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Sky Harbor Aegis | 24 March 2017

25 March 2017 - 07:23 PM

=/\= Aegis Mission Brief 3/24/17=/\=
24 March 2388

TBS was 1 month. The time is 0600 hours (6:00 am) Aegis local.
Nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Most of the Shray's crew are well and have remained on station.  Her captain is shopping for another ship.  Sector 119 of the asteroid belt is off limits.

=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=
=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=

Chirakis -> ::has been in CnC for a few hours:::
KelsaViegnor -> ::leisurely morning in her quarters::
Kallah Ramson -> ::steps out of her office onto the CnC with a cup of coffee in hand::
Chirakis -> ::turns and nods:: Good morning, Captain.
Kallah Ramson -> Morning.
jylliene -> ::CnC, with coffee as well, arriving::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::drags in, looking for the donuts:::
Lawliet -> ::wakes up in a cold sweat and panting::
mimipavilion -> ::in medical in her office, going over the last shifts reports::
Chirakis -> Donut Guy> ::comes in with the tray and sets it closer to the captain than anyone::
Dacia Sandero -> ::sipping some tea as she goes over some reports in sickbay::
Lawliet -> ::takes a minute to get his heart rate down::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::grabs some coffee as he eyes the donuts:::
Lawliet -> ::gets out of bed and takes a hot shower::
Tarisa -> ::Grabbing breakfast from a cafe in commerce area.::
jylliene -> (Donut guy knows how things work)
Chirakis -> ::without turning:: Coffee will suffice for now, Mr Jackson.
Chirakis -> (Indeed)
Alexis McFarland -> ::curled up in her bed, still fast asleep::
Scott Coleridge -> ::enters the CnC, says hi to Donut Guy and asks him how his family is doing::
KelsaViegnor -> ::casually sips tea and brushes up on the recent public news reports::
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Sound asleep.::
Chirakis -> Donut Guy> Morning, Commander. Family's fine. New addition is due in a few weeks.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Nijil stirred in his bed, a padd falling off it after a night of reading engineering texts ::
Chirakis -> ::nod:: Commander.
Lawliet -> ::finishes cleaning himself and gets dressed::
jylliene -> ::grins:: That will be exciting. Good fortune to you. ::to donut guy::
Kallah Ramson -> ::sips coffee::
Chirakis -> Donut Guy> ::turns to her:: Yes, ma'am. It sure is. We're excited. So are the other three.
Chirakis -> Donut Guy> The other three kids, that is.
Annisha -> :: Taps her father :: Hey, time to get up. :: poke poke ::
jylliene -> ::grins, nods::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::takes his place at aux OPS:::
Lawliet -> ::walks over to the replicator:: Herbal Tea Blend #12 and Personal Breakfast #2.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Walks into the commerce area ::
jylliene -> ::sips her coffee. Ah, coffee. Coffee coffee coffee.::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::and runs down the reports from last night::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::glances at Jylliene::wants donuts::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> Hmm, wha? Oh.. Annisha, what are au doing in engineering?
mimipavilion -> ::finishes reading the reports:: Good, an uneventful night.
Tarisa -> ::Steps out of the cafe with a hot tea and a small sack.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Cayne walks onto the CnC and takes tactical ::
Chirakis -> ::steps aside:: Good morning, Commander.
Lawliet -> ::calmly goes through his breakfast, reflecting on his dreams of the past several nights::
jylliene -> ::sips the precious, precious coffee,the elixir of life and wakefulness and functionality and stuff::
Annisha -> :: huffs :: We are home, time to get up.
Chirakis -> ::Ramson:: Captain, with your permission, I will tend to duties in the security complex?
Kallah Ramson -> ::turns attention to her console::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: is poked :: Ah alright alright..
Kallah Ramson -> Granted.
Chirakis -> ::polite nod:: Commander Cayne, keep us safe.
mimipavilion -> ::looks at some inventory requests and submits them to Starfleet Medical::
Chirakis -> ::enters the command lift:: Security complex.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Just make sure your wills are up to date.
Chirakis -> ;:hears him as the doors close, wondering what he has in mind::
Tarisa -> ::Takes note of a Cardassian woman passing by. Maybe the one Miana had told her about.::
Lawliet -> ::finishes up and walks out of his quarters::
Chirakis -> ::probably something in security::
KelsaViegnor -> ::looks through the updates. New shop openings, etc.::
mimipavilion -> ::looks through other info to see what she can find of use::
Chirakis -> ::steps out in the complex and pauses for threat assessment:::
Lawliet -> ::walks into the turbolift:: CnC.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Sees some kind of cat-like species,, makes a note in her log book ::
Scott Coleridge -> ::takes a seat at his station to review reports from the previous shifts::
Chirakis -> ::she doesn't see anything out of the ordinary, so she enters her office:::
Dacia Sandero -> ::organizes things in sickbay, and checking up on some of the patients they had::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Mr. tr'Korjata :: noting an older Rihan approaching :: Morning coffee for for the clan?
Lawliet -> ::steps off the turbolift and out into the CnC::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Older Korjata> I shall endeavour to alter my routine. Jolan tru Gila Orrak.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Walks around like a zombie in his quarters, Annisha guides him to the shower ::
Chirakis -> ::first she checks the screens, which all read normal, then she sits to begin the routine procedure of plowing through reports::
Annisha -> There au go :: Closes the door behind him ::
Tarisa -> ::Finds a quiet place away from traffic, sitting on a bench. Setting the tea to the side, she opens the bag, pulling out a bearclaw.::
jylliene -> ::requisitions.. approve approve approve... considers in the back of her mind just how quickly the wedding approaches::
Lawliet -> ::walks over to the science terminal and takes a heavy seat::
Kallah Ramson -> ::looks over towards Scott:: I'm considering increasing the number of emergency drills for all departments. It's been a bit quiet. I doubt that will last much longer.
jylliene -> ::considers that::
Alexis McFarland -> ::Curls up in a ball, and hugs her stuffed Seh'lat::
Chirakis -> ::it seems to be routine paperwork:::
Lawliet -> ::logs into his files and begins going through reports and files::
KelsaViegnor -> ::sees mention of an upcoming theatrical production.:: Hm.
Lawliet -> files*
Annisha -> :: Opens the sonic shower door a crack, hearing the murmur it generates :: Get the doughnut before the shower washes it away!
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: grabs it :: Got it.. :: nom nom ::
Scott Coleridge -> ::Ramson:: We could implement a staggered drill schedule, step up the intensity every few days with rest days in between to allow time for feedback and adjustments.
Alexis McFarland -> Mm..mm..Annisha...
Nijil tr'Korjata -> Do NOT throw the coffee in here again.
Kallah Ramson -> Sounds like a plan.
mimipavilion -> ::sees nothing of importance that could grab her attention::
Lawliet -> ::sighs while rubbing his temple::
Tarisa -> ::Eating her pastry as she people watches.::
Annisha -> I'm gonna see my friend. Bye and don't forget your pants. :: shuts door ::
Annisha -> :: walks to her friends place and knocks on the door...ding ding dong ::
mimipavilion -> ::goes through the Children's home reports::
Scott Coleridge -> Any particular drills you want to focus on?
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Doubles back, approaches Tarisa ::
Chirakis -> ::looks up as someone enters, takes his PADD, reads through, and signs it, then passes it back:::
Kallah Ramson -> I was just pondering that.
Alexis McFarland -> wha wha ba... oooh. ::groggily heads to the door and opens it""
KelsaViegnor -> ::sends through the information to reserve a ticket::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Got to get them when they are fresh.
Annisha -> Hey there sport. Jolan tru.
Annisha -> :: enters Alexis' place ::
Alexis McFarland -> Hey. ::yawns:: What's up?
jylliene -> ::starts reviewing safety procedures::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Cayne scans the area and contacts the outlining sensor net ::
Kallah Ramson -> Not to sound gloomy, but we haven't had an evacuation drill in sometime.
jylliene -> ::groans inwardly. Hates evacuation drills. Understands the need, but still.::
Kallah Ramson -> This would include civilians.
jylliene -> ::which is why she hates evacuation drills. So much bigger and involved::
Scott Coleridge -> ::making notes:: All right. I'd suggest a boarding party drill as well, given what happened last time we were attacked.
Kallah Ramson -> Agreed.
Tarisa -> ::Was mid sip when she was approached. She looked to Gila, nodding.:: Yes, of course. Early morning is the best time.
Kallah Ramson -> Make a schedule that doesn't impact too many departments at the same time.
jylliene -> ::another drink of coffee::
Alexis McFarland -> ::plops on Annisha, falling asleep again::
Lawliet -> ::finishes going though the departments reports and begins coordinating the schedules::
Chirakis -> Lt Garand> ::waits for the okay, then enters the office:: Good morning, Captain.
Annisha -> :: Carries her over to the bed :: Rough night kid?
Chirakis -> ::looks up:: You have something for me?
Chirakis -> ::her hand out::
Chirakis -> Lt Garand> Yes, Captain. The results of the training.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> My name is Gila Orrak. I help at the scent shoppe over there and will be joining the security here soon... Starfleet right?
Chirakis -> Lt Garand> ::hands her the PADD:::
Alexis McFarland -> Me? Not really, I was playing on my PADD.
Chirakis -> Thank you. I'll scrutinize it as soon as I can.
Tarisa -> ::Nods.:: Tarisa. I am with the science department.
mimipavilion -> ::glad that the kids are behaving and the such::
jylliene -> ::hears a beep::
jylliene -> ::glances down::
Chirakis -> Lt Garand> ::nods, turning to leave:::
jylliene -> ::reads::
Scott Coleridge -> I'll talk to Ops and Security and come up with a timeline.
Chirakis -> Lieutenant.
jylliene -> ::quizzical look::
Alexis McFarland -> How bout you? Ready for that math test coming up on Tuesday? ::back in bed, rubs her eyes::
Kallah Ramson -> Good, good.
Chirakis -> Lt Garand> ::stops, turns:: Yes, ma'am?
jylliene -> Text message coming in. ::to Ramson::
Chirakis -> Your professional opinion.
Kallah Ramson -> ::turns to Ops::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: extends her hand :: I have only been here about one month, so I am not accustomed to all of the species here, nor the looks I get for presumably being Cardassian.
jylliene -> Backtracking now to find the origin.
Kallah Ramson -> What does it say?
Dacia Sandero -> ::reading up on reports of the service animals there, glad the kids are still taking to Chester and Mr. Cuddles::
Lawliet -> ::submits the final schedule to the rest of the department and sits back for a moment::
jylliene -> ::blinks:: In or out?
Chirakis -> Lt Garand> Aside from not trusting herself, she is very well qualified.
Chirakis -> ::eyebrow:: Not trusting herself?
Tarisa -> ::Smiles, taking her hand.:: Yes, I have noticed I often have eyes upon me as well.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Cayne to Jylliene :: Are you alright?
Alexis McFarland -> Hm ::checks her chrono:
Chirakis -> Lt Garand> Yes, ma'am. She doesn't realize how good she is.  Marksmanship, situational awareness, civilian interaction, Federation standards and protocol are good to excellent.  She needs work on species interaction.  Combat tactics?  Well... let's just say she bested me more than once.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: smiles :: You are related to felines, no doubt that is a unique characteristic, even here.
Chirakis -> ::eyes him a moment, then nods:: Very well. Carry on.
jylliene -> ::glances at the backtrace:: Coming from non-Federation space.
Kallah Ramson -> ::ponders::
jylliene -> ::another beep:: Another one.
Chirakis -> ::mulls that over a moment, then picks up his report:::
Tarisa -> I suppose, but I would have thought Caitians would gain more attention. But that does not seem the case.
Chirakis -> ::blinks::
