10:35 PM Jylliene: % ::grins:: You already have. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::scanning:: Chirakis: That... is interesting. ::strokes her chin::: Lawliet: $ ::gets up and walks around:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::steps near the command chair:: Tarisa: Miana> Maybe you should try a wig first to make sure you like it. Alexis McFarland: Or, a holo-sim of yourself with white hair? mimipavilion: $::sees Jorahl near the chair, makes her way to helm:: Nijil tr'Korjata: % :: the weight of what they have done together, before and after the bonding started to affect him. He wiped a tear away. Truth be told, he was always full of emotion, but unlike his Vulcan cousin, he could not suppress them. :: Chirakis: ::Dacia:: Thoughts, Doctor? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::looks down at a console then back towards the flashing image of the commander in his seat:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Does anyone notice any movement of the crew? Scott Coleridge: $ Just a little. mimipavilion: $::stands directly next to the helm officer:: barely Jylliene: % Getting emotional on me? Annisha: :: Light years away, another Rihan was overcome with emotion. Annisha sighed :: Lawliet: $ ::moves his hand up and down in front of one of the crew:: Dacia Sandero: ::ponders:: I'm not sure what could be causing the crew's vision they're experiencing without being there. Dacia Sandero: visions* mimipavilion: $::scans helm and moves to where she is directly in front of the helm officer or rather where the officer should be:: Scott Coleridge: $ +Aegis+ Are you detecting anything else on sensors now? Any lifesigns? Annisha: I could use the holosuite, if I could get time there. Nijil tr'Korjata: % :: He sat down as he handed her a glass of cold water :: I am always so. Gila Orrak: $ Can they see us? Chirakis: ::Dacia, Tarisa:: Doctor? Commander? Jylliene: % ::nods, accepts the glass:: Tarisa: ::Shakes head.:: I'm not detecting lifesigns other than the away team. mimipavilion: $::puts her hand above the console, hoping that the officer will see it:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> We may be out of sync with them on a temporal scale. Dacia Sandero: Same, not sensing anything out of the ordinary either. Lawliet: $ ::checks his scans:: Chirakis: Strange things I have witnessed, but this is by far the most strange. Scott Coleridge: $ Of course. Alexis McFarland: I have some extra time. Dacia gave me some time to use there if I get bored. Scott Coleridge: $ It's a temporal fold. Jylliene: % ::stretches:: I am enjoying the time with you on the Nei'rrh, too. Scott Coleridge: $ It must be anchored to the AQS. Dacia Sandero: I could say the same thing. ::overhearing Scott:: mimipavilion: $How do we correct it? Chirakis: ::Tarisa, Dacia:: A temporal fold? Scott Coleridge: $ I mean, the fastest way would be to you know. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> They are running in a circle. We've simply been in the eye of the storm Scott Coleridge: $ But that’s obviously not an option. Nijil tr'Korjata: % :: Gets his glass :: To us...and the possibilities. Scott Coleridge: $ We could jettison the AQS, but that wouldn’t get rid of the fold, and I don't know what that would do to the people trapped inside it. Hmm. Dacia Sandero: A time loop? Replaying the Romulans' last moments perhaps? Didn't that happen to Enterprise? mimipavilion: $What about the AQS on our side? Scott Coleridge: $::stops, looks at Mimi:: Oh dear. Lawliet: $ So the crew is trapped in a pocket of time so to speak. Scott Coleridge: $::looks at Jorahl:: We need to back this thing up. mimipavilion: $I don't want to be responsible for the death certificates Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::nods:: mimipavilion: $Can't we restart it somehow? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::moves back over to helm:: reverse thrusters. Chirakis: ::she has a passing thought about Scott and his desire to blow things up, that perhaps he should have been in EOD instead of engineering::: Scott Coleridge: $+Aegis+ Aegis, be advised we are backing away from the grid. Everything is fine, but under no circumstances is Aegean or any other AQS-powered ship to approach us. Chirakis: +Scott+ Understood. All corridors are clear. Tarisa: ::Shakes head.:: Not a loop. Essentially two speeds of time are happening on that ship. One or the other is moving so fast that they can not be seen by normal means. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ Ejecting their core is a dangerous proposition. Chirakis: ::sighs and moves around for the first time in over an hour::: Chirakis: ::mutters:: Two speeds of time... Scott Coleridge: $::Lawliet:: That's the idea. It's similar to a loop, but it's more like part of space-time folded on itself. ::sighs:: It was just theoretical. Scott Coleridge: $::shakes his head:: This doesn't happen with controlled matter-antimatter annihilation. Dacia Sandero: Ah, I see. mimipavilion: $Like I said maybe we could restart the AQS? Lawliet: $ Well this is a Romulan ship. It uses a quantum singularity drive. Annisha: Oh I know. I can get one of those skull cap things. Make them think I shaved my head... Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> There's no real way of restarting an AQS. Chirakis: ::absently:: And that.. .is why I am not a scientist. Tarisa: Miana> :;Snickers.:: Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ :: nods :: And it has no off switch Alexis McFarland: ::giggles:: Chirakis: ::she begins to pace::: mimipavilion: $Just a thought. mimipavilion: $::thankfully she's a doctor not an engineer:: Fletcher Jackson: ::shaking his head, he goes back to work, concentrating on internal affairs::: Lawliet: $ ::thinks to himself for a moment:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::scans:: Chirakis: 10:50 PM Scott Coleridge: $ At least we know this is all real now. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::displeased:: I see part of the problem. I believe this AQS core should have been replaced sometime ago. Nijil tr'Korjata: % I hope au are looking forward to actually camping out in the hills around the forest. Chirakis: ::chuckles at Scott's comment, wondering what he would do if they found that it was all a dream::: mimipavilion: $::NIP:: This ship has an arrhythmia that we can't fix. mimipavilion: $::to Jorahl:: What if they were coming in to do that? Jylliene: % For a while. As long as we also still have time in the cabin as well. Scott Coleridge: $ ::Jorahl:: What... what exactly do you do with a retired AQS, anyway? Chirakis: ::Dacia:: arrhythmia? ::as she steps back to the tac console::: Scott Coleridge: $ Please don’t tell me you drop it into a bigger black hole. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> With the loss of Romulus and its shipyards, I believe too many ships in the fleet have had to extend the use of the available cores. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> There are methods of recycling. It’s replacing that's more of a trouble. Lawliet: $ ::under his breath:: Well that's an option.... mimipavilion: $What about our shipyard? Don't we have any? Nijil tr'Korjata: % Oh we'll have time in the cabin :: winks :: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> We do. But, how to get it here with the unwanted results we're trying to avoid. Chirakis: ::and now she is wondering if Scott will take that command position he was offered::: Dacia Sandero: It's your heart beat rhythm. More specifically, your own rhythm your heart beats at, usually 60-80 bpm Chirakis: ::knowing how much he loves black holes::: Chirakis: ::nods:: Thank you, Doctor. Jylliene: % ::chuckles:: Scott Coleridge: $ OK, let's break this down. Chirakis: Another reason why I am an operative, and not a doctor. Lawliet: $ The best solution, I believe, is to revert everything back to a point before this fold occurred. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> If the crack in time contaminates a full powered AQS, this hole sector could fall into the loop. Chirakis: 10:55 PM Scott Coleridge: $ The Ma'ev crew are trapped in a temporal fold anchored to the AQS. We can't eject the AQS, because that won't break the fold. We can't bring another AQS close to us because... yeah, that. Dacia Sandero: ::smiles:: Scott Coleridge: $ We need to collapse the fold, somehow, without killing the people inside. Chirakis: Science was never my forte. Fighting and killing, perhaps. Not science. Cdr Wyatt Cayne: $ If only I had something to add. They are delicate power sources. Scott Coleridge: $::Lawliet:: I agree that’s one option we should explore. Chirakis: ::mutters:: Yes, killing the crew does not look good on the resume. Scott Coleridge: $::Jorahl:: How stable is the ship in this condition? Nijil tr'Korjata: % I was reading something on the place where we are going.... reminds me of places on ch'Rihan. mimipavilion: $::looks at Jorahl:: Can we revert or rewind the AQS to the last functional day. Lawliet: $ Well it just so happens I have something that might work...in theory. Chirakis: ::Dacia:: What precautions should our crew take during this process? Chirakis: ::then looks to Tarisa as well::: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::Scott:: stable enough. Chirakis: 10:58 PM Scott Coleridge: $::Lawliet:: Remember what I said about announcements. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::mimi:: We would in a sense have to refuel the AQS. Gila Orrak: $ Sure we can't shoot it? mimipavilion: $What if we had a federation ship come in transporter range with the needed fuel. Lawliet: $ ::looks off to the side:: .....a few months back I was working on a temporal-reversion application. The idea is to take something and revert it back in time to a point where it was more optimal. Chirakis: ::hanging her head, she sighs at Orrak's comment:: Tarisa: Returning to their ship and activating the process remotely would be the safest idea. Chirakis: And would it work? Dacia Sandero: I'm not familiar with now AQS systems work, but I imagine precautions pertinent to resetting our conventional warp cores would apply keeping a safe distance from the core. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Before we try anything too rash, perhaps we should remove ourselves from the equation. Chirakis: ::nods to Dacia::: Scott Coleridge: $ OK, if we're not in any immediate danger, here’s what I want to do. Subcommander, you return to the shipyard. Ponder this, maybe prepare a new AQS if possible. The rest of us will return to the station. Commander Lawliet, you work with engineering on your proposal. Tarisa: My knowledge of AQS systems are very minimal. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::nods:: Lawliet: $ ::nods:: Understood mimipavilion: $::nods:: Scott Coleridge: $::Mimi:: Doctor, prepare Aegis to treat the Romulan crew for the possible side-effects from this experience. Of which I'm sure there will be some, but I have no idea what they are. Chirakis: Mr. Jackson, prepare to beam. Fletcher Jackson: Ready. mimipavilion: $Of course. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 10/13/17 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Well, Captain. TBS? Kallah Ramson: Might need sometime to review all the data we've gathered. How long do we need for the newlyweds to return? Jylliene: We haven't even gotten there yet Scott Coleridge: How long until you get there? :P Kallah Ramson: Don't blame us if you leave just when things get interesting. Jylliene: :P Chirakis: ::chuckles::: Kallah Ramson: Perhaps a TBS of 2 days. Jylliene: That should definitely put us there, at least. Chirakis: 2 days. Comments for the crew? Kallah Ramson: Well done as usual. Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew? Scott Coleridge: I'm glad we didn't get stuck in a time loop! Chirakis: As am I, Scott. Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  10. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur's engineering crew continues to investigate the failure of the power grid, now with some reluctant assistance from a "local." Security is assisting planet side with distribution of aide supplies, while medical has continued to serve as a triage overflow for the Mary Seacole. Flight and Operations have been busy assisting the Tennessee Valley with logistics. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: grumpily shimmers back into existence wherever Will's ground zero coordinates were :: William Chocox: @ ::Is there:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::finalizing the last shipment from Tennessee Valley and preparing to depart:: Tandaris Admiran: @::materializes near Chocox:: William Chocox: @ Hello sir. Maryse Dubois: ::Steps out onto the bridge.:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::It's nasty down here, so he's in a protective flight suit (non HAZMAT) just so he doesn't spoil his nice clean uniform that's not very nice and clean anymore::: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: scowls with all the might that a short, scrawny, scraggly platinum blonde Caitian can muster :: So where the hell are we then? Tandaris Admiran: @ Chocox, this is Dazim, the disembodied voice who was abusing us earlier. Tandaris Admiran: @ I invited him along so he can abuse us more in person. Rhan K'hal: :: glances over at the bridge TL doors as he hears them open. shoots Maryse a smile as he languidly pokes at his console :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Back on the bridge, Miranda was monitoring their various team locations and reviewing the reports from the other starfleet vessels.:: William Chocox: @ You always did know how to have a great time. William Chocox: @ And to answer your question, you are right here. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> If I wanted a smart-ass remark to my question I would've answered it myself. :: huffs, checks the map on his watch :: Cptn Swain: ::Still in astrometrics, letting his crew do their thing.:: Maryse Dubois: ::Smiles as she walks over to Rhan, setting a PADD by him.:: Transfer list for those that can return to the Mary Seacole. I would have simply sent it to you, but I needed to get out of sickbay. William Chocox: @ You know the area better than I. Hakran K'hal: :: in his office, letting Swain do his thing while he works on crew evaluations :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::he's not that far from the convo with Daz, and it's hard to ignore, but he forces himself to at least try 'cause he really doesn't want to anything more atm::: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Major node 3, Vrr'reait province, 42 clicks outside the capital. Whoopee. Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: So what makes you think this is ground zero? William Chocox: @ The wave of power loss starts from here. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Doctor, how many are you transferring off the Excalibur? Rhan K'hal: :: smiles :: I imagine you did. :: tapps the PADD and uploads the list to his console, makes a few annotations and sends it down to the TR :: There we go, sickbay will get less crowded in a few minutes. Maryse Dubois: As many as we can. We'll still hold the ones not medically fit to return. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Nothing particularly special about this site. There are 143 more just like it. Maryse Dubois: ::Smiles to Rhan.:: Thanks. William Chocox: @ Correct, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't the point of failure. Rhan K'hal: Easy-peasy. Hunter Matheson: @ ::he enters the shuttle for a visual of the cargo, to make sure it's clear for launch:: Tandaris Admiran: @ OK, let’s take a look. I’ll pull the command-processing unit. You take a look at the hub, see if there was a mechanical failure. William Chocox: @ Aye sir. ::starts poking around:: Cptn Swain: ::Glances over to see a message from Rhan about something, marks it as read. He assumed if it were important he would have been interrupted.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: And most of the injuries were manageable? Any fatalities? Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: glances around, finds a suitable container to sit on and does so smartly :: I'll be right here. :: starts poking at his watch some more :: Maryse Dubois: ::Shakes head. No thankfully. Hunter Matheson: @ ::signs off, passes the PADD to the engineer in charge, then readies for launch::: Cptn Swain: d'A> ::enters the bridge from the side lift, still wearing her flight suit.:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: keeps an ear pointed toward both of them - not because he wants to be ready to answer a question however :: Tandaris Admiran: @::moves to the command processors, removes the access hatch:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::straps in, gets an all clear and tells TV wheels-up, en route, ETA and all that jazz:: Rhan K'hal: :: glances over at the doors again, gives Constance a little wave/salute :: Tandaris Admiran: @::frowns at the smell emanating:: What the? ::pulls out a rack of gel-paks and finds them leaking a sickly goo:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Raises a hand in greeting to the fighter commander.:: d'Aubigne, how goes the effort? Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: looks up and over, grunts :: William Chocox: @::looks over:: That is sub optimal. Tandaris Admiran: @ It smells worse than that time we couldn’t remember if we were making moonshine or organic solvent for explosives. Tandaris Admiran: @ That was ... not a good day. Cptn Swain: d'A> ::Smiles:: Not bad. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: rolls eyes, reluctantly hauls himself up and clomps over to Tandaris, sniffs :: Cptn Swain: d'A> My pilots are ready for a rest, though. Tandaris Admiran: @::scanning the gel-paks now:: Should have brought a medical tricorder. William Chocox: @ Well, we have what we have. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Slight whiff of heating from the power surge that went through here, but even if you boiled it, electrocuted it, battered it and fried it, shouldn't come out like that. Cptn Swain: d'A> ::Hands her a PADD:: We've moved quite abit of cargo the last few hours, as you can see. Tandaris Admiran: @ This appears to be a byproduct of advanced dendritic decay. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: hauls a Tamarn military issue scanner out of his backpack and scans it himself :: Tandaris Admiran: @ The question is ... did the power failure cause this, or is this the cause of the failure? Hunter Matheson: # ::smooth landing on TV, and he's ready for another round::: William Chocox: @ Could be both. Hunter Matheson: # ::except that the bay chief nixes the idea and calls over HAZMAT to have a good look:: Tandaris Admiran: @ Gel-pak failure leads to power failure leads to a feedback surge that destroys the neural structure? Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> I've worked with the gel for almost a quarter of a century and I've never seen it like that. Tandaris Admiran: @ If so, we might not be able to find enough evidence for what caused the original failure. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She took the PADD to have a look, scrolling through the list.:: Yes, quite a few requests. If things have slowed down, feel free to give them a few hours of respite. Send the relief crews in slower rotations. Most of the remaining supplies aren't critical. William Chocox: @ Which is unfortunate. Cptn Swain: d'A> ::nods:: They'll appreciate the rest, I am sure. Hunter Matheson: # ::so he, the shuttle, and the crew are given a good look::: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: shrugs :: If my lab was in one piece I could analyze this more closely. However, as Spotty can attest, that is not an option. Tandaris Admiran: @ What kind of equipment would you need? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: K'hal, send word to our pilots that those currently on duty are to take a mandatory break for rest, no less than half a shift, as soon as they return to the Excalibur. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> A full medical lab, cross-bred with a biology lab, and then in a fit of kink, also mated with an engineering lab. Rhan K'hal: Aye, Commander. William Chocox: @ Well, what if they're in separate locations but networked together? Rhan K'hal: +Pilots+ Excalibur to Excalibur flight crews. Orders from on high, as soon as you return to Excalibur, you are to take at least one-half shift off. Hunter Matheson: # ::they're all dragged off for class D decon, and the shuttle itself is hosed down::: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Annoying, but probably the best we can expect. William Chocox: @ We have all of those in orbit don't we Commander? Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Unless you'd like to rebuild my lab for me. Tandaris Admiran: @ We do. Hunter Matheson: # ::as he's dragged off:: +COM+ Matheson to Excal Medical Cptn Swain: d'A> ::smiles:: If you'll excuse me then, I am going to head to down and get something to eat. Tandaris Admiran: @ Maybe after we've completed our present mission. ::stacking the gel-pak racks for transport:: William Chocox: @ Alright. Rhan K'hal: :: gets a bloop on his console, checks it :: Commander, you had some sort of search query out to 39 Tango? They've flashed you a file. Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: Do we need anything else from here? William Chocox: @ Not that I'm aware of. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Should get a sample of the backup gel as well, see if that was compromised as well. We want to be thorough, don't we? Hunter Matheson: # +Dubois+ Tenn Valley medical got us in for class D decon (minimal), so you might want to prepare for it. It's nasty down there, ma'am. William Chocox: @ Of course. Tandaris Admiran: @ Agreed. ::Chocox:: And once we're back on board, contact each of the engineering teams from the Tennessee Valley. Request that they deliver a representative sampling of gel-paks from each of the control nodes. I want to know how extensive this problem is. Hunter Matheson: # ::pulled in, stripped, clipped, hosed, and not feeling too great about it:: Tandaris Admiran: @::pulls several of the backups:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: makes an unpleasant face :: This is just not my week. Lab blows up, get harassed by a Trill, and now I have to go on a Starfleet ship. Tandaris Admiran: @::stops:: Tandaris Admiran: @::turns:: Seriously? Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Did you forget your trespassing already? Tandaris Admiran: @::waves arm:: Have you looked around lately? Not *your* week? Try not this *planet's* week. Do you know how many people were injured or died when the grid failed? Do you know how many people right now are just struggling to get by? And you're worried about your *lab equipment*? William Chocox: @ He's like, the most important guy Commander. Cptn Swain: (( oooooo )) Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> You've just noticing now that I'm a self-obsessed ****? Usually people pick up on that sooner when I have the misfortune of having to deal with them. Tandaris Admiran: @ So excuse me if I'm cramping your "irate recluse" style, but I'm not here to be nice to you. You're going to help us, or you can go back to your burnt out little hovel and sulk all on your lonesome while we do our job. Tandaris Admiran: @::turns back around:: +Excalibur+ Admiran to Excalibur. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: grunts :: I owe the government here enough to put up with you for a while longer I suppose. William Chocox: @ Mind your step if you go into engineering. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Overhearing the comm from Hunter, she shot one back.:: +Hunter+ Matheson, what is your current position? Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: curls lip at Will :: Rhan K'hal: +Tandaris+ Go ahead, Commander. Tandaris Admiran: @+K'hal+ Three people and some equipment to beam directly to engineering lab alpha, please. William Chocox: @ There's some things in there that you should be careful about touching. Some of us have reputations. Hunter Matheson: # ::the sound echoes:: +Hawthorne+ Decon chamber, Tennessee Valley, ma'am. Rhan K'hal: +Tandaris+ :: gets a lock, tweaks an ear seeing one of them is a Caitian :: Locked on, Commander. Energizing. :: presses the big sorta pink button :: Hunter Matheson: # ::he shivers as he exits the chamber and they hand them fresh suits, this time for level D HAZMAT:: William Chocox: ::shimmers:: Hakran K'hal: Dazim> :: beams into the engineering lab, looks around with a critical eye :: Tandaris Admiran: ::a bit more curt than before:: OK, let's get to work. William Chocox: ::goes to a console:: Cptn Swain: (( TWO MINUTE WARNING )) Hunter Matheson: (Level A is not cool. Level D is "um... you might get sick, but not likely") Hakran K'hal: Dazim> I'd do better with the medical lab equipment. Not to mention we'd see less of each other for a while. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Hunter+ Did they clock a specific pathogen or substance, or just taking precautionary measures? William Chocox: ::shrugs:: Hunter Matheson: # +Hawthorne+ No idea, ma'am. They just hosed us off, treated for level D, then gave us new suits. With level D, I'm going to guess it's not really bad, but it might be. You'd have to ask medical over here about that one. Rhan K'hal: :: notes everything and everyone is up properly, turns his attention back to babysitting a mostly automated process at this point :: Cptn Swain: ...and... Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  11. Earlier
  12. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 13 October 2017 11 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.101 TBS is 15 minutes. The time is 1200 hours (12:00 PM) Aegis local. While exploring the Romulan recon vessel, Ma’ev, the away team is startled by a blinding light near the computer core. Scanners show no light or light source, and the light casts no shadow. So far the team has not determined the cause of the light or the reason why the ship is crewless. The defense grid registers Ma’ev as a non-hostile "something." Strange things continue to happen on board.
  13. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #965, STARDATE 51710.09 = /\ = The Manticore left Earth orbit with a Klingon efficiency expert from the Federation Council to observe and offer counsel to Sovak and McFly. This expert took over the ship, flew us to the edge of nowhere, shut down the engines and told us to start the examination. Unfortunately, we got pulled through a black hole and the Klingon ended up dead. Now we are stuck in some sort of null space with no stars for navigation and no sensor beacons to connect to. We dropped a sensor probe and took off at impulse, only to end up right next to the probe, no matter what direction we fly! = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #965, STARDATE 51710.09 = /\ = 171009.log
  14. USS REPUBLIC MISSION BRIEFING 51710.02 - SEASON 25 Our new orders had come in and we've been sent to check out Melos 3. Melos 3 is a small planet located in the Melos star system. Located midway between Darbet and Gaithe, Melos 3 had been left un-colonized for some time as both sides wished to claim, but neither wanted to start a war while applying for Federation membership. Now, with both having become Federation members, a joint colony had been established about 20 years previously, but now reports of strange occurrences, broken machinery and sabotage have surfaced. We are to investigate and put a stop to what we find and try to prevent these two parties from attacking each other. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM ACTION: The Republic is about 10 minutes outside of the Melos Star system STSF_BluRox: :: sitting in the center seat, reading information Calvert had sent to her on a padd:: STSF Seiben: ::driving the ship:: Rue Wydown: So what sort of sabotage are we talking about? Jas: ::Finishes patching up a fellow crewmate's sprained ankle with a shake of his head:: ...and be more careful next time! STSF_BluRox: The reports are sort of vague, I have in the notes that had been received, mentions of the power grids being tampered with, I’m guessing we'll have to investigate the rest. Jas: ::Wonders aloud to himself as the ensign leaves:: I think I've seen more injuries on this ship while in-transit than anywhere else. STSF_BluRox: Seems that even they.... have been 'left in the dark' so to say Rue Wydown: I'm just curious about the shenanigans. Whether they're minor annoyances or something life threatening. August Jax Robinson: ::in her office, pulls up the level of technology both races level at... and their history to skim through later:: Jas: ::Mills about the sickbay, making sure everything is right where it should be:: Heather Jamieson: :: Sitting at the science console, looking into her cartography display :: STSF_BluRox: Seems they are midway terraforming parts of the planet. it seems that there are occasionally bad dust storms, so they maintain many of the housing areas within a dome, that they can go to during the dusty season. Rue Wydown: Oh yeah? Kind of like living in a greenhouse? STSF_BluRox: Some have been able to maintain their homes outside of the domes for most of the time, but when these storms hit, to have that many people together, and no power, it prevents them from processing the air filtration. Rue Wydown: No back up system? STSF_BluRox: Not sure they want to bake in a greenhouse, I'd think there would be some sort of polarization. It may not even be clear, that's all the information we've received. We'll need to go take a look STSF_BluRox: Again, information is vague, but it appears when they went to activate it, much of the system had been tampered with. That's all I have Rue Wydown: We able to beam down or take shuttles? Heather Jamieson: They know it is tampered versus some engineering issue? Jas: ::Scratches head in confusion:: Where in the heck did that sonic separator go...? ACTION:: 15 minutes have passed, and the Republic has bypassed it's preferred approach to the system, and moving off in a tangent from their destination. STSF_BluRox: (Evidently, the new Helmsman dozed off while approaching, and never slowed the ship!!) lol STSF_BluRox: :: looks over at Heather:: Please assist Mr Seiben with a course correction that will take us back towards Melos..... Heather Jamieson: (This helm officer is no better...) STSF Seiben: We've bypassed our approach -- I'll try to set a course back. STSF Seiben: (Yeah, blame my bladder) Heather Jamieson: :: Goes to help :: There are gravimetric interests here.. I'll just enter this change.. STSF Seiben: Ok, thanks. Sorry about that. Jas: ::Rummages about through various devices:: Heather Jamieson: I have been in the holodeck a lot... in my spare time. Mostly shuttles, but I have browsed a ship or two. STSF_BluRox: :: turns back to Rue:: Have you been able to work with Jax since she's been returned to duty? STSF Seiben: Awesome. Rue Wydown: She's down in Engineering. You and I were supposed to have a conversation about what the Admirals recommendations were. But with the shake out of the new crew members, we haven't had a chance. STSF Seiben: ::moving the ship back to its course with Heather's help:: Heather Jamieson: :: to Seiben :: Interesting about this system is we really don't know the best entry vector until we try an approach. Heather Jamieson: We are still gathering information. STSF Seiben: I see, that's good to know STSF Seiben: Explains why I missed it STSF_BluRox: +Jax, Jas+ Please report to the bridge in a few minutes I've got some information we need to discuss with you both. STSF_BluRox: ::turns to Rue:: My ready room for a moment then please August Jax Robinson: +Blu+ on my way Jas: ::Guffaws:: Next to the protoplaser?! Why would anyone -- August Jax Robinson: ::grabs her PADD and heads to the lift, slips in when the doors open::: Jas: ::Pinches the bridge of his nose and taps his combadge:: +Blu+ I'll be right there. STSF_BluRox: When they get up here Heather, have them take a seat in the conference room. Once Seiben has us in orbit, we'll all have a brief discussion there STSF_BluRox: :: turns and walks into her ready room Jas: ::Puts the sonic separator back in its rightful place and, after grabbing his PADD, heads out into the corridor and towards the turbolift:: Rue Wydown: Alrighty then. ::following Blu:: Heather Jamieson: :: moves a chair to sit next to Seiben :: Let me enable more coordination between astrometrics and navigation. Jas: ::Enters the turbolift:: +TB+ Bridge, please. STSF Seiben: We should be in orbit soon. ::heather:: That'd be most helpful. To be honest, I don't have much experience with these bigger ships. STSF_BluRox: ((What!!!?? )) STSF Seiben: (lel) STSF_BluRox: :: walks around behind her desk and takes a seat, starts to pull up information on her terminal as Rue enters and the door closes:: Rue Wydown: ((oh boy)) Jas: ::Exits onto the bridge with a *swish* of the door, grinning as he takes in all the equipment and personnel:: Rue Wydown: ::opens her mouth to say something, then closes it, opens it to try again, and then stops, starts looking like a guppy instead of a human:: Heather Jamieson: I will give you some lessons. Just remember they are a lot slower in their turns at impulse and thrusters. August Jax Robinson: ::Steps off the lift, nods to Blu:: Admiral Heather Jamieson: Kasuga taught me a lot... :: looks