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No Aegis Tonight

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Posted 25 November 2016 - 06:00 PM

A reminder to our crew (and anyone who would visit) that there will be no sim tonight.  Be well, be safe, and see you next week.
Chirakis Kirel, SI-5
Captain, Starfleet Intelligence Division V
Sky Harbor Aegis
Sky Harbor Aegis

When the station shakes beneath your feet, you know you've been paged.
~SubCommander Jorahl, Chief Engineering Officer, Sky Harbor Aegis
When was there normal? When did this happen? How did I miss it? Was this when I went on that five-minute break three months ago? It was only five minutes. I turn my back, and you guys go "normal" on me?
~Cdr Scott Coleridge, Executive Officer, Sky Harbor Aegis

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