jylliene -> Same origin. Message is "En route for diplomatic discussion."
Lawliet -> ::looks up at the conversation going on::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Sits :: You want more attention?
jylliene -> ::puts map up on display:: Tracing the origin...
jylliene -> Trying to nail it down.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Right now a Ferengi has an easier time getting into Starfleet than Cardassians
Scott Coleridge -> ::looks up at what's happening::
Chirakis -> ::lifts a brow::
Tarisa -> ::Shakes heads.:: No. That is not my desire.
jylliene -> Overlaying known contacts.
Kallah Ramson -> ::looking over the transmission::  Oh dear.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Cayne :: Extending the sensor net...
Tarisa -> I see.
Chirakis -> ::the combat report is full of "aggressive", "terrifying", "swift", "exacting", and the like:::
Kallah Ramson -> ::looks over at Scott:: That's the same frequency used by the Droid cores we encountered.
Annisha -> :: Helps Alexis get ready, holding up some of her clothes. :: Is this what they wear now?
Kallah Ramson -> And that's the area of space we last encountered them.
Annisha -> No black?
Alexis McFarland -> Who wears? I've got some black t-shirts. and socks?
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Finishes getting his uniform ::
Chirakis -> ::she pulls up Orrak's records to reread them:::
Kallah Ramson -> Well. So much for being quiet around here.
Alexis McFarland -> ::changes into a pink and white blouse and checks herself in the mirror::
KelsaViegnor -> ::orders a second ticket as well, considers asking someone to join her for the evening::
Tarisa -> ::Sips her tea, noting it was starting to cool.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> I'm creating a log of one person from each species... part of my studies.
jylliene -> All told, we would have been waiting tensely anyways. At least we know what's coming?
Scott Coleridge -> ::smiles:: Thinking of investigating?
Tarisa -> ::Ear perks up.:: A log?
Fletcher Jackson -> ::absorbed in his work, which is all the minor things that OPS doesn't need to do:::
Annisha -> :: smirks :: Au know, the other than cool kids. :: smiles ::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::exciting stuff:::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Yes. Humans are easy, Klingons are not.
Alexis McFarland -> Ah, those kids. ::working on colouring her toenails pink::
Chirakis -> ::blanks the screen, puts the PADD in a secure area, and exits her office:::
Kallah Ramson -> Pondering if we should try and intercept them. Might be better to have talks away from the station.
Alexis McFarland -> ::a sparkly bright pink nail polish she got from the store next to the perfume shoppe::
mimipavilion -> ::exits her office and enters main medical::
Tarisa -> ::Nods in agreement.:: Very true.
jylliene -> But where? Shipyard? Or aboard the Aegean?
Chirakis -> Lieutenant Garand, take security. I will be wandering the station.
Chirakis -> Lt Garand> ::nod:: Yes, ma'am.
Scott Coleridge -> Aegean.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Some say we look like lizards.
Chirakis -> (Something tells me that is not a good choice.)
Scott Coleridge -> They've already been all over it head to toe; it's not like we'd be revealing any more to them.
jylliene -> Would it be easy for them to take from us?
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Or this :: points to her forehead :: Tell me, do you think the blue is a natural color or pigmentation?
jylliene -> Relatively speaking.
Kallah Ramson -> I'd rather have Aegean than any other ship, though that might be personal bias. But it's not well equipped for diplomatic missions.
jylliene -> Not a lot of neutral locations out here.
Kallah Ramson -> Not that robotic sentients are usually very demanding in their accommodations.
Alexis McFarland -> ::finishes her last finger and admires her work:: I like it. Nice and sparkly!
Kallah Ramson -> First though we need to know where they're coming from.
Scott Coleridge -> I could load more complex math problems into the computer memory for their ... recreation? ::feeble attempt at a joke::
Tarisa -> ::Studies Gila a moment.:: I do not think you are a lizard. I have encountered Gorn before, and you are not close to that.
jylliene -> ::triangulating the messages::
Chirakis -> ::wandering through the commerce deck:::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> And I don't consider you a pet, err, no offense intended.
Kallah Ramson -> ::smile::
Lawliet -> ::brings up the reports of the last time they encountered the droid cores::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Oh, and the blue at my forehead... makeup. :: shrugs ::
Kallah Ramson -> Increase scans from recons in that area.
Scott Coleridge -> I wonder if this is a broadly sanctioned effort or if they are acting on their own on this one.
Chirakis -> ::keeps her distance from Gila, watching her interaction with the population::
jylliene -> ::shrugs slightly to Coleridge::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> So, any security issues in your travels?
Kallah Ramson -> Well, the Droid cores seemed to be acting on their own for the most part. We know they were unfriendly with the Alliance.
Tarisa -> Not within the station, save for when we were recently attacked by the Alliance.
KelsaViegnor -> ::perhaps that one young officer...the one with the nice legs. Hm.::
Alexis McFarland -> ::hugs Annisha:: Wanna get some breakfast? I hope Miana's up by now.
Chirakis -> ::enters her favorite bistro, and, as expected, she is met with her usual coffee and croissant::
Annisha -> Sure, better than a sonically washed doughnut
Kallah Ramson -> ACTION> Cloak detection grid goes off along outer most section of the Grid.
Alexis McFarland -> Yum? ::slips on a pair of matching pink open-toed sandals and heads out the door::
Chirakis -> ::and her table is in the perfect place to observe a security applicant::
jylliene -> ::hears the alert sounds::
Chirakis -> ::her alert vibrates:::
Kallah Ramson -> ::turns attention to Tac display:: What now?
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Yawns as she hops out of bed and stretches.::
Lawliet -> ::checks the sensor grid:: We're picking up cloaked ships on the outermost section.
jylliene -> ::glances to main display, where that portion is flashing::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Cayne, we have lost the perimeter cloaking detection.
jylliene -> Plural? Ships?
Kallah Ramson -> Yellow alert.
Chirakis -> ::after checking it, she exits with an apology to the server and walks as calmly as possible to the command lift:: CnC.
Alexis McFarland -> ::heads to the turbolift for the food courts::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Alliance.. I've only gotten an inkling of that so far.
Kallah Ramson -> Power up the Grid in that section.
Lawliet -> ((did the grid go down or is it alerting?))
Chirakis -> ::exits in CnC, then waits to be briefed:::
jylliene -> ((alerting))
Kallah Ramson -> Send a challenge hail towards the contact.
jylliene -> ::sends hail::
Tarisa -> ::Nods.:: They seem to be a.... ::Perks up at the yellow alert.:: I must go. ::Stands.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: looks Tarisa over :: If you need anything let me know, and if you need and scents of any kind, let me know too.
jylliene -> ::sees the alert lights. She had almost gotten used to not having any alert showing::
mimipavilion -> ::everyone:: let’s get this place ready
Dacia Sandero -> Right. ::busies herself helping get sickbay ready::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Cayne> :: Displays an Aegis map on the main viewer ::
Scott Coleridge -> We might be finding out more sooner than we thought.
Tarisa -> Thank you. ::Disposes of the rest of her breakfast and heads out.::
Annisha -> :: Eats and drink :: Mmm gurge mmh
Kallah Ramson -> ACTION> A single ship decloaks. Design matches tech of the Droid Cores, though this ship is larger than others seen. slightly smaller than Aegean.
Chirakis -> ::reading the map, she already knows the problem:::
KelsaViegnor -> ::glances up at the yellow light, goes back to her reading::
Alexis McFarland -> ::eating her breakfast Blubby wrap as well, sending a message to Miana that they were at Blubby's::
mimipavilion -> ::helps set medical up::
Lawliet -> ::looks up at the display:: Looks like we have company.
Kallah Ramson -> ...right, they have cloaks... we kinda gave them cloaks...
jylliene -> ::nods, recalling::
Chirakis -> ::steps up beside Ramson::
Kallah Ramson -> ::sigh:: ...knew that one was going come back on us.
jylliene -> At least they gave us a heads-up?
Chirakis -> ::Muses:: They are not attacking.
Kallah Ramson -> Yes they did.
jylliene -> ::to Chirakis:: Diplomatic mission, apparently. They want to talk.
Chirakis -> ::Jylliene, with a brow raise:: Diplomatic?
Kallah Ramson -> ::Chirakis:: No, they sent us a message a little while ago...::nods to Ops:: So.... ::smiles:: Guess who's coming to dinner.
jylliene -> ::shows her the messages::
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Gets the message and is about to leave till she is stopped by a guard. Sends message back to Alexis.:: I can not leave... The guard will not let me when the station is on alert.
Chirakis -> Interesting. ::reads through the messages::
Kallah Ramson -> Send a message to that ship to hold it's position and prepare to be escorted in.
Kallah Ramson -> Send a flight to intercept and escort them in.
Scott Coleridge -> ::steps away:: +Nijil+ Coleridge to engineering.
Chirakis -> ::nods to Cayne re: the order:::
Alexis McFarland -> Aww. Miana's stuck in her quarters cuz of the alert.
Kallah Ramson -> ::Scott:: See what you can do about setting up some firewalls in the computer. Hide the good silverware and all.
Kallah Ramson -> ::sees he's already on that it seems::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> What now?
Scott Coleridge -> ::nods at Ramson::
mimipavilion -> ::finishes up helping the section she's in:: +CnC+ Medical to CnC
jylliene -> +med+ Ops here, go ahead, medical.
Kallah Ramson -> ACTION> Droid ship complies and holds position.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Gets to main engineering just in time for the alert
Chirakis -> ::steps to the TAC console and sends the order to the bay:::
-> ::non-confrontational approach:::
Chirakis -> ::and yet cautious::
mimipavilion -> +OPS+ we're finishing up getting ready. What's our current status?
jylliene -> +med+ Incoming ship for diplomatic discussion. The droid cores, it seems.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Cayne> :: Watches Chirakis ::
Chirakis -> Commander Cayne, take aux TAC.
mimipavilion -> ::confused:: +OPS+ Well... that's different.
Scott Coleridge -> +Nijil+ Coleridge to engineering.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Cayne> Aye
jylliene -> +med+ You're telling me.
Chirakis -> Keep an eye on them and monitor all communications between that ship and the escort
mimipavilion -> +OPS+ I'm on way up.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +Coleridge+ Korjata here.
Dacia Sandero -> ::Listens in:: Hmm
jylliene -> +med+ Acknowledged.
mimipavilion -> ::dacia:: I'm heading up to get more info. Make sure this facility is ready in case things go south.
Chirakis -> ::logs into the grid, as though the cores didn't already have access:::
Dacia Sandero -> OK, got it.
mimipavilion -> ::enters the tl and orders it to the CnC::
mimipavilion -> ::arrives on the CnC::
Alexis McFarland -> ::takes another bite of her Blubby Wrap and a sip of Jumja Dew::
Scott Coleridge -> +Nijil+ We're about to receive a visit from droid cores claiming they want to ... talk. I need you to harden our computers as best you can.
Kallah Ramson -> Ops, start powering up the diplomatic sections. That place has to be dusty by now. Have their ship dock on the VIP airlock. Guess I need to get my fancy uniform on.
mimipavilion -> ::heads over to the others::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +Coleridge+ Putting us on core lockdown...
Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis -> 3/24/17
Chirakis -> Thank you.
Chirakis -> Apparently I was so caught up in the story, I was distracted...
Chirakis -> Anyway, Captain TBS?
Alexis McFarland -> Poor Miana trapped in her dusty diplomatic room.
Tarisa -> hehe
Chirakis -> heh
Kallah Ramson -> Should take them 20 minutes or so to get here and dock. So, 20 minutes.
Chirakis -> TBS is 20 minutes. Comments for the crew?
Kallah Ramson -> None.
Chirakis -> From the crew?
Chirakis -> Seeing none, crew *dismiss* - thank you for another 100%!