a little forlorn :: STSF Seiben: Yes, I remember that from the Academy simulations. You have to kind of plan your moves alot. STSF Seiben: Ah, I see. Jas: ::Kind of wanders around until he finds himself standing right in front of the main viewing screen, staring out at the stars in awe:: STSF_BluRox: Ok, I'm assuming that you had at least read the charges that had been filed against her, and why she was down in the brig in the first place? STSF Seiben: OK, we should be in position soon. ::plots the orbital course into the navigational computer:: Rue Wydown: Aye, as well as had a rather lengthy conversation with her while you were working with the previous trial. How did you manage to separate her from that cell? She seemed pretty intent, although not content, to remain there. Heather Jamieson: :: taps him on the shoulder :: You'll do fine... just watch your speed. :: smiles :: STSF Seiben: Yes, definitely gotta do that ::slows down to orbital speed and matches with the planet's spin, sets course to the point of the planet there were to orbit:: STSF Seiben: Course is set, we have a good orbit. Much more challenging on a Soverign class. STSF_BluRox: I think it came down more to the fact that Rand..... Admiral Calvert and I had discussed her situation and he realized she's been under quite a bit of stress, with her husband being out of communication for some time. That, and I think he just wanted her out of the brig and figured her best punishment would be to put her to work on extra shifts here. To let us handle it. STSF Seiben: Biggest ship I orbitted/piloted was an Ambassador class before this.. the Endeavour. Heather Jamieson: :: Goes back to her station :: STSF Seiben: Thanks for your help Heather Jamieson: :: Wonders if Jax is okay, then wonders why she is thinking that :: STSF_BluRox: I think a compromise as we were not able to fully get Ayumu cleared either Rue Wydown: Can I ask a question though? With extra full shifts on her schedule, doesn't that lead to fatigue and stress - the very thing that helped put her in the brig in the first place? STSF_BluRox: If I may be frank, the Admiral was a bit disappointed, as was I, that this was allowed to devolve as it did. And I'll come back to your question in a moment. STSF Seiben: ::maintaining orbit around the planet:: Jas: ::After several moments of star-gazing, he turns around in confusion, his eyes searching for the Admiral:: STSF Seiben: The Admiral is in the Ready Room ::to Jas:: August Jax Robinson: ::frowns at Rue:: STSF_BluRox: Specifically, it's looking more likely that Captain Kwai may not be returning. I know you've been filling in during the interim, but you have been here long enough that you should be able to take on the full first officers duty of dealing with the crew and any issues they have. Heather Jamieson: Scanning the planet Jas: ::Nods to Seiben and scans blankly around the bridge:: The Ready...Room... STSF Seiben: ::sends a message that they are in orbit around the planet so as to minimize disturbing them:: STSF Seiben: It's the door to the left of the turbolift. It should read "READY ROOM" Rue Wydown: All right. STSF_BluRox: It would have been preferred that you defend Ayumu, as that typically would have fell to you to oversee, but also, as I was prosecuting, it would have been easier to hammer out a deal with you, than what I had to shove in the face of the young LT. Jas: ::Clears throat:: Of course, right. Thanks. ::Walks over and enters the Ready Room:: STSF_BluRox: And with Jax, I ended up spending time in the brig trying to talk some sense into her, I need you to take care of these type of things please. Now, getting back to your questions..... :: looks up at her door opens:: STSF_BluRox: Excuse me? Can I help you? Is there a medical emergency? STSF Seiben: Is the door chime to the ready room working? ::to Heather:: STSF_BluRox: :: turns to look at Rue, then back to Jas:: Heather Jamieson: I don't know. I thought it was. Jas: ::Deer caught in headlights:: Jas: ::Clears throat again, and slowly back out -- door wooshes:: STSF Seiben: Hmm. Rue Wydown: New guy. Needs a map. ::shrugs;; you were saying? STSF Seiben: That was quick. Jas: ::Nods to himself and looks around the bridge completely conspicuously:: Nobody saw that... STSF Seiben: Saw what? I didn't see anything. STSF_BluRox: Aye, we need to tighten up on people listening. In the last hour, the new helmsman just missed our trajectory, and I had asked Heather to send them to the conference room, not to my Ready Room. Things are getting sloppy around here. Someone is going to get hurt. August Jax Robinson: can I hurt them? Jas: ::Realizes he spoke aloud, eyes dart to Seiben:: Beg your pardon? Uh, nothing. STSF_BluRox: As for Jax, orders were that she work extra shifts, however they do not have to be thinking intensive and they can coincide with planned recreation periods. I will leave the scheduling up to you. STSF Seiben: OK STSF Seiben: ALl right, that's a good orbit STSF_BluRox: I believe the admiral had suggested cleaning the waste management area, perhaps some new paint STSF_BluRox: But I'll leave you to work this out with her and get her back on point with her work. August Jax Robinson: wait a moment Rue Wydown: Alright. August Jax Robinson: work extra shifts? why is that? STSF_BluRox: Now, before they direct more people in here, let's go meet with the senior staff in the conference room, and let them know what we know of this mission Jas: ::Positions himself silently by the turbolift doors and tries to keep out of the way as the bridge crew go about their work:: STSF_BluRox: ((( When they get up here Heather, have them take a seat in the conference room. Once Seiben has us in orbit, we'll all have a brief discussion there))) PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: August Jax Robinson: ::Paused:: STSF_BluRox: Blu told you that earlier......did you purposely screw the new guy, or forgot? Jas: ::Paused:: STSF_BluRox: Rue will be following up with you I'm sure...lol STSF Seiben: (24th century hazing lol) Jas: It's fine, adds to my new guy-ness. STSF Seiben: Same with Seiben's missed approach STSF_BluRox: Jax didnt' hit anyone with a spnner...that's good Rue Wydown: Yet Jas: Just title this episode "Amateur Hour" STSF_BluRox: Ok, so now that we took some extra time to get here, at least we're in a good orbit and we can head down next week and try to figure out what's going on around here.... STSF_BluRox: I just may Jas!! August Jax Robinson: can I hit someone with a spanner? August Jax Robinson: August Jax Robinson: like my boss STSF_BluRox: Alrighty, it's after midnight and I have to leave for work in about 5 hours, so let's put this sim to bed. Anything before we close Rue? Rue Wydown: Nothing from me tonight STSF_BluRox: ok then. Crew Dismissed. We'll see most of you Thursday, and everyone back next Monday.
  15. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING - 5171005 - Season 22 When we had last left off, t'Vatrix had spoken to N'Dak about her plans to work in coordination with those overseeing control of the Justarus Shipyards, to make sure that we had a strong forward base that was held not only to repair and replace old ships with new, but to make sure it also did na fall into Othan hands. The base was well positioned between Othan space and ch’Rihan, so we quickly determined that this area must be fortified and we would would work outward from here to ensure we removed any nearby Othan strongholds or incursions. t'Vatrix has taken Koga and Pexil off to eat and discuss their department needs, while NDak had been discussing with tKsa our plans and trying to smooth things over between the Khre'Riov and Daise Maenak. Laehval had been off working on verifying some encryption code at the request of t'Vatrix (because it was the easiest thing we could ask Cardboard Laehval to do) Destorie N’Dak: (Jolan tru) KhreRiovtRex: (spy!) KhreRiovtRex: and JT tA tAehjae: JT tVatrix STSF Seiben: Jolan truu BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM Lerak trPexil: :: going to eat :: STSF Seiben: ::With Pexil and t'Vatrix:: KhreRiovtRex: @ :: At the restaurant :: (tA, you can be with us if you like) Lerak trPexil: It is a she STSF Seiben: @ Who's a she? KhreRiovtRex: @ :: looking at the selection and looks at Pexil:: what is? STSF Seiben: @ ::Looks at the menu as well:: KhreRiovtRex: (thwaps Seiben-- stop being a parrot!) Destorie N’Dak: ::Glances back to t'Ksa, half-expecting her to throw the tea cup at him after that last salvo:: tAehjae: :: walks into the restaurant a bit late, looks around spotting t’Vatrix and the others then moves towards them:: STSF Seiben: @(But he's hungry! Lol) tAehjae: @ KhreRiovtRex: @ :: sees t'A and motions for her to join them:: m_k_tksa: And did au give the same lecture to the Khre'Riov? ::dusting her hands off from the tea residue on them:: tAehjae: Jolan tru , my apologies for my tardiness. tAehjae: @::takes a seat at the table:: Destorie N’Dak: I have spoken to her about tempering her passion, ie. m_k_tksa: Sorry, pardon, that wasn't much of a lecture. More of a sales pitch ::can't hide the smirk:: STSF Seiben: @Jolan tru KhreRiovtRex: @ Figure out what all you are eating and let's get the order in. We have much to discuss, and I want to make sure we cover everything necessary STSF Seiben: @ ::nods and makes his selection:: m_k_tksa: Hmmm...and how long do au expect her temperance to last? KhreRiovtRex: @ :: waves the girl over and makes her selections, and motions for her to take the rest of the group's order:: Destorie N’Dak: I do na know, to be honest. She has a considerable amount of ... things on her plate. Between the disappearance of her bondmate, the death of her child, and h'nah her niece in stasis. ::Shakes his head:: Erich Jaenke: :: looks at the menu :: KhreRiovtRex: @:: waits for the girl to finish taking the order and head off before turning to the others:: tAehjae: @:: gives her order:: STSF Seiben: @ ::orders as well:: Destorie N’Dak: As I said, au have known her longer than any of us. The crew and the empire both need her in a less... volatile state. I cannot be there at all times, especially as we plan to use the Stinger as an outrider. I do na know how much she is willing to confide her worries to Laehval, given their history -- but if there is anyio else on this ship, au know it to be au. m_k_tksa: And does that give those of us who've lost our own loved ones permission to act in such a manner? ::raises a brow:: Laehval tTemarr: ::Laehval entered medical, rapping an ISD on her thigh, a deep frown upon her face. Her eyes flitted over the medical staff in search of Ksa.:: KhreRiovtRex: @ Vriha menkha, I wish au to qiuu update me rhae the status of au departments and how the ship has been prepared for our upcoming mission. Have out been able to secure replacement ordinance and equipment? m_k_tksa: Maenak trPaine> ::swaying for the music pipped into the room, which is a first but enjoying the fact that the Daise'Maenak didn't chew them out for having it on so....:: STSF Seiben: @Ie, I have spoken with the station's quartermaster and arranged for restocking of supplies and weapons m_k_tksa: Ie I do know her well enough. ::taps her chin:: Perhaps I can place a bet with the Kheinsa.... Destorie N’Dak: ::He had decided na to tell t'Ksa the information t'Vatrix had given him about tr'Vatrix's message. For starters that was na his secret to tell, and secondly he did na know if that would only further complicate the matter.:: KhreRiovtRex: @ Have they given au a time frame when this might be completed? Destorie N’Dak: ::Of course t'Vatrix also hadn't widely shared that t'Shaeni had been killed in stasis either, but details.:: Destorie N’Dak: ::Nods, catching Laehval out of the corner of his eye and wondering if she'd heard his comment about her:: Ah, there is Laehval. KhreRiovtRex: (I did tell her on the phone a few weeks ago, she got a giggle out of the fact she was still here at all...lol) m_k_tksa: If au are asking me to seek her out, the answer is na. I do na care to continue to be branded a traitor or find myself shifted out an airlock during one of her whims. But I will promise to hear her out if she ever approaches me. STSF Seiben: @ Ie, I was told a few hours. Lerak trPexil: (about ready to give up) m_k_tksa: ::crossing her fingers behind her back, hoping that Laevhal and N'Dak aren't trying to tag team her now, because if that's the case, she's going to have to get out the rusty needles:: KhreRiovtRex: Menkha, and what about au t'Aehjae, did au have any trouble transferring custody of the Governor over to the Justarus Dhenos? Laehval tTemarr: ::Though she did raise an eyebrow at the music piped through the speakers in the medbay and the swaying medical staff, Laehval swept through to Ksa's office. She rang the door chimes, waiting impatiently, ISD still rapping against her thigh.:: tAehjae: Na its went smoothly. He is now safely in their hands KhreRiovtRex: Alive or wishing he weren't? tAehjae: @Safely and securely... wishing he weren’t of course Destorie N’Dak: ::Glances to t'Ksa:: m_k_tksa: Enter! KhreRiovtRex: And what about au Pexil? What of the work au were doing? Were au able to gain updated star maps from the station ops? KhreRiovtRex: @ We will need good intel on just where the line is drawn as what is 'our' space.....and where they deem is their space.... Lerak trPexil: :: nods :: I broke in and stole them.. Laehval tTemarr: ::Moving inside, she stopped short, seeing N'Dak was also there.:: Well, I suppose this is appropriate... ::She lifted the ISD in her hand.:: I just finished decryption on the message that t'Vatrix received and it is legitimate. Her bondmate is alive, though there is no word on her child. Destorie N’Dak: ::Well that took care of that:: Possibly alive. Destorie N’Dak: Or at least when the message was sent. KhreRiovtRex: @ It will be critical to have this information, as well as any worlds that may have been compromised that we will either need to repatriate, or that we may need to avoid for the time being Lerak trPexil: :: smiles :: I was able to barter for access.. KhreRiovtRex: (so much for that secret!) Laehval tTemarr: t'Ksa, I was hoping that au could speak to the Kheinsa. t'Vatrix needs... ah... professional help. m_k_tksa: ::blinks:: Wait. What? Lerak trPexil: And...:: Slips an ISD over :: A merchant passing through the sector had scans of their own :: Lerak trPexil: Along shipping lanes, but valuable all the same. KhreRiovtRex: @ :: looks at Pexil's ISD:: And ....how ... reliable would this merchant be? Did au vet him with tA? STSF Seiben: ::Listens:: tAehjae: @::looks to Pexil:: Destorie N’Dak: Before we departed for this syetem, the Khre'Riov received an message encoded with a cipher known only to her and tr'Vatrix indicating he had survived the destruction of his vessel and that he was, for the moment alive. Laehval tTemarr: Au, as the Daise'Maenak, have the right to know what her state of mind is at this moment. I would say that with the delivery of this message, it is considerably better than before. She seems to be listening to reason and is na so eager to throw herself into battle for the sake of revenge. Lerak trPexil: Reliability of the data is too be seen, and will be marked as such. Destorie N’Dak: ::Glances to Laehval:: The Khre'Riov had asked us to keep that information secret. Lerak trPexil: There was no time for vetting, nor was anything illicit contained in the maps KhreRiovtRex: @ I suppose that is what it is then...... we'll have to take it with a modicum of caution. m_k_tksa: ::swivels her head between N'Dak and Laehval:: So that's what's causing her "temperance movement" as you told me, is it? Laehval tTemarr: Ie, and I am certain that it will go na further than this room, save for the Kheinsa. They both have the right to know. We need their assistance. Lerak trPexil: @:: eating fruit,just as Laehval would have liked :: KhreRiovtRex: @ t'Aehjae, we may have to take on some new crew here at the shipyards. Most will have been vetted by Khre'Riov tr'Dar who oversees this station, however, I will expect that au and au staff double check each io ...I can na chance another mutany. Not at this time, it is critical that we protect this station and region of space at all costs Lerak trPexil: @:: bit into a tart fruit, winced :: tAehjae: @IE Rekkhai KhreRiovtRex: @ I'm counting on the three of au extensively here as department heads. Make sure au follow through with tTemarr on everything and make sure to update tKsa on anything that au feel might involve her department as well Destorie N’Dak: But I would caution against any optimism that he is still yet alive. m_k_tksa: I'll certainly consult with the Kheinsa about the situation. But there's only so much he can do. She has to want help for him to be able to help her. Her history says otherwise. m_k_tksa: ::and that brings t'Ksa