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Greenia ROS December

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Posted 29 May 2016 - 03:43 AM

Oceanis' Naval Command Center was the control hub of most of Oceanis' military forces. There were boards showing the last known locations of all of Oceanis’ ships and Naval auxiliary equipment, monitors from radar stations scattered throughout Oceanis’ archipelagos, and a constant stream of information coming in from communications.

The was a constant bustle of activity. The main control room was filled with tired, overworked officers and enlisted, each at an assigned duty station or delivering communiques between the stations or to the outside. All hands had been on deck for days. During the Equitoria Incident, the room moved from potential crisis to potential crisis.

“High atmosphere contact detected from the northern Continent.” After some investigation, it was found to be the launch of a weather balloon.

“Contact lost with Radio Station North 5. Resume contact or send disable signal.” And almost simultaneously:
“Incoming unidentified aircraft. Profile matches long range bomber.” Begin actions to scramble fighters from the closest carrier. Coastal SAM batteries on alert. Attempt to identify the aircraft. Civilian Aviation reports that a large passenger jet with a broken transponder is flying in the area. Recall all offensive measures.

“Contact lost with Radio Station North 5. Resume contact or send disable signal.” How long had that alert been going on? 6 minutes. Send disable signal. The automated orders had already gone out as if ONCC had been neutralized. Cancel those orders. Call roll on all ships to acknowledge the cancellation….

The surface ships acknowledge quickly. Most barely had time to process the coded message before receiving the cancellation. The subs were a different story. If they surfaced while the message was being broadcast, they would receive the errant orders; if they were undersea, they’d receive the roll-call only. It was only a matter of waiting until all ships had responded.

Within the hour, all of the ships had acknowledged the roll call except one: the submarine ROS December.
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