Sky Harbor Aegis | 17 March 2017

18 March 2017 - 08:50 PM

=/\= Aegis Mission Brief 3/17/17=/\=
26 February 2388.  TBS is 2 days. The time is 1310 hours (1:10 pm) Aegis local.
The energy-hungry cloud will reach Aegis in 3 days unless we can steer it toward the sun. The crew of Shray is in the Medical Complex. All medical personnel have been activated. Ships that are docked or are in the area have powered down their warp cores. Sector 119 of the asteroid belt is off limits.

=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=
=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=

Chirakis -> ::CnC, minding the store:::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::CnC, aux OPS:::
mimipavilion -> ::in medical, tending to the Shray crew::
Dacia Sandero -> ::in Sickbay, tending to the patients of the Shray::
Jylliene -> ::CnC, Ops::
Chirakis -> Mr Jackson, are you familiar with the tactical console for a station?
KelsaViegnor -> ::relaxing in her quarters, the shop closed for the day::
Alexis McFarland -> ::somewhere with Annisha and Miana:: It's so dark.
Fletcher Jackson -> ::blink, turn:: No, ma'am. I've been there, but I'm not proficient or qualified.
Tarisa -> Miana> It does not seem so dark to me.
Chirakis -> ::nod:: +Cayne+ Commander Cayne, report to the CnC.
Lawliet -> ::monitoring the cloud from Science Lab One::
Dacia Sandero -> It's not so dark here, but it was on the way over.
Tarisa -> ::Double checks that hazard lab is secure.::
Dacia Sandero -> That's good, at least.
Chirakis -> ::standing midship:: Commander Kital, get an update on the cloud.
Alexis McFarland -> I guess not here, it's not so bad.
Jylliene -> Yes ma'am.
Jylliene -> ::checking readings and such::
Dacia Sandero -> ::checking a patients vitals and give him a hypo to maintain his core temperature::
Chirakis -> I believe that Commander Lawliet is in the science lab.
Chirakis -> Good evening, SubCommander.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Making preparations ::
Tarisa -> Miana> I also have no trouble seeing in the dark. ::smiles.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> +Chirakis+ On my way
Alexis McFarland -> You're lucky. I stubbed my toe getting out of bed this morning.
Cptn d'Ka -> ::steps out of the lift, only allowed because he is a line officer, and steps into sick bay::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: nods then goes to the CnC ::
Jylliene -> Ma'am - the cloud is no longer approaching Aegis.
Jylliene -> ::confirming::
Tarisa -> Miana> Aw. Did it hurt?
Chirakis -> ::turns, listening:::
mimipavilion -> ::finishes up with her current patient, then steps out into the waiting area of medical::
Jylliene -> It seems to be moving off and thinning.
Chirakis -> Thinning?
Alexis McFarland -> Yes ::Looks at her toe:: At least it's not bruised. Still sore though.
Lawliet -> ::checking the limited simulations for the clouds progress and interaction with the sun::
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Nods.::
Dacia Sandero -> OK. ::moves onto the next set of patients, checking their bios::
Jylliene -> Thinning. Dissipating?
Chirakis -> Verify with Commander Lawliet.
Cptn d'Ka -> ::spots Dr. Pavilion when she enters the reception area::
Jylliene -> ::nods:: Yes ma'am.
Tarisa -> ::Finishes with the lockdown, and the heads for astrometrics.::
Jylliene -> +Lawliet+ Ops to science.
mimipavilion -> ::jotting down notes as she walks, nearly running into Captain d'Ka::startled:: Oh, sorry sir.
Lawliet -> +Ops+ Lawliet here.
Cptn d'Ka -> You are busy, Doctor. I am not injured, merely curious as to the status of the Shray's crew.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Enters the CnC ::
Jylliene -> +Lawliet+ My readings up here are showing the cloud no longer on approach, and appearing to be dissipating. Can you confirm?
Chirakis -> ::turns:: Commander Cayne, take the tactical console. Standard code login.
Cptn d'Ka -> ::towering over her in his 7' stature::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Enters the CnC :: Commander Cayne reporting as ordered Captain.
Chirakis -> Commander Cayne, take the tactical console. Standard code login.
mimipavilion -> ::nods:: They are slowly improving. Within the next few days, they will be able to leave. Depending on how they are feeling at the time.
Cptn d'Ka -> (He will reserve the honor to his bondmate.)
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Me? Understood.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Goes to the console ::
Chirakis -> ::eyes him:: Are you not qualified?
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Logging in...
Tarisa -> ::Enters astrometrics and brings up a large holographic map of the system.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> It's just been a while Captain.
Chirakis -> ::nods, turns back::
Alexis McFarland -> ::lies down on the floor looking at the ceiling:: I wonder if that cloud thing is going to eat us.
Lawliet -> ::checks his readings:: +Ops+ The cloud has dissipated over 37%, but is still on course for the station. I'd assume our rescue operation would explain the dispersion.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Waving his hands all over the console ::
Cptn d'Ka -> Any ill effects from the cloud? Any residual effects?
Dacia Sandero -> ::checking her tricorder and making some notes::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Finishes her lunch and is back at the shop ::
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Plops down by Alexis, frowning.:: I hope not...
mimipavilion -> Slim at best, just glad you and your crew were there before it got to bad.
Cptn d'Ka -> ::nod:: May I see them?
mimipavilion -> ::nods:: Yes you may. Some may be resting though.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Kelsa? :: straightens up a shelf ::
Jylliene -> ::grumbles, rechecks systems::
Chirakis -> ::Jylliene:: Problem, Commander?
Tarisa -> ::Steps out onto the map, she observes the movement of the cloud.::
Jylliene -> Recalibrating.
Lawliet -> ::checks his projections::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila>
Tarisa -> ::Tail waves about as she watches.::
Chirakis -> ::turns:: Is there power on in the station that we have overlooked?
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Oh that's right...
KelsaViegnor -> ::flips through a publication on her PADD. She used to really enjoy this literary one.::
Cptn d'Ka -> I will not disturb them, Doctor. Thank you.
Lawliet -> +Tarisa+ Lawliet to Tarisa.
mimipavilion -> ::nods and resumes her work::
Jylliene -> We've powered down everything but the essentials. The grid?
Chirakis -> According to engineering, the grid should not affect it, however...
Tarisa -> +Lawliet+ Tarisa here.
Dacia Sandero -> ::finishes her check of the patients, takes down their vitals and notes them in her PADD for a medical report that she submits::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Eyes wide :: I am a fool.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Logs off :: Take over for me.. :: runs out ::
Chirakis -> We have two ships that work on AQS.
Lawliet -> +Tarisa+ You're aware of the clouds dissipation over the past two days, correct?
Chirakis -> Would that affect the cloud?
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ The :: huff huff :: Nei'rrh... got to :: a tumbling sound :: Oof!
Tarisa -> +Lawliet+ Yes, possibly from the rescue efforts I believe.
Alexis McFarland -> Where did your Neemah go Annisha? Did she go back to her quarters?
Annisha -> Yeah, they are hunkering down and wishing for open skies
Jylliene -> Hard to say, but I imagine the dangers of not keeping those ships powered enough to contain their AQS as needed would outweigh their output with just that bare minimum.
Annisha -> No one is allowed to leave now
Cptn d'Ka -> ::he wanders quietly through sick bay, checking the patients, speaking to them if they wish:::
Dacia Sandero -> Hm.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ I have to launch the Nei'rrh
Alexis McFarland -> I heard about that. Everybody is stuck here.
Chirakis -> Ask SubCommander Korjata, ...::stops to listen:::
Lawliet -> +Tarisa+ I agree, but I was wondering...how much energy would it take to create the necessary graviton pulse to disperse the cloud around Aegis. Imagine if we were to tunnel our way through it.
Jylliene -> +Nijil+ Why?
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ It has an energy signature that is only masked with the cloak
Chirakis -> ::nods to Jylliene:: He can cloak outside the station.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Makes his way to the launch bay, but its taking a bit of time ::
Jylliene -> ::nods to Chirakis:: Very well. +Nijil+ You have the okay to cloak outside the station. transmitting the approvals to launch bay right now.
Jylliene -> ::transmits::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ I can go just outside the station, but further would be better in case it fails.
Tarisa -> ::Thinks for a moment, tail going a mile a minute.:: +Lawliet+ It would take a significant amount of our reserves, but possible.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ Understood... :: enters the bay, covered in sweat of a Romulan that needs an exercise regimen ::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Runs to the Rihan shuttle ::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Enter and logs on ::
Annisha -> Oh, I have something for au...
Lawliet -> ::thinks to himself for a moment:: +Tarisa+ Keep monitoring the cloud, I need to talk with Engineering.
Alexis McFarland -> Ooh. What is it?
Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Leaves Aegis on the Nei'rrh ::
Tarisa -> +Lawliet+ Understood. ::Continues to watch the large holographic image.::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Cloaks the Nei'rrh ::
Dacia Sandero -> ::relaxes a bit after she finishes checking on everyone::
Jylliene -> ::sees the Nei'rrh blip out on the display as it cloaks::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Transmits through the cloak :: The shuttle was still being rebuilt. :: static ::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> The shuttle is off our sensors.
Chirakis -> Thank you, Commander.
Lawliet -> Computer: Keep monitoring both cloud vector and sun simulations. Notify me of any significant change.
Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ Confirmed cloak. Hang in there, SubCommander.
Lawliet -> ::walks out of the lab and into a turbolift:: Main Engineering.
Cptn d'Ka -> ::sits to talk to the ship's captain and engages in a long, complex conversation about their experience, including all the precluded the event, now they drilled, and other pertinent information::
Annisha -> :: Hands her a jar ::
Annisha -> It's jam from their farm
mimipavilion -> ::files her report as well as Dacia's::
Lawliet -> ::steps off the turbolift and walks into Engineering::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ +Aegis+ There was at least another week, maybe two on this. What is the latest on the cloud?