back to her feelings that she's only there to keep everyone io else alive while the Khre'Riov goes on her suicide missions:: Destorie N’Dak: For h'nah the situation is stable and she has been far more open with me than I would have expected, given our history together. Laehval tTemarr: I think this has changed things for the better. ::She waved the ISD.:: However, if it does na, and she seems to be putting this ship and her crew in danger, I will need the support of both of au to do what must be done. Destorie N’Dak: ::He glanced to Laehval:: Each of us owe her, whether we want to admit it or not. I think we should try to help her through this as much as we can without endangering the crew, ship or Empire. tAehjae: @:: nods as she replaces her drink on the table:: Lerak trPexil:@:: Who guards the guards... interesting KhreRiovtRex: @ :: sees the rest of the food arriving:: Menkha.....I'm starving Lerak trPexil: Ie.. KhreRiovtRex: @ While we are fahd. I want to hear any concerns the 3 of au have. Regarding the ship, our current mission, or...even myself m_k_tksa: ::folds her arms, starting to look obstinate again:: KhreRiovtRex: @ Do na worry, I'll only shove au out an airlock if I don't like au authen.... :: grins at them all:: KhreRiovtRex: @ I"m kidding......just kidding..... Eat up, and let's here each of au thoughts. Laehval tTemarr: ::She looked pointedly at t'Ksa.:: And au, Daise'Maenak? STSF Seiben: @ ::receives his food:: tAehjae: @ I for oi am glad to have au back. I missed na having au on the ship tAehjae: @ :: takes a bite of her sandwich:: STSF Seiben: @ As am I. I'm looking forward to the mission and hope we can exact some revenge on them Lerak trPexil: :: @::eats : STSF Seiben: @::takes a bite of his food:: m_k_tksa: I will na allow her to endanger the crew. I'm sorry, the needs of the io do na outweigh the needs of the many. Destorie N’Dak: Fine, but au owe her at least the opportunity to work through this. m_k_tksa: If she shows any mental instability that will endanger the crew, the mission or others....na question. And she needs to want to work on it, as I told au. Destorie N’Dak: ::He glanced towards Laehval again.:: KhreRiovtRex: @Well? tAehjae: :::: @ mouth full of food ... looks to Koga KhreRiovtRex: :: @::disappointed, as she's given them the chance to speak their minds, away from the ship, and none have taken the opportunity:: STSF Seiben: @ As am I. I'm looking forward to the mission and hope we can exact some revenge on them KhreRiovtRex: @ :: well, she tried:: Laehval tTemarr: Ie, I agree. ::Nodding as she considered.:: Destorie N’Dak: ::He frowned:: Laehval tTemarr: I will give her the news of this message soon and suggest that she speak with the Kheinsa. Destorie N’Dak: Very well. I do na if she will be excited at such a prospect, as I said, I think she might be more willing to speak to t'Ksa first but if t'Ksa does not have the fortitude for that, then so be it. Destorie N’Dak: ::He waved a hand:: m_k_tksa: What exactly do au think I should be talking with her about, N'Dak? m_k_tksa: As I said, I'm an going to seek her out, but I would na shut her out. Her mercurial nature does na allow io to approach her and say "Hey, I hear au were having some problems." ::shakes her head:: tAehjae: @:: swallows her food:: I am still leary of NDak but I think is will always have that distrust of him. Although I will continue to work along side up him, I will na cause any trouble or start anything with him to dishonor him in the faces of the crew KhreRiovtRex: @ N'Dak has pledged his service to me, and I for one take him at his word on this matter. I know au both have had issues with one another in the past, but he is an Enarrain, leads the Stinger and is io of my trusted advisors. I ask that au give him a second chance, as I have. I have seen only good come from it. STSF Seiben: @ I’m sure it'll be good with him tAehjae: @I will follow his orders with the exception of putting au in harm’s way. I will na do that. I will protect au to the end of my life if I have to. He is the Enarrain I know this and is the reason I have followed his orders thus far. KhreRiovtRex: @Hann'yyo for au loyalty as well. We most likely should head back to the ship. They will begin to worry if we are gone too long. I do hope you all enjoyed the meal. The owner of this pub, is an old family friend. Destorie N’Dak: As au have said, many things have changed. Perhaps she would. I would na have imagined her to be as vulnerable as i witnessed her on the home world, but it happened. Destorie N’Dak: ::He paused, biting at his lip. It occurred to him he had na shared with either of them the scene, rhae the Khre'Riovs household:: m_k_tksa: ::gives him another "What-the-what?" look:, then rubs her temples:: Destorie N’Dak: ::He sighed:: I just wonder if she'd be more open to talking to the Kheinsa if it came from someone who has always been the closer of the three of us to her. Destorie N’Dak: ::Waves it off:: But I cannot make that decision for au. Laehval tTemarr: Na, so best to stop speculating. We shall see what she will do with this information. m_k_tksa: Just make sure au put any sharp objects and firearms away before au talk with her. KhreRiovtRex: pause sim KhreRiovtRex: pause sim KhreRiovtRex: pause sim STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: tAehjae: ::paused:: KhreRiovtRex: Thanks everyone for going over a little. The other group was having such great discourse I didnt' want to break it up! STSF Seiben: KhreRiovtRex: Night tKsa!! knowyou have to go! KhreRiovtRex: m_k_tksa: Gnight guys Laehval tTemarr: Night, Ksa. STSF Seiben: Night! KhreRiovtRex: tA, it was great to have you back with us, we'll get you caught up on the story and the logs are up if you wanna peak at them. KhreRiovtRex: Good to have you back as well Laehval, poor NDak's had to sit and talk to me all by his lonesome the last few weeks! Laehval tTemarr: I don't know how he survived. Laehval tTemarr: Poor thing. KhreRiovtRex: I know, right!? But we're glad you had a chance to get away and relax as well KhreRiovtRex: Ok, anyone have any comments, questions or anything they want to say before we close out this evening? : Ok, then Crew Dismissed! Night everyoneKhreRiovtRex
  16. I know, you (the reader) knows simming and AOL were joined at the virtual hip years ago. Eventually AOL cut simming lose as it became clear with unlimited high speed internet it wasn't cost viable to support simmers anymore. Some simmers and groups still used AOL's vaunted AIM system to make chat rooms, to sim. To be candid I miss those days still in a sense, where there were chat rooms online, where if someone was out of line they got spanked, but that's a topic for another day. Heck, I miss the days where you had to write a letter that was clear and concise and not everyone was available in real time. As of December 15th, 2017 AIM will be shut down by AOL. Well go in peace AIM, and here is to the hopes that one day something like AOL's old chat rooms does come to be, since as much as I love the wonders of the new net, there are times when I miss parts of the old one.
  17. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #965, STARDATE 51710.09 = /\ = The Manticore left Earth orbit with a Klingon efficiency expert from the Federation Council to observe and offer counsel to Sovak and McFly. This expert took over the ship, flew us to the edge of nowhere, shut down the engines and told us to start the examination. Unfortunately, we got pulled through a black hole and the Klingon ended up dead. Now we are stuck in some sort of null space with no stars for navigation and no sensor beacons to connect to. We dropped a sensor probe and took off at impulse, only to end up right next to the probe, no matter what direction we fly! = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #965, STARDATE 51710.09 = /\ =
  18. SD 1008.2017 Excalibur's engineering crew continues to investigate the failure of the power grid, now with some reluctant assistance from a "local." Security is assisting planet side with distribution of aide supplies, while medical has continued to serve as a triage overflow for the Mary Seacole. Flight and Operations have been busy assisting the Tennessee Valley with logistics.
  19. The AT - with help from Arcadia - attempts to end the simulation by preventing the in-simulation destruction of New City that resets the cycle. Bidirectional voice communication is established with the ship. chatlog2017-10-1.txt
  20. =/\= Aegis Mission Brief 10/6/17 - 10:03 PM=/\= 11 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.101 TBS is zero. The time is 1145 hours - 11:45 am Aegis local. Aegean's away team encountered a bright light.near the computer core. Sensors do not detect light or a light source. The light does not cast a shadow. =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\= Kallah Ramson: ::on the CnC, observing away team telemetry:: Fletcher Jackson: ::OPS::: Tarisa: ::On the CnC, at the SCI station.:: Dacia Sandero: ::in the CT trying to sense anything on the Romulan Ship:: Alexis McFarland: ::shopping with Miana and Annisha, looking at shoes:: Jylliene: â„¢::still en route to honeymoon destination:: Scott Coleridge: $::on the bridge of the Ma'ev, coordinating the search:: Chirakis: :::CnC, not happy with the SubCommander's disappearance. mimipavilion: $::still in the area near the computer core...waiting:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Is enjoying shopping.:: KelsaViegnor: ::returning to her quarters, given the late hour:: Alexis McFarland: These sandals are pretty. I think these'll look good on me! Lawliet: $ ::on the main bridge working on the accessing the files:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods.:: Yes they will! ::Finds a pair in her color.:: Oooo... Alexis McFarland: Those are cute too! Scott Coleridge: $::nervous, hair standing on end:: I have a bad feeling about this. Alexis McFarland: ::tries on the sandals and looks at the mirror:: Ooh, pretty! Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::returns to Mimi:: Let's go. Dacia Sandero: ::still not sure what to make of the situation:: mimipavilion: $::sees Jorahl return:: What happened? ::pauses:: Ok. KelsaViegnor: ::checks her chronometer and blinks, shakes her head and starts returning toward her shop:: I think a little time away soon might be good. ::to herself:: Tarisa: ::Is stunned.:: I do not understand what they are seeing. There is nothing on sensors at all. Lawliet: $ ::looks up over at Coleridge:: There's an old saying, "Hope for the best, plan for the worst". Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> i've reset the computer systems. While we may not be able to observe it, systems should be rebooting. mimipavilion: $::nods:: good. I take it we're going back to the bridge. Dacia Sandero: ::nods at Tarisa's statement:: There's nothing I can sense that's amiss either. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> +Coleridge+ Commander, I've restarted all main computer functions. However, we've found evidence that our observations are being distorted. Take care what controls you interface. You may not be pushing the button you think you are. Tarisa: ::Nods:: And what they describe defies physics. Alexis McFarland: I think my other sandals are getting too small. ::rubs her foot:: These ones were kinda starting to hurt. ::holds up her old sandals: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::mimi:: Yes, back to the bridge. Scott Coleridge: $ Greeaaaaat. Tarisa: Miana> You should get the new ones then. mimipavilion: $::nods:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::exits the small room into a main corridor:: Scott Coleridge: $::Lawliet:: You heard the Subcommander. Touch, but carefully. Alexis McFarland: Yes, I will. See anything you like, Annisha?? mimipavilion: $::follows behind:: Scott Coleridge: $::approaches a console himself and tries to bring up a systems status report:: Chirakis: ::breathes a sigh of relief, but will not relax until things get a little more normal:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Grabs the pair she wants.:: Scott Coleridge: ((So, does Chirakis just... never relax?)) KelsaViegnor: ((not while anyone is watching.)) Chirakis: (She does not know the meaning of the word.) Alexis McFarland: ::heads up to the front to pay:: Ooh, and you get 10% off if you give them your old shoes. I think they'll recycle them into the reclamator. Lawliet: $ ::nods:: Alright...let's see if I can at least access the sensor logs. ::taps a few panels on the bridge's science terminal:: mimipavilion: (no she does not) Chirakis: (Type A personality) Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::steps up to a lift door....it does not open:: Alexis McFarland: ::Pays, gives her old shoes to the cashier and puts on her new sandals:: Soo pretty. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Medically speaking, what therapy can be used to prevent delusions or optical illusions? Fletcher Jackson: ::goes back to his ordinary OPS job of doing this, doing that, passing information on, checking manifests, etc::: Tarisa: Miana> ::Pays for her shoes and then slips into them as well.:: Yay! Alexis McFarland: They look cute on you, Miana. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::fiddles with the lift panel:: Tarisa: Miana> Thanks! ::Purrs.:: Gila Orrak: $ :: Where she is :: Chirakis: ::Dacia:: Why would he believe he was delusional? Lawliet: $ ::carefully making his way through the various files:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::reaches out and physically opens the lift doors:: Dacia Sandero: The unusual situation he was in? Trying to rationalise what's happen might lead him to convince him that he's delusional. Chirakis: ::ponders that a moment::: Alexis McFarland: ::giggles and huggles Miana, looking at where to go next:: Where to? Chirakis: Or everyone is? Tarisa: Miana> ::Giggles.:: The next store? Dacia Sandero: Another possibility, yes. Self doubt is a killer. Scott Coleridge: $+Cayne+ Coleridge to Commander Cayne, report in. Have you found anything else interesting? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::looks into what appears to be an empty lift shaft:: Chirakis: Or... ::turns to face her:: that something is creating the illusion for all of us, and perhaps the crew is there, just not visible.... Chirakis: ::has a thought but dares not mention it::: KelsaViegnor: ::looks at the PADD with the applications:: mimipavilion: $::thinks:: not very much. could be a hallucination Dacia Sandero: .. Or anything that be sensed telepathically. Chirakis: Hm.... Tarisa: ::Blinks as she ponders that.:: Alexis McFarland: What is the next store? ::Looks at it:: Annisha: :: Meanwhile, Nijil is piloting the Nei'rrh towards their honeymoon destination :: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> So, since i've entered a command override to summon a lift I may be hallucinating that there is no lift currently here. Scott Coleridge: $ I'm not getting a coherent status reading from these consoles. It's as if the computer systems are affected by whatever is going on. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> I could step forward and find myself standing on the lift that is really there.... or I could plummet to an unseemly death. Scott Coleridge: $ One minute I'm seeing massive system outages across the entire ship, the next the console is telling me everything is fine. mimipavilion: $Either one is possible. Alexis McFarland: ::Enters into the store and looks around:: mimipavilion: $But I don't like the latter. Lawliet: $ So we're looking at two different potentials...one good and one bad. Tarisa: Miana> ::Follows.:: Scott Coleridge: $ Or something in between. Chirakis: +Jorahl/Coleridge+ SubCommander, Commander. If it helps, we on Aegis are seeing exactly what you see. Alexis McFarland: These feel so much better.. Scott Coleridge: $ Is this ship even really here? Lawliet: $ Perhaps we're the cats in the box? Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods.:: Very comfortable. Chirakis: :::Turns to Tarisa::: What would cause such an illusion? Tarisa: ::Ears perks at the cat comment.:: Dacia Sandero: ::listens in:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::looks at Mimi for a moment::...... ::seems to dismiss the thought he's having:: remind me to bring more ensigns along next time. ::turns takes a step into the lift:: Tarisa: Drugs, telepathic influence, technological constructs... Chirakis: For all of us, even those on Aegis? mimipavilion: $::smirks and watches Jorahl enter the lift, hoping he doesn't fall to his death:: Gila Orrak: $ :: Looking around, searching :: Chirakis: It seems highly unlikely that they we all would be seeing an illusion. Tarisa: I would lean more toward telepathic or technological in that instance. Tarisa: But since our sensors detect nothing at all, telepathic influence seems the likeliest at the moment. Kallah Ramson: $ ACTION> As if some kid is playing with the lightswitch of reality, Jorahl's lift appears and disappears.... luckily he does not fall. Lawliet: $ What if....both conditions are true? What if we're caught in some phase shift? Dacia Sandero: ::nods:: Unlikely, but I wouldn't discount it entirely. Though I wouldn't be sure of what else is causing all this. Tarisa: ::Pauses.:: There is one more option... Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Interesting. Dacia Sandero: Hmm? mimipavilion: $ I'd say. Chirakis: ::slow nod::: ...and that is? Tarisa: The presence of what we would consider an omnipotent being. Dacia Sandero: Yes, that's what I was thinking. What's Q up to these days? Tarisa: Like a Q for instance. Chirakis: An omnipotent being. Chirakis: A Q? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Come along Doctor. mimipavilion: $::follows Jorahl onto the lift:: I know that's on the visual recording. I hope. Chirakis: What... is a Q. Dacia Sandero: It would explain why we aren't able to detect it. Something like that could easily mask himself. Tarisa: ::Tilts her head curiously.:: Dacia Sandero: Hmm? An omnipotent race with god-like powers, that seemed to enjoy messing with Captain Picard and the Enterprise in particular Dacia Sandero: And Sisko.. until he punched him in the face Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::sends the lift to the bridge:: KelsaViegnor: ::swipes through the applications. Not many to choose from. Which one...:: Chirakis: That I highly doubt. mimipavilion: $::looks down and slightly stomps her feet::softly:: good Chirakis: Mr. Jackson, contact Captain Coleridge directly for me. Scott Coleridge: $::Lawliet:: Have you managed to get anything from the logs? Tarisa: ::Nods.:: I am surprised a high ranking officer is not familiar with them. I would have thought a briefing would have been prepared for all of Starfleet. Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. +COM+ Aegis to Captain Coleridge. Dacia Sandero: ::nods:: Scott Coleridge: +Aegis+ Coleridge here. Fletcher Jackson: +COM+ Captain Chirakis asks for private counsel. ::Chirakis:: Go ahead, ma'am. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::steps out of the lift onto the bridge:: mimipavilion: $::follows suit:: Lawliet: $ ::checking his progress:: I'm getting similar readings. Instances of normal operations to complete chaos. Chirakis: +Scott+ Commander, may I suggest moving Ma'ev into our defense grid to see if that has any affect. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::steps over towards Scott in time to hear the suggestion:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Systems should be operational. Helm systems would be online. Alexis McFarland: ::looking at a stuffed tribble:: mimipavilion: $::wanders back over to the helm/Navigation console:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::moves over towards the pilot’s station:: Scott Coleridge: $::Jorahl:: Can you fly this? Tarisa: Miana> ::Giggles.:: It is cute. mimipavilion: $::stands back a bit to let Jorahl take the helm:: Lawliet: $ ::trying to determine if there is any coloration between the reports:: Annisha: :: Annisha is with her friends :: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::turns towards Coleridge with the best "you really just asked that" look on his .....eyebrow::: ......:::eyebrow:: Alexis McFarland: It squeaks like a tribble. ::Tosses it at Annisha:: Gila Orrak: $ :: With the others :: mimipavilion: $::heard the comment and doesn't say a word:: KelsaViegnor: ::ponders...this one looks like a fair fit. Romulan female. Might be nice to get her input, given the Romulans aboard Aegis, to develop more scents targeted to them.:: Scott Coleridge: $::smiles:: Scott Coleridge: $::missed needling the Romulan:: KelsaViegnor: ::nods slightly to herself and sends out a message:: Alexis McFarland: ::holds up a Caitian doll at Miana:: mimipavilion: $::observes Jorahl piloting the vessel:: Tarisa: Miana> Kitty! Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::tapping commands into the seemingly blank console:: USS Schrodinger getting underway.... KelsaViegnor: ::sends out another message to a different recipient:: mimipavilion: $::chuckles at the comment made by Jorahl:: Tarisa: Miana> It is incredibly soft... ::Huggles and purrs.:: Scott Coleridge: $+Aegis+ We are attempting to bring the Ma'ev into the grid, stand by. Alexis McFarland: Yes, they are Fletcher Jackson: +COM+ Understood. Gila Orrak: $ Could we two this ship in? Gila Orrak: (tow) Chirakis: ::steps to TAC, in case the defense grid decides to blow them to smithereens:: mimipavilion: $::Jorahl's comment reminds her:: +Aegis+ Pavilion to Aegis Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::mathing like wild in his brain, entered velocity, gravitational effect of local asteroids, time, vectors, and such....seeing the panel is still giving him NO readings:: Chirakis: :::Tarisa::: Keep watch on their status, meaning anything that might waver as they move. Anything. Jylliene: â„¢::wonders who invented intergalactic risk, and just how much free time they thought anyone had in order to play the game:: Alexis McFarland: ::huggles a stuffed klongat:: Ridgy.. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> We... should be moving. Chirakis: ::hearing Jorahl::: Commander Tarisa, is the ship moving? Is there anything at all that would indicate movement, or, for that matter, that there is a ship? mimipavilion: $::figures their a little busy and hears Jorahl:: What if we are and just don't know it? Annisha: Nijil> So... :: as he walks in :: When au stand back here there are a lot of pieces... Tarisa: ::Nods, watching the grid.:: Dacia Sandero: ::watches as well:: Annisha: Nijil> Au know, it's nearly lunch. Chirakis: ::begins to wonder if they are all hallucinating::: Jylliene: â„¢ A lunch break, then. Tarisa: Yes. ::Sighs in relief.:: I believe it is. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> Entering course correction. Lining up for Aegis approach vector. KelsaViegnor: ::hears a beep, glances down at the PADD, and smiles slightly in satisfaction:: Chirakis: So.. the ship is moving, but it is not yet registering on the grid. Alexis McFarland: ::Playing with some spinny-flying thing:: Heh, I used to have one of these. KelsaViegnor: ::hears a second beep. A very fast reply to her second message. Reads.. gazes upward and sighs slightly, then enters a reply and sends it back:: Tarisa: ::nods.:: mimipavilion: $::looks around and thinks that it has to be a hallucination, but how to break it:: Chirakis: Setting the grid to alarm ::works the board:: without firing. Chirakis: ::looks up:: And we shall see what happens. Chirakis: 10:46 PM Dacia Sandero: ::Watches:: Gila Orrak: $ If we can't get it moving, surely you have a tow-ship on the station. Tarisa: Miana> It flies? Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> I have two lead theories at the moment. We are being mentally manipulated but by something that can not fully influence us in all ways at all times. Two, we are somehow stuck in between potential realities. ::turns back to Coleridge:: thoughts? Alexis McFarland: Mm, yes. You have to keep it up in the air for as long as you can. But it's tricky because it's so wobbly. KelsaViegnor: ::hears another beep, reads:: ::grumbles something about stubborn Catullans, composes a reply:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods.:: I see. Scott Coleridge: $::Jorahl:: Why not both? Scott Coleridge: $ I'd go with Occam's razor, for now, and not attribute to intelligence what can be chalked up to a natural phenomenon. mimipavilion: $::slight nod:: Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::eyebrow:: if our observations are obstructed then reality can never collapse into it's proper form. Alexis McFarland: Ooh, the new Pony Wars game is out. ::picks it up:: Tarisa: Miana> Pony Wars? KelsaViegnor: ::sends reply to Stubborn Catullan:: Alexis McFarland: It's a holo game, you fight against other ponies Chirakis: 10:50 PM Lawliet: $ Well....there is one way to resolve this issue. Alexis McFarland: We'll play it when we get back to my place Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::turns towards Lawliet:: Lawliet: $ ::looks at everyone:: It's a bit on the extreme side. Tarisa: Miana> Yay! Alexis McFarland: ::picks up the Pony Wars game, the klongat, the Caitian for Miana and a stuffed chimpanzee:: Chirakis: ::eyebrow::: mimipavilion: $::Lawliet:: How extreme? Tarisa: Miana> ::Still clinging to the stuffed Caitian.:: Scott Coleridge: $ We blow up the ship. Lawliet: $ ::looks over at mimi:: We destroy the ship. Lawliet: $ ::looks over:: Exactly. Alexis McFarland: ::samiles:: Chirakis: ::mutters:: Kahless... Tarisa: Miana> ::Lets Alexis have the Caitian.:: Alexis McFarland: smiles* ::Pays for it all and gives the Caitian back to Miana:: Chirakis: ::Dacia, Tarisa:: They cannot be serious. mimipavilion: $ ok then Tarisa: :;Sighs.:: They might be. Chirakis: Mr. Jackson, keep a lock on. Dacia Sandero: It looks like they are. Dacia Sandero: ::looks concerned:: Scott Coleridge: $::Lawliet:: Have you managed to access the computer logs yet? Fletcher Jackson: Yes, ma'am. Solid lock. Lawliet: $ Yes sir, but the readings are just as confusing as everything else. Tarisa: It is deteriorating to the point where every decision is questioned. Chirakis: If anything happens.... and I mean *anything* that threatens their lives.... beam them! Understood? mimipavilion: $ And if there are still personal aboard this ship? Scott Coleridge: $ I'm not willing to entertain scuttling this ship until we're certain there aren't any crew left aboard. Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> I would remind everyone we still do not know what has happened to this ships crew. They may very well be standing beside us at this point. Fletcher Jackson: ::sharp nod:: Yes, ma'am. Dacia Sandero: Yes, it's not good. Chirakis: One thing they have not considered... Dacia Sandero: ::looks to Chirakis:: Tarisa: ::Perks up.:: mimipavilion: $::to Jorahl:: That brief phase shift we encountered. Chirakis: +Jorahl/Scott+ Have you considered a phase shift? Scott Coleridge: $+Chirakis+ What do you mean? KelsaViegnor: ::glances up at the figure who walks in:: Ah. Thelea, is it? Alexis McFarland: ::giggles at Miana playing with the Caitian:: I think I need to rest a bit.. all this shopping. Let's head back to my place to drop all this stuff. Chirakis: Interesting. mimipavilion: (same thinking chirakis) Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::pondering:: Tarisa: Miana> ::Nods in agreement.:: KelsaViegnor: Thelea> Yes. Chirakis: +Scott+ That the crew is there, they are phased into another dimension, or whatever happens during a phase. Chirakis: +Scott+ And that they are trying to contact you by these strange signals. Scott Coleridge: $::mutters something under his breath about more subspace shenanigans:: Alexis McFarland: ::heads back to her quarters with Miana and Annisha, a bit later and drops her bags on the table:: Those were starting to get heavy Kallah Ramson: $ Jorahl> ::calculating the ship should be well in the Grid now, enters a halt into the helm:: KelsaViegnor: ::gestures vaguely:: Welcome aboard. Let us begin some orientation to what you will be doing. mimipavilion: $::turns to scott:: Me and Jorahl encountered a brief phase shift, just before we entered the tl to come back here to the bridge. Should have been recorded. Tarisa: Miana> ::Giggles as she plops onto the couch.:: Chirakis: The ship registers approaching the grid. Chirakis: 10:58 PM Alexis McFarland: I'm glad Dacia gave me some extra credits to buy those new clothes and shoes. ::plops on the couch next to Miana:: KelsaViegnor: Thelea> ::The Romulan female nods, and follows:: Alexis McFarland: Plus I still had a lot of allowance saved up from my parents and grandparents too. ::smiles, and snuggles Miana: Tarisa: Miana> ::Purrs.:: mimipavilion: $::waits to see what scott has to say about what she said:: Scott Coleridge: $ Let's take a look at the recording. mimipavilion: $::nods:: Chirakis: The grid is not responding as hostile, but it is detecting a non-hostile something entering the area. Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Chirakis: 10/6/17 Chirakis: Thank you. Chirakis: Very interesting. Dacia Sandero: oooh Chirakis: Before we go on, two things must be mentioned... Chirakis: 1. We do not deal in Q on Aegis - which was probably not made clear at the beginning of your tours of duty, and... Chirakis: 2. The Borg are dead. Chirakis: Questions on that? Dacia Sandero: ahh Chirakis: Or comments, for that matter. Jylliene: Thank goodness? Lawliet: Why? Why don't we explore these issues? Dacia Sandero: Good to know Lawliet: They are good story elements Chirakis: Because those two issues go beyond what we want to deal with here. Lawliet: Ok Scott Coleridge: Good, because Scott never read the briefing on Q Kallah Ramson: We met the Metrons once. That was enough. Chirakis: Indeed. Chirakis: Captain, TBS? Scott Coleridge: I mean, he was going to get around to it. Some day. But it's propping up a table leg right now. Chirakis: I see. Dacia Sandero: Yeah, Dacia was getting around to it... maybe...probably...eventually? Kallah Ramson: A few minutes. 10 or 15, whatever math works best for our bookkeeping. Chirakis: Excellent. Comments from the crew? mimipavilion: (Mimi read it and chucked it out the airlock, it bored her) Chirakis: A comment from me - I certainly am stymied, which is good on your part, Captain. Chirakis: meaning that it is a good puzzle. Chirakis: Seeing nothing more.. Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  21. MISSION BRIEF: Engineering has decamped to the planet to begin investigating the cause of the planet-wide power failure. Medical is continuing to assist with triage overflow. Operations and flight are working to assist in delivery of supplies. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: scowling at the spotted interloper :: William Chocox: @::continues working at his console on the surface:: Tandaris Admiran: @::finishes sniffing (inspecting) the burnt-out gel pack, and rests it atop a precarious pile of equipment:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> When I agreed with the planetary government to assist you Starfleet types, because anyone else that has any familiarity with the system is either dead and indisposed or alive and indisposed. It didn't include you trespassing. Now get out, and maybe in an hour if you ask nicely to come see me I might say yes. And I may not have you arrested. Maybe. Maryse Dubois: ::In sickbay, finishing up a patient. Her teams had finally finished up the worst of the situation and were beginning to wind down.:: Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::In the briefing room for security/marines:: Rhan K'hal: :: makes his way onto the bridge :: Indaura Ryssan: :: helping in medical.. bunch of boo boos :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda popped into sickbay to have a look around, having not had a chance to touch base with the medical staff during the crisis.:: Tandaris Admiran: @ Sure, yeah. ::begins milling about as if this was what he had been invited to do:: The Federation flirted with bio-neural gel pack technology about a decade ago but scaled it back once we encountered serious maintenance overhead. And on a planet this size... tell me, how did you solve the synaptic signal degradation over such distances? Atos Ch'kivar: :: seated in the briefing room, talking about the current state of affairs among his fellow security personnel before the briefing begins :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Waves at Miranda while she fixes someone's knee :: Rhan K'hal: :: not seeing the Commander on the bridge, settles in at a console - the info he was bringing wasn't marked urgent :: Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Glances to Apostrophe:: According to planetary security things have been going okay, but they have asked for us to assist to allow them to rotate their people out. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She offered Indaura a wave and began a brief inspection of their current patient load.:: Maryse Dubois: ::Turns to see Miranda.:: Hello Commander. ::Playing with a PADD.:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Doctor. How are things here? I see the chaos has mostly subsided. Indaura Ryssan: Getting down to the more minor injuries... things a regenerator can fix. Atos Ch'kivar: :: nods thoughtfully to Augustin :: "According to" and what is actually going on can greatly vary, I have found. I'm sure we'll be able keep things running smoothly regardless though, sir. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::nods:: Exactly, so everyone should be on their toes. Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: All of the serious injuries have been treated. Triage also reports things have slowed. The Mary Seacole can have some of them back now if they want. ::Smirks.:: William Chocox: @::finds a section of the grid that looks interesting:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> *I* didn't. The Tamarns and the indigenous Verans did about a half century ago. Apparently they stumbled over something accidentally and ran with it. *squints at the spotted one* They increased the node size at determined intervals to re-process the data being passed and then send it along newly amplified. It does create a minute delay, but nothing that bothers a system of this nature. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Hands out PADDS:: Here are your assignments. We will mostly be deployed in the three larger metro areas where Tennessee Valley and the Mary Seacole have established bases of operations already. Their people are handling base security, while we we will be involved in general policing and assisting at supply distribution points. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> It's also how small variations in the power flow are adjusted, because the gel nodes are fed the new data and recalculate when they re-process. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Looks down and scans through the information on his newly received PADD, then looks up to Augustin:: When do we head out? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Though all patients that are no longer critical can be transferred planetside to the triage areas there. Most can be taken by family to convalesce. Contact OPs and have them transported as soon as you like. Cptn Swain: Augustin> As soon as possible. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: gives up on trying to tidy up for now and shoves what detritus he was carrying into a bin with a bang :: Cptn Swain: Augustin> We'll be taking shuttles down since the transporters are largely being reserved for other usages. Report to the flight deck with your supplies. Tandaris Admiran: @ Hmm. I could see that working in this context. ::picks up something that looks vaguely dangerous:: So if there were a cascade failure in one section of the grid.... Atos Ch'kivar: ::Nods curtly to Augustin:: Yes, sir. Rhan K'hal: :: with most of the regular staff off working elsewhere, the bridge is whisper quiet - half wants to grab a tricorder and make sure the relief workers are actually alive :: Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: Thank you. It'll be nice to have open spaces again. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Exits the briefing room and heads out to gather his assigned supplies:: Maryse Dubois: ::Begins compiling lists of transfers.:: Anything else you would like to discuss, Commander? Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Successive nodes should recalculate and stop the cascade, shunting power into specific overflow diverters to safely exhaust anything over system specs. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Have either of you ran an analysis on our guests? I'm curious to know how their genetic makeup differs from our own. Is it true that their blood is blue? Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Why it didn't in this case... that's what you're on planet for. How you expect to find that out by barging in here is beyond me. But then Starfleet does have a tendency to make perfectly decent people into morons. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Enters turbolift after attaining the appropriate supplies and takes it down to the shuttle bay:: Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Watches as his crew shuffles out, and heads for the shuttle bay, his own goods already preped:: Tandaris Admiran: @ Oh, no, I did that all on myself, I assure you. Maryse Dubois: ::Smirks.:: It is actually, but that isn't much of a problem. After all we have Bolians and Andorians in our crew. Their internal structure is a little different from standard humanoids, but with modern medical technology we managed just fine. Tandaris Admiran: @ ::sets the dangerous thing on top of the same pile as the burnt-out gel pack:: So what, exactly, is your role here, if they had everything set up hundreds of years ago? Indaura Ryssan: :: nods with Maryse :: Atos Ch'kivar: ::Strides across the shuttle bay, through the busied chaos of things, and enters his assigned shuttle behind a few fellow security personnel:: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: See if you can get a genetic workup done for me. Our database has very little on these people. They're not within the Federation, so we don't really have access to them. This is our chance to glean as much information on them as possible. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> The Tamarn have a good business going here, being the foremost supplier of bioneural and biomemetic gel to the Federation and more besides. I am a researcher with the gel and ways to make it do more things, which would be even better for their business. They let me research and provide me with gel, I present them with my findings and they engage in commerce with the delight of a Ferengi getting oo-mox. Indaura Ryssan: Doctor, we should get one male and one female onto a biobed with the body scanner. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Gets in the shuttle behind Atos:: William Chocox: @::looks closer at the spot he was inspecting:: +Admiran+ Commander? I may have a lead to ground zero. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Takes a seat in the shuttle and buckles in:: Tandaris Admiran: @ What kind of research? Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Makes his way to the front of the shuttle and speaks briefly to the pilot before returning to the cabin and settling in across from Atos:: Ensign. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> There, your minion is calling. Now you can run along and do what you're supposed to be doing instead of bothering me. You may COMM me if you have a SPECIFIC question. Transport in unannounced again and I guarantee you won't find the prison conditions on this planet pleasant, especially without power. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Nods back to his superior officer with a slight smile:: Sir. Maryse Dubois: ::Nods to Indaura.:: Go ahead and begin scans. We already have plenty of blood samples. Cptn Swain: Augustin> It's a shame we won't have the chance, but I hear the skiing in region we're going to is supposed to be excellent. Tandaris Admiran: @ You seem to have a very low opinion of me. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::buckles in as the transport shuttle lifts off the deck heading towards open space:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: lopsided ears :: I have a low opinion of most people, which is why I research goo for a living. While I appreciate rudeness, as I'm rather good at it myself, doesn't mean that it endears me to people who practice it on me. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Cocks his head to the side:: Who knows? Perhaps the situation will be resolved with recreational time to spare. Indaura Ryssan: :: Calls to the group :: May I have a volunteer, one male, the other female for a more intensive medical evaluation. It is important for us to have a complete baseline for which to better help you now and in the future. Tandaris Admiran: @ But what do you rate my chances of being able to get to the bottom of all this? Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::Snorts:: An optimist! I see you haven't been with this boat long. Cptn Swain: Augustin> But let's hope so. I would be nice for a change. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Absolutely zero if you don't start working on it. Otherwise I don' know whether you can find your ass in a room full of mirrors, so how in Errakht should I know? Atos Ch'kivar: ::Chuckles back at Augustin:: Every ship needs one, sir...or so I'm told. Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::nods:: Fair enough. Tandaris Admiran: @ So why don't you come with me to investigate ground zero? Otherwise, if I fail, you're right back to where you started. Or worse, if this happens again. Cptn Swain: ACTION> The patients look at Indaura with surprise. Cptn Swain: Patient> ::quietly:: Uh we are not... ::blushes:: we are not gendered in such a binary fashion. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Settles back into his seat as the shuttle enters the planet's atmosphere:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Bah. If finding out the cause of this gets you out of my fur faster, then so be it. You're like a nu'Khaja with a carcass. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda arched an eyebrow at the patient's response and smiled.:: Well, now that is interesting... Indaura Ryssan: Oh, well then. How about just any old volunteer Maryse Dubois: ::Smirks.:: Not entirely surprising. Andorians have four genders. Tandaris Admiran: @::clasps his hands together:: Excellent. I don't know what that is, but it sounds delightful. Tandaris Admiran: @+Chocox+ Sorry for the delay. I was... nu'Khaja-ing. Send me the coordinates of this ground zero and we'll meet you there. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: grunts, shakes head :: Cptn Swain: Augustin> ::does as well as the shuttle enters the upper atmosphere:: Cptn Swain: (( TWO MINUTE WARNING )) William Chocox: @+Admiran+ Aye sir. And I'll just not ask what the hell you just said. ::sends coordinates:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: grabs a backpack and slings it over his slender shoulder :: Tandaris Admiran: @::sends the coordinates to Excalibur and has them prepare to transport Dazim and himself to the coordinates:: Cptn Swain: ACTION> As the shuttle enters the lower atmosphere, the pilot gives the viewers and the security grunt a good look at the planet's northern climes: a stunning vista indeed. Tall, towering snow capped mountains. Rhan K'hal: TR> +Admiran+ Transporter ready, Commander. Atos Ch'kivar: ::Stares with wonder at the expansive view:: Cptn Swain: ...and... Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  22. Cptn Swain: MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur is assisting two other Federation vessels aiding the recovery of Alpha Veras II, which has suffered a catastrophic failure of its power network. Excalibur's medical team continues to serve as over-flow triage, while operations and flight crew help ferry supplies from the Tennessee Valley and the Excalibur to the surface. Engineering has been tasked with investigating the original failure of the power grid. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Rhan K'hal: :: doing the organizing of the things :: William Chocox: ::is on the surface with Tandaris:: Cptn Swain: ((If you're on the surface, Grab an @ __)) Tandaris Admiran: @::just materialized on the planet at the primary control centre for the planetary power grid:: William Chocox: ((::grabs an @ and appends it to his statement::)) Tandaris Admiran: @::to someone who is rushing by, clearly stressed:: Excu... oh. Tandaris Admiran: @::reaches out to grab another passer-by:: Hello, we're.. ah. William Chocox: @::whistles:: Can you help us please? Indaura Ryssan: :: Helping those in need, and their needs were many. Hunter Matheson: @ ::just outside cargo shuttle Alkaid, checking inventory as it rolls off::: Cptn Swain: ACTION> Sickbay gets another round of patients with various burns, nothing too serious though Tamran physiology can be a bit tricky. They appear to be genetically augmented and have a difficult to synthesize blood that bonds with copper, similar to Romulans. Tandaris Admiran: @ Ah, whistling. If only I hadn't traded away that ability on Serionis Prime to a genie in exchange for a very, very good... ::suddenly realizes where they are:: Yes, well. William Chocox: @ Genies are real? Tandaris Admiran: @::gives Chocox that look he uses when Chocox says something strange:: Everything is real. Tandaris Admiran: @::hefts his toolkit and helps himself to a console, interfacing his tricorder:: William Chocox: @ Alrighty then. ::walks up to the console:: Tandaris Admiran: @::begins interfering:: Hakran K'hal: Dazim> +Admiran+ :: voice only comes out of the console Admiran just interfaced with, sounding strangely like Sean Connery except with more of a hiss than a lisp :: Sso, you're the Sstarfleet officcersss? Hakran K'hal: @^ Indaura Ryssan: :: Uses her mix of charm and good looks to help the overflow triage...mostly her charm... :: Tandaris Admiran: @ Oh, hello, Computer. ::pets the console affectionately:: Yes, I am Commander Tandaris Admiran, and this is Lieutenant William Chocox, from the USS Excalibur. Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox, aside:: The voice synthesizer module could use an upgrade, if we have time. William Chocox: @ Scotland not doing it for you? Hunter Matheson: @ ::signs off, hops aboard, contacts Tennessee FOps, and lifts off for another round::: Hakran K'hal: (( for the sake of ease, I'm going to stop over S'ing, you'll just have to hiss it yourself )) Tandaris Admiran: ((Understood!)) Tandaris Admiran: ((Basically like the real Sean Connery and any accent ever)) Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> +Admiran+ I don't care if you're the entire Federation council, if you don't stop doing that to the console it will explode. Power grid failure, consoles. Surely you Starfleeters have learned your lesson in that by now. Tandaris Admiran: @+Dazim+ Of course! I was just trying to get someone's attention. ::stops messing with the console:: Can you give me a report on your system status? Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: They really got burned on an aftermarket AI personality, didn't they? William Chocox: @ Yes they did. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> +Admiran+ My :: finger quotes implied :: "system status" is rather cranky and tired of eating the crap they're handing out at the relief shelters. But I was asked to help you, so here I am, or at least all of me that you're going to get while you're thousands of clicks away. Tandaris Admiran: @::penny drops:: Oh, sorry. Voice coming from a console, naturally assumed you were... synthetic. Wait, are you synthetic? You did mention eating … but then again … Tandaris Admiran: @ ::waves his hand:: Anyway, synthetic, organic. We are here to help get to the bottom of your grid failure. William Chocox: @ Occam's Razor sir. Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: Good point. Probably organic then. Synthetics usually aren't this... ornery sounding. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> +A+ Yes, we wouldn't want any repeats, would we. :: almost sounds amused :: Well, what are you waiting for? Start detecting. If you have any questions about gel or how it's integrated in the system, ask. If it's a purely mechanical engineering matter, I assume you know your ass from a shuttlepod already. William Chocox: @ I have a little bit of experience with overloaded power systems. Tandaris Admiran: @+Dazim+ And how may we address you? Indaura Ryssan: :: Scanning someone's knee :: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> +A+ Dazim. Just Dazim. Didn't your own people tell you? This is why I hate dealing with Starfleet and their mumblemumble :: out of distance of the comm unit grumbling continues :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::departs Tennessee with materiel going to the primary grid control center::: William Chocox: @ How were we supposed to know that? Tandaris Admiran: @+Dazim+ My own people tell me lots of things. I mostly don't bother to listen. Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: See if you can start accessing whatever passes for system logs around here and find us the logs leading up to the incident time. William Chocox: @ Aye sir. ::gets working:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> +A+ :: doesn't bother to mute his mic, and various clanks, clunks, bangs and the occasional curse continue to filter through the console Admiran chose :: Tandaris Admiran: @::Chocox:: In particular, I want to know if there was a specific location the failure began, or if it was simultaneous across the entire grid. Hunter Matheson: @ ::on approach, notices the mess they have to negotiate to land and hovers for a while as they sort things out with the loadmaster chief:: William Chocox: @ On it. William Chocox: @ ::works on getting through the logs:: Indaura Ryssan: :: Sealing a cut :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::sets down in an area that actually has room to offload:: Tandaris Admiran: @::knows very little about bioneural tech, but having been a doctor with a specialty in neurology in a past life, he thinks he can wing it:: Tandaris Admiran: @+Dazim+ So, Dazim, prior to the failure, was there anything weird happening with the bioneural circuitry? Any warning signs? Some sickness? Tandaris Admiran: @::taps on his combadge, then on his tricorder a few times, while he waits for a response:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> +A+ :: grumbles his way back into mic range :: I know about as much as you do, although overhearing the other various and sundry academics around these parts that there had been an alert of some sort at the nearby gel production plant before this part of the grid fried. William Chocox: @ Thank you! ::focuses his attention there:: Tandaris Admiran: @::tap tap:: Ah-hah! Got you. Tandaris Admiran: @::turns to Chocox:: Carry on. I'll be back. ::thinks:: Maybe. Tandaris Admiran: @::taps combadge again:: Energize. William Chocox: @ Aye sir. ::is immune to Tandy's weirdness at this point:: Rhan K'hal: :: meanwhile, aboard the ship, gets a response from 39 Tango about the request that Hawthorne had tagged - shoots it off to her and Swain before heading off to lunch :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::waiting for them to offload, he wanders the area, checking it out::: Tandaris Admiran: @::dematerializes and then rematerializes in Dazim's workshop(?), having traced the comm signal:: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: hears a transporter beam, looks over at the materializing Trill with his arms full of various fried lab equipment :: Hunter Matheson: @ ::and just happens to find Cho busy at the console, doing the boss's work::: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Make yourself at home, why don't you? :: a very pale blonde, almost white-furred Cait, with flyaway hair and a short scrawny build scowls over at Tandy :: William Chocox: @ Greetings Mr. Matheson. Tandaris Admiran: @::looks around the crowded room, coughs slightly:: It's so messy! Tandaris Admiran: @::flashes a grin at Dazim:: I love it already! Hunter Matheson: @ Hey, Sir. You alone down here? William Chocox: @ Commander Admiran is around somewhere. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Oh, you'd love it if your lab exploded and you'd have to clean up, piece together your research and start over, would you? :: tosses a crispy gelpack at him :: Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> If you enjoy it so much, YOU clean it up. Hunter Matheson: @ ::he nods, looking around:: nasty mess here. Think it's even fixable? Cptn Swain: (( two minute warning )) Tandaris Admiran: @::catches the gelpack and begins sniffing it:: I don't know if I'd say I *love* it, but I've gotten used to it at this point. Indaura Ryssan: :: more healing :: William Chocox: @ Few things are unfixable. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> Now that you've invaded my privacy, without my approval I will add, either make your intent known or I'll shoot you. It's legal here, you know. Tandaris Admiran: @ I made the mistake, you see, of teaching my assistant how to blow things up. ::shakes his head:: Of my regrets in this lifetime, that is but one. Hunter Matheson: @ Guess that's why you're the engineer and I just drive. William Chocox: @ I can teach you, at least the basics. Hakran K'hal: @Dazim> :: looks around, wondering where that disruptor got to in the mess :: Hunter Matheson: @ Uh... ::holding up a hand:: that's okay, sir. I'm good with flying. Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  23. Cptn Swain: MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur is in orbit of Alpha Veras II, where they have been sent to assist the USS Tennessee Valley and the USS Mary Seacole. Medical is serving as overflow triage for the Seacole, while operations assist with the transfer of heavy equipment to both the Tennessee Valley and the surface. Commander Adarius Stewart has beamed over from the Tennessee Valley to brief Engineering on the situation on the surface. Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM Indaura Ryssan: :: Helping more of the low priority patients :: Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::showing signs of having slept very little over the last several days, the tall, blonde-haired commander made his way towards engineering:: William Chocox: ::is in engineering:: Tandaris Admiran: ::in engineering, has replicated some refreshments:: Rhan K'hal: :: up on Deck A, borrowing the TIC because there's too many things going to too many places to keep track of on the bridge :: William Chocox: Hors d'oeurves? Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::enters engineering, an assistant in tow, and carrying several PADDs:: Hunter Matheson: ::monitoring the offloading, checking the manifest::: Tandaris Admiran: ::Chocox:: I figure they've probably had a tough few days, could use some welcoming. Hakran K'hal: :: with his eyes doing much better now, taking advantage of the time to read up on the various biological gels AVII produces to understand how it works a bit better :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Miranda was waiting in engineering, as well, wanting to hear what Stewart had to say on the situation. Trying to stay out of Tandy's affairs was difficult. She kept spotting 'special projects' of his or Will's that she wanted to confiscate or disassemble.:: Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::Rounds the corner into main engineering, smiles haggardly towards the Excalibur staff:: William Chocox: Hello. Tandaris Admiran: ::lays down the last tray of food on top of a quiescent "special project", one of several he had deliberately left out for Miranda to see so that she wouldn't suspect what he was really up to:: Cptn Swain: Stewart> Morning... or is it afternoon? Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ACTION> More incoming wounded were beamed to medical and secondary triage. William Chocox: Time is relative. Lunch time doubly so. Tandaris Admiran: Hello, Commander Stewart. I'm Commander Admiran. This is Commander Hawthorne, Lieutenant Chocox. Indaura Ryssan: This is a lot of people... :: examines a new person :: Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::Nods:: This is my assistant Petty Officer Collie. Hunter Matheson: @ ::deep in discussion with the bay chief and CENG regarding supplies::: William Chocox: Greetings. Cptn Swain: Stewart> I've been put in charge of getting something resembling a working power grid up and running. ::Sighs:: It's been going about as well as you might imagine. Rhan K'hal: :: discusses the potential in-seat time for the pilots with LCdr d'Aubigne, and whether or not to start shorting their time now so they can be back in rotation faster than working them up to limits - no way the transfers will continue on without any hitches :: Cptn Swain: Stewart> My people are working double time on that. ::Shakes his head:: Whole thing is about as messy as Kovian spider-rat nest. Tandaris Admiran: What are your current priorities and where best can we send personnel to help you out? Indaura Ryssan: :: Scanning someone's leg :: Maryse Dubois: ::Stepping out of her office, she returns to main sickbay.:: I understand more wounded are beaming over. ::Begins assisting a patient.:: Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::Nods:: My people know how to rebuild a power network, but what we could use and what Captain Charen has asked me to request your assistance with is looking into what caused the explosion in the first place. Cptn Swain: Stewart> We've got some ideas... based on the kind of damage that was done ... but we've barely had time to even consider them. Cptn Swain: Stewart> Normally we'd have the locals take the lead on this, but they're in over their head. Some of their best people were severely injured or killed in the initial explosions. William Chocox: Some might say that we're good at explosions. Cptn Swain: Collie> ::lifts a brow:: Maryse Dubois: ((Considering you cause most of them.)) Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::Glances to Miranda and Admiran:: I can tell you what we know so far, if that helps. William Chocox: ((You blow up one EPS system.)) Maryse Dubois: ((And make a bomb)) Cptn Swain: (( You came very, very close to us having a new ship! )) Maryse Dubois: ((lol)) William Chocox: ((Let's not get tangled up with who blew up whom.)) Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Yes, it would. Something like this doesn't just... happen... unless there's faulty equipment or faulty people. Hunter Matheson: @ ::taking a good look at the planetary situation::: Indaura Ryssan: :: Treating a burn :: Maryse Dubois: ::Finishes with her patient and then moves to a computer terminal. She brings up a status report for the Triage units.:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::decides on coords, then hops aboard the Alkaid, powers up, and engages the com:: +Excal+ Matheson aboard Alkaid to Excalibur. Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::Takes a PADD from Collie:: Yeah. As I said we haven't been able to spend a lot of time working out the details but we do have a rough timeline of events. Rhan K'hal: Ops> +Hunter+ Go ahead, Alkaid. William Chocox: Alright. Cptn Swain: Stewart> The planet utilizes a somewhat complex network of M/AM, hyrdo, and geothermal energy stations networked across the planet with three different EPS subsystems. Hunter Matheson: @ +Excal+ Alkaid has been directed to coordinates 25.2744 S by 133.7751 E for a supply drop. It's dicey on planet. I will report on arrival. How copy? Cptn Swain: Stewart> They had been in the process of replacing one of the older subsystems with a newer one supplied by the Federation, but work had largely been stalled as the weather in the region it was located had been rather, monsoon-like. Hunter Matheson: @ :::discussing the situation with an engineer while they power up::: Cptn Swain: Stewart> Nearest we can tell, the overload began in the "middle aged" of the three systems, which is some kind of indigenous design that utilizes their bio-neural technology. Rhan K'hal: Ops> +Hunter+ Acknowledged. Contact subspace frequency 3145.87 for planetary arrivals. Your departure and destination is logged in system. Safe flight. Cptn Swain: Stewart> The reaction quickly spread across all three systems and well, there you have it. Tandaris Admiran: How different is their bio-neural tech from ours? Hunter Matheson: @ +Excal+Subspace frequency 3145, aye. Copy Excal. Departing Tennessee. Hunter Matheson: @ ::checks the engineering crew, and receiving a thumbs up, Alkaid departs re FOps::: Cptn Swain: Stewart> :scrunches his face:: In some ways very little, and some ways very much. They've been using bio-neural technology a lot longer than we have. Some of these sections are three, four decades old. Hunter Matheson: @ ::smooth liftoff and they're out of the bay::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: Four decades of bio-neutral power networks? ::Miranda blinked in surprise.:: Cptn Swain: Stewart> Since we can't be sure exactly what triggered the overload, we've been essentially bypassing their distribution systems. Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::nods:: They also have a somewhat... cavalier attitude towards... testing of systems, near as we can tell. Cptn Swain: Stewart> They have far fewer regulations than you'd expect if this were a Federation colony. The running pool among my people is that what ever it was that caused the overload was caused by that. Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::shrugs:: Tandaris Admiran: ::perks up at the mention of "cavalier attitude towards testing of systems":: Hunter Matheson: @ ::as they enter the lower atmosphere, the planet looks pretty normal::: Cptn Swain: Stewart> The local authorities also suggested we work with some Federation scientist that's been working on the planet for sometime now. Dazim something or other. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: What's his specialty? Cptn Swain: Stewart> I haven't had time to connect with him, but Collie will forward you his information. Cptn Swain: Collie> Bio-neural networks, I think. They weren't very forthcoming on that front -- and I haven't had time to cross-check his references with Starfleet yet. Cptn Swain: Collie> ::Hands Miranda a PADD with a communications frequency:: Hunter Matheson: @ ::but it's way beyond normal as they approach the clearing::: Cptn Swain: Stewart> Well, I think that's about it. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::Glances at the padd and uses it to send a query to Excalibur OPs to see what they could find on Dazim.:: Cptn Swain: Stewart> I appreciate your help on this, as I said my people are working overtime just get power back up -- but if you need anything let us know. Rhan K'hal: Ops> :: sees the request, acknowledges it but has to put it aside for the moment while coordinating transports from the Mary S. :: William Chocox: Will do. Tandaris Admiran: Thank you for everything. Cptn Swain: Stewart> Collie will be your contact, I'll be in a remote area for the next day or so working on installing a new generator for one of the settlements. Hunter Matheson: @ +Excal+ Alkaid to Excalibur, request you paint us in case we get lost. It's a pretty bad mess down here, so touchdown will not be designated coordinates. I say again, touchdown will not be designated coordinates. How copy? Tandaris Admiran: We'll be in touch as we investigate. Cptn Swain: Stewart> ::nods to the Excal folks, as does Collie before heading off:: William Chocox: So, fun times it seems. Rhan K'hal: :: chuckles up in the TIC :: +Hunter+ You're being tracked by all 3 Starfleet ships, not to mention the planet's civil and military sats, Gunny. You won't get lost. Tandaris Admiran: Time to do some reading up on bioneural technology William Chocox: Even more fun. Hunter Matheson: @ +Excal+ Copy, Excal. Just being safe. Losing a transport shuttle doesn't look good on the resume. Rhan K'hal: Ops> :: in a momentary lull, sends off a search request back to 39 Tango to look for this Dazim in Starfleet records for a first check :: Indaura Ryssan: :: Helping more patients :: Tandaris Admiran: ::Hawthorne:: We're going to want to go on-site and start running some tests. William Chocox: ::pulls up his "light" reading:: Rhan K'hal: :: looks over to d'A :: It must amuse you to no end to borrow such a cautious pilot to go along the rest of your acrobats. Hunter Matheson: @ +COM+ Excalibur OPS, Alkaid wheels down 10 clicks south of the original position. Sending coordinates. Cptn Swain: D'A> ::nods with a cheshire grin:: Rhan K'hal: FOps> +Hunter+ :: pings back :: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: ::She nods and pushed off from her lean.: Take a team, don't go anywhere alone. Remember that this area isn't policed by the Federation. They have their own rules and customs. Hunter Matheson: @ ::SOP, the reason he's in the Corps and not a squid::: Rhan K'hal: Ops> :: gets a return from the 39 Tango computer that there are no matches in current or former Starfleet personnel with the name Dazim; re-works the search terms to expand to a full Federation-wide search, cross-referenced with bio-neural gel :: I hope the Commander didn't want an answer today, that's going to take a while. William Chocox: Aye ma'am. Indaura Ryssan: :: treats a head wound :: That's a nasty bump.. Cptn Swain: TWO MINUTE WARNING Rhan K'hal: Ops> +Miranda+ Ens Jones to Cdr Hawthorne. Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Ops+ Hawthorne. Go ahead. Rhan K'hal: Ops> +Miranda+ Whoever this Dazim is, wasn't in Starfleet. I've tasked a search back at 39 Tango but with nothing more to go on than that for a full Federation search... unless he's made major headlines I wouldn't expect anything back for a while. Hunter Matheson: @ :::checks stability and access points before powering down to hot standby::: Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: +Ops+ Understood. Tell them to keep a query running. If something pops, I want to know. Cptn Swain: ...AND.... Rhan K'hal: Ops> +Miranda+ Aye, Commander. Hunter Matheson: @ ::and the engineers take over the heavy lifting, trying to find an area that's mostly stable to offload::: Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM
  24. Mission Brief | Sky Harbor Aegis | 6 October 2017 11 April 2388 - Stardate 2388.101 TBS is zero. The time is 1145 hours (11:45 AM) Aegis local. While exploring the Romulan recon vessel, Ma’ev, the away team is startled by a blinding light near the computer core. Scanners show no light or light source, and the light casts no shadow. SubCommander Jorahl has entered the chamber to investigate.
