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Game Play Rules
E-Mail and Message Posting Rules
Dispute Resolution

Player Disputes

  1. JAG CenterIf a player has a dispute with another player or with their sim, the player will contact their Game Masters and attempt to mediate the problem through them.
  2. If the dispute is with the GMs of the player's sim or cannot be resolved with GM mediation, the GMs and/or the player can contact the STSF JAG Officer (JAG) for arbitration. The JAG will review the case, obtain written documentation from each side of the dispute and will organize a jury panel of GMs and players from a variety of ships, none of whom can have an interest/connection with the dispute.
    • The JAG will preside over a private, online hearing where the panel will review both sides of the dispute and decide on an appropriate course of action for the parties involved. The hearing shall not take longer than three one-hour sessions.
    • The JAG may recommend resolutions, but cannot vote with the jury panel.
    • The panel must come to a two-thirds majority vote in order to institute a resolution. The resolution is final and there are no appeals. The identity of the members of the jury panel will not be revealed to the dispute participants.
  3. The JAG will ensure that the parties involved with the dispute carry out the panel's resolution. The resolution may include sanctions. If the parties do not follow the resolution (and continue to have a dispute) the JAG has the right to sanction the parties directly.

GM Disputes

  1. If a GM has a dispute with another GM, they will contact the JAG for arbitration. The JAG will review the case and will organize a GM jury panel.
  2. The hearing for a GM dispute will follow the same format as outlined under "Player Disputes."
  3. The implementation of the resolution for a GM dispute will follow the same format as outlined under "Player Disputes."

GMs Who Are Also Players

  1. If a GM has a dispute while acting as a player (non-GM position on a sim where they play), then the GM will be treated as a player and will follow the procedures outlined under "Player Disputes."

Cadet/Anonymous Disputes

  1. If there is a cadet or a person under an anonymous name who has a dispute with a GM, player, cadet, or sim, they will follow the procedures outlined under "Player Disputes."


  1. The Player Dispute jury will be made up of one to two GMs or players from at least three sims besides the one(s) involved in the dispute, with a minimum of two GMs, up to a total of nine members. The JAG will select the sims to be represented.
  2. Each simulation crew chosen will select panel members at the request of the JAG. It is up to each sim to best decide the method of jury panel member selection. Panel members will be rotated and cannot serve for two consecutive hearings.
  3. The GM Dispute panel will be made up of active GMs and will be selected by a majority vote of all active leaders. A minimum of five GMs will make up this panel. An active GM is someone that either holds a manager position or leads one or more Academy or Advanced simulations. No GM involved or influenced by the dispute may serve on the jury. This panel will follow the same procedures as the Player Dispute panel.


  1. Sanctions can either be implemented by a panel as a part of a resolution, or by the JAG for noncompliance with a resolution. All disputes should be resolved without sanctions whenever possible.
  2. Sanctions can include, but not be limited to: Suspension of play; Instructional classes (GMs); Retraining in the Academy (players); Removal from a sim; Removal from a position (GMs); Removal from STSF.

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