Chirakis -> ::absently:: Silence can be more deafening than raucous laughter.
Chirakis -> ::nods to Jylliene to respond::
Alexis McFarland -> oooh! What's inside?
Jylliene -> $+Nei'rrh+ No change yet. Give it time. I'll let you know.
Annisha -> Sweets!
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Sits up, now curious too.::
Chirakis -> ::watching the tactical display as the cloud continues to move:: We have a few days yet, but for it to get too close, is.... ::leaves it off:::
Lawliet -> ::looks around for someone to help him::
Annisha -> Some local berry
Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> ::steps up to Lawliet:: May I help you, Commander?
Annisha -> :: gets out her own jar and sticks her finger in it, licks...winces :: Ohh...tart
Alexis McFarland -> Looks yummy. Is it jam?
KelsaViegnor -> ::This issue was mythological themed - she lost herself in the stories of fantastical creatures and beings of other worlds' cultures::
Lawliet -> Yes, I need a warp field specialist to look over a thought I had.
Alexis McFarland -> ::sticks a finger as well and licks:: Ooh wow yeah.
Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> Of course, sir. I'm pretty good with that.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Walking around the commerce level, talking to people that still remain ::
Tarisa -> Miana> What does it taste like?
Lawliet -> Excellent. I wanted to know if their was a way to use one of the ship’s warp fields...let's say the Aegean and we used the remainder of our vessels to emit the graviton pulse at the Aegean, could the warp field amplify the effect?
Alexis McFarland -> Try it. It tastes like.. blueberry? Or maybe a cranberry?
mimipavilion -> ::finishes typing up a short status report and sends it to the CnC::
Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> Amplify the effect of a graviton pulse. ::thinks hard:::
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Sticks her finger in the jar then brings it to her nose. She takes a sniff before finally tasting it.:: Yummy!
Lawliet -> If we could, we might be able to tunnel our way through the cloud instead of redirecting it.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Orbiting the station ::
Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> A warp field moves space around an object, so I would say it would be the reverse.
Annisha -> We need bread.
Dacia Sandero -> ::exhales checking over the patients in the ICU which suffered the most extensive complications, checking with the doctors over their statuses there::
Tarisa -> ((Too bad the station doesn't have a huge deflector dish to solve all of it's problems.))
Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> If you took the ship out and engaged a graviton pulse inside the warp field, they would probably cancel each other out.
Alexis McFarland -> Or some crackers. Do you have any in your pantry (assuming we're in Annisha's room)
Nijil tr'Korjata -> (( That's the Direct TV dish ))
Lawliet -> Any means of a using a variable?
Annisha -> Crackers? I think I have some chips
Alexis McFarland -> Chips and jam.
Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> Or at least minimize it. And Aegean is completely powered down, sir.
mimipavilion -> ::gets up and heads to the ICU::
Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> A variable for...?
Chirakis -> ACTION> Nei'rrh's cloak fails.
mimipavilion -> ::Dacia:: How they doing?
Lawliet -> A variable that would allow us to amplify the pulse while still using the warp field.
Jylliene -> Um.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ :: Looks around :: +CnC+ Cloak failure.. not fully aligned.
Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> No, sir. It doesn't work that way. The warp field would contain the pulse.
Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ I noticed. Either get that cloak back up or power down, fast.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ +CnC+ Powering down... but the AQS could be an attractant
Lawliet -> ::grunts:: Is there anything we have at our disposal that could amplify the pulse?
Jylliene -> ::glances at Chirakis::
Chirakis -> Ens Eneenir> No, sir.
Dacia Sandero -> ::nods to Mimi:: The ICU patients we're out of air the longest, as they were in the most affected areas of the ship. Most of them are in serious but stable condition, but there are a few in critical. We're not sure if these patients will make it. ::looks at two or three patients with the worst bio readings::
Chirakis -> ::concerned:: He's the expert, Commander. Have him do his best.
mimipavilion -> ::nods:: Understood
Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ Do your best.
Cptn d'Ka -> ::hearing the exchange between doctors regarding the ICU, he excuses himself:::
Alexis McFarland -> ::dips a chip in the jam and takes a bite:: Mm... that's much better.
Jylliene -> ::realizes she can't transport him off the Nei'rrh with the station powered down::
mimipavilion -> ::thinks:: Is there a way we can help them get oxygen back into their systems without taking on more power?
Chirakis -> ACTION> The previously dissipated cloud coalesces and moves toward the station.
Lawliet -> ::turns around and looks at the various engineering displays:: Gravitons are based on natural vibrations. What we need is something more powerful than our deflectors and capable of spreading over a larger area.
Tarisa -> ::Frowns as she watches the projection.::
Chirakis -> (note: Nijil system crash)
Tarisa -> +Lawliet+ Sir, you are needed in the lab. The cloud is moving once more.
Jylliene -> Could he transport himself off and send the Nei'rrh away?
Jylliene -> ::to Chirakis::
Dacia Sandero -> We could try supplementing their oxygen with the oxygen canisters. The O2 would also be purer as well.
Lawliet -> +Tarisa+ Understood. On my way. ::to engineer:: Thank you for your help.
Lawliet -> ::heads over to the turbolift:: Science Lab One.
Chirakis -> +Nijil+ Correct the problem, Commander. The fate of the station is in your hands.
mimipavilion -> ::nods:: Let's get started with that.
Alexis McFarland -> ::dips another chip in the jam and eats it:: Very nice balance of sweet, salty and tart. ::opens up a can of Jumja Dew::
Lawliet -> ::steps off the turbolift and walks back into the lab:: Computer status.
Chirakis -> ::Jyl:: The cloud would still be on its way here.
Dacia Sandero -> Yes, let's get right to it. ::nods to the other nurses and med techs to get the canisters::
Cptn d'Ka -> ::moves with Mimi toward the ICU and stands there, watching the patients::
Lawliet -> Computer> Irregularities have been detected in both cloud composition and solar output.
Jylliene -> The Nei'rrh could be set to warp away. Get it directed away faster.
mimipavilion -> ::goes into the ICU::
Lawliet -> On screen. ::checks the readings::
Jylliene -> But ideally, he gets the cloak up and we don't have to worry about it.
Jylliene -> ::pleasepleasepleasegetthecloakup::
Chirakis -> ::absently:: How could one AQS attract the essence of a massive cloud?
Lawliet -> ::his terminal begins to beep:: What the...? +Ops+ Science to Ops.
Chirakis -> It makes no sense.
Jylliene -> I have no idea, but he's the one who said to take it -
Jylliene -> +sci+ Ops here.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +CnC+ I can't get the cloak to reinitialize...
Dacia Sandero -> Med techs> ::gets the oxygen tanks out of storage and connect them to the bio beds and the patients::
Cptn d'Ka -> ::quietly, to Mimi:: Doctor, they need more nitrogen with the oxygen.
Lawliet -> +Ops+ Looks like we have a larger problem to deal with. The cloud has coalesced and I'm picking up major solar activity. Massive solar flares.
Dacia Sandero -> ::Nods::
Chirakis -> It has... ::looks at the tactical screen:::
Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ can you power down?
Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ +CnC+ All except the power source
Jylliene -> +sci+ And how is the cloud reacting?
Lawliet -> +OPS+ ::rechecks his scans:: It's heading directly for the sun.
Tarisa -> ::Moves the image she is standing on closer to the sun. She then brings up a couple holographic consoles.::
Chirakis -> For the sun?
mimipavilion -> ::Looks at d'Ka:: Thank you for the information... doctor. ::smiles:: Adjust the nitrogen concentration for a higher dose than the oxygen
Chirakis -> +Lawliet+ Are you certain, Commander?
Jylliene -> +Sci+ Confirm that, science. The cloud is heading for the sun?
Nijil tr'Korjata -> $ +CnC+ I may have any number of other issues
Jylliene -> +Nei'rrh+ Looks like you may be safe. Standby.
Cptn d'Ka -> Not higher than the oxygen, Doctor. Just a bit more than you have been giving them.
Lawliet -> ::checks again:: +Ops+ Confirmed. I'd wager the increased solar activity is attracting the cloud.
mimipavilion -> ::nods:: thanks
Chirakis -> Bring the Nie'rrh home.
Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis -> 3/17/17
mimipavilion -> ::increases the amount given::
Chirakis -> Thank you.
Chirakis -> Well, then...
Chirakis -> It seems that we have been saved.
Dacia Sandero -> Yay
Tarisa -> woo!
Chirakis -> And with valor, SubCommander.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> Nice
Chirakis -> I am checking about the TBS
Chirakis -> Well.... it seems that we are to jump one month ahead.
Chirakis -> We will be into March Madness then, definitely.
Chirakis -> Even in the year 2388.
Dacia Sandero -> Oooh!
Chirakis -> Questions or comments?
Chirakis -> I have a comment.
Chirakis -> That is, great work from a few of our crew who followed PMs excellently.
Chirakis -> Coordination is paramount in these things.
Chirakis -> Nijil took a stab at actually believing me when I said that he would not die.
Chirakis -> Lawliet and Tarisa followed the script, even though they had none to follow.
Chirakis -> So, see you a month from now - not literally, of course.
Lawliet -> Nothing like a little IMPROV
Chirakis -> Definitely.
Chirakis -> By then we should be settled down, moving easily along through space.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> Next sim: Nijil in cryostasis
Chirakis -> If nothing else, thank you all and crew *dismiss*
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: bonding? ::
Chirakis -> Hm... up to you.
Lawliet -> night Aegis
Chirakis -> Although, I am bonded.
Tarisa -> night night
mimipavilion -> another march bonding
Dacia Sandero -> Goodnight!
Jylliene -> ...
Chirakis -> Oh. you meant your bonding.
Cptn d'Ka -> ::eyebrow:::
mimipavilion -> ::cough::Bonded as well::cough::
Chirakis -> Indeed.
mimipavilion -> night all see ya next week.
Dacia Sandero -> ::still a swinging bachelorette::
Chirakis -> Good night to all who are leaving.
Alexis McFarland -> ::same!::
Jylliene -> When you invited Chirakis to dinner all those months ago, I hadn't anticipated...
Jylliene -> Well, anyhow.
Chirakis -> ::slight grin::
Cptn d'Ka -> Good night.
Alexis McFarland -> Goodnight
Chirakis -> Be well. Be safe. Don't forget your towel.
Jylliene -> d'Ka runs before it gets even weirder.
Chirakis -> Indeed.