  25. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #964, STARDATE 51710.02 = /\ = The Manticore left Earth orbit with a Klingon efficiency expert from the Federation Council to observe and offer counsel to Sovak and McFly. He changed our course to the middle of nowhere, blocking access to Bridge commands and Aux. Control, with a door fused shut. He halted the ship and performed a cold shutdown of the warp core and declared the start of the examination. What no one could plan for was the sudden appearance of a wormhole nearby emitting a gravitation pull. Even with the Klingon trying to help out, the ship got pulled into the wormhole, setting off internal overloads/ explosions and killing the Klingon. Sickbay dealt with an overload of wounded, while Engineering got the warp engines online, but the ship is now stranded in some sort of null space with no stars for navigation and no sensor beacons to connect to. We begin to move at impulse speed to see if we can escape into viable space. = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #964, STARDATE 51710.02 = /\ = 171002.log
  26. RES TALON MISSION BRIEFING 51709.28 - SEASON 22 After speaking with N'Dak about her plans to dial things back a bit to make sure we are covering the fleet's flank and not get surprised from behind, t'Vatrix went off to speak with Koga and Pexil about supplies and mission logistics of some smaller missions. NDak had taken on updating the Daise Maenak about our plans. We pick up here. BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM BEGIN SIM KhreRiovtRex: :: with Koga and Pexil:: So na other difficulties fulfilling our requests or vice versa, assisting the shipyard's needs? Lerak trPexil: A little haggling here and there. Engineering assistance comes in handy. STSF Seiben: Not too much, rekkhai. I've not had many difficulty getting what was required. On my end, at least. ::looks to Pexil:: m_k_tksa: ::in medical on Talon:: NDak: ::Making his way towards Talon's medical bay, a place he had often attempted to avoid when he was a regular member of her crew:: Lerak trPexil: The mood here is...strange. I cannot place my mind on what it is though. STSF Seiben: Hm. Yeah, au know.. these space stations. They all seem to run in their own peculiar way\ NDak: ::Rounding a corner he entered medical, glancing around for t'Ksa:: m_k_tksa: ::helping to put away supplies, bobbing her head to the music that io of her staff members who has piped it in:: Lerak trPexil: Is there something au wanted KhreRiov? NDak: ::Io of the disheren medics direct him towards the supply area, where he was surprised to see t'Ksa bopping her head to music.:: KhreRiovtRex: The mood is pensive. They hid ships here in reserve after our ship movements began to be questioned by the Tal Shiar and they somehow got the Fvillah involved in moving our ships to poor defensive positions. Had Galae na hidden enough ships here, we'd have not had that back up that arrived to help us regain ch'Rihan and defeat those defensive platforms. NDak: ::He cleared his throat, in attempt to na startle her:: KhreRiovtRex: They are worried is all, many of their ships have been sent to the home world for it's defense, and they are a bit lighter out here at the moment, sitting midway between Othan and home. m_k_tksa: ::io of her staff members taps her on the arm then points at the door where N'Dak has come through::: Jolan tru. ::surprised, but not as embarrassed as she once would have been, hands the box she was working on to the io how caught her attention and dusts her hands off as she approaches N'Dak:: Can I help au, Rekkhai? KhreRiovtRex: We've decided that we'll station out of this location for a while and direct short-range missions, working to shore up our defenses in this and the surrounding sectors for now. STSF Seiben: ::nods and listens:: NDak: ::He smiled, genuinely:: Jolan tru. Na need to call me rekkhai. Lerak trPexil: That must be it. :: glances at his ISD, then back :: NDak: I first wanted to thank au for lending me some au medical staff for the Stinger. They are very well trained. KhreRiovtRex: Ie, so let's also keep on their good side, at least the commander here is a friend and will help us as much as possible. m_k_tksa: You're welcome. ::tugs her uniform tunic down:: KhreRiovtRex: We should still be ahead of the ships we were chasing, as we were able to cut across this sector while they had to go around. I'd still like to try and cut off a few of them. If na, at least some missions to some of the planets in these systems, to make sure na of their ilk are there causing similar problems to what we just put an end to on that last planet NDak: Secondly, the Khre'Riov asked me to brief au on our status, as well the plans, rhae the immediate future. Lerak trPexil: The Stinger should help in recon. m_k_tksa: ::sighs, motions for him to follow her to her the Daise'Maenak office:: Let's go have some tea, ie? NDak: ::Nods:: Hann'yyo KhreRiovtRex: Ie, I am counting on that, so we may have some short missions just using it, as it is less detectable than we are STSF Seiben: I hope so as well. KhreRiovtRex: What I'm going to be asking of you both for some time, is logistical help both from Helm/ops, and science STSF Seiben: Of course, I shall be happy to assist in any way I can. KhreRiovtRex: I'll be trusting au to be well versed in the maps of this region and any important planets or shipping/communications hubs that we must make sure are secured Lerak trPexil: They must tune their cloaking device. m_k_tksa: ::leads the way until they enter the office, then she motions for him to take a seat while she moves to the replicator to procure some tea:: Sweet or bitter, N'Dak? NDak: Bitter. ::He said taking a seat:: I have never preferred hot tea to sweet. NDak: The Lloann'an ::he curled his lips:: apparently like sweet tea a good deal. STSF Seiben: Yes, I agree NDak: With something called f'ried chi'cken. ::Shaking his head:: How they were ever able to even achieve space flight, let alone a dominate position, rhae the quadrant I will never know. KhreRiovtRex: I'm na speaking of just orbital hubs, but planetary hubs as well. this sector alone, Justarus, is quite large. There are quite a few important planetary shipping hubs that we much control. I want you two to assist me with mapping out the most vulnerable, that we can help with setting up defenses. The shipyard here, has been busy building several new orbital defense platforms which will need to be launched na only here, but at some of these outer worlds in these sectors. m_k_tksa: ::place the orders:: I hear the Lloann'na also add citric acid or lactose additives to their tea. ::pulls the two cups out of the replicator when finished, offering him his before moving to a seat of her own:: KhreRiovtRex: I'm going to trust au both, with assistance in the deployment, and helping to tune the mechanisms to protect the worlds NDak: ::He took the tea, and sipped it lightly before nodding;: Ie, ie. Most uncivilized. KhreRiovtRex: if au remember they tried to turn the ones at chRihan back upon our own world. I want au.... looking at Pexil, to work on the programing so that can na be over ridden without approval from our command (specifically myself and KhreRiov tr'Dar here at the Shipyards for now) m_k_tksa: So, now that we are away from the prying ears of the rest of the maenkenn, what is it that au wish to brief me on? NDak: We have met with the stations commander. He seems trust worthy enough. KhreRiovtRex: Are au able and up to this type of programming knowledge trPexil? KhreRiovtRex: Be honest, if na, I'm sure tTemarr would be able to assist or provide direction, but this is io of our utmost priorities for h'nah m_k_tksa: Trustworthy is a term that's relative when it comes to Talon. Did the Khre'Riov threaten him or attempt to kill him? NDak: Na. She seemed quite at ease around him. Lerak trPexil: Ie, should na be an issue. I can always ask t'Temarr for assistance. NDak: Apparently he was a friend of tr'Vatrix. KhreRiovtRex: Menkha tr'Pexil. Au both have done good work today.... are au both ready to take a break, and grab something to eat? STSF Seiben: Ie, I am rekkhai. A little rest would be nice. m_k_tksa: :::just sips from her tea:: Well, that's different. NDak: Ie. ::Taking a sip as well:: Lerak trPexil: Ie... a drink if nothing else. NDak: Our position here is safe, but it is by no means completely secure. KhreRiovtRex: Menkha... I know a good place to eat that's na far from us. Something fresh and na from the etrehh will be a pleasant change. Shall we h'na? NDak: I know au were na thrilled about going headlong chasing after the enemy deeply into their space. m_k_tksa: That is true. :::guarded, waiting for the next shoe to drop:: NDak: So au will be pleased, I think. Lerak trPexil: Ie, let's. Will t'Temarr na be joining us? NDak: After considering our position, as well as that of the fleet. The Khre'Riov has determined that we will na be, as au called, rushing into a suicide mission. STSF Seiben: Ie, sounds good KhreRiovtRex: Perhaps hrrau a bit, she is working rhae something for me at the siuren NDak: Though I know it pains her as she wishes to bring them swift justice, she believes that we should secure our position further in this sector before we take any further action into Othan controlled space. KhreRiovtRex: Ie, let us go....I could use something to eat myself m_k_tksa: ::raises a brow:: Really now? NDak: ::Nods over his tea:: Ie. NDak: I thought au would be... pleasantly surprised. m_k_tksa: Surprised, yes. Skeptical, most certainly. KhreRiovtRex: Come, we'll take my flitter..... That way we can also go do a visual evaluation of the defense systems of the shipyards and this star system after we've eaten NDak: ::He nodded:: Ie, I know she has often been ruled by her passions as of late, but this was her decision. And, a sound tactical io at that. NDak: We will use the Stinger as an outrider to search and assist the Talon in locating any Othan veruul still in the sector, and assist the locals in securing their holdings. KhreRiovtRex: :: looks at the two of them, wondering if they are na sure eating with her, or if the crew were still worried about if she were a clone, or a madwoman, as some gossip she's overheard:: STSF Seiben: ::follows along:: m_k_tksa: ::sets her tea cup down:: Why does this conversation sound like au are trying to sell me something? NDak: ::he smirked ever so slightly:: Am I that transparent? Lerak trPexil: :: Walks with t'Vatrix :: Lerak trPexil: In all of this madness I often forget to eat well. m_k_tksa: Any more so and I would confuse au with a viewport. ::gives him a look down her nose:: NDak: ::He grinned sheepishly at the glance, feeling a bit like old times when he had been the disheren:: Lerak trPexil: Then when home, err, my home, my mother could not stop feeding Nalia, t'Temarr, and myself. STSF Seiben: Ooh, what'd au have? m_k_tksa: ::rubs her forehead:: So what is au want from me? NDak: I know this has been a difficult time for everyone. And I know that au have concerns about the Khre'Riov, au made that clear the last we spoke on ch'Rihan. KhreRiovtRex: :: stops and presses the codeds to open the flitter hatch:: Get in... I will fly the ship STSF Seiben: ::nods and steps inside:: Lerak trPexil: :: Gets in :: What did we NA have? STSF Seiben: Sounds nice m_k_tksa: And? ::waiting for him to get on with it:: Lerak trPexil: The tension between Nalia and t'Temarr could be cut with a... au know. KhreRiovtRex: :: waits for them to get while she gets clearances and updates destination:: STSF Seiben: Ie, I can see that being a problem Lerak trPexil: :: Sits :: NDak: I will na pry into au personal relationship with her, that is na'qui my place; but she is trying, I think. STSF Seiben: ::settles in:: KhreRiovtRex: :: overhears Pexil and wonders if he is a veruul putting both his interests together like that?:: m_k_tksa: Trying with whom exactly? Lerak trPexil: I did bring some of the family wine with me on Talon. Stored well of course. Nalia liked it too much I think. NDak: Everyone, I think. Her passions burn, but she is trying to control them for the good of all of us, for the empire. NDak: It cannot be easy to have such power and hold back on it. I cannot say that if I were her, I would na be charging blindly towards those fvadt. Lerak trPexil: They are still looking for her family. Either they went into hiding or... well.. plans are in place for either event. KhreRiovtRex: :: Launches the ship and heads to the small town she had been telling them about:: NDak: So, I think it encouraging that she took the initiative in deciding to restrain that passion and instead chose to take the more sensible, reasoned course here. KhreRiovtRex: Au will enjoy the food here. I've always liked this small establishment. NDak: ::He sighed, taking a drink:: It is strange for me to be her confidant, h'nah if I am being honest. Lerak trPexil: Good to hear. Every community should have one. STSF Seiben: I agree. There's a nice one near my mountain villa. I like going there. m_k_tksa: If that is what au are selling, I'm sorry to tell au, N'Dak, I'm not buying it. Especially when I hear rumors that she's smeared the blood of the dead on her person during our last visit. As to her trying with everyone? Phffft. ::gets up and takes her cup to the replicator: Lerak trPexil: :: to t'Vatrix :: Do au get to pilot much? m_k_tksa: She may be reserved now because au and Laehval are able to reign her in. But I don't expect that to hold. KhreRiovtRex: :: lands the flitter:: Here we are..... This will give us a time to sit and discuss some of our plans. NDak: Au could help us. Lerak trPexil: A change of venue can be invigorating. KhreRiovtRex: :: turns to Pexil:: Na as much anymore, that's why I enjoy this small ship. m_k_tksa: Ha! Help au how? NDak: Au have known her longer than either of us. NDak: And more than either Laehval and I, are actually trained in helping those suffering from wounds. m_k_tksa: So? She na longer listens to me. Nor speaks to me. Any attempt I make to clarify instructions or point out issues, I"m branded a traitor. At this point, the only help I can give au is to try to keep everyio else alive when she goes off on these suicide missions. NDak: That does na sound like the t'Ksa I knew. m_k_tksa: This isn't the Talon au knew. NDak: ::Standing:: Perhaps it is na. m_k_tksa: If I could help, I would. But I can't, I've tried, but nothing has worked. I'm sorry to disappoint au. Lerak trPexil: :: Clutches his ISD's he's been carrying around since at the quartermaster's. STSF Seiben: ::looks around:: Looks nice NDak: Hann'yyo for the tea, at any rate. KhreRiovtRex: Pexil...leave those on the flitter..... KhreRiovtRex: we are here to eat, and talk..... those can wait NDak: Though, I would ask au to consider it like a treatment. The t'Ksa I knew NDak: The t'Ksa I knew would na give up so easily. She did na give up when her first attempt to treat an illness failed, why so easily h'nah. PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM STSF Seiben: ::Paused:: KhreRiovtRex: iOOPS, SORRY NDak, go ahead and finish your sentence, I'll edit it in KhreRiovtRex: Hann'yyo, I’ll move that before the pause, KhreRiovtRex: Nice work all, Leah should be back next week, going to check with tA to see if she has an update on this new shift of her's and see if it's going to be permanent or not Lerak trPexil: Quite a late shift m_k_tksa: I gotta go guys. See you all next week KhreRiovtRex: yea, KhreRiovtRex: Ok, so Crew Dismissed, and we'll see you all next week
  27. = /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #964, STARDATE 51710.02 = /\ = The Manticore left Earth orbit with a Klingon efficiency expert from the Federation Council to observe and offer counsel to Sovak and McFly. He changed our course to the middle of nowhere, blocking access to Bridge commands and Aux. Control, with a door fused shut. He halted the ship and performed a cold shutdown of the warp core and declared the start of the examination. What no one could plan for was the sudden appearance of a wormhole nearby emitting a gravitation pull. Even with the Klingon trying to help out, the ship got pulled into the wormhole, setting off internal overloads/ explosions and killing the Klingon. Sickbay dealt with an overload of wounded, while Engineering got the warp engines online, but the ship is now stranded in some sort of null space with no stars for navigation and no sensor beacons to connect to. We begin to move at impulse speed to see if we can escape into viable space. = /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #964, STARDATE 51710.02 = /\ =
  28. SD 1001.2017 Engineering has decamped to the planet to begin investigating the cause of the planet-wide power failure. Medical is continuing to assist with triage overflow. Operations and flight are working to assist in delivery of supplies.
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