Sky Harbor Aegis | 10 March 2017

12 March 2017 - 06:30 PM

=/\= Aegis Mission Brief 3/10/17=/\=
24 February 2388

No TBS. The time is 1310 hours (1:10 pm) Aegis local.  The energy-hungry cloud is still spreading toward Aegis.  There might be a way to lure the cloud toward the sun. Missouri has rescued the crew of Shray, but the ships are still trapped. Task Force Aegis has modified deflector dishes to plow through the cloud and rescue the Missouri.

=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=
=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=

Chirakis -> ::CnC, minding the TAC console::
mimipavilion -> ::in medical::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::OPS:::
Dacia Sandero -> ::in sickbay::
Kallah Ramson -> Status?
Lawliet -> ::CnC::
Chirakis -> The cloud is still approaching, Captain. No word from Missouri.
Alexis McFarland -> ::in the foodcourt, finishes her burger and fries and is now drinking her drink::
Tarisa -> ::In the hazard lab, with the specimen. She has a side monitor on with the Missouri rescue mission status on it.::
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Also finishing eating.::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Mr. Tan, life support status?
Kallah Ramson -> Science, are their fleets actions having any effect?
Alexis McFarland -> Ahh, that was yummy.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: patrolling ::
Lawliet -> Scanning...::scans the area of the task force::...the task force is approaching the cloud now. On screen.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> We have approximately an hour and a half, captain. On the conservative side, we have several beyond that if we count the emergency stores in the bays.
Scott Coleridge -> ::on the CnC, pondering their plans::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::tap..taptap:: Captain, the task force reports that they are having success with the modified deflector dishes. They have to work quickly, and the runabouts are behind them.
Kallah Ramson -> ACTION> minor sensor readings start coming through the cloud.
Fletcher Jackson -> And the cloud is closer to Aegis than we thought. ::Puts it up on screen::
mimipavilion -> ::goes through medical and makes sure that everything is in place::
Fletcher Jackson -> Sensor readings coming through. ::puts them up also:::
Tarisa -> ::Watching the display for the moment.::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Status of the Shray crew?
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> Not good, Captain. Medical is doing all they can, but lack of oxygen has done some damage.
Dacia Sandero -> ::helps organize things in the med lab::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Lei'ri> ::leans close, speaking confidentially:: Captain, is this thing sentient?
Lawliet -> ::monitoring the clouds dispersion caused by the deflectors::
Cptn d'Ka -> # If it is, I am not aware.
Cptn d'Ka -> # :;glances over, speaking quietly:: You know I cannot discuss such things.
Kallah Ramson -> ACTION> Cloud damping field begins to drop dramatically.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Lei'ri> Aye, Captain.
Chirakis -> The dampening field is dropping. Quickly.
Lawliet -> ::scans for the Missouri::
Kallah Ramson -> Can we operate vessels in it?
Chirakis -> I believe that is something we will find out when it happens.
Kallah Ramson -> Science. Answers. Can we send in the runabouts yet?
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> Captain. ::turns:: There is a very small signal coming through.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Explain.
Cptn d'Ka -> @ Tan> Almost like Essex's SAR signal, Captain.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Reply with the countersign.
Lawliet -> I'm picking up areas clear of the dampening effect. The runabouts will need to navigate through the openings, but they'll be able to get through.
Kallah Ramson -> Tac, send them in. Get Missouri and Shray out of there.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> Countersign sent.
Chirakis -> Sent, Captain.
Kallah Ramson -> ::Scott:: We get those ships to safety then we can move on to clean up. Any more ideas on that yet?
Lawliet -> ::mapping out the gaps in the cloud for the runabouts::
Scott Coleridge -> We're thinking about sending it into the sun
Chirakis -> ::Scott:: We will be going dark completely?
Tarisa -> ::One of her other running consoles beeps. She turns to it and begins studying the data.::
Scott Coleridge -> I'm hoping we only have to deactivate our matter/antimatter reactors. The fusion reactors can continue to operate, so only non-essential systems will have to go offline.
Chirakis -> When the ships return, should we advise them to do the same, or will it matter?
Chirakis -> ::hoping they return::
Tarisa -> +Scott+ Commander, the results of the simulation are in. It looks promising. I am forwarding the data. ::Sends.::
Scott Coleridge -> They should also shut down their warp cores, yes.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: working the shop ::
Scott Coleridge -> ::reviews the incoming data::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> Captain, it is the Essex. Another ping. Definitely SAR.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::nod:: Reply with countersign.
Kallah Ramson -> What are the estimates on the time we'll need to be powered down?
mimipavilion -> ::is satisfied with how medical is and waits::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: sends an 'all quiet' message to Chirakis::
Chirakis -> ::hears the ping, looks, acknowledges:::
Kallah Ramson -> ::looks at the status boards::
Lawliet -> ::looks up at the main display::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::a glance at the bridge crew tells him that they are watching diligently for rescue::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> Captain, sensors are draining quickly.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Which is draining more?
Kallah Ramson -> So? How long will we need to stay powered down?
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> The reactors, sir.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::curious:: Shut them down.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::Lei'ri begins to protest but he raises his hand to quell it::
Kallah Ramson -> ACTION> Runabouts close on Missouri. The beams are still weakened by the cloud but they begin to tractor the ships away.
Cptn d'Ka -> @ Inform engineering to shut down the matter/antimatter reactors, Mr. Tan.
Lawliet -> Sir, sensors show the runabouts are beginning to tow the Missouri out of the cloud.
Cptn d'Ka -> #Doland> Captain, we're under tow.
Cptn d'Ka -> # By what?
Cptn d'Ka -> # Doland> They look like runabouts.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Comply.
Kallah Ramson -> As soon as we can make contact find out the status of the crews. Get any wounded to our medical ASAP
Scott Coleridge -> We need to stay on fusion reactor power until the cloud has been drawn into the sun
Cptn d'Ka -> # Mr. Tan, squirt a packet without status to the closest one.
Kallah Ramson -> That... that could take a while.
Fletcher Jackson -> Captain, a message from Missouri via several relays through the runabouts.
Fletcher Jackson -> Sending to your console.
Kallah Ramson -> ::looks it over::
Kallah Ramson -> Get Missouri docked and medical crews to the airlock.
Fletcher Jackson -> Aye, Captain.
Fletcher Jackson -> +MED+ OPS to Dr. Pavilion.
Kallah Ramson -> Relay the shutdown orders to all ships in our area. Any ship without the provisions to stay powered down for several days are to dock with Aegis.
mimipavilion -> +Ops+ Pavilion here
Fletcher Jackson -> +MED+ Missouri will be coming into Docking slip 5A-B. Medical crews needed there.
mimipavilion -> +Ops+ Understood.
Fletcher Jackson -> Aye, Captain. Sending message to all ships in the area.
mimipavilion -> Dacia, alpha team; you're with me.
Dacia Sandero -> Got it.
Dacia Sandero -> ::follows along::
mimipavilion -> ::grabs a kit and hustles to Docking slip 5A-B::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::stands, wishing they had adequate communication to thank the Essex:::
Fletcher Jackson -> Captain, Essex is on approach in advance of Missouri.
Kallah Ramson -> Begin sequential shutdown of our reactors. Low power protocols are in effect.
mimipavilion -> ::arrives at docking slip 5A-B::
Scott Coleridge -> Affirmative. ::contacts department heads to notify them of the situation while Ops handles the switchover::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::tappitytaptaps the information::
Tarisa -> ::Begins putting the hazard lab into lockdown, then exits.::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::the welcome sight of Aegis appears on their limited screen:: Mr. Doland, cut power to engines. Give the station tenders full control.
Fletcher Jackson -> ::switching everything over:::
Lawliet -> ::sends a signal down to the other science labs to shut down::
Chirakis -> ::notifies security to power down to minimal::
Fletcher Jackson -> Missouri is docked, Captain.
mimipavilion -> ::hears the comm, notifies her staff to get medical to power down to minimal::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::feeling the slight thump, he gives a sigh of relief:::
Kallah Ramson -> ::begins dictating message to Command letting them know Aegis will be going dark...happy this means they can't grill her for hours on the latest local issues::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> Going to minimal station power.
Lawliet -> ::gets confirmation:: Science is powered down.
Chirakis -> Security is powered down.
mimipavilion -> ::waits for the airlock to open::
Kallah Ramson -> Well everyone, get your camping gear and ghost stories ready. We're going primitive for a bit
Fletcher Jackson -> Medical and engineering report power down.
Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis -> 3/10/17
Chirakis -> Thank you.
Chirakis -> Captain, TBS?
Kallah Ramson -> Okay, I'm going to say it will take 5 days for the cloud to move enough away to safely begin powering up. TBS will be 2 days into that.
Chirakis -> So the station will remain in power down.
Kallah Ramson -> Yes.
Chirakis -> Mimi, medical will be the most powered area of the station. You need that for your patients.  Not fully powered, but as much as you need. The rest of us will... fumble through.
mimipavilion -> Understood. We will have generators as back up.
Chirakis -> Anyway...
Chirakis -> If nothing else, crew *dismiss*. Be well. Be safe. Don't forget your towel.

Sky Harbor Aegis | 3 March 2017

04 March 2017 - 07:59 PM

=/\= Aegis Mission Brief 3/3/17=/\=
=/\=24 February 2388=/\=

TBS was 30 minutes. The time is 1210 hours (12:10 pm) Aegis local.  The Shray's crew is fading quickly from lack of oxygen. A team from Missouri will attempt rescue. The energy-hungry cloud is creeping toward Aegis. Command is trying to find a way to contain it. The crew is stockpiling supplies in case they have to go dark.

=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=
=/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=

Kallah Ramson -> ::on the CnC::
Tarisa -> ::In the hazard lab, running tests.::
Chirakis -> ::CnC::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Anastis> +COM+ Team is ready for extraction.
Fletcher Jackson -> ::CnC, having taken over OPS:::
Lawliet -> ::in the hazard lab analyzing the material::
mimipavilion -> ::in medical, making sure that we are getting supplies needed for the impending dark-out::
Dacia Sandero -> :;in Sickbay, working on a report on the colonists after treating the last of them a bit ago::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::looks to Lei'ri, nods, and :: +COM+ Proceed.
Scott Coleridge -> ::CnC, mulling over the various options::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Mr. Tan, put it up on the screen.
Scott Coleridge -> +Science+ Coleridge to science.
Fletcher Jackson -> ::feels the tension mounting::
Annisha -> :: Still in the park with her aunt ::
Tarisa -> ::Ear perks up as she looks to Lawliet.::
Lawliet -> +Coleridge+ Lawliet here.
Alexis McFarland -> ::in the park as well:: You guys getting hungry yet? Maybe we should head to the food court soon for lunch.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::half-turn:: Mr. Sojek, let me know at the first sign of separation.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> Aye, Captain.
Scott Coleridge -> +Lawliet+ Have you made any progress determining if we can disperse or nullify this substance?
mimipavilion -> ::sees three generators enter medical:: Good. ::to techs:: Put one in each operating room and the labor and delivery.
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Nods.:: Yes!
mimipavilion -> ::techs:: but don't hook them up yet.
Chirakis -> ::still puzzled about the cloud's temporary residence in the asteroid::
mimipavilion -> Tech 1>::nods:: Yes ma'am.
Tarisa -> I may have a way to push back the cloud enough to delay spread and perhaps recover the Missouri and Shay.
Alexis McFarland -> Blubby's?
Annisha -> Jentela> What is that place?
Lawliet -> +Coleridge+ We're still analyzing the material. We may have a method of delaying the cloud, but that is all.
Chirakis -> ::she is still thinking about the asteroid:::
Chirakis -> ::turns to Coleridge:: Commander?
mimipavilion -> ::starts to see the first of the extra supplies arrive:: Good ::staff:: Put a case next to each of the storage closets.
Alexis McFarland -> They have burgers, and wraps and fries and stuff. It's yummy!
Tarisa -> Using rapidly vibrating graviton particles at a varying frequency we should be able to push back the cloud.
mimipavilion -> ::everyone nods::
Scott Coleridge -> +Lawliet+ I'll take it.
Dacia Sandero -> ::finishes her report and heads back out to the main Sickbay::
Tarisa -> We could use what ships we have by modifying their deflector dishes.
Lawliet -> ::to Tarisa:: Can we produce enough graviton particles to disperse the cloud entirely?
mimipavilion -> ::the staff starts placing a case of the supply's next to a storage supply closet::
Chirakis -> Commander Coleridge, something must have drawn the cloud into the asteroid for it to have been there until the Shray drilled into it and released it. Knowing the composition of these asteroids, what could that have been?
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Cayne watched Gila run the shop. She spoke to customers, who seemed to delight in the fact she was discovering the smells right along with her. She was a far cry from the woman he befriended while undercover on Cardassia ::
Tarisa -> ::Shakes head.:: Not at the moment, but it should be enough for a rescue mission at the very least.
Chirakis -> ::takes a stab:: Dilithium?
Lawliet -> What about the station? If we have to expect the worse, they'll need to know it now.
Tarisa -> Miana> :;Perks up.:: Yay Blubbys! :;Tail swishing in excitement.::
Scott Coleridge -> Dilithium by itself does not usually have a power source signature, if that is what would attract this material.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::watching the minimal screen that they are using to conserve energy::
Lawliet -> ::conducting a few simulations while they talk::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::the team proceeds at standard spacing for extraction, using their advanced EVA equipment, but it is rough going:::
Kallah Ramson -> We still don't have a lot of knowledge about this asteroid fields past and formation.
Tarisa -> Given enough time, we might be able to produce enough. But we would need a form of containment as well.
Scott Coleridge -> It's possible the material has been present in the asteroid since the formation of this system. Alternatively, the asteroid in question might be a rogue extra-stellar object.
Tarisa -> But for now we can only stall.
Alexis McFarland -> ::assumably heading over to the food court with Miana, Annisha and her Neemah::
Chirakis -> By "the material" you refer to the cloud?
Lawliet -> Very well. +Ops+ Lawliet to Ops.
Scott Coleridge -> Well, the material that comprises the cloud, yes.
Fletcher Jackson -> +COM+ Ops here. Go ahead.
Dacia Sandero -> ::helps sort out some supplies as well::
Scott Coleridge -> It just happens to be cloud-like at the moment.
Annisha -> :: Arrives at a lively place called Bubby's ::
Scott Coleridge -> Captain Ramson, science reports they have a temporary way of halting the cloud in its tracks and perhaps shrinking it enough to rescue our ships.
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Being cheery.::
Alexis McFarland -> ::lines up in the ordering queue, perusing the menu:: Hmmm...
Kallah Ramson -> What do they need to implement it?
Chirakis -> So it could be a solid to begin with, and.... ::leaves off to listen::
Lawliet -> +Ops+ We've found a way to disperse a small, focused area of the cloud. We can use this method to mount a rescue of the Missouri and the Mining Ship. The station is another matter entirely, we'll be able to slow it down but not prevent it from coming into contact.
Fletcher Jackson -> +Lawliet+ You are on speaker, Commander. ::looks to Ramson::
Kallah Ramson -> +Lawliet+ That gets our first goal. What do you need to put this into action and how quickly?
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::the first round returns with seven survivors, who are immediately taken out of the bay and given to medical, then the second group returns with more, and on it goes:::
Lawliet -> +Ops+ We'll need every available ship to emit vibrating gravitons with their deflectors. This will disperse areas directly in front of the ships. We'll be able to get to the ships, but the station is too large.
Annisha -> I think I will have the regular
Kallah Ramson -> ::looks to Scott:: Your thoughts?
Cptn d'Ka -> # Doland> ::having difficulty keeping the ships together:: Captain, we're drifting.
Alexis McFarland -> ::orders the Blubby Burger with Cheese Combo and a Yellow Jumja Dew::
Scott Coleridge -> I think it's our best shot right now.
Alexis McFarland -> ::is handed a large cup where she has to pour the drink herself::
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Gets the same, but with a pink Jumja.::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Correct the problem, Mr. Doland. Mr Sojek, assist if necessary. Tighten that connection.
Kallah Ramson -> Then see to it.
mimipavilion -> ::near Dacia:: Oh this crazy medical life, brings back a lot of memories.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::stands, watching the screen:::
Scott Coleridge -> ::nods:: Mr. Jackson, collect the precise deflector configurations from science and distribute them to the ships in the task force.
Dacia Sandero -> Oh yes, it sure does doesn't it? ::chuckle::
Annisha -> Jentela> I'll have.. er, whatever Annisha is having.. I think
Fletcher Jackson -> Aye, Commander. Ready to receive and forward.
mimipavilion -> ::chuckles::
Alexis McFarland -> ::carries her tray of food to an empty table::
Lawliet -> +Ops+ Relaying information to OPS now. ::relays data::
Fletcher Jackson -> :+Lawliet+ Information received. :checks the task force configurations and distributes according to configuration::
Lawliet -> ::looks to Tarisa:: Well done Tarisa.
Fletcher Jackson -> Task force confirms information received. They're ready, Captain.
Tarisa -> ::Smiles.:: Thank you, though it is still unfortunate we can not actually identify what composes this cloud.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> The line is stressed, Captain. We're moving off.
Kallah Ramson -> Prep runabouts for towing. Get the Shray and Missouri out of there the moment it's clear, in case they can't get underway themselves.
Cptn d'Ka -> # +Anastis+ Tell the team to hold position until the drift subsides.
Lawliet -> Small steps. Right now, there's lives at stake and you just made it possible to rescue them.
Alexis McFarland -> ::unwraps her Blubby Burger and takes a bite:: Ahh..
Cptn d'Ka -> # Anastis> +Team+ Hold position. I say again, hold position.
Scott Coleridge -> Station is too big ... defence grid too small. Hmm.
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Takes her seat, gets a sniff of her food.:: Yummy!
Cptn d'Ka -> # How long until the next connection? ::forced calm::
Alexis McFarland -> ::giggles and sips her drink::
Annisha -> :: Sits with everyone ::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Doland> The movement is irregular captain. There is no way to tell.
Alexis McFarland -> ::looks to see how Annisha's aunt will like it::
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Takes a bite of her burger and squeals with glee.::
Annisha -> Jentela> :: Bites into the burger :: Mmm...hm
Lawliet -> Now keep working on this, I'll be in Ops helping with the rescue effort.
Alexis McFarland -> Mmm?
Chirakis -> ::sends security teams out to assist in stockpiling and calming those who want to know why this is happening:::
Annisha -> Jentela> Well....hmm
Alexis McFarland -> Should've got the cheese.
Tarisa -> ::nods as she turns back to her console.::
Chirakis -> +Cayne+ Report.
Dacia Sandero -> ::sorts out the supplies with the med. techs:: Nice that we did get some new supplies. We did kind of need them.
Cptn d'Ka -> # How many have we brought aboard, Mr. Tan?
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> Medical reports 27, sir.
mimipavilion -> I know. It was long overdue.
Dacia Sandero -> Yes, for sure.
Lawliet -> ::goes through the sterilization chamber and out into the corridor::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> +Chirakis+ All is fine on the commerce level.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> +Chirakis+ Our new security recruit is manning that shop.
Chirakis -> +Cayne+ For the moment, put her aside. Report to the security complex and oversee the stockpiling of supplies.
Lawliet -> ::steps into a turbolift:: CnC.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Doland> We're drifting back, Commander Sojek. Prepare to tighten the connection.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> +Chirakis+ Understood... rumors of that storm coming?
Scott Coleridge -> +Tarisa+ Coleridge to Tarisa.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> Ready.
Chirakis -> +Cayne+ An excellent reason.
mimipavilion -> ::sees the last of the crates come in:: Good we have everything, if we go dark.
Tarisa -> ::Perks up.:: +Scott+ Tarisa here.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::returns to the command chair, more relaxed, watching the teams resume exfil:::
Scott Coleridge -> +Tarisa+ I have a question. You said that this substance seems attracted to power sources, right? And that the bigger the power source, the more it's attracted?
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Makes his way to the security complex, and as he did so Gila waved at him from afar ::
Lawliet -> ::steps onto the CnC::
Chirakis -> ::turns and nods to Lawliet:::
Tarisa -> ::Nods.:: +Scott+ Yes. It seems to prefer matter/antimatter reactions, but it will not turn away from other sources.
Kallah Ramson -> Has the fleet made the needed modifications yet?
Lawliet -> ::walks over to Chirakis:: How is everything proceeding Captain?
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: She likely knew he was her the entire time ::
Chirakis -> As well as can be expected. Commander Cayne is in charge on station.
Fletcher Jackson -> ::turns:: Captain Ramson, the task force reports ready.
Scott Coleridge -> +Tarisa+ Right, that preference for matter-antimatter reactions is intriguing. So I wonder, if we took those potential sources away ... the only other energy source would be the sun.
Chirakis -> ::slight smile as she hears the commander talk to Tarisa::
Tarisa -> +Scott+ It is possible it could be attracted to it.
Kallah Ramson -> Ops, confirm all stations ready and prepare to proceed.
Chirakis -> ::the simplest solutions are often overlooked:::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Enters the security complex ::
Lawliet -> ::nods:: You ever feel like Aegis is caught in a never ending "monster of the week" scenario?
Scott Coleridge -> +Tarisa+ We wouldn't even have to shut down all of our power, just the M/ARA systems. The sun's fusion reaction dwarfs anything our reactors puts out.
Alexis McFarland -> ::eating her burger, and crispy fries that she dips in her ketchup::
Fletcher Jackson -> Aye, ma'am. +All Stations+ Confirm ready status.
mimipavilion -> ::hears com:: +CnC+ Medical Ready.
Fletcher Jackson -> ::checks off medical::
Lawliet -> ::steps over to the science terminal:: Science on Standby.
Fletcher Jackson -> ::and science::
Annisha -> Jentela> Interesting... seems like this is not good for au
Kallah Ramson -> ::looks over to Scott::
Scott Coleridge -> +Tarisa+ So here's my question....
Alexis McFarland -> Yeah, it's not really. Dacia says it's not good to have it all the time.
Tarisa -> +Scott+ Yes it should work. Hopefully the cloud will disintegrate within the sun.
Scott Coleridge -> +Tarisa+ Ah, you anticipated my question.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Anastis> +d'Ka+ Captain, the last of Shray's crew is aboard. The bay is secure.
Alexis McFarland -> But once in awhile is fine.
Scott Coleridge -> +Tarisa+ Can you think of a way to test that hypothesis to confirm it as opposed to, say, the cloud sinking into the core of the sun and accelerating its fusion process in a runaway chain reaction that triggers a premature nova? I would rather not cause the destruction of this star system as a byproduct of our solution.
Cptn d'Ka -> # +Anastis+ Very well. Seal the bay, pressurize, and have medical report status as soon as possible.
Cptn d'Ka -> # +Anastis> Aye, Captain.
Fletcher Jackson -> +Engineering+ Report ready status.
Tarisa -> +Scott+ However, there is the gamble that it could only strengthen it. ::Ponders.:: I can try to make a simulation, but since we do not know the composition of the cloud, it will be a lot of guess work.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Working with supplies ::
Fletcher Jackson -> +Security+ Report ready status.
Scott Coleridge -> +Tarisa+ That would probably be better than attempting to create a small star within the hazard lab and testing on that.
Tarisa -> +Scott+ Agreed.
Tarisa -> ::Works on setting up a simulation.::
Kallah Ramson -> Ops, is the board green?
Lawliet -> ::monitoring the clouds advancement::
Fletcher Jackson -> Almost, Captain.  Engineering and Security have yet to report.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +Fletcher+ Engineering has been informed of the situation and are making preparations. Right now we are mostly doing routine maintenance.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Mr. Doland, distance us from Shray if possible.
Fletcher Jackson -> +Eng+ Understood.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> +Jackson+ Security is ready with no current high demand issues
Fletcher Jackson -> The board is green, Captain.
Alexis McFarland -> ::finishes her meal, and relaxes a bit::
Fletcher Jackson -> Task force reported ready on your command.
Kallah Ramson -> Proceed.
Annisha -> Seems pretty calm..
Fletcher Jackson -> Aye, Sir. ::sends out the order to proceed:::
Scott Coleridge -> ::turns his attention back to the rescue operation::
Alexis McFarland -> For now. But I can see why school was cancelled today.
Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis -> =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis -> Thank you.
Chirakis -> 3/3/17
Chirakis -> Well played. TBS, Captain?
Kallah Ramson -> We can pick up from there, with the fleet engaging their dispersion field.
Chirakis -> Comments for the crew?
Kallah Ramson -> I like the idea of sending the cloud into the sun. It should be noted we are only loosely associated with the system. Remember it takes half a day at medium warp to get to the planet.
Chirakis -> Comments or questions from the crew?
Chirakis -> Seeing none, crew *dismiss*

Sky Harbor Aegis | 24 February 2017

25 February 2017 - 10:35 PM

=/\= Aegis Mission Brief 2/24/17=/\=
=/\=24 February 2388=/\=

TBS was 60 minutes.  The time is 1020 hours (10:20 am) Aegis Local. The mining ship Shray and the USS Missouri have gone silent in Sector 119. A probe from Missouri indicates they are adrift in a debris field next to Shray. They might have been affected by a substance that dampens sensors and drains power.  Science is analyzing samples and readings from Aegis' probe.  Meanwhile, the debris field is spreading toward Aegis.

=/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
=/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
=/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=

Kallah Ramson -> ::on CnC::
mimipavilion -> ::on the CnC::
Chirakis -> ::CnC, TAC console::
Jylliene -> ::CnC Ops::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::sitting, waiting:::
Annisha -> :: in the park ::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::CnC, Aux OPS:::
Tarisa -> ::In the hazard lab, observing the material behind the force fields.::
Fletcher Jackson -> ::brushing the donut crumbs from his uniform::
Alexis McFarland -> ::also in the park with Annisha, apparently, there's no school today according to her PADD::
Tarisa -> Miana> ::In the park, smelling some flowers.::
Annisha -> Jentela> Annisha, do au always spend this much time at the park? :: inhales ::
Kallah Ramson -> ::looking at the hazard zone on the map:: Hope we replicated enough traffic cones.
Jylliene -> ::adjusting the detours as needed to avoid the field::
Alexis McFarland -> ::sitting by the pond, swinging her feet in the water::
Jylliene -> I think we're getting low, but I've requisitioned more.
Chirakis -> ::staring at the zone as well:::
Dacia Sandero -> ::in Sickbay, working on the final batch of colonists::
Tarisa -> ::The two probes were in a separate chamber, uploading their data onto the lab computers.::
Annisha -> Ah ie.. I mean we are never really out of the station. :: smiles as she swished her feet in the pond ::
KelsaViegnor -> ::in the shop::
Chirakis -> ::Ramson:: How much time do we have before the cloud reaches us?
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Sneezes, causing her tail to poof out.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Approaches the shop, logs into work ::
Kallah Ramson -> ::looking at the rate of expansion:: We still have several hours, assuming it doesn't dissipate before reaching us.
Alexis McFarland -> ::giggles::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Trying not to mess up his sleep schedule, but not having a good time of it ::
mimipavilion -> ::keeps an eye with the radiation protocols in science, while being avaliable to those on the CnC::
KelsaViegnor -> ::nods to Gila:: Welcome. ::smile::
Alexis McFarland -> I mean.. Gesundheit? Is that what they say?
Annisha -> :: Annisha laughs ::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Mr. Sojek, estimated time before we lose power.
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Rubs her nose as she grins. She then sits with the others at the pond.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Good morning.. sorry I was late.
Kallah Ramson -> I think the clock we need to be worried about is how much life support Missouri has left.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> Several hours, Captain. Given the nature of this vessel, it has the capability of fending off such intrusions. Also, we have backup in the cargo bay.
KelsaViegnor -> It happens to everyone once in a while. Just so long as it doesn't become a pattern.
Cptn d'Ka -> # And for Shray?
Kallah Ramson -> ::looks over to Scott:: Any ideas?
Tarisa -> Hmm. ::Sets up a small experiment with the mystery material. She sets out a small battery in the field, near the object to see if it reacts.::
KelsaViegnor -> The new scent has been popular. We've sold several bottles. A very nice blend.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> They are losing power quickly. They have powered down to life support, and ... one moment.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sensors are telling you that?
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> Only when we contact, or as you would say, bump them.
Scott Coleridge -> I don't think we have to worry about the Missouri's life support any time soon.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Yeah. I will make sure I can still help with security duties. :: goes to a box to stock the shelves ::
Scott Coleridge -> They can stretch their backups and their oxygen supply pretty far.
KelsaViegnor -> ::nods::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::stands:: So, when we have direct contact, we are able to read their status.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> Yes, Captain.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: Bends over and looks at the box contents :: How have you been?
Alexis McFarland -> Allergic to flowers, Miana?
mimipavilion -> ::listens::
Kallah Ramson -> ::nods:: Though I imagine they'd prefer to be rescued sooner rather than later.
Cptn d'Ka -> # And the possibility of using that contact for transport or rescue?
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Shakes head.:: No, it just tickled.
KelsaViegnor -> ::eye to a display on a PADD nearby; picks it up and stows it away:: Well, thank you. It's been a bit busier out there. New arrivals, I hear.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> I do not recommend it, Captain.
KelsaViegnor -> And you?
Tarisa -> ::Watches the object slowly move towards the small power source and eventually envelope it.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Yes, colonists of some sort. I even spotted a few Rihans. Several species.
Jylliene -> ::looks up at the display, watching the border of the cloud/field on its slow approach.::
Annisha -> What kind of flowers are those?
Tarisa -> ::Turns to another console and brings up the current star chart, along with position of the "cloud."::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Reading the latest "Engineering Monthly" issue ::
Kallah Ramson -> While we wait for the report from science, think we can engineer a low tech craft that can operate in that cloud?
Alexis McFarland -> Pink ones
Tarisa -> +CnC+ Command, this is Tarisa in the Hazard Lab.
Dacia Sandero -> ::glad that they're almost finished with the colonists and that none of them seem to be in bad health::
KelsaViegnor -> ::nods:: An influx is an influx, regardless of its source. We will be sure to be ready should they desire some retail recreation.
Chirakis -> ::looks up at Tarisa's call:::
Chirakis -> +COM+ CnC. Go ahead.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Do colonists have a desire for scents? :: thinks ::
Scott Coleridge -> I would rather have the report so we know what we're dealing with. But I have a few ideas.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::NIP:: And if we are able to maintain that contact by powerful magnetism? Say... if we can bump ourselves toward their bay access?
mimipavilion -> +Dacia+ Mimi to Dacia
KelsaViegnor -> There are times when small luxuries like this are refreshing lifts to the spirit.
Dacia Sandero -> +Mimi+ Yes, Dacia here. Go ahead.
Tarisa -> +CnC+ I recommend powering down the station, shutting down everything non-essential. I have reason to believe the station is causing the cloud to head this way.
mimipavilion -> +Dacia+ How are things going down in medical
Chirakis -> ::looks to Ramson::
Tarisa -> +CnC+ The cloud feeds on energy, and we are the largest food source nearby.
Dacia Sandero -> +Mimi+ We're almost finished treating all of the colonists. We're working on the final batch of them now. All seem to be in good health.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::looks around, checking their expressions::
mimipavilion -> +Dacia+ Good.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Anastis> If we can, Captain, the Nightmares can infiltrate with EVA gear and bring their crew aboard.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::thinks::
Kallah Ramson -> +Tarisa+ That's a rather drastic course to take. Can you give a full report to us on the CnC?
Tarisa -> +Ramson+ Yes Captain.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Sojek> Under ordinary circumstances, not advisable, Captain.
Tarisa -> ::Begins gathering her things and shuts down her consoles.::
Annisha -> I sniff the flowers all of the time and don't sneeze
Cptn d'Ka -> # And these are not ordinary circumstances. Mr Doland, are you able to direct the ship at all?
Tarisa -> Miana> I am sensitive.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> They found me a room on the station. It's small, but it is mine.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Doland> I can try, Captain.
Alexis McFarland -> Aww, I only sneeze sometimes. Usually in the spring.
KelsaViegnor -> ::smiles:: A space of your own is surely welcome, isn't it?
Tarisa -> ::Locks down the lab and exits. She grabs a TL, taking it up.::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::looks to Lei'ri:::
Cptn d'Ka -> # Lei'ri> Worth a try, Captain.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Ready your Nightmares, Colonel. Mr. Doland, at the next bump, see what you can do.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Anastis> ::exits:::
Tarisa -> ::Arrives on the CnC.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> I mean I was really intruding on your place and Starfleet is under no obligation to help me.
mimipavilion -> ::leaves the radiation scans up and walks over the group::
Kallah Ramson -> ::looks over at Terisa::
KelsaViegnor -> Perhaps they are not, but even if not obligated, being helpful is typically advantageous in the long run.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Mr. Tan, alert the bay to our possible extraction. We need 53 EVA suits, and a bay team in EVA to assist the Nightmares' team.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::watches as the orders are carried out and returns to the command chair::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> :: nods to customers coming in :: Hello
Cptn d'Ka -> # Lei'ri> A grappling hook would keep the ships together, Captain.
Kallah Ramson -> ::Tarisa:: Let's see what you have.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::nods;: Very well.
Tarisa -> ::Steps from the lift. She nods and moves to the Science console. Her tail swishing back and forth as she enters her findings.:: Captain, I did a small experiment in the lab, where I baited a small power source. ::Brings up the video from the lab.:: As you can see, the cloud reacted, moving towards and then consuming the battery.
mimipavilion -> ::watches::
Tarisa -> ::Brings up what data she could from the Missouri logs.:: Both the Missouri and the Shay have been trapped in the cloud and are currently being drained of power.
Chirakis -> ::listening as she watches the cloud hover in the distance::
KelsaViegnor -> ::likewise greets the arrivals, directing them to tester bottles to try the scents::
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::confidential voice:: They are terrified, 'Ri. They have few oxygen masks, and the rest are fading.
Alexis McFarland -> ::lies on the grass, gazing at the holographic sky::
Tarisa -> ::Brings up the star charts.:: Notice how the cloud is spread. Or we assumed it was simply spreading, but it has not moved in any direction drastically, save for towards us.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Lei'ri> Fatalities?
Nijil tr'Korjata -> :: Thinking of Jylliene... ::
Cptn d'Ka -> # None yet.
Cptn d'Ka -> # They are doing their best to share the oxygen.
Tarisa -> It is being drawn here, by us.
Kallah Ramson -> So instead of dissipating its remaining concentrated. And coming this way.
Tarisa -> ::Nods.::
Chirakis -> Is it sentient, Commander?
Kallah Ramson -> Well that's lovely.
mimipavilion -> ::doesn't like what she hears::
Tarisa -> I can not determine that at the moment, Captain. If it does live, at the moment it is acting no more than say a single celled organism.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::his eyes become a deep purple,and he closes them to concentrate::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> Try our line of Scents of Earth...
Chirakis -> ::nod::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> This is is Cherry Blossom
Dacia Sandero -> ::working on the last few colonists with the other doctors and nurses::
Kallah Ramson -> Well, I do not believe powering down will help. Simple momentum will keep it on a course towards us.
Kallah Ramson -> We need a way to clear the area.
mimipavilion -> ::thinks::
Chirakis -> Captain, could we use the defense grid as a power source to draw it away?
Chirakis -> ::looks to Coleridge as well::
Kallah Ramson -> ::turns to Ops:: But be ready to power down non-essential systems.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Gila> This is... hmm, I don't know what this one is. Oof! :: someone bumps into her ::
Jylliene -> ::nods:: Yes ma'am. Any word to residents yet?
Tarisa -> ::Ears perk up and nods in agreement.::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Sorry. :: Cayne apologized plainly :: Making my morning rounds. :: Nods to Kelsa ::
Kallah Ramson -> ::Chirakis:: Possible, but again we need to contain it or it will simply move on after draining the unit.
Kallah Ramson -> ::Ops:: Nothing beyond navigational warnings for now.
KelsaViegnor -> ::nods to Cayne::
Tarisa -> If it is a simple creature, luring it away is very likely. However, were it truly sentient it may be hard to fool.
Jylliene -> Yes ma'am.
Chirakis -> ::nods, and her arms cross, the worst feeling is helplessness::
mimipavilion -> What about one of the Aegean-class ships?
Scott Coleridge -> An asteroid seemed to do a good job containing it.
Scott Coleridge -> Also, do we have evidence that this is a lifeform?
Chirakis -> ::turns to Coleridge::
Kallah Ramson -> ::Mimi:: Your thoughts?
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: To Kelsa :: Are there any multi-scented items meant to represent a location?
Tarisa -> ::Looks to Mimi.:: Our probes seemed to have little energy drain in them. It is possible the cloud prefers a larger matter/anti-matter power source.
KelsaViegnor -> Several. Is there anything you have in mind? ::gestures toward one wall and moves in that direction::
Tarisa -> ::Looks to Scott.:: Sadly, no. Since sensors can't seem to have much effect. It is simply a hypothesis.
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::again he is caught between his Sindar code and the pledge to Starfleet::
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +Message to Jylliene+ Today? This evening?
mimipavilion -> Just what effects it could have on the inhabitants of this station should we encounter this lifeform.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Progress, Mr. Doland?
Cptn d'Ka -> # Doland> Slow, Captain. But it seems to be working.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> :: Out of earshot of Gila :: Yes I do.. for someone I used to know.
Jylliene -> +Nijil (message)+ Probably not, given developments.
Dacia Sandero -> ::smiles:: There. Okay, I think that's the last one. Okay, sir. You're clear and good to go. Enjoy your time on the station.
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +Message to Jylliene+ Understood, will have to live with dinner. I'm cooking, no replicator.
KelsaViegnor -> ::nods:: Very well. What kind of location?
Nijil tr'Korjata -> (Dacia, how about the Korjata's?)
Kallah Ramson -> Until we know more, we will assume it is just an element attracted to energy sources.
Tarisa -> ::Nods.::
mimipavilion -> ::nods::
Jylliene -> +nijil (message)+Assuming we'll be able to have dinner.
Dacia Sandero -> (I'm sure that they were treated at sometime, maybe during one of the TBSes)
Nijil tr'Korjata -> +Message to Jylliene+ Ugh, Nijil out.
Annisha -> :: leans back on Jentela :: What's your colony like?
Jylliene -> ::ponders that last message::
Alexis McFarland -> ::perks up, curious to hear about the colony too::
Kallah Ramson -> Priority one is rescuing Missouri and Shray. Second, protecting Aegis before it spreads to us. Both can be achieved by finding a way to contain, counteract, or shield from its effects.
Tarisa -> Miana> ::Turns her attention to Annisha's neemah.::
Annisha -> Jentela> Hmm, well, there are large stretches of fields as far at the eye can see.
KelsaViegnor -> Does it have wooded areas, or more arid? Mountainous, or meadowed? Gardens?
Annisha -> Jentela> Most of the planet is unclaimed.
Alexis McFarland -> oooh
Annisha -> Jentela> Our farm is just like it was on ch'Rihan
Cptn d'Ka -> # Doland> Captain, another bump, and we will be within striking distance with the grapple. The bay doors won't be exactly lined up, but enough to get the crew through.
Annisha -> Oh, the spire?
Cptn d'Ka -> # ::nod:: Very well. Mr. Tan, alert Col Anastis. Tell the bay chief to clear the bay of all but essential personnel.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> ::does it::
Annisha -> Jentela> Ie, it's there and it will have a com thing on it soon.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Alert medical to stand by outside the bay.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Cayne> Cardassia.. or at least part of it.
Cptn d'Ka -> # Tan> Aye, Captain.
Kallah Ramson -> ::Tarisa:: Continue experiments. See how we can work with this stuff.
Tarisa -> ::Nods.:: Yes Captain.
Chirakis -> ::turns to Coleridge:: Commander, what did you have in mind when you mentioned the asteroid?
Kallah Ramson -> ::Mimi:: Stockpile extra supplies in case we either lose power or have to power down ourselves.
Alexis McFarland -> Ahh. Comm thing.
mimipavilion -> ::nods:: Will do.
Annisha -> Jentela> We can speak to Aegis directly
Kallah Ramson -> ::Ops:: Relay what we've found to the Shipyard. They're just about as big of a power source as we are.
Scott Coleridge -> ::Chirakis:: Just thinking out loud that this wasn't a problem until the Shray released the substance from the asteroid.
KelsaViegnor -> ::nods:: Ah, very good. Let's see... ::looks over a few bottles:: Try this one?
Scott Coleridge -> Maybe we could create some kind of … net … in front of the shipyard or Aegis and use it to capture this substance.
Chirakis -> ::ponders that:: Explain.
Jylliene -> ::nods:: Yes ma'am. ::composes message to SubCommander Jorahl::
Jylliene -> ::mumbles:: He
mimipavilion -> I'll also have some generators in medical for the surgical and labor and delivery bays in the event we need to use them.
Jylliene -> ..He'll be thrilled...
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Cayne> :: (w) to Kelsa :: I don't know you that well... :: samples the bottle :: That does seem familiar.
Tarisa -> It is possible that since there was no energy source on the asteroid that the cloud became dormant.
Cdr Wyatt Cayne -> Cayne> :: (w) to Kelsa :: I knew this person years ago, but they don't know me, per se.
mimipavilion -> ::exits the CnC and orders the tl to medical::
Chirakis -> =/\=PAUSE SIM=/\=
Chirakis -> =/\=PAUSE SIM=/\=
Chirakis -> =/\=PAUSE SIM=/\=
Chirakis -> Thank you.
Chirakis -> Captain, TBS?
Kallah Ramson -> Let's go 30 minutes.
Chirakis -> Very well. Comments for the crew?
Kallah Ramson -> None.
Chirakis -> From the crew?
Chirakis -> Again, this was Miko Timir's last observation. Next week he will be able to play somewhere.
Chirakis -> Seeing nothing more, crew *dismiss*